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Comey’s “incompetence” gets dropped down the Memory Hole

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.Oscar Wilde

It is said that nothing improves a man’s character faster than dying. The same, it seems, is true of being fired.

At least, that’s what you can deduce from the press reactions to Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey.

You remember James Comey? Last autumn he was the target of media-hate when he told congress the FBI were re-opening the investigation into Clinton’s email issues. Back thn, in the fall, he was widely blamed, even demonised, among Hillary Clinton’s supporters, for costing her the election and being soft on Trump. Hillary even said so herself.

But now Trump has fired him, And everything is different.

The Chicago Tribune who, back in October were saying he should be fired, are now saying Trump should be impeached – for firing him.

The Boston Globe, back in October, said Comey should resign, but now he has been fired they claim it’s the “worst abuse of presidential power since Watergate”. (Torture camps and assassinations aren’t abuses of Presidential power…but firing people is. So that’s OK).

CNN also said Comey should resign last October. Now he has been fired? Well, they think its “dangerous and unpredictable”.

Back in the fall the Atlantic said Comey was so incompetent both main parties hated him, but still today, now he’s fired, they call it a “Nixonian moment”

Last November Salon said the FBI was full of “partisan hacks” who were fans of Trump and trying to smear Hillary. Now Comey’s been fired? NIXON REDUX!

(The Nixon comparisons are especially thick on the ground. It was clearly in the dispatched list of talking points).

In November Newsweek thought Comey was “unfit for office”, but now think Trump firing him will call down an “hour of reckoning”. Presumably the kind of reckoning reserved for those who fire people that are unfit for office.

In October the Guardian implied Comey was a criminal, and criticised the FBI for being full of an anti-Clinton atmosphere and even suggesting Clinton would fire him when she won. But now Trump has actually fired him the Graun thinks it’s a breach of America’s “unwritten constitution” (whatever that means).

If only they displayed that much concern for the actual written constitution.

So – seven months ago we were being told again, and again that Obama must fire Comey. Today we are being told by the same people that Trump is a new Nixon – for firing Comey.

‘Reality’ is just torn up and rewritten on a daily basis. October’s Comey-hate has now been dropped down the Memory Hole.

James Comey is a hero and always has been, Winston


  1. antirepublocrat says

    The Monkey’s Paw was written in 1902. It’s taught in a lot of middle schools, but apparently partisan Democrats are unfamiliar with it.

  2. If Comey’s handling of Clinton’s scandals was the reason for the firing, why now? Comey could of been fired anytime after January 20, but to chose now is suspect.

    But it did take away focus on the story about the Kushner mob selling visas to wealthy Chinese for 500K. Just like that Syrian chemical FF diverted attention from Jared going to Iraq and playing president.

    The firing also sidelined the story about Ivanka meeting weekly with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, so she can become more aware and give her Daddy good advice.
    Hell, everyone knows that modeling clothes is a good resume for dealing with a multi-trillion dollar budget.


    • antirepublocrat says

      Could it be the “timing” had anything at all to do with the reason Trump said he fired Comey? He needed a report from Comey’s superiors before he fired an obvious incompetent, so he waited for the report from his Assistant AG? Naw, that would be too simple, and it now appears the preferred narrative of Trump blocking an additional funding request for the “Russia, Putin!” witch hunt has fallen apart based on McCabe’s assurance that the witch hunt has all the resources it needs. So, what other narrative can we come up with to cast doubt on Trump?

      For heaven’s sake, Ivanka is one of the distractions. For example, the failed Tomahawk attack isn’t Trump’s fault. He never would have done it except that Ivanka tugged his heartstrings over some photos of beautiful dead kids. If it hadn’t been for that, he’d have waited for proof. The man can’t be blamed for loving his daughter, now, can he? And she can’t be blamed either, ’cause after all she and Jared are just learning, and that’s why she has to take up the time of cabinet secretaries weekly.

  3. Schizophrenia is very much in fashion in our deluded western lives. How true the expression of yesterdays news gets wrapped in today’s fish. I find all humorous and tragic at the same time that all the main talking points in our crumbling society are so fixated on fabricated problems and real problems such as our crumbling infrastructure failing economic ,political and social paradigm is of much needed address.
    Consider how much of a laughing stalk we have become to the rest of the world when they see what we in the west consider serious discourse. Further more how the so called journalist show themselves to be such hypocrites. Example of which this article alludes to. H
    How the education system has failed us all in the modern era critical thinking has become similar to instant coffee.

  4. rtj1211 says

    It is football supporter mentality, that is all. Or jilted boyfriend calling the former love of his life a fat ugly slag for taking up with hated adversary across the office….

    The woman’s body is still exactly the same, the perception changed radically in the loser’s mind….

  5. Bailed says

    The FBI’s role as a political police force was exposed when activists burgled a local FBI office in 1971. The FBI had a network of hundreds of field offices. Each monitored the movements and communications of very ordinary and low-level draft objectors and political activists, trade unionists and religious adherents and, of course, civil rights advocates.

    The key revelation was a file stamped COINTELPRO – the Counter Intelligence Program run by J. Edgar Hoover which was really a massive trawling expedition and the source of his ability to blackmail politicians over the course of his career. Interesting that Hoover was far more powerful and long-lasting than any of his Soviet counterparts such as Yagoda or Beria.

    Edward Snowden simply revealed the most recent incarnation of surveillance. The FBI has been monitoring the U.S. public, business people, lawyers and politicians for at least half a century and probably more. Snowden’s revelations simply confirmed that the FBI/CIA and other intelligence agencies lied and lied again. Each time a program was revealed, it supposedly was closed down. Yet the surveillance continued.

    If the Operation Mockingbird press would tell the public – or share with the public what the press itself knows – then the public would see Comey and his FBI ilk for what they are.

    The movie, 1971 – yes, it is a silly, unsearchable name for a movie – tells it all.

    • Bailed says

      This link puts it better than I could.

      FBI, the political police by Marc Sapir, MD, MPH
      January 23, 2017

      When FBI director James Comey dropped a propaganda bomb that blew up the 2016 presidential election and probably changed how the U.S. will be governed for some time to come, he wasn’t acting for the Russians. Comey wasn’t acting as an individual rogue actor either. He was acting in the tried and true tradition of the FBI as a political police agency that uses its authority – legally, illegally and effectively – to intrude into the political processes of our country.


  6. Seamus Padraig says

    Oceana is at war with Eurasia!
    Oceana has always been at war with Eurasia!

  7. All this head of the FBI, headless chicken shit displayed by our regular purveyors of truth is, well, totally Hillary, Hillarious!!!

  8. Dead World Walking says

    There are only two tragedies in life:
    Not feeling love and not finding meaning.
    It’s obvious from their actions that the psychopaths who rule suffer both.

  9. “There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.
    Oscar Wilde”

    Wilde’s quote has merit in that what you thought you wanted actually isn’t or doesn’t do it – or doesn’t match the fantasy fulfilment. And a sense of being denied or deprived what you want (Fantasy again) locks the mind in seeing everything in terms of what it is not.
    Fantasy wishing attaches to image, symbol and forms – and yet in the lure of fantasy relationships, we CAN be found in a real relationship in which what we thought we wanted or were denied or deprived – fades back to a focus in what we truly want but had covered over and forgotten in a sense of seeking for fulfilment in the only place it cannot be found – and that is a sense of lack – however and whatever way it is manipulated, dressed up, or presented.
    Filling a hole can never become extending and sharing a wholeness.

    Haven’t read the article – this in reflecting upon the Wilde quote

  10. Michael Leigh says

    All I know from friends who are US residents is that the FBI is considered in their estimation, to be the most unhelpful and is obviously run as a ‘ criminally inclined pseudo private army ‘ and also a law unto itself.

    And, I personally have always believed that FBI should have been dissolved for its continuing failure to obtain convictions against the real powerful gangsters that are the basis of the ” Oliarchy and their bankers which actually run the USA “.

    • Michael, You’ll most likely appreciate the powerful new documentary “All the Plenary’s Men” by John Titus, which focuses precisely on the oligarchical monetary mafia at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Find the film on YouTube at “Best Evidence” channel. Best regards.

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