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VIDEO: The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Syria Strikes from the truth-telling truth-tellers in the truthful government and true mainstream news!…in under 5 minutes!!


  1. John says

    Nice to see Genie Oil & Gas (strategic advisory board: Cheyney, Murdoch, Rothschild, former heads of US CIA, Treasury and Energy Agency – among others) getting a mention at the end of the programme.
    The fact that Genie are illegally prospecting for oil and gas in the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights must surely have nothing whatever to do with the illegal conflict in Syria – can it?

  2. Enough is enough says

    The most basic feed of ‘evil’ on this planet is at source ‘unbridled capitalism’. May the empire of amerikka fall for some sanity to prevail.

  3. Bombs are certainly despicable and ugly, but James Corbett is without a doubt one of the world’s beautiful human beings.

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