VIDEO: Trump Won't Be Cancelling World War 3 After All

from StormCloudsGathering

On April 6th, 2017, on the 100 year anniversary of America’s entry into World War I, Donald Trump launched airstrikes against against the Syrian government; in retaliation for a gas attack supposedly perpetrated by Assad. There was no investigation, not even a hack job of a frame up like we had in 2003. The evidence we do have contradicts the official story, and the stakes are much higher this time around. Full transcript and sources available here.


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Apr 22, 2017 8:57 AM

On the other hand, I distrust counter-propaganda that’s delivered with the same tricks (what’s with the Batman voice?) employed by propaganda. I’ve listened to this guy off and on for years now and I know the story (YouTube hassled him, his family went “off-grid” and he got very sick; his videos are infrequent now and his voice changed, etc). I was always suspicious of the highly polished quality, and prolific output, of his videos… and his extremely melodramatic fear mongering: “WW3” has been his go-to meme for quite a while, now. For anyone already conversant with these parapolitical topics, he brings little or no new info. Mostly he seems very good at scaring the shit out of the viewer. What’s his function?

Apr 22, 2017 9:45 AM
Reply to  StAug

Yes, some valuable perspective. “His voice changed” sounds particularly weird on the face of it. Maybe in context it makes more sense? It’s a difficult issue because, while caution and cynicism are necessary, we also don’t want to lose ourselves entirely in mutual suspicion.

Apr 22, 2017 10:23 AM
Reply to  Admin

What I’ve found, over the years, over and over again, is that the best Info comes from either the Limited Hangout Sites or the blatant Disinfo/ Blackwashing Sites, because the point is to dilute or taint the Truth with nonsense… therefore, the actual Truth is mixed in with nonsense and what’s required is to tease it out. Which is to all to say that even if StormCloudsGathering can not necessarily be trusted, it can still be a source for Info of some kind. But, re: his voice: the octave it’s in now could be explained by illness, but the inflections are a choice and they veer dangerously toward rhetorical snake oil, no? The problem being that, to be honest, we should expect that the vast majority of our “sources” are controlled (and/or created) by TPTB. Vast budget and all that…
The only Parapolitical Commenters I ever knew of to pass every smell test were Dave McGowan (r.i.p.) and Scott Creighton (“American Everyman”), which is not to say that they’re always right about everything (who is?). Dr. Michael Parenti is more mainstream but also very trustworthy. John Judge I’m not sure about but he seems legit despite being (through no fault of his own, perhaps) associated with dodgy characters. I read the Global Research site quite often but there’s an occasionally suspect article/author there; CounterPunch is a mixed bag (after the late Cockburn did his “mass hysteria” riff on the ritual abuse/pedo scandals of the ’80s, I found him deeply troubling)…
Yup: it’s tricky!

Apr 22, 2017 12:15 PM
Reply to  StAug

Addendum: speaking of Disinfo: Miles Mathis, usually good for great chunks of provocative material mixed in with jaw-droppingly fluorescent nonsense (gematria + iffy genealogy research + unsupportably vast leaps in logic) went offline for a few days and has reappeared, very strangely, with some pretty good straight-up research, apparently. I’ve only read the first few pages but it’s written in a very different narrative voice, with no bullshitty, apophenia-prone gematria mixed in; worth a read, perhaps:

Apr 22, 2017 1:32 PM
Reply to  Admin

The notion that there is an objective truth to agree on about the function someone is or is not playing or providing neglects a consciousness of the awareness of our own.
So ‘what function does it serve me – in this moment?’ is given all the meaning it has by the purpose and focus of what I resonate with in what is relevant to me. Thus a negative or deceitful intent in another may serve a positive outcome in me.
No one as I see it, has the whole picture – and we all operate many levels.
The old paradigm – as far as I am concerned – is a good v evil war narrative – that splits the mind to mutually polarized exclusions and subjection. Yet that narrative identity embodies and pervades the way we think and see the world and each other, and are seen in return. Translation into true and false – as an individual acceptance of resonance and alignment from which one acts or lives – is the release of the coercive mind for the aligning of thought and feeling in wholeness or balance with a state of unfolding communication.
In a different way of putting this I could be open to what Spirit is showing or revealing to me in the situation that my mind thought to judge. Many don’t like ‘Spirit’ – but a willingness for wholeness, balance, sanity, peace, is the condition in which its reintegrating movement is felt and recognized and aligned with. Whereas believing we already know is ‘engaged, unavailable, not listening, fixated in rigid idea that is then defended against change.
Taking sides and investing energy and attention in conflict is not listening but filtering everything through its strategic use for the dictate of identity at war.
The identity gotten from opposition of the evil in the other side of any issue ‘sees’ the issue only in terms of its personal investment – which is to say through a glass darkly – or not at all.
As for obfuscation and manipulation – once a charged polarity opens up – it can and will be used as a power source – and nurtured to exhaustion or mutation into some other neo-framing by which to keep the conflict going. In simple terms it seems that the ‘ego’ of false self-sense feeds on fear. But really it IS fear and feeds upon the sacrifice fear induces us to make.
So if someone or many ‘reveal’ a fearful narrative scenario, my first response is to not take the bait of reacting as if it is true – regardless the source – for I need the true of my response to this information – and sacrifice that to blind reaction in which fear would possess me and trigger the conditionings of past set in fear.
The issue of trust begins with myself. Growing trust within myself is a willingness to listen in with what is going on as it occurs – and not let that be overridden by the very intense feelings and reactions that spring up like a jack-in-the-box and seem very real in their moment – if not in hindsight.
If I can see I am operating with both a willingness for life as I recognize it – and carry fear of outcomes that my mind is trained to avoid – then I can accept that this is also true of others and release them of having to support the mind-framed identity I mistook as myself. Now I can tune into others in a different way; I can feel their willingness and their fears – but not in the targeting of a manipulative or acquisitive intent.
If someone opens or is opened to terror in their life – all kinds of distortions result from attempts to hide, escape or push it down or reframe it in projected guilt. That’s the old way that aligns in sacrifice to power and protection that persist the problem but in mitigated terms. If someone becomes convicted in the idea there is no power but death and terror – then they give their lives to the illusions that can delay its onset and appease its pain and isolation. But we can be completely wrong in our convictions – all the more for the force of them.

Apr 22, 2017 3:04 PM
Reply to  binra

“The notion that there is an objective truth to agree on about the function someone is or is not playing or providing neglects a consciousness of the awareness of our own.”
This is pseudo-metaphysical nonsense of absolutely no use in confronting or evaluating disinformation, Binra. I’m afraid you’re the perfect product of the decades-long project to cripple the resistance, intellectually. You’ve clearly bought all that quasi-Heisenbergian (post-Guru) claptrap hook, line and sinker. But therevery obviously is an Objective Truth about the various roles certain actors are playing, because certain actors are on The Payroll: their pay packets have an objective Reality. Others are merely Dupes. Or hobbyists.
Example: when it was admitted that Peter Matthiessen co-founded the Paris Review at the best of the CIA as an extension of the CIA’s goal of sneaky cultural influence, Matthiessen’s shill-function as such was established, by those who’d suspected it all along, as Objectively True. Plimpton, his confrere, claimed to be among the “unwitting”. Matthiessen claimed he was working for the CIA “before they started all that assassination stuff”…
If your comments were shorter I’d be more patient with them. I consider it good etiquette to read (carefully) and respond to any and all comments addressed to me, but I also, therefore, consider it bad etiquette to address over-long comments, to particular commenters, that make precious little sense. I’ve complained about this to you before. Why do you persist in addressing this nonsense to me? Please leave me out of it. Some misread cloudy prose as philosophically profound. I am not among them.

Apr 22, 2017 6:27 PM
Reply to  StAug

I ‘t don’t and haven’t read any of your listed isms. that’s your measuring stick. But pigeonholing is a subtler version of divide and rule -or the breakdown of communication by ruling or filtering out anything that does not fit its boxes.
Because we are predicated upon different presumptions we easily mis-communicate. You are focused in the political morass and I only use that to illuminate underlying psychic-emotional patterns that effectively conform us and our world in ‘secret’ or unconsciously to our surface consciousness.
Narrative identity provides the world you want – and if you want justified grievance, you have it in abundance. Relational identity has to release its judgement to let another in – and let something of self-revealing out – such as to grow trust – which is the basis of all true communication. And loss of which is insanity as is becoming starkly obvious – unless all your trust is in your own thinking – in which case everyone ELSE but you is insane.
I don’t think you asked me anything – but I felt you wished my post was shorter. Why then not just read the short bit you alight in – free of resentment? If it doesn’t resonate with you – as is your freedom to feel – then alight in what does. I haven’t argued against you or contested anything you said – but what you said raises more than just ‘about you’ to comment upon.

Apr 22, 2017 7:07 PM
Reply to  binra

“Narrative identity provides the world you want – and if you want justified grievance, you have it in abundance.”
Tell that vacuous oh-wow-ism to the next family to get their heads blown off for haplessly falling afoul of US foreign policy; tell it to the next black-skinned martyr of a routine traffic stop; tell everyone having their Lives crushed by The Neo Liberal Serf-Juicing Juggernaut that “narrative identity” is actually what they should be worried about because those aren’t real guns or real psychopaths and it is certainly not real blood, real poverty, real grief or real injustice. It’s all in their heads, everything is “relative” and… uh… (takes another toke)…. yeah….
“Why then not just read the short bit you alight in – free of resentment? ”
Because it’s like stepping in intellectual dogshit?
PS Are you German, by any chance?

Apr 21, 2017 10:06 AM

“There was no investigation, not even a hack job of a frame up like we had in 2003”
No, not prior to the verdict, but after the fact the ‘hack job’ of an investigation is well underway to justify the verdict. It seems the UK is the lead prosecutor with the OPCW and France running point – who have provided “incontrovertible” evidence that sarin, or a “sarin-like substance” was used at Khan Shaykhun – without setting foot in Khan Shaykhun. For both Matthew Rycroft and Bojo FM there is “only one conclusion, that the Assad regime almost certainly gassed its own people in breach of international law and the rules of war.” ‘Evidence’ to follow.
That’s it then, based on a highly questionable chain of evidence – Assad dunnit? For the epistemically closed, those addicted to the soma of the M$M and a ‘priestly caste’ of authoritian figures that are the verifiers of all that is ‘true’ – an uncritical yes. For those who retain critical reasoning, who are not swayed by totalitarian pronouncements of guilt – there is common sense and evidence – not least Theodore Postol’s follow up analysis – that Khan Shaykhun didn’t happen.
Real evidence may yet conclude that a “sarin-like substance” was used, but it was low grade and locally synthesised [Scott Ritter] – but the White House Report has been shown by Postol to be “egregiously amateurish” and falsified. The idea that it was weaponised sarin that Porton Down and the OPCW can verify as from undestroyed stocks held in secret by the Syrian Govt – requires an appeal to a supernatural authority – and is thus strictly for believers. It is Iraq WMDs repackaged for the faithful. We are like dogs returning to our own vomit [Peter Ford] if we ‘swallow’ this.
Trouble is, judging from my friends and colleagues, most are already converted – Assad must go. I say, careful what you wish for – this ain’t Iraq – whose military was all but destroyed by “shock and awe” and ten years of sanctions. Russia and Syria can fight back. Do we really want WWIII – based on lies?

Apr 20, 2017 5:02 PM

Multi-level theatre by which to cage in fear and milk blood? As in feeding private gratifications off via life-abuse
Death Wish writ large? As in self-hate finding embodiment in the negation of embodiment?
Diversionary ‘mind’ by which to attract and trap attention in reaction? Thus ‘surviving’ as a narrative sense of continuity.
Dissociation into fragmented replay of a broken reality, as if the replay will be different – will fix, make reparation, do justice – get vengeance – Escape!
In a dream, every one and everything in the dream is cast from within one’s own mind and given all the meanings it has. Fighting over meanings as if the winner becomes true.
The mono-poly or uni-polar idea is the ‘Winner’, ‘Victor’ and god over all else – in fantasy! Yet this cycles and recycles fear that is at root a conflicted sense of self/reality AS the a-Tempt to dictate, determine and control the narrative of defined meanings – persisting the conflict as if power and protection from it.
The way out of mis-take is not more power – but greater perspective – ie a fresh take.
When everything is revealed lies or alloyed with lies – where else to find the true but in the honesty of our own unconflicted intent.
Our lives are what we make of them – but in the First – they are gifted or received not from clever or tricky thinking – but as a wellspring from a place the tricky mind knows not – and yet guards against.
What is it to be without investment in fear-thinking – even for a few moments? Thinking abut this is not the way of a fresh take.
For every dream is an awakening – and idols must fall that were raised up to power when their falsity of foundation is illuminated. Not to be attacked in the ‘other’ but to cease to use or operate that thinking AS a foundation.
The quality of each day will share on the gift of life – or bot-net for the gratifiction we thought to get for ourselves in self-specialness. Mind-capture takes two – it also requires the buying of an illusion to be phished and one’s identity stolen.
While we live this day, we have choice, and as we chose, we use or lose the truth of it. Illuminating the false as false is part of releasing it to let the true in. But the focus is in the desire for true – not the hatred of the false or the perceived ‘external cause’ to your loss of peace.
External causes and external saviours that ‘betray’ hopes of changing the world for good, NEVER address the cause within myself – so I can live AS IF the world has to change in order for me to get my life back – and everyone pulls in different directions – even if for a while they unite against a common ‘enemy’.
What is a unipolar consciousness but the model of the exploiter and abuser of Life and others as a source of getting from – or a justifiction of getting away from? There IS no uni-polar consciousness for polarity is the very fabric of experiencing existence – period. But the mistake I see is of exclusively polarised identities set in fear, pain of hate of war from ever meeting. But what if there is a transcendent embrace of such polarities – and that the hated represent something in myself to me that I have rejected and denied or excommunicated as if to get rid of? Well look – it doesn’t work. Everything we try to get rid of we magnify and feed with negative energy – while everything we ignore fades from awareness or notice by our ongoing – never ending attempt to defend against it getting back in and stealing our life – for as we do – so do we expect to be done by. Therefore do FROM a different appreciation of being who you truly are – instead of what past fear dictates you be.
Yes I’m being a bit teachy preachy – but actually EVERYTHING we think and do is teaching by demonstration, who we think we are. There are a variety of ongoing destructive agenda working out with WW3 as one of them. What id the whole point of existence wasn’t to perfect one’s world or self, so much as share the gift in the way that most truly aligns who you accept yourself to be? And so is a growing of the quality of communication in which we participate our lives. The loss of presence to fear-chemistry must be the call to the means to address and heal or rebalance.
I don’t seek to ‘organise’ collectively because there is no way to make a system of being true to ourselves – but as I say – all that we do is a witness to where we are coming from – and overtly stating “I am super passionate about this” is just a cover story for a neediness that ramps up as if to be what it is not resting in the true of. So is all theatrical presentation of illusion appealing for – or demanding of – support. What you accept true for you is up to you – but once accepted it may frame all else to its filtering. Buyer beware!

Apr 21, 2017 1:33 PM
Reply to  binra

We still have a choice today: nonviolent coexistence or violent coannihilation. We must move past indecision to action. We must find new ways to speak for peace in Vietnam and justice throughout the developing world, a world that borders on our doors. If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark, and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.
Now let us begin. Now let us rededicate ourselves to the long and bitter, but beautiful, struggle for a new world. This is the calling of the sons of God, and our brothers wait eagerly for our response. Shall we say the odds are too great? Shall we tell them the struggle is too hard? Will our message be that the forces of American life militate against their arrival as full men, and we send our deepest regrets? Or will there be another message—of longing, of hope, of solidarity with their yearnings, of commitment to their cause, whatever the cost? The choice is ours, and though we might prefer it otherwise, we must choose in this crucial moment of human history.

I’m sorry @binra, some of what you write is beautiful, bordering on poetic – but your last paragraph? So long as I draw breath I could not agree – failure to organise against is how the cycles of violence perpetuate. The above is from Dr King’s first antiwar speech, his finest, his call for “a genuine revolution of values”, and his death warrant – executed a year to the day later. 50 years later, to the day, was the murderous attack at Khan Shaykhun. If we turn a deaf ear to the call, what atrocity will befall 4th April 2067?
Read Dr King, and weep. I do. If that is too “super passionate” for you, I apologize. Peace.

Apr 21, 2017 7:25 PM
Reply to  BigB

YOU put a three paragraph quote in your reply to me that presents AS IF from me – but is drawing what I said into your own take and summarising in terms I would not write or speak.
I see the the primary error by which hate recycles to ensure long bitter struggle shall EVER be the subjection of the mind to its hidden master.
Now it MAY be that phrasing in different terms may find some agreement – for being the true of who you are is in itself NOT a long and bitter struggle – but it may persist long through challenging experience of denial and temptation to embitterment without taking the bait. Don’t take the bait!
Recruiting propaganda is all very well – but that is what it is if it doesn’t honour the (freedom of choice of the) other. If you’ve already been recruited – you wont listen nor hear anything that doesn’t support your side – except to use it as ammo against me. That’s how a mind-capture works.
I say yes to moving with the discerned movement of being and owning what is my own. Joining with those who share in the same resonance of life and purpose is natural and indeed synchronous. But the capture and subversion of natural movements of being operates generally without our notice. The mind cuts in and frames in a divide and control narrative. See how deceit feeds or even initiates grass root movements to use as proxies in loveless agenda over and over again. Are you tired yet?
So perhaps it is the liability of terms and phrasing that contributes to an apparent difference of perspective between us. If you want I could rewrite your response (that included some of my points) as a personal statement rather than a ‘we must’. Violence or coercive tyranny is much deeper rooted than what ‘They’ are doing – though ‘They’ may well be an extreme example of something whose strands are as hidden as mycelium to its fungal bloom. The hatred of the evil in another is not a true foundation from which to live – but a contagion.
The organising of Life is its ‘politics’ – but also its sacrifice or subjection to rules and structures that embody the very thing they set out to eradicate – over and over again. Bringing politics back as the structures through which we communicate and arrive at outcomes that hold the balance points in our society, might mean abandoning the structures of mind-capture and control – or it may mean using their foms as a point of witnessing truth despite the ‘rules of the house’. However, the point isn’t to break the rule – but to witness to truth.
The predatory intent exploits, manipulates, pharms and charms it prey – which IS the movement of Life in subjection. So in whatever way is available to you – do not teach and learn subjection. While symptoms have to be addressed in certain events – the causes rarely are – and this is the WISH to put the cause outside on the OTHER – whose apparent causality is itself a symptom. There is no willingness – at large – to address the causes of our ills – and much force applied to undermining any such movement – with WW3 if needs must.
The lie and the father of it are alike in kind, but the lie itself is but a branch of a hidden root. But there is nothing inactive or passive in acting only from what truly moves you and NOT reacting to false flags – which are the trick or deceit of using victimhood to divert or ascribe blame Elsewhere and of course gloating when it succeeds in amplifying that ruse as a forceful attack upon the ‘other’.
One can protest against those who perpetrated the My Lai massacre, those who orchestrated that as policy – and still do as part of the spectrum dominance of War on – well just about everything now. But I write to illuminate the roots of war in ourselves amidst the issues of our day – or of information coming to light now that was kept hidden. It is my sense that we co-create our world-experience, and our model or narrative identity – and adaptation or adjustment to fit the model – but that most of that is the result of elements denied consciousness and thus running as sub-conscious habit or of which we are unconscious until such exposure ruptures our world-view.
So I wont get the job of a recruiting PR strategy consultant because I don’t want to live anyone else’s life – nor give up mine to anyone else’s idea of who I should be.
Someone said life is not psychology but dialogue. That is a variation on non-violent coexistence and war.
Notice the presumed separate mapping, defining and manipulating of the former – and the dance of relationship of the latter. The cost of power in the world is Soul awareness – and so to power-addiction there is no Soul. But Soul is You in the image and likeness of Creator and infinitely able to outpicture all the elements of any experience you are set on exploring, rebalancing or healing.
I cant get this across because the mind ONLY thinks in terms of separation – as if I just said you have a Soul – but I did NOT. Rather the reverse.
The reversal of cause and effect operates a disembodied ‘mind’ divorced from true feeling without any creativity of its own – and so it steals and uses the living as a process of denial that SEEMS to be a power over life. It might be called the anti-Christ or anything else that serves identifying a loveless light – but it is operating the reversal of live on a false binary system and it has been in the template from which we experience our mind and world since way back when.
I believe the difficulty is in beginning – for every kind of obstacle is put between the Call to joy and its natural and whole response. Within the response is a perspective that the bitter struggler cannot access – for seek but do not find operates the cover story for staying hid. Beginning is something to practice always. It is an active willingness that may seem very weak or limited – but it allows the movement of being to move you – and be felt and known and recognized. ‘Rebel without a cause’ is a phrase that suggests the lack of movement as a result of a lost cause.
If a true solidarity in life generated a social movement yet that seems lost – dont give up on true solidarity in purpose and Spirit – but let go the form it was – or else the new cannot find you.
Thanks for joining and engaging in a genuinely felt issue.

Apr 22, 2017 5:49 PM
Reply to  binra

Thank you for your response, as usual it is both thoughtful and thought provoking. I’m not sure that you “grabbed the nettle” of our seeming difference, though – the statement “I don’t seek to ‘organise’ collectively because there is no way to make a system of being true to ourselves” – so do we rule out a priori the trying and possible failure of “the long and bitter, but beautiful, struggle for a new world?” No, and not trying is not an option. It is a form of complicity.
The world we want, the world organised around the principle of “being true to ourselves” cannot emerge spontaneously by some ‘Hundredth Monkey’ principle – no matter how high we elevate our collective conscious awareness. Somehow, we are going to have to co-create it by organising in “nonviolent cooperation”. If that organisation is doomed to ‘corporate capture’ and ‘recuperation’ – as social movements are wont – do we desist and conform to the structural alienation inherent in our ‘post-modern’ society? Or escape into some spiritual solipsism? Fuck no! We try again.
Deep structural analysis is all very well – without action, it is not sufficient in itself. Deep structural analysis that concludes that “a system of being true to ourselves” is not possible is a praxis of inaction – a giveaway of power to those who are quite happy to decide our future for us. That is exactly how we ‘progress’ from the murder of women and children at My Lai to the murder of women and children (mainly children) at Rashideen. There is more than “elements denied consciousness” at play – people died. People continue to die. Without intervention, this obviously will not end in peace. That is something I can and will protest – not to would be a denial of humanity, where such denial of humanity is what allows these massacres to occur.
You seem (on my reading) to point to the conclusion ‘mea culpa’ – that the ‘externalised’ structural violence is an expression of ‘my’ internal violence and “denied consciousness” and “sub-conscious habit” – so be it. The statement is veridical if one is sufficiently honest with oneself – but it is not an endpoint or a goal of understanding. More a waypoint, the beginning of the next beginning – after all “beginning is something to practice always.” Becoming the change we want in the world, as Ghandiji put it, is but a part of socially engaging. This is the way of Satyagraha.
Or as the “gentle monk” who influenced Dr King to protest the Vietnam war, Thich Nhat Hanh, has said – there is no path to peace, the path is peace. After Rashideen, I have to believe that pathless path will lead to a better world. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t – but I can’t so easily rule it out before the next step on the way. For me, such peace is long overdue in arriving. That is all I was trying to say.

Apr 22, 2017 7:28 PM
Reply to  BigB

‘There is no path to peace, the path is peace’.
I join with that. If a long and bitter path to a better world means peace to you – who am I to argue with your choice?
While your means embodies the end – you have a better world to share as you find opportunity and willingness to share it. Living the life you have is not passive and nor is is ‘trying’.
‘Trying’ is often used to put a gap between peace and the path to peace and fill it with coercion, struggle and exhaustion. However, ‘trying’ can be the active willingness to unfold a desire that moves you.
If you uncover an integrity and stand in it – you have the life that knows and shares it. This is not passive.
But when peace is lost to a violation used to generate a sense of righteous vendetta – we become the very thing we hate – but are the last to know.
Denied and dis-owned self is NEVER in oneself alone and ALWAYS involves others who set up and reinforce and re-enact the patterns of communication breakdown. Thus the release of self-hate or unforgiveness in self or other is always a relational reintegration. As I see it you have a choice, recycle hate or reintegrate.
I am no stranger to the death of a loved one. Sometimes the cut has to be deep to allow looking within in ways the mind recoils from otherwise but I choose not to use suffering as a justification or authority.
I am not moved to organize collective action – excepting as an expression of a joining that I resonate wholly with – and that has to be an integrative purpose and not negatively defined. It may be that the insanity of the world breaks down the ego sense to recognize and align differently – or it may be the ego-sense adapts to ever deeper unconsciousness of conflicted fragmentation. I only choose for myself – but from this I hold for that everyone has choice – though the ego-sense denies this by seeming to think your mind – (not you specifically).
The promise of a better world is a carrot – on a stick that is also then used to beat you. Living now what is the choice now – consciously – is not trying to get to a better now so much as growing the capacity to notice and appreciate and focus in what is here to appreciate. Why is this deemed difficult, but all the emotional baggage that underlies the mind that is formed by it. AS I see it we each have un-owned self that we will meet – one way or another because it hasn’t really gone anywhere else and keeps reflecting in our relationships – our world.
I grateful for the willingness anyone brings forth in love of life and standing in an integrated being. This is the ‘collective’ that I am purposed in and grow in love of. Not everyone – including me – finds willingness when triggered into reaction such as to be entirely free of reaction – but by not guilting ourself/each other we bring more awareness to places that could be called back-doors fir negative agenda to work through.
I find the movement of being to be spontaneous. I don’t wait for life to line up with what I want so much as live the movement I am to the best of my ability – and bring attention to what is lining up in willingness to recognize what is mine here.
I don’t seek more than what is mine but nor do I accept less. So I don’t say ‘we have to do this and that – or else!’ – because that is not who I am. In fact it is the signature of the coercive deceit by which we sacrifice who we truly are for something that never comes – and then are in the pattern of sacrificing others and justifying it in terms of a new world order. Because you cannot deny yourself alone. All who are in your life will be deprived of your presence. So bringing yourself present in your day in your world is your gift to give and receive – even if the contents feel shitty or don’t measure up to our fantasy of what we want everything to be.
A society predicated upon the denial of presence cannot really join in anything. First one has to recognize one enslavement or insanity where one thought before to be free. This is the opening of a perspective of freedom – for the insane cannot recognize their own condition.
You have to go with what you feel truly moved regardless of anything else and grow in discernment by practice – so in that sense even mistakes serves purpose. Not moving becomes stagnant and morbid with a sense of self-betrayal and powerlessness. The what of the act is not my concern so much as where it embodies – because peace is not a private mind set against its experienced world.
If I feel called to focus as I do – that doesn’t mean anyone else should do likewise. If it wasn’t freedom I would feel called or moved – but coerced, persuaded, pressured or forced, and needy.
Yes, pain, fear and loss is unimaginable in depth and in scale – and so often a result of illegitimate and seemingly preventable causes – which blame would seek to eradicate – but there are deeper causes that the symptoms mask and it is a hell of a mess that – at this level – we are all entangled in. But I used the word level to indicate it is a specific frequency of fear-defined attention that is the entanglement – and noticing that is not ‘thinking about it’ so much as finding willingness in the times when it is the last thing you want.

Apr 23, 2017 12:45 PM
Reply to  binra

I’d say that broadly, we have a consensus, perhaps even a synthesis. P.S. If you really believe that “I cant get this across because the mind ONLY thinks in terms of separation” – perhaps you should study Thich Nhat Hanh. The true nature of mind is non-dual.

Apr 24, 2017 1:07 AM
Reply to  BigB

The false or assertive nature of polarised mind operates AS IF true. But it only has its sense of existence in AS IF – which I can call narrative overlay. I was not meaning to judge you one way or another. No matter what anyone says or teaches it is YOU who realize the true of it. So the non duality of being does not attack or destroy or negate the polarities in mind – but it does re-purpose them from a segregative and separating sense of defence, struggle and loss, to a movement of reintegrative wholeness of being.
Because this is the basis from which to live truly and truly live I don’t recommend ‘struggle in bitterness’ toward some ‘future state’ but rather restore the focus presently within the true movement of our being – which is not coercive upon us – though a coercive mind sees ONLY in such terms.
If one awakens of the foundation – then the false is automatically NOT USED AS foundation. But without willingness for such a movement of being the ego of trying and failing persists a self-struggle pictured in relational terms. So do we buy an excuse for NOT caring enough to truly listen-in to our being – in terms of some triggered fear agenda and its dispiriting accompaniments? Most likely yes – again and again – but in persistent willingness ANYWAY (Because you ARE worth it – and therefore so is your brother/sister/world), you notice more and more the act by which you trash yourself in self negative beliefs. Beliefs that are NOT true but obviously served in some way of they would not operate at all). Awareness is the space in which a spontaneous choice or shift HAS ALREADY HAPPENED! But you cannot as the ego of mind assert this and be honest. It has to be a realisation opened and kept by living from it as accepted true.
Perhaps the core obstacle to the transformational shift for our world, our brother/sister and therefore our self – is that we insist on changing THEM FIRST rather than relating to what is as it is – as we are – in an awareness of true presence. Lack of presence is the invitation to false presentations that adulterate, usurp, tax and operate destructively to our peace – which is an unconflicted awareness with what is.
This balancing within relational change is not coercively applied from without but felt and trusted into, within. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – but that does not split our mind unless we take in guilt and seek to hide it by blaming something else. The fragmentation of mind (that never really becomes something ELSE but in wish made real by reaction) has been operating for Millennia to become our expertise of growing and holding a specific kind of focus within awareness. Yet the archetype of its patterning has never changed more than surface forms.
Nothing new under the Sun. Yet all the abilities and developments of the world we made are not locked into the purpose that made them and this is the promise and recognition of a ‘better world’. But unlike the elitists – don’t focus on what you don’t want as if to get rid of it. Focus wholly in what you truly want and it will share and align through you and to you in ways the manual linear perspective cannot imagine or effect.
What we think we want is usually a cover story or substitute that will hurt or bring loss. If we don’t want another cover-up we have to observe our own masking in act and realign in true conscious acceptance. It is a step by step willingness – but painting it as a bitter struggle and a compulsive crusade is feeding the unwillingness to know and feel Now – by displacing to somewhere and somewhen else. No blame – but SEEING this is the opportunity to see what is working underneath it. If you look out at the world you get a hint of the kinds of tricks and pretences that is easy to see in others… but that’s a breadcrumb trail to our own correspondence or participation.
Again no blame – but there IS a Call in fear that does not know its own true nature. One can only relate with what is with what we have. But that is not really a limitation so much as a focusing tool. If a sense of bitterness and struggle are your current experience – then that is ‘in act’, if you don’t release it – on noticing it – for something more aligned with who you new feel yourself to be – then be curious as to what the beliefs involved are serving you instead of playing victim to your own script.
The stirring of curiosity is an innocence of being. Everything in the ‘ego’ system is set on covering over or undermining and denying such innocence of being. Guilt and hate lock out an expanded awareness – though they magnify self-dissonace aka ‘sin’. That’s the mind-control and its reflections are not its causes – excepting they are given power and allegiance to serve the role. It is easy to hate the ‘sin’ in the other but that too is a kind of worship if it fixates there. I see that we have to look AT the feared to break the spell so as to look beyond or beneath it to its true nature. Waking to hidden fear is one step of a larger whole.

Apr 24, 2017 1:09 AM
Reply to  binra

I neglected to thank you – so thankyou for engaging.

Apr 20, 2017 4:06 PM

I think the message is important but I am not keen on the moving graphics in the video myself… weakens the message by giving the impression of ‘mind control’ in my opinion. Showing my age perhaps?
The #standdownmrtrump hasn’t taken off in a big way, yet.

Apr 20, 2017 3:13 PM

The Tomahawk Cruise Missile Attack on Syria was an UTTER FAILURE !
60 Missiles fired not 59 – See http://aviationweek.com/defense/pentagon-says-all-59-tomahawks-hit-syrian-targets
1 fell in the drink straight out of the tube !
59 on their way to a Syrian Air Base – ALL 59 intercepted by Russian EWS & nice round number 36 set down harmlessly & 23 set down in & around the air base with NO DAMAGE to runways & only 2 old planes in for repair damaged. We all saw the drone footage released by the Russians.
Russians did not want to embarrass the Americans by stopping all 59 but they didn’t allow the ones they did guide through to do any damage ! That’s what the World saw. THIS IS NOT A DAVID COPPERFIELD SHOW.
US claimed the destroyed 20 Syrian Jets – obvious lie as we all saw that was not true. Just like the FAKED Gas Attack that prompted the failed strike. http://www.globalresearch.ca/khan-sheikhoun-syria-the-nerve-agent-attack-that-did-not-occur/5585818
The Syrian Air Base was up & fully operational in less than 24hrs – also visible to all.
Conclusion :
US is f**kd in any potential real conflict – WW3 bla bla is just a MONEYPOT to steal Tax-Payer funds for the ELITE.

Apr 20, 2017 3:44 PM
Reply to  leruscino

“59 on their way to a Syrian Air Base – ALL 59 intercepted by Russian EWS & nice round number 36 set down harmlessly & 23 set down in & around the air base with NO DAMAGE to runways & only 2 old planes in for repair damaged. ”
Have you any hard evidence to back this up please? I have read this theory a lot but not seen a Russian statement or any evidence to back it up. It may very well turn out to be correct but as far as I see see it’s still a theory, a lot is going on behind the scenes including this interesting reported release which possibly hints EWS was used.

Apr 20, 2017 5:20 PM
Reply to  Manda

Deductive Reasoning:
“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
Russia does not want war & needed to send a message to the Americans.
Factually Russian EWS is simply generations ahead of US technology – Ref Khibiny & USS Donald Cook 10th April incident http://www.voltairenet.org/article185860.html
Russia never seeks to embarrass the Americans in the hope of avoiding war & will not rub the US nose in it so don’t expect Russia to confirm it.
Drone Footage showed very little damage to the airbase – indisputable fact
Its utterly illogical to think the World’s Mightiest Superpower when sending such a public message to Assad failed to stop its airbase for more then 24hrs – in short the attack on Assad was pathetic if that was the real US capability unhindered !
US Lieutenant General Ben Hodges described Russian Military Technology as “Eye Watering” http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/03/09/syria-russia-military-might-surprises-west.html
US Military Might looks like Emperor’s New Clothes right now.
There is all the ‘evidence’ you need.

Empire Of Stupid
Empire Of Stupid
Apr 20, 2017 2:51 PM

It’s clear Trump is no longer the president and perhaps never was. Pence is, a dyed-in-the-wool neocon that nobody voted for. So it’s business as usual in Washington, with an additional injection of psychotic delusion. Our survival as a species depends on how strong Putin and Xi are.
See you in hell folks.