The Rogue State that is the United States of America

from New Antarctica

As one more US aircraft carrier steams off to confront the North Koreans and threaten nuclear war once again , it is timely to recall that 60 years ago the United States and its allies (including a very compliant New Zealand) began a genocidal bombing of every town and city in the north of Korea. Millions of Koreans died.
Since that war ended, the largest and nuclear superpower in the world has refused to sign a peace treaty with North Korea, has stationed thousands of troops and weapons along its South Korean border and has regularly threatened to nuke North Korea, applied annual large scale attack manoeuvres along the border with North Korea, as well as implementing sanctions that in several years since the war, caused mass starvation in the north. Small wonder that the North Korean regime might be considered paranoid and unstable!
Ironically, the United States has absolutely no interest in the Korean peninsula and its peoples; its sole rationale for maintaining the ongoing conflict with North Korea is to justify maintaining the extensive military bases encircling China, with the support of the Japanese. China has recently proposed:

As a first step, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of large-scale U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercises,”

…but this eminently reasonable offer has been once again refused by the United States because it would reduce the threat to China.
While the latest American President is also considered unstable and unreliable, it is important to recognise that every American president’s foreign policy since the 1900s has almost entirely consisted of a psychopathic policy of violence and war and repeated acts of genocide:- in the Philippines, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in Korea, Vietnam and Laos, in Iraq, and Libya, as well as support for unspeakable acts of murder and terror in South America.
Its full logistical and weaponry support for the starvation of millions of Yemen ‘s children by Saudi Arabia because they do not share the Saudi regime’s extremist and sectarian Wahhabist views, (ably supported in this war of terror by its sycophantic ally, the United Kingdon), tells you exactly where the United States’ current moral and ethical foreign policy stands.
Its foreign policy does not recognise the international rules of war or human rights obligations; it stands above any necessity for humanity or compassion or peaceful solution to conflicts.
It is in fact, a rogue state.

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Ha'ashkee Ndaakehohnhdee

North Korea is China or there is only one hair dresser. comment image

Anthony Clifton

the global crime syndicate dba…(((USGOV))) is a Synagogue of SATAN (((JEWISH)))
nrrative (((AGENDA)))…the cult members could come out of the cult compound by
simply KNOWING THE TRUTH about the (((JEWISH NARRATIVE))) – John 8:44 !!!
Not knowing the truth doesn’t make the truth go away….
HIGH POCK KRISSY is a ((((JEWISH)))) thingy !!

Aaron Lowe

I’m curious, has Off Graun ever criticised Russia or Putin? Just looking for some balanced reporting.


Despite the claims of Propornot we are not pro-Russia. Or anti-Russia. We are pro-truth and pro-fact and pro-human survival. The western MSM are engaged in a non-stop campaign to demonise Russia, and often employ extreme misrepresentations and frank lies in doing so. We believe this to be not only anti-factual but, above all, extremely dangerous, in that it is needlessly promoting Cold War-thinking, which may at any time lead to a hot war that would likely eradicate all life on earth. We consider we have a duty to point up the dishonesty and insanity of this campaign.

Harold Smith
Harold Smith

Criticized Russia for what, promoting peace and stability, calling for diplomacy instead of war, respecting the rule of law, etc.? Is Russia attacking and/or threatening countries all over the world? No. Does Russia have 1000 military bases in other countries? No. Is Russia putting military assets on U.S, borders? No. Does Putin take orders from Jewish-supremacist madmen like Trump apparently does? No.
So what kind of “balanced reporting” do you expect?


Just when I thought I knew so much about that war. Holy crap.


MIT Professor Theodore Postol has published a more in depth analysis of the alleged CW incident at Khan Shaykhun – it didn’t happen. Symbolic as it was, that means the US launched a retaliatory attack on falsified and “egregiously amateur” intelligence – no surprise there then. So what did we see, a snuff movie masquerading as propaganda? I’m sure Nikki Haley and Matthew Rycroft will be exhorting the OPCW to find out?

Michael McNulty
Michael McNulty

Western media also kept quiet a US-led bombing in Syria which hit a chemical weapons dump and released gas which reportedly killed hundreds. This was about a week after Syria made this same claim but for which the US illegally bombed it.

Lumpy Gravy
Lumpy Gravy

Seven years ago Pepe Escobar had a very interesting series of articles on the DPRK in Asia Times (Pyongyang Journal, part 1,2,3,4). Here’s a short excerpt from part 3 …
The US air war on North Korea was an incredibly vicious bloodbath. Washington bombed the DPRK with more napalm than it used on Vietnam – with even more devastating effects, because the DPRK had many more large urban centers (18 out of 22 were almost completely wiped out) and urban industrial infrastructure than Vietnam. In only four months, from June 1950 to October, B-29s discharged more than 860,000 gallons of napalm over North Korea.
Not surprisingly, and as in Iraq and AfPak decades later, the Pentagon hailed its “precision bombing”. When China stepped into the war, Washington’s air war went on overdrive, not only destroying most North Korean towns and cities but at the end of the war smashing huge dams that supplied water for no less than 75% of the DPRK’s food production.
With the Chinese allied to the DPRK in the battlefield, America’s General Douglas MacArthur dictated that the whole area between the front and the Chinese border would become a wasteland; that meant in practice the destruction of every “installation, factory, city and village”. MacArthur wanted to use tactical nuclear weapons (“The only passages leading from Manchuria and Vladivostok have many tunnels and bridges. I see here a unique use for the atomic bomb … Sweeten up my B-29 force”). President Harry S Truman also threatened to use nuclear weapons, and almost did in April 1951.
Later, in an interview to the New York Times on April 9, 1964, MacArthur said, “I would have dropped between 30 and 50 atomic bombs … strung across the neck of Manchuria”; then, “spread behind us – from the Sea of Japan to the Yellow Sea – a belt of radioactive cobalt.” In pure Dr Strangelove fashion, MacArthur was referring to cobalt 60 – which is more than 300 times more radioactive than radium.
And that was not all. The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency were busy exploring new avenues for the weapons of mass destruction of the time, via what was called “Operation Hudson Harbor”, by dropping dummy atomic bombs in simulated runs. Civilian North Koreans feeling the thunder down there obviously didn’t know if that was a real atomic bomb or not. The Pentagon also considered employing a barrage of chemical weapons.
As Bruce Cumings, arguably the best American scholar on North Korea, observed, even “without the use of ‘novel weapons’ – although napalm was very new at the time – the air war nonetheless leveled North Korea and killed millions of civilians before the war ended. North Koreans will tell you that for three years they faced a daily threat of being burned with napalm … By 1952, just about everything in northern and central Korea was completely leveled. What was left of the population survived in caves.”


I was looking at and reading this, this morning. Andre Vltchek.
http://andrevltchek.weebly.com/hands-off-north-korea.html A few photos and an article from the heart.
I came across a photographer who had visited and was surprised, even mind blown, at what he saw. I cannot find his photos and comments again at the moment but his friends at home told him all what he saw was fake, props… built purely for propaganda, I don’t know what to say.


A 100% corrupt, totalitarian, authoritarian-police-state government that should be eradicated by any and all means possible!


Hold on, now. The United States isn’t all THAT bad.


Yes usa is all of the above so bomb away!!!


Capitalism has reached the cancerous stage, the American economy has long been in overshoot – what is the stupider than stupid response to this? Start a war. Better still, start several.
To this end, Trump has outsourced American Foreign Policy to the warhawks at the Pentagon. If true, the War Party is being run by Mad Dog, Fightin’ Joe, and the bastard protege of David Patraeus – HR (Mattis, Dunford, and McMaster.) In Syria, ‘Secretary of the Deep State’ and abject coward John McCain’s ‘freedom fighters’ have been unleashed on defenceless starving children as the new dogs of war. With tension ramped up there and in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, the Korean peninsula, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan etc; the only real question left to ask is “which war do they intend to start first?”
Well, when you have the rudderless Juggernaut of a $600 bn killing machine that thrives on violence for the sake of violence; in the hands of human pathogens that hold no value for human life, and much less for the environment; that sanctions MOABs, Tomahawks, CWs, ‘friendly’ terrorists and the killing of children to justify its own existence and expansion; that has the singular goal to be a futuristic cyber-ready technochratic $2 tn killing machine – it’s not going to end well.
Although America is the world leading pathocracy – spending more on implicit and explicit violence than it does on anything else – and more than the next eight countries combined, it is not a lone rogue state. Rather, it is symptomatic of a more endemic malaise, the global pursuit of capital. Money for moneys sake, violence for violences sake – go hand in hand in the ineluctable progression into collective suicide.
The exponential expansion of America’s global Imperialistic militarism has led to a face off of nuclear armed powers across three major theatres – giving psycopathic generals free reign to determine the outcome as they juggle the nuclear launch ‘football’ amongst themselves is dumber than dumb – but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a capitalist kakistocracy with Trump ‘in charge’.
Where is the next Ghandiji or MLK when we really need them?


Yes, and much of the “left” in the west is now pro-war, pro-imperialist, pro-American and pro-capitalism. Exactly what some said would happen after the first “leftists” supported the NATO war on Serbia in 1999. While the brainwashed automatons in the USA march against Trump’s overblown rhetoric, all is forgiven when he fires missiles at Syria, an event met with an almost erotic enthusiasm by the fake-left.
More and more I think that the world has passed the point of no-return, that westerners are so deeply propagandized or apathetic that only an economic, military or environmental disaster can get them to open their eyes.
The problem is many fold but one of the main factors is the “subjectivication” of facts and truth. Many people, including those with influence, really do believe, or act like they do, that truth is a matter of opinion…a lifestyle accessory that can be incorporated into a personal identity. The corruption of language was seen as a worst case scenario by observers of the west and it has now come to pass. If people don’t even agree that words have specific meanings, conversation, dialogue, exchange of ideas is impossible.

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

“The Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming”
In their pants.


But their pants are on fire…


See also:
“North Korea: War Games, Cyber War, De-Escalation and Provocation, Some Speculations”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/north-korea-war-games-cyber-war-de-escalation-and-provocation-some-speculations/


Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:
Telling it like it REALLY is, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


How Many Children Must Die for Israel’s [Greater Israel Project] ? https://storify.com/Adam1Baum/how-many-chidren-must-die-for-israel-s-greater-isr


The Carl Vinson carrier group got lost – last spotted off the coast of Indonesia – heading AWAY from Korea. I think either Mattis misspoke, the Pentagon lied, or they’re going the long way round the globe!


Perhaps when they heard Russia was sending it’s very able sea destroyers back out again, the US, who like other people to do their dying these days, decided not to look more stupid and inept than they already do and decided to take the scenic route out of harms way?


Of the three strategic carrier groups that were on their way to shoot the DPRK’s missiles from the sky – one is heading the wrong way; and another, the good ol’ Ronnie Reagan, is just “sitttin’ in the dock of the bay” for another month. Although no one can deny the real threat that these armed madmen pose, one has to wonder how much of what we are told is fear porn and kabuki for the masses?