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VIDEOS: Kucinich & Savage on the likelihood Idlib was a false flag or fakery

Two videos presenting contrasting but equally sceptical views on the alleged chemical attack in Idlib on April 6, which was the avowed incentive for Trump’s ill-advised missile attack on Syria a few days later.

Veteran opponent of US warmonger, Denis Kucinich reminds Fox News there is as yet no evidence for who was behind the alleged attacks:

Pithy radio host Mike Savage brings his own brand of scepticism to the question:


  1. BigB says

    I’m concerned that the link that @Yonatan posted below – about the now denied US Coalition attack on Deir ez Zor – is #FakeNews. I can’t see any video or photographic evidence to back it up. Surely this would be viral by now?
    If fake, the Syrian General Command, SANA, Al Masdar and Assad have scored a massive own goal. In support of the pro-regime change narrative on the Khan Shaykhun CW incident, STRATFOR has identified Al Masdar as the source of the entire ‘fake’ counter narrative that the Assad government was innocent (see UK Column News 12th April). If the General Command has issued a claim of a chemical attack through SANA/Al Masdar that proves false – it is a massive propaganda coup for the liars at STRATFOR and undermines the truth. Frankly, I’m disappointed. Maybe Assad ain’t that bright after all?

  2. I feel sorry for Dennis Kucinich being reduced to only getting a gig on Fox News.
    I didn’t bother with the Michael Savage thing. The guy is a creep.

  3. michaelk says

    There is, actually, an argument or explanation behind Assad’s alleged actions; that he’s so arrogant and ruthless that he wanted to send a bloody and terrible message to his enemies, the opposition, the Syrian people and the world, that he could do whatever he liked because he had the Russians behind him and there was nothing the West could, or dared, do about it. He was showing his power and strength.

    Yet, this ‘argument’ is sourced from the West, not from Syria. There’s not a shred of evidence Assad thinks like this, that he’s so stupid and vain. To risk so much for so little gain. And why, if this absurd conspiracy theory is taken at face value, why would he then deny having carried it out, surely if he wanted to send this terrible message for it to have full impact, he’d be proud of the attack and declare his reasons aloud for all to hear. Why keep the message silent? Because this ‘argument’ has more logical holes in it than a Swiss cheese.

    Can Assad really be a mastermind and an incredibly fool at one and the same time?

    • bevin says

      The argument about Assad, essentially that he thinks like an American or a likudnik, is similar to the one that held that Russia intervened in the US election because Putin hates Hillary.
      It’s a reflection of the pervasiveness of hubris in Washington DC which is run by spoiled children who think that everyone else is childish too.

      • Jen says

        I agree, this argument that makes Assad out to be a petulant child who acts first and never thinks afterwards tells us more about the psychological make-up of the people who raised that argument in the first place. There’s certainly a lot of psychological denial and projection going on in Washington.

  4. michaelk says

    Harding is… a disgrace to journalism. But get used to him, he’ll be around for years. Until the revolution that is, then he’ll be sent to worry sheep in the Falklands and he’ll have to get used to Argentinian rule.

    Basically, he prefers ISIS, to Assad or the Russians, which, when one thinks about it is really rather odd. Then again that’s why we destroyed Afghanistan. The opportunity to attack the Russians was simply too good to turn down, even if we had to join forces with the most reactionary people on the planet, apart from ourselves of course.

    • bevin says

      Evidently Friedman in the New York Thing is calling for more support of ISIS, which he says, is less dangerous than Assad. He is right, of course, nothing is more dangerous to the US ruling class than a country which refuses to do what it is told, and answers threats by fighting back.

  5. Yonatan says

    The US has just bombed a chemical weapons depot in ISIS-held terrotiory near Deir ez Zor. The Syrians report “After the airstrike, a huge white cloud was formed –later on turned yellow – as a result of an explosion in a chemical depot. A hug fire broke out until 22:30 p.m. Hundreds have been killed – including civilians – as a result of breathing toxic materials,”

    I guess Ivanko will be along any moment now to get her daddy to bomb those responsible.

    • rtj1211 says

      Hey, if Trump has finally realised that head-chopping nutcases have got their hands on chemical weapons, that is a major step toward reality. Whether the Hillarybillies and McCains of this world will say ‘we got it wrong’ in public is about as likely as North Korea declaring war on the USA.

  6. Is the ‘post-truth’ era not one in which it becomes obvious they know we know and yet cannot do anything about it – and saying or trying to do anything about it only flags one up to be either walled out, taken out, or taken in (subverted to serve ‘The’ power agenda).
    However, true witness is not inherently trying to DO anything but witness truly – as willingness for an outcome arising in the light of true – instead of suffering the illusion of the false.
    That the ‘power elitists’ behind the hollowed out USofA believe they need war, sickness, division and diversion, as justification for persistence (survival in their terms) is evident. That they play a different insider track to the public consumption of respective regional identities is less obvious. The use of theatre – allowing real-life conflicts and calamities – shapes our narrative.

    Unlike the Cold War – there is no sign of fear or indeed gravitas in the people supposedly taking decisions that DO affect the lives of millions in ways that are too horrific to really contemplate – and so they obviously don’t !
    So either their are those who are audacious and callous enough to manipulate humanity as an intergenerational bid for and exercise of, power over us – or – this is a breakdown into stark insanity.
    Or of course – both.

  7. There is every reason to be sceptical about the evidence purporting to justify Trumps criminal act of aggression. This is clear.

    However in the Spook News Promoted by the Graun via Master Luke and their GCHQ subscription steam they double down on the old narrative of Trump the Putin puppet. With no evidence, but why bother about that in the post truth era…

    Summary of said piece condensed to two statements they make:

    “The message was: ‘Watch out. There’s something not right here.’”
    (GCHQ – spook force 2 who always operate as a cover for the CIA spook force 1)

    Then later in the narrative:

    “It is unclear which individuals were picked up by British surveillance.” !!! So no evidence.

    Which clearly negates the premiss of the whole diatribe. Never mind it’s another Cobbler of Panama piece by Harding designed to blame Russia for something which really didn’t happen…

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