Comey’s “incompetence” gets dropped down the Memory Hole

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.Oscar Wilde

It is said that nothing improves a man’s character faster than dying. The same, it seems, is true of being fired.
At least, that’s what you can deduce from the press reactions to Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey.
You remember James Comey? Last autumn he was the target of media-hate when he told congress the FBI were re-opening the investigation into Clinton’s email issues. Back thn, in the fall, he was widely blamed, even demonised, among Hillary Clinton’s supporters, for costing her the election and being soft on Trump. Hillary even said so herself.
But now Trump has fired him, And everything is different.
The Chicago Tribune who, back in October were saying he should be fired, are now saying Trump should be impeached – for firing him.
The Boston Globe, back in October, said Comey should resign, but now he has been fired they claim it’s the “worst abuse of presidential power since Watergate”. (Torture camps and assassinations aren’t abuses of Presidential power…but firing people is. So that’s OK).
CNN also said Comey should resign last October. Now he has been fired? Well, they think its “dangerous and unpredictable”.
Back in the fall the Atlantic said Comey was so incompetent both main parties hated him, but still today, now he’s fired, they call it a “Nixonian moment”
Last November Salon said the FBI was full of “partisan hacks” who were fans of Trump and trying to smear Hillary. Now Comey’s been fired? NIXON REDUX!
(The Nixon comparisons are especially thick on the ground. It was clearly in the dispatched list of talking points).
In November Newsweek thought Comey was “unfit for office”, but now think Trump firing him will call down an “hour of reckoning”. Presumably the kind of reckoning reserved for those who fire people that are unfit for office.
In October the Guardian implied Comey was a criminal, and criticised the FBI for being full of an anti-Clinton atmosphere and even suggesting Clinton would fire him when she won. But now Trump has actually fired him the Graun thinks it’s a breach of America’s “unwritten constitution” (whatever that means).
If only they displayed that much concern for the actual written constitution.
So – seven months ago we were being told again, and again that Obama must fire Comey. Today we are being told by the same people that Trump is a new Nixon – for firing Comey.
‘Reality’ is just torn up and rewritten on a daily basis. October’s Comey-hate has now been dropped down the Memory Hole.
James Comey is a hero and always has been, Winston


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