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Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

If these turds were at home actually making love with their partners, they wouldn’t be so psychotic.


Not if you met their spouses.


What a surprise. If you will happily murder 1 million faceless Arabs to make profits for corporate America, do you seriously have hang ups about bumping off call girls and madams?
Oh, you always get the professionals to do the dirty work. Never any blood on the hands of officials.
Can anyone explain why these officials must be pursued through the courts rather than via the bullet, the noose or the viral video showing them in bed with their hookers?
Live by the sword, die by the sword…..
After all, is Russia under threat of nuclear war due to the CIA and others blackmailing McCain?
If Putin needed to defend his people, then bumping off McCain to neutralise the blackmailers was never more justified…..


Let’s not stoop to their level(at least not yet). By all means play them at their own game, but not when it comes to cold blooded assassination which should be left to the experts within the alphabet soups of secret agencies throughout the parody of so-called “democratic” economically superior nations, which pretty much limits the list of such perpetrators to the US, UK, & Israel. Notice please, the use of the words democratic and economically superior. I don’t know why these countries where poverty is so rife among the poor or discriminated minorities and where the ballot is such a joke, can even consider themselves democracies or anything but economically in decline and I’m not certain as to who the joke plays best against – the corrupt governments or the masses. I have often wondered if such people can in their own distorted minds consider a targeted killing list is somehow morally justifiable, but if they do not have to face the consequences for their murderous wars and drone strikes and now state sanctioned assassinations, then why should other people. Quite some precedent they set, since the only distinction seems to be “state sanctioned” murder in the first degree.