Manchester Bomber Was Product of West's Libya/Syria Intervention

by Daniel McAdams, for RPI

Here’s what the media and politicians don’t want you to know about the Manchester, UK, suicide attack: Salman Abedi, the 22 year old who killed nearly two dozen concert-goers in Manchester, UK, was the product of the US and UK overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and “regime change” policy in Syria. He was a radicalized Libyan whose family fled Gaddafi’s secular Libya, and later he trained to be an armed “rebel” in Syria, fighting for the US and UK “regime change” policy toward the secular Assad government.
The suicide attacker was the direct product of US and UK interventions in the greater Middle East.
According to the London Telegraph, Abedi, a son of Libyan immigrants living in a radicalized Muslim neighborhood in Manchester had returned to Libya several times after the overthrow of Muamar Gaddafi, most recently just weeks ago. After the US/UK and allied “liberation” of Libya, all manner of previously outlawed and fiercely suppressed radical jihadist groups suddenly found they had free rein to operate in Libya. This is the Libya that Abedi returned to and where he likely prepared for his suicide attack on pop concert attendees. Before the US-led attack on Libya in 2011, there was no al-Qaeda, ISIS, or any other related terrorist organization operating (at least with impunity) on Libyan soil.
Gaddafi himself warned Europe in January 2011 that if they overthrew his government the result would be radical Islamist attacks on Europe, but European governments paid no heed to the warnings. Post-Gaddafi Libya became an incubator of Islamist terrorists and terrorism, including prime recruiting ground for extremists to fight jihad in Syria against the also-secular Bashar Assad.
In Salman Abedi we have the convergence of both these disastrous US/UK and allied interventions, however: it turns out that not only did Abedi make trips to Libya to radicalize and train for terror, but he also travelled to Syria to become one of the “Syria rebels” fighting on the same side as the US and UK to overthrow the Assad government. Was he perhaps even trained in a CIA program?  We don’t know, but it certainly is possible.
While the mainstream media and opportunistic politicians will argue that the only solution is more western intervention in the Middle East, the plain truth is that at least partial responsibility for this attack lies at the feet of those who pushed and pursued western intervention in Libya and Syria.
There would have been no jihadist training camps in Libya had Gaddafi not been overthrown by the US/UK and allies. There would have been no explosion of ISIS or al-Qaeda in Syria had it not been for the US/UK and allied policy of “regime change” in that country.
When thinking about Abedi’s guilt for this heinous act of murder, do not forget those interventionists who lit the fuse that started this conflagration.  The guilt rests squarely on their shoulders as well.

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Mark Curtis and Nafeez Ahmed have produced a briefing “The Manchester bombing as blowback : the latest evidence”.


The 22 deaths mostly came out of the panic, Abedi didn’t create that, everyone has a choice in such situations. Besides which the panic occurred after the blast. No one can be held responsible for others reactions. I’ve never seen panic at fireworks. The West Point military academy put out a document that stated the recruiting and training of radical terror groups was doomed to failure, about the time of the ghadaffi double cross.
What we have going on is an out of control bunch of wannabe and real psychopaths who have been allowed to grow into a massively powerful entity because “the sheeple”, the middle class they created, are the idols of the masses. Despite the daily deluge of shocking violent news the sheeple want to get their very own SUV, buy a house that needs endless maintenance and go on cruises in multi stories floating shopping malls.
Try going along any street and talking to people about the content of this article, above, and most will think you are out of your mind!

TrinKats Jewellery

Lybia is a failed state, just the way they like it as it can now give them the cover story necessary for anything they want to do at home, it’s been extremely useful for the refugee crisis for instance. But has anyone thought why they are now using it as the source of this terrorist attack? Terorists usually come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or dare I say it Saudi Arabia. You may remember recently that the Russians have begun to show an interest in the Lybian, and Egyptian, situation and have shown support for some of the factions that are in play there. The Russians are already giving the US led coalition a right good showing up in the Middle East in Syria so the last thing they want is for the Russians to do the same in Lybia. I also find it interesting that it was the US that were the first to “leak” the name and nationality of the Manchester bomber, were they just making sure to control the narrative? Do they have plans to intervene with boots on the ground to prevent the Russians going in and sorting out their deliberately created mess?

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

The one per cents most insidious weapon.


Twenty-two people allegedly died. In a single place. In Manchester. The alleged bomber, closest to the blast and who would have been most mangled, was identified within hours. But FOUR DAYS later we are supposed to believe there are people still “missing”?
How so? How could anyone still be “missing”? If they aren’t one of the twenty-two bodies in the morgue they are one of the sixty or so in a hospital. Any concerned parent could find their child in hours.
It makes no sense does it?
The inexplicable “missing” tag is always a feature of these most fishy events.
According to UK Column the fire service wasn’t allowed on the scene until it had already been cleaned up.
In Sandy Hook the emergency responders said the same thing.
Another commenter pointed out that in the Westminster bridge incident you can watch the alleged victims get wheeled right past waiting ambulance and into a hotel.
I don’t see how supposed alternative news sites can continue to ignore the obvious question – are these terror events even real any more?


“I don’t see how supposed alternative news sites can continue to ignore the obvious question – are these terror events even real any more?”
TFIC (the fuckers in charge) have managed to fuse the Mainstream View and the “Radically Oppositional View” into one composite with mild internal contradictions… it’s funny how, however you look at it, both the OffGuardian and the Guardian are now venues for the “Ebil Moozlim Suicide Bomber” narrative. The OffGuardian mitigates this with the mildly “radical” notion that the Moozlim has a backstory that “explains his actions”. Wouldn’t a Rationally Radical response to “News” from a provably untrustworthy source be more like “Prove it!” ?
I see someone down-thread posting material from “Tony Cartalucci”… whose material can usually be trusted to align with sites as “radical” as the (crypto-rightwing)Huffington Post. Brilliant.


If you’d like to write an article about the fakery theory or questions of reality we would definitely consider publishing it. Any rational POV is welcome here


“Any rational POV is welcome here”
I appreciate that and that’s why I’m commenting. But generating an actual article would require three or four days of solid work… I can comment while getting other things done, but I couldn’t do an article that way. And I don’t feel an article from me would be SO much more effective than comments. People are in the grip of the emotions of the moment and, I feel, things won’t get Rational around here until the (fake) smoke clears.
But think of what this Event accomplishes: 1) May’s polling freefall reversed 2) Trump vindicated (!) 3) Seth Rich eclipsed 4) Moozlim Demonization Credit topped up… all this at the very least. If they can get even “Radicals” to accept (without better proof) that kids died and a Moozlim Suicide Bomber is the cause of that… well, the (well-planned) event pays for itself.
PS I’ve seen YouTube channels representing stills from the “Manchester Drill” (last year) as images from the arena! With the commenters, of course, generally falling for it. The Credulity Bar on these things are set very low. But it shouldn’t be so at the OffG.


errata: all my typos/grammar-slips from fast-typing (ill advised)


PS – we have featured several articles in the past that discuss media fakery. We have an entire section devoted to it on our front page.
We tend to be attacked by people accusing us of being wildly extreme and not extreme enough! We are simultaneously a Russian troll site, crazy “conspiracy” site, and a gatekeeper site. Probably because we refuse to box ourselves into any pre-approved paradigm.


“PS – we have featured several articles in the past that discuss media fakery.”
And I appreciate that fact, but I think some cardinal memes are being very cleverly trojan-horsed into the Radical Discourse on this site… you have to be careful. If they get everyone agreeing to the “Ebil Moozlim” meme, they really don’t care how we theorize about the Ebil Moozlim’s “reasons”. I see nothing in the MSM “info stream” on this event that doesn’t look stage-managed, pre-planned and cinematic; I don’t get the commenters who, on the one hand, presume a False Flag, but, on the other, accept, with very little question, the rest of the narrative from the same source they associate with False Flags?
Well, it’s a tough gig. The Huxley Orwell Effect means you’d have to be some kind of Zen Adept to navigate the Lies, Half-Lies and Damned Lies without falling in a pit along the way. But what we have to hold on to is our Experience… what we already know from past Events of this nature. After so many Events, we can’t be now reduced to starting from scratch because of the Emotional EMP they’ve set off to disable our Logic.


St Aug: We’re broadly on the same page about the stage management of this event – but I don’t get the “Ebil Moozlim” theme? Surely the point is that the Ebil Moozlim’s are in fact OUR Ebil Moozlims. It seems to me that the Abedi legend is coming straight from MI6 – but the demonisation angle only works if you disconnect the LIFG/Daesh/ISIL from us – or the British Deep State. If you make the connection – then who is Ebil? Us or them?


“Surely the point is that the Ebil Moozlim’s are in fact OUR Ebil Moozlims.”
Well, doesn’t that demonize Muslims either way? It’s as though “Ebil Moozlims” are a force to be harnessed by Us or Them but isn’t the force a demonic thing to be feared, in any case…?


Well no, it’s not a clash of civilizations – it’s a tightly woven cover story. Like a deranged staging of Hamlet – the play within the play – the Ebil Moozlims vs us – tis but a conveniently staged sublot. The deeper truth lies concealed within.
I think we’re seeing a trans-national Deep State, or at the very least, Deep State collusion beyond mere Intel sharing. There is a remarkably consistent pattern emerging here – the FIC have hit a winning formula. That’s very bad for us!
“Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world:”


“Well no, it’s not a clash of civilizations – ”
Clearly not! But that’s the story. And the “Ebil Moozlims” meme, even with qualifications, adds to that story, in my opinion.
“There is a remarkably consistent pattern emerging here – the FIC have hit a winning formula…”
Totally. Partially, I think, because they’ve still got so many of us believing their bullshit!


I see now that I should have put the “demonic” thing in scare quotes! As in:
It’s as though “Ebil Moozlims” are a force to be harnessed by Us or Them but isn’t the force “a demonic thing to be feared”, in any case…?
(meaning: that’s how the Electorate reads the situation)


Sylvie! I just responded to a comment you left on the “Is free-speech really worth all this hassle?” – Gaby Hinsliff” article… but your comment seems to have vanished!


Yes, Sylvie asked us to remove it.


See now we have armed police in the sleepy town of HORSHAM West sussex. Near where i live.
Is this the norm now? Police state?
This is scary.


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Aaron Lowe

But in another Off Graun article they’re implying that it was the UK government who committed this terrorist act. So, which conspiracy is it? I’d love to hear the conspiracy that makes them seem both true lol

Daniel Rich
Daniel Rich

@ Aaron Lowe,
Tell me who let the explosive device into the premise of the arena [despite a rigorous security network] and I’ll show you the real perps, not the ideologically deranged patsy who blew it up [provided he knew it wasn’t a drill].
Is that less of a conspiracy level to you and more of a rational question that needs to be answered?


Don’t feed the troll droogie.


It takes a sort of double-think to separate the incidence if ‘terrorism’ to the what seem to be obvious causes. According to the orthodox western narrative terrorism is actuated by an apparent jealousy on the part of the terrorists to the west’s living standards and lifestyles. They hate our freedoms … blah, blah blah. The elephant in the room – Western imperialism and its carnage – is left out of any causal explanation. The western narrative cannot understand how come the terroristis hate us so much. Yes, one wonders why that British imperialism, in particular, has caused such a virulent negative response in the following countries: Ireland, Kenya, Aden, Cyprus, China, Malaysia, Palestine and above all India. When Gandhi was asked what he thought of British civilization, his unforgettable reply was ”I think that it would be a good idea.”
But of course, the western narrative simply reduces any anti-western polemics to a sort of psychological disorder of those peoples who live outside of the Anglosphere and who at the receiving end of the contemporary White Man’s Burden.


No. There was no bombing. It was fake.


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