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Imaginary interior of Saydnaya now has imaginary crematorium – State Dept.

by Catte

Remember “Saydnaya Military Prison”? It was the subject of enormous media attention a while back on the basis of a “report” from Amnesty International that turned out to have been fabricated in the UK by a virtual reality company “using 3D models, animations, and audio software, based on the admittedly baseless accounts of alleged witnesses who claim to have been in or otherwise associated with the prison.”

Well, the totally imaginary interior of Saydnaya now – according to US State Dept – has a totally imaginary “crematorium” added to it in which to dispose of all the totally theoretical corpses being generated by the completely unsubstantiated mass-murders. Here is the impressive and plausible Stuart Jones telling us all about it.

Yes, he lies about the “well-documented” chemical attacks. Yes, he manipulates and exaggerates and omits to the point of fraudulence in his summary of the “civil war.” Yes almost every detail of his claims about the goings-on in Saydnaya is based on Amnesty’s invented “report” and the completely unverified testimony of alleged inmates…

…but, but…they have satellite images!:

In case you’re not getting the message WaPo kindly enhanced and simplified things:

See? That thing on the right that could be absolutely anything is actually a crematorium. The State Department “believes” it with all its heart and wants us to believe it too. As do the Guardian the WaPo and the BBC and every other mainstream outlet. They want us to ignore the total absence of any evidence whatsoever for any part of their narrative and simply take their word.

That’s a “crematorium”. And it’s being used to burn masses of bodies. Just like in the Holocaust.

Because Assad (and Russia) = Hitler.

We need to tear up the ceasefires and ignore the de-escalation zones and invade Syria.

Everyone got that?


  1. Maya says

    Thank goodness. Finally someone writes articles the way I think!

  2. Sav says

    Ask any MSM journo on Twitter why they repeat such nonsense while ignoring all previous lies for regime change and all you will get is total silence.

  3. Peace activists the world over might consider the extremely serious, ominous nature of this additional, desperate, blatant attempt by the Trump administration at pushing war propaganda.

  4. Dead World Walking says

    Another weapon of mass distraction.

  5. Jen says

    Saydnaya Prison is missing a few things:
    – a railway line that makes the prison a railway station terminus
    – a work camp with factories
    – a holding camp for the inmates to live in
    – a sign saying “Arbeit Macht Frei” to new arrivals.

    There, fixed it for y’all, Western MSM and Bellingcat.

    • “In their imagination it was real. So nothing they invented was really a lie.” — third-person, omniscient narrative voice of the story . . .

    • Peter says

      Jen, you should apply for a job in the State Department. Those guys are amateurs. Another good story would be that Assad personally tosses babies in the air and catches them on a bayonet.

      • JJA says

        Of course, the babies personally tossed in the air and onto bayonets would previously have been in incubators that had been switched off by Assad.

      • Jen says

        I would apply for a job at Foggy Bottom but I think I have too way much imagination for my application to succeed.

  6. What a coincidence that this BS comes out the same time Trump is getting hammered over non-verified source that he disclosed secret info to the Russians.
    The last time it go this hot in the Oval Office, Trump sent a bunch of cruise missiles into Syria, will we see a repeat?
    One more thought: The ‘ally’ that disclosed this was Israel, so they either have a mole–Kushner–in the Oval Office or the office is bugged.

    • Kushner ex IDF. The Trump administration is an extension of the Netanyahoooooo Regime Aipac bought and paid for. Who do you think leaked the story the the so called fourth estate. My Grandmother. May she RIP: Adelson and Kushner are all part of the problem not the solution. Democracy that something the Athenians practiced maybe . Since the federal reserve Act of 1913 the Us has been for sale to the highest bidder.
      One woulfd think readers of the great OFF The Guard would be aware of this but how could i e so niave.
      They are planning another false flag when and where who knows. But recent economic data the one that has not been doctored does not bode well for the western oligarchs

      • BigB says

        UK General Election is also a significant factor. War – or ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ as we like to euphemistically call it now – would not require Parliamentary approval between now and June 8th. Boris Johnson confirmed as much (approval would have to be “tested”.) Some, like myself, think the decision has already been made. Apart from the illegal Coalition (Al Qaedas air force?) – we’ve been at war by stealth for at least a year – training cuddly headchoppers from our al-Tanf hub [Telegraph.] The problem with training and arming our proxy cuddly headchoppers – they can’t fight – the SAA keep pushing them back! With a standing army of 79,500, full mobilisation is unlikely – but as part of an International ‘Peace Keeping’ force? Or pack up and let the Russian-Turkic-Iranian alliance broker the peace and begin the rebuilding?
        (Personally, I think it is a travesty that Turkey should be involved in the peace process – but what do I know of realpolitik? Perhaps they will return the whole industries they stole?)
        In light of @Mohandeer’s comments below – it pays to bear in mind the the White Helmets are an internationally funded British Deep State project. If they are planning something (which seems logical – to a sick mind at least); it came, directly or indirectly, from the City, IMO.

        • BigB – good to have you commenting again, always useful.
          It seems likely that the British Government already had plans as you outline in your post. The Coventry propagandist, (The Syrian Observatory Human Rights) who lurks in the corridors and cafe of Whitehall, is probably just a minor cog in their machinations, but useful because he is available at short notice for debriefing on the concocted “state of play” in Syria. Like you, I believe there is a Deep State operating within the Parliamentary circles, most useful in platforming Blair’s call for war and coordinating with the bought and paid for MSM.
          Thanks for the links.
          PS. Mohandeer is Susan O’Neill – the person who set up my account told me I had to have a different username for safety reason and since I didn’t know Jack **** about computers(I only used MS Word and Excel on XP some 15 years ago) I accepted his advice.
          Regards, Susan O’Neill

          • BigB says

            @Mohandeer/Susan: According to the BrownNoser Bellingcat – UK/US Special Forces are using al-Tanf to ‘train and equip’ the New Syrian Army – aka – vetted cuddly headchoppers: aka – a new name for the FSA? According to them it was Russia acting as ISIS’ air force by attacking the base in 2016. The real Syrian Army, the SAA, are wise to the game and are within 15 miles of al-Tanf: under the banner of “Fighting the Great Satan!” As the article is published in RT; you can pretty much read that as a warning to get out to avoid confrontation and escalation.
            Re: British Deep State – we get written off internationally as an American ‘Mini Me’ (which we are) but we are quite capable of setting our own agenda. I think that people need to stop thinking primarily in terms of nation states acting alone or in congress – and more in terms of the trans-national vested interest money streams (black money) that has infiltrated and controls state behaviour. In that, we are still a world leader and master of perfidy. For Gog and Magog (pagan gods of the City) – that’s something to be proud of!
            Keep up the good work,
            Regards, Bryan.

            • BigB(Bryan)
              Thanks for the response and the links. I like and trust RT so I’m surprised I missed this, but then if any mention of that toad Bellend was given I probably wouldn’t be interested in his highly inventive and propagandist shite. How a numb nut like Eliot Higgins was ever taken seriously, I’ll never understand, but then the SOHR was given credence and a lunch in Whitehall’s minister cafe and he’s an ex con from Syria, so ’nuff said. (His real name is Ussama Sulwheini or some spelling like that) but is allowed to stay under a false identity, wonder why he hasn’t been extradited – what am I thinking, silly me. So many useful muppets serving our upper echelon and the MSM condemns fake news. They should know, having invented it!
              🙂 Susan

              • BigB says

                Higgins/Ussama get taken seriously by selling their souls and pimping for the Imperium. The acquired self-importance is a psychological comfort blanket – they think they are acting ‘heroically’ (as Ernest Becker might have said.) In reality, they are deceiving themselves as much as they deceive the public (which, outside the loosely bound ‘truth’ movement: want to be deceived.)
                Ussama Rami Abdul whats-his-name could have lunch with the Queen and still not be exposed as an Imperialist agent/tool – because the public at large are deeply invested in the Big Lies. The real ‘deceptikons’ and agents of Mass Deception are the public themselves: the likes of Higgins/Ussama merely provide the means. It is one thing for us ‘troofers’ to get it out there; but it will be quite another to get it ‘believed!’
                BTW: was Ussama’s bestie/handler William Hague at the party at our expense? 🙂

                • He’s been seen in the company of Ministers on both sides of the aisle, so no-one really knows who his handler is, there seems to be a lot of co-operation between the two parties when it serves their colonialist and imperialist big money agenda. Snakes in a jar(the resulting snake oil is what we get spoon fed every day via their bought and paid for MSM conduits).
                  I still believe that as more people find out the truth we can start to reverse the trend away from lies and deceptions. Out of despair is born hope?

                  • BigB says

                    You’d like to think – though I often wonder how bad has it got to get to stir us from our collective complacency? From my POV we should have been transitioning to a wholistic and sustainable paradigm forever ago. Are we really going to forestall the future to let a relatively few parasitic leeches continue to bleed the host – our collective life commons – possibly to the point of systemic death? I can’t say for certain. To raise the question is taboo. The individual recognition of the crisis leading to the impetus for change – necessarily has to come from within. I can only elaborate with the runaway car analogy – if and when we reach a psycho-social tipping point and decide to apply the brakes – I only hope they still work!

  7. michaelk says

    It really is an indictment of our media culture that stuff like this, so weak and unverified, based on the questionable interpretation of imere images – minus any real evidence or corroboration that the labels applied to these images is accurate or true; is presented as factual and worthy of being taken at face value and seriously. What is going on with our media? Obviously the states dedicated to toppling the regime in Syria interpret and label these images in the most negative way possible. Is that really so hard for our journalists to understand, or does that qualify as a ‘conspiracy theory’ too? Yet, our journalists are perfectly willing to accept the idea that ‘coincidence theory’ is a valid way to interpret events.

    • Hadwen says

      And while showing CG false images and reporting fiction as fact, the British msm blatantly ignore real, major fraud and corruption involving the Tory Party and the criminal HSBC bank.

      There no mention by the msm of the drug-laundering HSBC bank loaning £214 million to worthless company IPGL, Tory chairman Michael Spencer – IPGL’’s owner – donating £4 million of this money to the Tory Party, the HSBC chairman being made a peer in 2008 by the Tory government and David Cameron and George Osborne going to Washington to plead with the US government to be lenient with HSBC for its drug-money activities. Neither is the Labour Party interested in the information.

      • Hadwen; “Neither is the Labour Party interested in the information.” Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about what Labour is and more pertinently, what it IS NOT. It’s the reason they are referred to as Tory Lite. Now, Corbyn is backing the illegal war criminal organisation of NATO and refusing to acknowledge their role in the illegal war against Serbia according to Thornberry. VTRAN (another commenter) wonders why so many British don’t vote? Caught between a rock and a hard place, it doesn’t matter which way we jump, we’re going to land in the proverbial, so damned if you do and damned if you don’t. they are all in the pockets of big money interests and we are fooling ourselves in believing that Britain has a democracy. FPTP favours the two party system, the antithesis of real democracy. For that reason, we will never have PR.
        As for the MSM, they have been a lost cause for a long time now, but are gradually feeling the pinch with alternate media sites taking more and more of their sales and long may it continue.

  8. Is Stuart Jones related to Woody Allen?

    Both wear the same glasses. Both part their hair in exactly the same fashion. Both are hilariously funny, giving nothing away with that selfsame deadpan expression. Both are Americans. Both speak in front of cameras from scripts they’ve written . . .

    Is one the other? Or is it vice versa?

  9. You cannot have a good story about a “wicked totalitarian regime” without “crematoria.” At least not since the time of you know who . . .

    (In my estimation, Canada should soon come under suspicion. People here have their relatives cremated all the time, by the tens of thousands. And as a Canadian, I can attest that we do indeed live under a dictatorship. It seems to be taking an awful long time for the State Department to be waking up this “fact” . . . )

    • Jen says

      Plus Canada has a Foreign Minister (Chrystia Freeland) who really is descended from a Nazi collaborator (Michael Chomiak) who supplied propaganda and news to Ukrainian communities during WW2 using a printing press and other equipment stolen from a Jewish family who perished in Auschwitz.

    • writerroddis says

      er … <a href=”https://off-guardian.org/2017/05/16/imaginary-interior-of-saydnaya-now-has-imaginary-crematorium-state-dept/" target=”_blank”> steelcity scribblings …

        • What’s that bit about ” target=”_blank” that you left in there? What does it mean? What’s it supposed to do?

          But I hear you, Writer!

          My problem with HTML, and just typoing more genarally, is “fat fingers,” a keaybroad tath’s too samll, and a touch of dyslexia for which I’ve never been formally diagnosed, but that I know I have, or something like it.

          Sometimes I’ll leave out a half of a sentence, and sometimes even entire paragraphs that I swear were in “there” when I hit the “POST COMMENT” widget . . . So if this comment should appear in a somewhat incoherent form, just to let you know, it has nothing really to do with me

          Anyway, it’s just the comment section, and all that really matters is that your point comes across, however toruttred it may appepr.

          But it’s nice to know that a guy who calls himself “Writer” sometimes mistypes things, too. Makes me feel less inept at typing and writing than I really am . . . 🙂

          • ‘target =“_blank”’ instructs the browser to open the link in a new tab

              • you wouldn’t say that if you had to clean up the junk code in the posts on here sometimes. 🙂

              • writerroddis says

                It’s an important tool. Most web managers want to keep users on their sites – I know I do – and I try to oblige when visiting other sites. I did say ‘try’ …

  10. New Developments Suggest Potential False Flag Coming In Syria
    Editor … sources also claim that the White Helmets are working closely with Turkey in the illicit human organs trade. In addition, independent Lebanese geopolitical media analyst, Sarah Abdallah, reported that the bodies of 23 children had been stolen from a hospital in Idlib, an act that she believes might also portend a White Helmets false flag attack in the near future. Abdallah’s information has proven accurate time and time again so her revelations are particularly concerning.
    by Brandon Turberville, Activist Post:
    There are now new developments in Syria which could be heralding yet another false flag chemical weapons attack that would be blamed on the Syrian government. Both Iranian FARS News agency and a number of independent journalists on the ground inside Syria are reporting movement of the notorious terrorist support group and propaganda outfit known as the White Helmets that signals the possibility of such an event taking place in the near future.
    Sources are reporting that the White Helmets have moved into Ariha, a town located in Idlib province. The group apparently entered the town accompanied by some civilians including children. The sources themselves are suggesting that the group may have arrived in Ariha, which is located close to Khan Sheikhoun, the site of the previous chemical weapons incident, for the purpose of staging another false flag event.
    Lebanese new agency, al-Mayadeen, added,
    Civil sources in the Syrian city of Idleb revealed the arrival of the notorious White Helmets group in the town of Ariha, located in the southern countryside of Idleb.
    According to the sources, a number of civilians were recently taken from the town of Saraqib to the town of Ariha. They were reportedly accompanied by a crew of one of the Arab satellite channels, apparently to prepare for a new provocation, similar to the alleged chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun, a town in Idleb province and which took place on the 4th of April.

  11. And the journalists just swallow the whole “crematorium” fiction – and the repeat lies about chemical attacks, barrel bombs and targeted hospitals. Only one mildly sceptical question (at least in this clip; maybe there were more?). Totally unsurprising that the British Fake News/Propaganda Corporation repeats the lies. The regime agenda remains.

    • Anybody seen the coverage of this in our MSM?
      or this from Fars News:According to FARS News, local sources have reported that the White Helmets in Idlib are paid around $1,500 to $2,000 per clip of the group “pulling children from rubble.” These sources also claim that the White Helmets are working closely with Turkey in the illicit human organs trade.
      In addition, independent Lebanese geopolitical media analyst, Sarah Abdallah, reported that the bodies of 23 children had been stolen from a hospital in Idlib, an act that she believes might also portend a White Helmets false flag attack in the near future. Abdallah’s information has proven accurate time and time again so her revelations are particularly concerning.
      This potential false flag is particularly interesting since British Parliament has dissolved ahead of UK elections. In light of Boris Johnson’s recent statements hinting at British military measures against the Syrian government and his desire to do so without consulting Parliament, the timing is certainly ripe for immediate British involvement based on a “chemical attack” blamed on President Assad’s government. Indeed, it was the idea of a “chemical attack” that Johnson cited in his transparent remarks to the BBC.
      The White Helmets have long been exposed for being nothing more than al-Qaeda’s propaganda outfit, most recently having signed a document as a statement of solidarity with al-Qaeda fighters in Barada, Damascus, threatening to withhold drinking water from Syrian civilians unless the Syrian military ending all military operations there.

  12. As soon as I saw the OffG headline regarding the now infamous non existent torture prison so vividly imagined by all those who purport knowledge of what has been fabricated, my unspoken thoughts were: “Righto, let’s see what other baseless claptrap the corrupt MSM can come up with”.
    This new bilge by the US and it’s talking out of both sides of their mouths Mainstream Toilet Paper Rags, pretty much sums up their own conspiracy theorist “out there in left field” mind boggling crass exploits of wild imagination.
    As one editor of a well known Alt. Media. Site would put it: “You couldn’t make this shit up” – but they did. Hooda thunk it?
    I still prefer first hand knowledge as given by An Angry Arab’s friend(both he and his friend spent time in what has become known as Sednaya prison), I doubt facts such as he might present would be desired in the story line of the fiction the MSM are co-writing on behalf of Washington.

    • Jen says

      Not only did the MSM make up this load of rubbish but they’re not even good at making it up.

      Assad = Hitler, therefore Saydnaya = Auschwitz.

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