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Aleppo: Where hospitals were turned into Sharia gaols


Photo of the Aleppo hospital visited by Gail Malone after its liberation from jihadi rebels by the Syrian Army. All other photos also by her.

Gail Malone, an Australian peace activist who recently visited Syria, writes in her blog:

In April [2017], as part of our fact finding mission, we travelled to Aleppo.  We visited a hospital there which MSF has accused Assad and Russia of deliberately bombing. MSF also mentioned that they had not given either Syria or Russia the co-ordinates of ‘their’ hospital.  As you will see from the photographs the hospital has not been bombed, although mortar and small weapons fire is obvious.  Factors to note; no one from MSF are actually on the ground to verify what they are being told.  There was no aerial bombardment at the time of the report and the liberation. Aleppo was predominately a ground offensive … suburb to suburb, block to block, street to street and house to house and room to room.

This building (photo 1) was turned from a modern hospital, servicing the community for free, into a place of death and despair.  All under the auspices of MSF.  Under international law, what was once a hospital was no longer protected, as it was being used for torture and servicing the local takfiri groups.  It had forfeited it’s hospital status.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.18.31 am

This MSF ‘hospital’ had a women’s section, a men’s section, a Sharia school for the kiddies and a literal dungeon consisting of hundreds of solitary confinement cells and a Sharia Court.  A one stop, Wahhabi terror shop.  We saw plenty of evidence of everyone’s favourite Oscar winners; the White Helmets had left behind evidence in their rush to stay with their murdering mates on their way to Idlib, following the money as it were. Hollywood, particularly George Clooney, must be so proud.  Stick a ‘white hat’ on anyone and in the eyes of a gullible audience they must be the heroes … brainwashing 101.

There where all manner of medical supplies, supplies that never made their way to to the majority of the civilians, held to ransom by groups operating out of a MSF claimed hospital.  I hope people are fully grasping what this means.  There where empty glass vials scattered on the ground, and evidence of a Norwegian NGO’s supplies being stored at this base, also a Turkish NGO’s blanket.  If, as reported in the west, Assad and Russia were besieging Aleppo and not allowing aid in, how did the takfiris get their hands on these vital supplies?

We saw the graffiti on the walls of the cells of the hapless victims held in this place of horrors.  One read; ‘God help my children’.  The once fully functioning hospital was used by the takfiris [Muslims who accuse other Muslims of apostasy] against the Syrian government and MSF went along for the ride.  With a number of hard line terrorist supporter journalists, like Australia’s Sophie McNeill and CNN’s Clarissa Ward preferring not to delve too deeply into their sources, giving the terrorist a life of their own as good Samaritans.  Still, I guess that’s journalism these days.  We all know the famous Malcolm X quote about believing the guilty.

There is now enough evidence to link the White Helmets with terrorism. Hypothetically if not enough to arrest them, there’s plenty of evidence to warrant an investigation and one would think enough to raise an eyebrow in Hollywood, but no. Tinsel Town seems to be in for the long haul, toughing it out.  How they will recover from this is anyone’s guess. Like Iraq, the truth of Syria will eventually see the light of day.  Will any of these journalists, actors and NGOs complicit in the great lie of the Syrian Crisis face justice?  Time will tell but justice, like international law seems a quaint idea from the past.



  1. As another ‘activist’ trying to alter the policy and behaviour of our media and government, and counter the likes of Sophie McNeill, I’d love to be in touch with Gail; we need all the collaboration we can muster to hold these lying stooges for the criminal opposition to account – legally. Along with Susan Dirgham, I’ve written long complaints to the ABC and SBS recently….

  2. Stern Daler says

    International law was always a quaint idea – many Fascist criminals that were deemed useful by the victors were spared and absolutely no Allied war criminals of WW II were charged for murdering, torturing or raping Germans or Japanese let alone other nationals that had sided with the loosing side e.g. for political reasons like anti communism or anti capitalism – or because they had just been conscripted and forced.

    Most post WW II US presidents would hang on the principals used in the Tokyo trial and many US and English WW II generals, politicians and war heroes too.

    Genocide as laid down by the criteria of the 1948 Genocide Convention was applied by the Allied victors of WW II in the name of punishing the defeated nations.

    • BigB says

      @Stern: good point, well made. We, the victors, invented the Nuremberg Principles as part of the process of the show trial of the same name. I say show trial, because the really useful Nazis – we employed. For some token revenge – some 10 of the principles, and some 300+ of the minors – we hung. It was not that the Principles were wrong, or that the Nazis didn’t deserve punishment (far greater than was meted out) – it is that we refuse to be judged by the same standards we set for other egregious war criminals. All the major players hide behind Sovereign Immunity and can’t be culpable of a War of Aggresion – because (apart from a few small countries) the crime does not exist under our (toothless, one-sided) customary International Law. If we enshrined and upheld the Principles for ourselves – probably every post-war US and UK leader could be considered a war criminal (plus plenty of others too.) The world would be a safer place for it. #LockEmUp I say.

    • Don’t confuse Western hypocrisy with international law. The latter cannot be blamed or held inadequate just because the West refuses to respect the rule of law in international matters.

      • BigB says

        Surely International Humanitarian Law (IHL) IS a Western conceit and hypocrisy? Can they be separated? For instance, the entire Coalition venture in Syria is in breach of IHL. Can the lawful Government of Syria prosecute the many Crimes against Peace; Crimes against Humanity or War Crimes committed? If so, who can they prosecute and where? On the other hand, given the chance the West will happily prosecute the Syrian Government. Where is there a functioning rule of law if only one side (the oppressor) has recourse to it? Surely there is only the hypocrisy?

      • Stern Daler says

        True enough Vaska. But what is the use when it does not protect the weaker. IMHO Law is to protect the weaker not the stronger.

  3. Martin says

    Good report but Vanessa Beeley has already been there and provided conclusive evidence of the culpability of the white helmets and their terrorist links. It’s all on video at 21st century wire and uk column along with detailed background reports going back over 18 months

    • Jen says

      Always worthwhile though to get an independent opinion that happens to support Vanessa Beeley: the more evidence we have, the more solid our case is against the White Helmets.

    • “But”? Why does Beeley act as if Syria were her copyright? Why this obsession with staking claim to it? The more journalists and independent observers who go out there and spread the word the better.

      • Admin says

        It wasn’t Vanessa Beeley who posted this comment. She can’t be held responsible for what others say. We all appreciate the works she has done in Syria.

  4. Dead World Walking says

    Better watch your back Gail, the one per cent are extremely Truth averse.
    A fly in their toxic ointment will not be tolerated.

  5. Excellent piece.

    Facts are something the WMSM reporters who are nothing more than repeaters lack and busy themselves trying to obscure. Disgusting!

    Thanks for this and the work you are doing Gail Malone. Brilliant!

    War is such a terrible thing and those who enable and promote it must be held to account. Unfortunately this is not easy as the rulers of our world are those who profit from this carnage.

    Time is running short though, we need some sane and sensible people who have a moral compass and are prepared to put principles before profit.

    Gail is clearly one.

  6. Hope to hear more from Gail Mallone. Although it was previously obvious that many recruits to MSF served a hidden and unethical agenda, there were some, as in the case of Kunduz, who stayed behind and were very forthright in their criticism of the deliberate bombing by the US. Sadly, the real doctors, rather than actors playing the part, will now all be tarred with the same brush and as a consequence, the only new recruits to MSF will be the ones with no moral compass and no ethics, rather like the HRW and AI and Avaaz.
    Most of these supposedly humanitarian organisations are nothing more than propaganda platforms serving only the interests of those paying for their “services”, which are mercenary at best, toxic at worst. Soros and other billionaires funding and promoting these stealth institutions, must be laughing all the way to the bank, serving their own interests only, with absolutely no true thought for humanitarian concerns.

  7. The monstrosity that is the MSM, truly boggles the mind. How can they live with themselves? All these lies, false accusations and bullsh*t against Russia and Assad and for what? Money? Have they no shame? I guess not or else the would not be the MSM.

    • If it is seen as a weapon – no more, no less, then it serves that purpose in those who use it.
      The capacity to lie with conviction is – in my opinion – the worship of the lie AS power over truth. Truth is Dead. Never Existed and is thus only what power dictates.
      Power corrupts because everything is redefined in its terms and to serve its ends.
      Money is also weaponised and not an end in itself.
      Bear in mind that the brutal suppression of others by conquest and enslavement is nothing new. It has not suddenly started happening – but the illusions that have covered over its acting out are disintegrating.

  8. Thanks. Confirmation – if one was needed – of what many of us have believed for a long time. Will the MSM ever report this? It seems unlikely. From the experience of Fort Russ editor Joaquin Flores and frequent contributor Eduard Popov – both of whom have had their Facebook pages blocked (the former being given an “indefinite” block) merely for challenging the sanitised version of what is happening in Ukraine, Donbass and Syria – it seems that Mark Zuckerberg has caved in to pressure to silence opposition. So posting this excellent article on FB might come at a cost (if you do use FB, of course). Popov has been told that Russia’s FB site is controlled by Ukrainians.
    How then to break down – or circumvent – the complicit mainstream ‘wall of silence’? Mass opposition to the fake news needs mass exposure to the truth – an uncomfortable chicken-and-egg situation. Any ideas?

    • Only one counter defence. Find and fund directly, a share platform, that will not be bought by the establishment and will serve the interests of the alternative thinkers trying to get the truth out in opposition to the MSM lies and propaganda.

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