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VIDEO: thousands across UK flock to hear Corbyn speak, ignored by MSM

While May dodges questions and makes limp speeches to tiny pre-selected audiences, Corbyn’s campaign is attracting large crowds all over the country. The news cameras are there, the journalists follow along, but very little to nothing of the size and enthusiasm of Corbyn’s rallies makes it onto the nightly news in the UK


    • Joe Hill says

      You mean “happily helping them out” as in at his moment.

  1. summitflyer says

    Good luck to Jeremy , he certainly would be a breath of fresh air for the UK .Looking back there has been an appalling bunch of way too conservative people /warmongers running the UK. Watching from North America , I hope to see Jerymy Corbyn as Britain’s new Prime Minister .

  2. Catherine says

    I have a tricky decision. I am a Corbyn supporter. However, I live in North Norfolk constituency where Norman Lamb Lib Dems has been sitting MP for past decade and Labour receive a tiny proportion of the overall vote. UKIP are not standing, to make way for the Tories (to unseat Lamb). If I vote Labour, it will be, realistically, one more vote for the Tories. Tis whether to follow my heart or to make the pragmatic choice.

    • writerroddis says

      Hi Catherine. FWIW, in these circs I’d (b) vote Lamb; (a) find the nearest Labour marginal and offer to canvas.

    • Michael Leigh says

      May I suggest CATHERINE that you should vote Labour in your constituency electoral voting process because the LIB-DEMS are likely to be losing overall their share of the national electoral choice, quite radically given the failure of their former partnership with the forever disgraced Tory’s!

      And your support for the Labour Party now could be more significant for Labour’s future than you can currently perceive.

  3. Good news. After Blair’s lies on Iraq and the continued absence of an apology for the war that killed millions, I swore I would never vote Labour again. I’m not a natural Labour supporter. But the need to stop the appalling May in her tracks overrides that vow. My concern is that if polls were to show a close race before the vote there would almost certainly be a rigged vote. The BBC should be forced to commit to carrying out exit polls and whatever other necessary measures should be taken to expose and thwart any attempt to steal the election.

    Living in Scotland makes any decision on which party to support even more fraught. Voting Labour in the only Westminster constituency held by a Tory (and a pretty unimpressive one at that) doesn’t make any sense. A vote for the SNP does seem to make sense in terms of an attempt to get rid of the Tory incumbent – and as a vote for independence/remaining in the EU – though I have no particular trust in the party, which seems to me to be just another “middle way”, Blairite, friendly to big business and finance (i.e. in practice neo-liberal), pseudo-populist party – though with some good policies.

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