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US coalition bombs pro-govt convoy in Syrian “deconfliction zone”.

“Inherent Resolve” have announced on Twitter their forces just attacked a pro-government convoy “advancing in a de-confliction zone”.


  1. Alan says

    The conflict in Syria alone proves the shameless duplicity and deception of so many so called democracies. International law is a sham, it’s proponents of any magnitude, villainous. The British are due to elect a government that wholesale supports unbridled intervention, invasion and subsequent terrorism of any country contrary to it’s aims. In Britain as other culpable nations, do we demand accountability or vote for those who support and enable terrorism?

    • Tony Blair and GW Bush are the poster children of terrorism. They are the worst of the worst and yet both are still traipsing the World without a care, instead of occupying a dank, underground cell where they belong. Does that tell you anything about the loss of morality, ethics and just plain decency in so called democratic countries?

  2. Remo1000 says

    So they were “advancing in a de-confliction zone”. It doesn’t mean the Syrian forces were going to attack the US or it’s partners. Were they just moving INSIDE Syria? The US has no right being in Syria anyways.

      • BigB says

        Interpolating from what little information is available; I think this was an SAA and allies expeditionary force (5 T-62 tanks + support) moving toward the US/UK Jordanian hub at al-Tanf – not to engage – more a polite request for them to leave the country without risking escalation. They put an article in RT to let them know they were coming, FFS! (as I previously commented.) The terrorists (US/UK ‘partners’; FSA; New Syrian Army; whatever) were able to call in their air force to take out two of the tanks. Rather than exit quietly; we now have a major flashpoint in the making as much larger force is already in the area; and the 5th and 7th Armoured divisions are on the way. Let’s say the UK/US SF were asked to leave politely and refused; now the ‘bouncers’ are getting ready to eject them forcibly. How will the US Coalition react in defence of its proxy terrorists? Engage a significant force of the SAA? Are they inviting an ‘incident’ – a shoot down of a Coalition aircraft – to portray as Syrian aggression? In case you missed it, the UK/US forces have a fall back point where there were/are 400 military vehicles + personnel assembled on the Jordanian side of the border. Is this the start of something bigger? It seems to me we are poking a stick into a wasps nest to see what will happen. Who knows what these crazy sick bastards are up to? It just pisses me off that they are doing it in our name – without the slightest regard for public opinion – by acting (to potentially start a war) in secret. Why is this not a UK election issue?

  3. BigB says

    Let me get this straight: British and American Special Forces ‘train and equip’ the New Syrian Army (aka – the old FSA: aka – vetted cuddly headchoppers) for guerrilla warfare at al-Tanf; which is a de facto invasion and occupation in violation of Syrias sovereignty; a direct violation of UNSC Resolution 2254; the SAA and legal allies send a force to ouster the invading force – in complete accordance with the UN Mandate, International Law, etc.; the terrorists call in an airstrike from a Coalition plane – in direct violation of the de-confliction zone; CinC Trump has no Congressional authority to engage Syrians; the Coalition has no right to violate Syrian airspace – let alone a de-confliction zone; British Special Forces are deployed without Parliamentary approval – despite a 2014 admonition by (Home Secretary) Treason May that it would be needed; I lost count, just how many red lines have we crossed here?
    It’s quite clear the object is to sabotage the peace process – but it appears to me we have a flashpoint in the making here. A much larger Syrian force is on the way – what you gonna do Mad Dog/McMaster/Dunford or whosoever is really in charge – bomb them?

  4. I wonder if Uncle Henry advised Trump on this during their meeting last week? Maybe the Russian Air Force should “accidentally” drop a load of bombs on “coalition troops” meddling in Syrian affairs. The “coalition” would tweet itself blue in apoplectic outrage.

  5. bl4ckhawk says

    Yank are isis airforce…fucking scum.

  6. The US is behind most of the violence and destruction in the Middle East and this is just more evidence of that!

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