Syria: The sadistic Kafria and Foua massacre by “moderate rebels” (w/videos)

Some of the victims of the Kafria and Foua massacre in Syria.

The sadism of western-backed terrorist ‘rebels’ and their White Helmets apologists knows no limits.
Fares Shehabi writes:
“Very important:

This is a video of how NATO rebels exploded a suicide car bomb as Kafria & Foua kids were stranded for days, starved, then gathered on purpose to kill maximum number of victims! They succeeded in killing more than 116 kids! Then they sent their White Helmets actors to benefit by manipulating the tragedy to their favour knowing very well that they never set foot in the besieged towns of Kafria & Foua for 4 years simply because no Qaeda was there!!
Surviving eyewitnesses spoke of bad treatments by these terrorist rebels after the blast & before the stage was set for WH’s! Many confirmed that “rebels” shot at them as they rushed to rescue their families & forced them into designated spots to make room for the WH show!”


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