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Syria: The sadistic Kafria and Foua massacre by “moderate rebels” (w/videos)


Some of the victims of the Kafria and Foua massacre in Syria.

The sadism of western-backed terrorist ‘rebels’ and their White Helmets apologists knows no limits.

Fares Shehabi writes:

“Very important:

This is a video of how NATO rebels exploded a suicide car bomb as Kafria & Foua kids were stranded for days, starved, then gathered on purpose to kill maximum number of victims! They succeeded in killing more than 116 kids! Then they sent their White Helmets actors to benefit by manipulating the tragedy to their favour knowing very well that they never set foot in the besieged towns of Kafria & Foua for 4 years simply because no Qaeda was there!!

Surviving eyewitnesses spoke of bad treatments by these terrorist rebels after the blast & before the stage was set for WH’s! Many confirmed that “rebels” shot at them as they rushed to rescue their families & forced them into designated spots to make room for the WH show!”


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  1. Manda says

    The stories of about 200 mostly children who apparently went missing after the blast is becoming clearer. Vanessa Beeley has interviewed some survivors. Vanessa interviewed by RT.

  2. BigB says

    According to Stephen Lendman and Mint Press, Trump has outsourced war. If true, there are no longer any ‘checks and balances’ on the Pentagon. The War Party is being run by Mad Dog, McMaster and Dunsford. After Khan Shaykhun, and now Rashidin (where this attack took place) ‘Secretary of the Deep State’ McCain has unleashed his dogs of war. It seems there are no checks and balances on the terrorists either. They can attack and maim with impunity. Which means they will continue to do so.
    From the insanity of the warped crazed terrorist POV, this makes perfect sense – to create the demand for a humanitarian intervention – and so bypass the Russian and Chinese veto on the UNSC. It would be naive to think that this will be the end, or even the beginning of the end. The US proxy terrorists, in conjunction with the UN, with the implicit approval of the International Community – are collaborating in a policy designed not to resolve conflict or prevent war – merely to prolong it. Killing civilians, particularly children is the MO. Cheerleeding by the M$M, the cover story.
    With tension ramped up in Ukraine, Syria, the Korean peninsula, Somalia, Sudan etc; the only real question left to ask is “which war do they intend to start first?”

    • John says

      No one can stop the Russians or Chinese from exercising their UNSC vetoes. No one!
      The same situation also applies to the US, UK and French vetoes, which is why Israel continues to act in the terroristic way it does. Their approach may be more considered and be carried out on a much longer-term basis than IS but Israel was founded on terrorism and continues to remain in existence based on terrorism.
      From 1947 onwards, the US, UK and France – among others – supported Israeli terrorism, so why should it be any surprise when they now support IS terrorism?
      IS/rael terrorism – what’s the eventual difference?

      • BigB says

        @John: you miss my point – unlike R2P, a so called humanitarian intervention does not require a UNSC Resolution and so cannot be vetoed. A protracted campaign of violence against civilian targets is exactly how it will be invoked. Whether that will lead to direct conflict with Russia?
        Well, when you have the Juggernaut of a $600 bn killing machine that thrives on violence for the sake of violence; in the hands of human pathogens that hold no value for human life; that sanctions MOABs, CWs, terrorists and the killing of children to justify its own existence and expansion; that only has the goal to be a futuristic cyber-ready technochratic $2 tn killing machine – it’s not going to end well.
        That Israel is a terrorist state, I can’t argue. They support Daesh, nurse their wounded, kill Palestinian crops with herbicide, kill Palestinians – funded by the American tax/petro-dollar and atoned for by the American veto. So no, I draw no distinction, it’s all part of the ineluctable progression into collective suicide. My only surprise is that the crisis of humanity has not triggered a shift in consciousness – I thought we were meant to be adaptable. Apparently most of us are still dreaming that we have a future.
        P.S. I apologize, I appear to have gone off on one!

  3. michaelk says

    I’d argue that many of the journalists employed by the Guardian, are, in fact, complicit in these dreadful crimes, these atrocities, because they are helping to provide the non-existent ‘moderate rebels’ with diplomatic cover and public support, despite knowing about their terrible behavior and crimes often aimed at innocent civilians, women and children. The Guardian’s journalists should be held accountable for this, deliberately, for years, diverting attention from what’s really happening in Syria and supporting terrorists and their crimes and lying to the British public. The Guardian’s journalists are really the Ministry of Propaganda for the terrorists attacking the people of Syria. In a healthy and functioning democracy they’d he held to account for their role, actions and complicity in promoting and protecting these terrorists.

    • Seraskier says

      Wholly agreed. They certainly aren’t journalists – so another term needs to be found for them. ‘Agents provacateurs’ was the favoured term in the previous century.

      But it’s not only the Graun, but the entire MSM sector. The Independent, for example, runs stories by an American neocon shill named Bethan McKernan. Without leaving Beirut, she files stories on Brussels, Moscow, Syria, Iran, Iraq… everything is grist to her mill… without a fact in sight.

  4. michaelk says

    If one looks at the ‘liberal’ western media, their outrage at this ghastly attack, is almost totally absent, the language they reserve for Assad and his army. There’s nothing in the Guardian. Their famous and highly paid moral guardians of our best western values, are strangely silent about this attack. No demands for retribution or how this shows the real character of the ‘moderate rebels’ and how our support for them has to cease. It’s down to this; they may be sonsabitches, but they’re our sonsabitches, which, apparently, makes all the difference. We’re supporting a huge army of monsters and protecting them from the wrath of the Syrian people, but not a single ‘free’ journalist on the Guardian has the courage to say it, despite the truth staring them in the face after atrocities like this one. What kind of people are they? People who pretend to be moral guardians, but are really degenerate and soaked in self-interest and hypocrisy.

    • Seraskier says

      [[ , their outrage at this ghastly attack, is almost totally absent,]]

      What did you expect from the newspaper which has run down the shutters on the war in E Ukraine. When Shaun Wanker was forced into citing facts in his usual Russophobe tosh, he managed “a war which has already claimed over seven thousand lives” – without mentioning that it was the Ukrainian army which had shelled its own putative citizens.

  5. Yonatan says

    Thanks for explaining how the WH were involved. I was surprised to see them there and couldn’t quite believe they were actually doing really first aid / rescue work. Their venality has just been confirmed – in spades.

  6. President KUSHNER isn’t taking this Zionist horror lightly!

    US Continues to Airdrop More Aid Packages to ISIL Terrorists in Northwestern Iraq

    After consoling Ivanka and eating another slice of chocolate cake, President KUSHNER made another bold move!

    Over 50 Civilians Killed, Injured in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Eastern Syria

    John McCain says all of this violence is better for his flaccid manhood than Viagra!

    • BigB says

      @Greg: I agree, ‘Songbird’ McCain has always had a boner for war, which probably has something to do with the fact that he was personally very bad at it. Being captured and dishonouring the family tradition of making no less than the rank of Admiral, seems to have left him with a deep psychic void the he fills by killing other peoples kids. I’m no psych, but something like that is no doubt occurring.

  7. John says

    The other person who holds a principal responsibility for this atrocity is John McCain.
    He has encouraged them to carry out operations like these for years now.
    He – personally – should be boycotted and sent to Coventry for the rest of his miserable life.
    I am sick and tired of seeing stupid Americans like him encouraging these outrages year after year after year.
    I don’t know how this mass murder of innocent civilians was reported elsewhere but here in the UK the mass media only reported that a lone suicide bomber had been behind this attack on mainly very young children.
    No mention is made as to which organisation or group is responsible for this vile act of mass murder.
    What I do know is that it is western governments and governments in the region such as Israel, Jordan, Qatar and the Saudi gangsters, and Turkey which bear a heavy responsibility for this massacre.
    They have funded and supported these vile terrorists for years now and this outrage is their fault.
    I hear no words of condemnation from the United, States, the United Kingdom or any of the EU countries.
    It is tempting to state that I feel ashamed to be a citizen of the United Kingdom at a time like this.
    However, that does not even go as far as it should.
    Events like this make me ashamed to be a member of the human species on planet Earth.
    So much for all the western clerics and prelates preaching their Easter messages of peace and compassion.
    No one showed these poor deceased children any peace or compassion in Kafria and Foua, did they?
    Is Nikki Haley planning on waving pictures of these murdered children around at the UN any time soon?
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for her to do it – it could be highly injurious to your own health if you did.

    • rtj1211 says

      The down rating was meant to be an uprating! Sorry….

    • I like your last line in particular, John. I remember one much like it; “don’t wait underwater”.

  8. BigB says

    Dear Matthew Rycroft: you did this. You are not individually responsible, or even principal among others – but by your rabid regime change vitriol, your blatant takfiri apologism, and enabling of AQ, nonetheless: you did this. Who is the murderous barbarous criminal now?

    • Manda says

      I am still trying to make sense of the horror of this atrocity and the behaviour of our governments and media in reaction and their complicity with the perpetrators. When I saw the first testimony of a woman survivor talking of the crisps being used as a lure for children as young as 3 and 4 even I was shocked at the depravity of the terrorists.

      The detail and understanding of events is still emerging.

      I will state now that I am no fence sitter, nor someone that feels any need to qualify my support in regards President Assad. I am fully behind the Syrian people, their government and SAA’s fight and struggle to free themselves of the externally backed, vicious terrorist hordes, state invaders and occupiers and save and restore their country, secular society, culture, history and lives.

  9. Seraskier says

    The very “moderate” rebels with whom John Kerry sat down to supper.

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