Aleppo: Where hospitals were turned into Sharia gaols

Photo of the Aleppo hospital visited by Gail Malone after its liberation from jihadi rebels by the Syrian Army. All other photos also by her.

Gail Malone, an Australian peace activist who recently visited Syria, writes in her blog:

In April [2017], as part of our fact finding mission, we travelled to Aleppo.  We visited a hospital there which MSF has accused Assad and Russia of deliberately bombing. MSF also mentioned that they had not given either Syria or Russia the co-ordinates of ‘their’ hospital.  As you will see from the photographs the hospital has not been bombed, although mortar and small weapons fire is obvious.  Factors to note; no one from MSF are actually on the ground to verify what they are being told.  There was no aerial bombardment at the time of the report and the liberation. Aleppo was predominately a ground offensive … suburb to suburb, block to block, street to street and house to house and room to room.

This building (photo 1) was turned from a modern hospital, servicing the community for free, into a place of death and despair.  All under the auspices of MSF.  Under international law, what was once a hospital was no longer protected, as it was being used for torture and servicing the local takfiri groups.  It had forfeited it’s hospital status.

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This MSF ‘hospital’ had a women’s section, a men’s section, a Sharia school for the kiddies and a literal dungeon consisting of hundreds of solitary confinement cells and a Sharia Court.  A one stop, Wahhabi terror shop.  We saw plenty of evidence of everyone’s favourite Oscar winners; the White Helmets had left behind evidence in their rush to stay with their murdering mates on their way to Idlib, following the money as it were. Hollywood, particularly George Clooney, must be so proud.  Stick a ‘white hat’ on anyone and in the eyes of a gullible audience they must be the heroes … brainwashing 101.

There where all manner of medical supplies, supplies that never made their way to to the majority of the civilians, held to ransom by groups operating out of a MSF claimed hospital.  I hope people are fully grasping what this means.  There where empty glass vials scattered on the ground, and evidence of a Norwegian NGO’s supplies being stored at this base, also a Turkish NGO’s blanket.  If, as reported in the west, Assad and Russia were besieging Aleppo and not allowing aid in, how did the takfiris get their hands on these vital supplies?

We saw the graffiti on the walls of the cells of the hapless victims held in this place of horrors.  One read; ‘God help my children’.  The once fully functioning hospital was used by the takfiris [Muslims who accuse other Muslims of apostasy] against the Syrian government and MSF went along for the ride.  With a number of hard line terrorist supporter journalists, like Australia’s Sophie McNeill and CNN’s Clarissa Ward preferring not to delve too deeply into their sources, giving the terrorist a life of their own as good Samaritans.  Still, I guess that’s journalism these days.  We all know the famous Malcolm X quote about believing the guilty.

There is now enough evidence to link the White Helmets with terrorism. Hypothetically if not enough to arrest them, there’s plenty of evidence to warrant an investigation and one would think enough to raise an eyebrow in Hollywood, but no. Tinsel Town seems to be in for the long haul, toughing it out.  How they will recover from this is anyone’s guess. Like Iraq, the truth of Syria will eventually see the light of day.  Will any of these journalists, actors and NGOs complicit in the great lie of the Syrian Crisis face justice?  Time will tell but justice, like international law seems a quaint idea from the past.



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