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Philippines ‘Dirty’ Duterte facing ‘same ISIS dynamic’ as Assad in Syria

0527marawi-flee1.jpgBeleaguered residents, including women and children, bring whatever they can as they flee Marawi City to escape the fighting between government troops and terrorists who have occupied portions of the city. —AFP


RT interviews Patrick Henningsen, Executive Editor of 21st Century

Someone has unleashed ISIS, which forces the Filipino government to come down hard, to declare martial law, and then the international organizations will demonize Duterte, Patrick Henningsen, Executive Editor of 21st Century, told RT.

Fighters linked to ISIS went on a rampage in the Philippines’ city of Marawi. The country’s President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law there.

RT:With terrorism as his new target, do you think Duterte will receive much international support, given that his war on drugs was condemned by many and called too brutal?

Patrick Henningsen: This President is already under intense scrutiny by the sort of wider international community, if you will, and specifically by the US. He has sort of gone at loggerheads with Washington on more than one occasion. This is a bit of a tight spot, a bit of a Catch-22 for Duterte in the Philippines because he will already have been somewhat demonized for his heavy-handed approach to organized crime and the organized drug trade that has affected his country. So comparisons will be made to Ferdinand Marcos. This is bit of public relations issue for this President and this government. It will have to be ironed out.

At the end of the day he is in the exact same situation, very similar situation that Bashar Assad in Syria was in early on in the sort of the terrorist takeover of that country in the early days of the FSA, and then Al-Nusra Front, and then later ISIS. So he has to balance out this public relations issue – is he too heavy-handed? Most people would say looking at Syria that you can’t be heavy-handed enough when it comes to dealing with ISIS. So we’ll see how much progress he makes on the island in the next few weeks.

RT:With terrorism apparently spreading around the world, don’t you think Duterte-style harsh measures should be an option now?

PH: What is really interesting if you look at Syria, as the test case, we just came back from Syria on a one-month fact-finding mission. If there was any criticism of Assad – especially early on in 2011-2012, but especially in the beginning of the crisis in Syria – the criticism from Syrians would have been: “He wasn’t heavy-handed enough.” You can sort of look at that situation and Duterte is probably looking at that situation in Syria, and then taking a sort of more tougher tack because if this gets out of hand, if he starts losing cities, towns, provinces or governorates to terrorist control, then you have a really big problem on your hands. There is also this issue of military equipment. Are they ready to deal with that size of a problem? Quite possibly not. And if they are, they will need to be able to sort of rearm and modernize some paramilitary aspects of the Philippine forces, which they may be or not may not be ready for. So going in hard, going in strong in the beginning, might seem like a better option now after looking at what has happened in Syria over the last six years.

RT: Human Rights Watch [HRW] has already called on Duterte to ensure the rights of civilians would be protected under the law. Do you think the watchdog is being subjective? Would it happen with any other country?

PH: HRW took the same tack with the government in Syria and President Bashar Assad for the last five or six years. Here we have the Philippines, geopolitical foe for the moment of the US, of the West. It’s getting the same treatment from the NGO complex, led by people like HRW and Amnesty International, who will then sort of wage a public relations war against governments that maybe aren’t friendly at the moment to the US.

Certainly, that is what we’ve seen with Syria. Someone unleashes ISIS – if this is indeed ISIS in the Philippines – someone has unleashed ISIS. Then the government is forced to come down hard, to declare martial law, and then the international organizations will demonize this government. So this is an exact same formula as what we saw in Syria, albeit on a smaller scale, on a smaller level. Essentially, we’re looking at the same dynamic, and especially with the negative public relations side that the Philippine government is looking at, just like Syria went through.


Duterte: Maute Group founded by ex-cops dealing in illegal drugs

Philippines crisis ‘transmogrified into invasion by foreign terrorists’


  1. natosuckshard says

    isn’t it supposed to be called ISIP, in the Philipines? as ISIS stands for “Islamic state in Syria”.

    anyway. it’s funny to see, how politics always have new surveillance laws at hand, just seconds after an attack happened in Europe. (or maybe its more funny that nobody seems to notice).

    and, did anyone recognise, how domestic terror in Europe ended with 9/11 just to be exchanged by islamic terror? (IRA, ETA, all gone in a minute). For me it looks like they’re playing their game with us sheeple.

  2. BigBG says

    @Matt: There has been a Muslim/Moro separatist movement in Mindanao since the ’60s. The Moro National Liberation Front – through the ’70s and early ’80s – fought the government to a standstill. By the late ’80s the movement was largely non-violent and political. Abu Sayyaf is a ’91 splinter group with no local political support or agenda – just terrorism. Abdul Rasul Sayyaf set up the Dawar al-Jihad – a major terrorist training camp in Peshawar. It was literally funded by Bin Laden and trained al-Qaeda – with Pakistani ISI and CIA funding. Coordinating Abu Sayyaf with AQ was Ramzi Yousef (mastermind of the ’93 WTC bombing). Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (9/11 ‘mastermind’) was a member of the Manilla terror cell. The joint US-Philippine involvement in the emergence was thoroughly chronicled by Philippine Senator Aquilino Pimentel.
    “According to Senator Pimentel, these Philippine military and police ‘handlers’ funnelled CIA assistance in the form of both weapons and finance to Abu Sayyaf.”
    After 11 years of CIA funded terror, in 2002, the US Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines started base constructing activities, under the pretence of hunting down Abu Sayyaf.
    It is not about Duterte, it’s about China – and US Imperial expansion – opening up the “Door of all East.” But yes, the US is up to its neck in it. Mohandeer is right.
    [First two paragraphs referenced from Nafeez Ahmed: The War on Truth; p77-85. ISBN-13: 978-1566565967]

    • Dear BigBG. I am so glad you didn’t get Admin’s advisory mention. I have spent the better part of two hours trawling my filing (or lack thereof) trying to find the info. you have just provided. Whilst my quest failed I am glad that my remembrances were correct. You gave me what I knew and much more and thanks also for the link. Well done – you’re a hero.

      • BigBG says

        Thanks, much appreciated. I must admit I’d forgotten the detail myself. Re: Nafeez Ahmed. I see you may buy the book, please do – but I find him infuriating. By his own admission, he’s a ‘recovering academic’, with a forensic ability to collate and present facts – only to miss the (seemingly obvious) conclusions. For instance, more recently, framing the Syrian conflict as a “civil war”? His research is well chronicled and referenced. My advice, draw your own conclusions (Granny suck eggs) – which I’m sure you would anyway! 🙂

        • BigBG says

          Probably ought to add Yousef and KSM’s ‘Oplan Bojinka’ (a precursor plan to “fly planes into buildings” {CIA HQ, Langley; Pentagon; WTC}) which was found on a laptop seized by Philippine police and shared with US Intel in ’95. Didn’t someone claim there was a ‘failure of intelligence’ and ‘failure of imagination’ that led to 9/11? The argument from incompetence looks particularly weak. Like I said, draw your own conclusions.

        • Eric Zuesse does exactly the same thing. Good brain, but calling the Syria war a “civil war” makes me want to shake him.

  3. @ Matt. The gangs of thugs in Mindanau are no different in reality to the gangs of New York. Each hate each other and swear a blood oath to a particular gang and the only people they regularly kill, other than the odd resident and each other, are the police and military – it’s the only thing they have in common. They all met to agree to being representative of IS and then promptly dissembled and fell in to their old ways. What do you think brought them together after all these years when previous attempts by IS couldn’t unify them? Now, when Duterte is seeking to find common ground with Russia as a trading and banking partner (where have we heard that before?), suddenly ISIS has succeeded where previously it failed? What an amazing coincidence.
    I don’t believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny and neither should anyone with an iota of intelligence. We have seen the exact same tactics employed by the US who, naturally denied any involvement, only for it to be revealed by ex staff – Intelligence and Military personnel, leaked documents and acquired intel. that in fact, the US did in the past, exactly what Henningson is purporting. He is not telling any lies and he is not misrepresenting facts, or obfuscating, or misdirecting, unlike the MSM who have shown, irrefutably, their extensive capacity for doing all this and more. Yet YOU would denounce HIM? So what is your agenda?

    • Be warned this guy is multi-posting with different IDs and email addresses. It may not be worth wasting too much time on “him”.

      • Thanks, read your previous posts too late. Now that you have exposed “him” for what he is I will disregard his trolling. He deserves and will receive only my contempt.

        • BigBG says

          Whoops, missed your warning too. Was reading through my reference book! Anyway, I think we established that this a long planned part of the GWOT.
          Might as well add that apart from the geostrategic purpose; its about the gold too.:-)

    • Comparing gangs in Mindanau to gangs in New York City is not accurate. Name one gang member who killed one cop in the entire last year. Gangs in New York City do not target the police, if anything, they cooperate with them and share profits from selling drugs.

      • You may be correct. From what I have seen of US police murders and total disregard for the law, it may well be that many US police are corrupt, but your comment was unashamedly broad stroke bias. Inevitably, with any establishment of a pool of people, there will be good and bad. As for the gangs, some things just don’t change and the same vices that are prevalent among them, can be directly compared to the Mindanao mokes, who would, if they thought they could get away with it, kill a policeman or a soldier.

  4. Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:

    Duterte is elected in the Philippines.
    Duterte announces his condemnation of US aggression.
    Duterte is hostile to US and seeks friendship with Russia.
    Philippines is attacked by terrorists.
    Regime change underway in Philippines.

  5. BigBG says

    This seems to have been, for now, a localised and opportunistic uprising by the Daesh affiliated Maute family. But who ‘owns’ Mindanao, has a massive Naval base, and is heavily investing in the infrastructure there? Patrick Henningsen has elsewhere has reported (on 21 Wire) that ex-Blackwater mercenaries having been killing/training ISIS in the area for a couple of years at least. So, how long before the heavies turn up from Mosul and Raqqa? And who the hell do they think they are kidding?
    There’s probably a certain amount of misdirection going on here, there usually is. For instance, US AFRICOM/SOCOM have been tearing the heart out of Africa for most of the 21st century – largely unnoticed. Their own currency and central banks – forget it – those resources are in the bag – and they ain’t paying a fair price for them. Then there is the global destabilisation programme, the strategic engineered migration, and the linking of al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and AQIM – ready for the next phase of the “Clash of Civilisations.” No wonder AFRICOM are calling it “tomorrows battlefield today.”
    Or Syria, where we are entering the Astana peace phase? Like hell, there is a global proxy WWIII in the making in the upcoming Battle fo Dier ez-Zor. Syrianna Analysis have at least four good videos on YouTube illustrating the situation. On the one hand, there are UK/US and Norwegian Special Forces (!?!) backing the ‘New Syrian Army’ in the South East – plus Daesh/AQ/Nusra types ‘escaping’ fully armed from Mosul and Raqqa – arriving in their Toyota trucks from the north. The Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces – with Russian SF – are on their way to meet them. On the way they are planning on securing the al-Tanf border crossing; isolating the proxy NSA in a pocket. Possible outcome? For what? Well, oil it would seem.
    By misdirecting, and keeping the focus on domestic terror events – we are not meant to step back, and look at the bigger picture – the emergent fully fledged Phoenix of a globalised engineered terror campaign. There is no war on global terror – there is a global war on humanity. There is a black-money-funded, Madison Ave propagandised, Holywood Oscar winning, state-corporate sponsored, privately and publicly supported and promoted Cult of Death.
    So who is behind it? The Banksters? The politicians? The increasingly collaborative Deep State(s)? The terrorist proxies and patsies? Well yes, but also, WE are. Our individual choices matter and are contributive – but ethical choice alone will not defund the banks, stop the war, change the course of humanity. No, but individual knowledge might? It’s not much of a strategy, but They are terrified of us finding out – exposing their global Ponzi scheme – so closely and jealously guarded by propaganda, terror, war, paramilitary police. What are they trying to force – a whole system knowledge blackout and access to the truth, a complete compartmentalisation and fragmentation of knowledge – to create and maintain a total system knowledge deficit? The next stage is the intimidation and isolation of dissent. Not in the future – the groundwork was laid in the 50s (MKULTRA). The implementation has long begun. So who are TPTB trying to disempower – us.

  6. Alan says

    Time was when it used to be ‘reds under the bed’. Names change, tactics remain the same.

  7. Jen says

    One would think Thailand with its problems with Muslims in the south bordering Malaysia and Indonesia with its history of clashes between Muslims and Christians in Ambon would be the most logical places for ISIS to gain a foothold. These countries have caught Uyghur terrorists with Turkish passports passing through their airports. So how is it that the Philippines is the country with the ISIS problem? … Oh, of course, President Duterte is the one thumbing his nose at the Americans and pledging to plough an independent course that involves rapprochement with China.

    • Jen.
      Duterte has been hostile towards the US and seeks friendship with Russia, ergo, Duterte must pay the price and since he’s not on friendly terms with the terrorist enablers in the US/Israel, Isis believes it can set up an Islamic State platform in the Philippines. The US kill two birds with one stone. They continue their previous regime change tactics as demonstrated in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Africa and the Ukraine and now Duterte and the Philippines, whilst empowering the second greatest terrorist threat(the first being Washington and Israel – one and the same)to keep the world looking in the wrong direction while they finish up business in Syria/Iraq/Iran and Ukraine. The other added advantage is to let the rest of the world know, “cross us and you will pay, cosy up to Russia or China, you will pay dearly”.
      By dividing peoples attention to their various engineered wars of aggression against all those who stand in their way(US)they can get on with the really important stuff of acquiring geopolitical superiority, resource theft, mass murder, currency dominance, Arms sales and keeping Russia and China on the back foot.
      I remember thinking, when Duterte let rip against the US, “the US are going to make the Philippines their next regime change war of “democratization” and for “humanitarian” concerns.” Sure enough, Duterte and the Philippines have been targeted.
      I’ll say this much for the US – they are entirely predictable.
      In Britain recently, a terrorist attack occurred in Manchester carried out by a Libyan from the Libyan community there. The CIA and our MI5 knew of the threats certain terrorists within the community posed and allowed the attack to happen. We in Britain are not even safe in our own country from the morally bankrupt “Deep State” which exists in the UK(managed to a degree by the powerful Israel Lobby and it’s wealth and the US alphabet soup of criminal agencies, acting as accomplices in this subterfuge).
      Once you accept that the Corporates across the Atlantic are working in cahoots to serve their own interests and have their claws in everywhere, it’s no “giant leap for mankind” to conclude that the many wars these Atlanticists have been waging is intentional and their victims are irrelevant – whoever they are, even their own citizenry.
      ISIS now believes that they will have it easier in the Philippines where there is no efficient air force or military and it has no powerful friends – yet.

      • Jen says

        Yes I have been aware of US regime change tactics taking place across Asia and targeting China in particular. The Philippines in particular is vulnerable in part because of its long history as a colony of Spain up to the early years of the 20th century and then of the US until the late 1940s. The country is geographically close to Malaysia and Indonesia, and Mindanao especially is an ideal base for ISIS because that part of the Philippines is closest to SE Asia and has a Muslim community of long standing.

        President Duterte is from Mindanao as well, he’s the first Filipino President in fact to come from outside the Manila-based elite that usually supplies the country’s leaders.

        There has been a lot of information coming out (thanks to FBI blabbermouths) about the Manchester bomb attack but the really juicy news (that the MSM avoids) has been that MI5 brought over Salman Abedi’s family and others from Libya to Manchester in 2011, promising and providing them with social security benefits and free passage between Britain and the Middle East, if the beneficiaries would provide fighters to fight Colonel Ghaddafi and help bring down his government, and then once that was done, to go on to Syria and bring down Assad, and then on to other countries. This whole idiot scheme was bound to end in tragedy once the Libyan rebels realised that they were being exploited. The scheme had to have the approval of a Cabinet minister, the Home Secretary at the time (2011) no less and guess who that was?

        Now we know why Theresa May is so livid over the culture of leaks in the US intel community and in the FBI especially (because the British have been sharing information about the bomb attack with the Americans, and the relevant organisation must be the FBI as its functions overlap with those of Scotland Yard or whatever it’s called these days) which ironically Donald Trump tried to curb by sacking James Comey recently. I’ll be surprised if May’s government and party don’t become two more victims of Abedi’s suicide attack after the UK general election.

        • @ Jen
          Many thanks for this – good information. Just reading BigBG’s link to Nafeez Ahmed on Amazon. I read some of it – probably on Tomgram or Global Research but I think I’ going to have to buy the whole book. With regards your earlier post on why IS didn’t try to get in Thailand. McCain and Carter were there to set up the Shinawatra brother and sister rodents and met MB while they were there at various times I’m assuming you know the rest. The US failed in their attempt at regime change and eventually the military took over. It was the MB who ran the terrorist operations and IS wanted to set up on there own, I get the feeling that MB and IS are not friends. Anyway, thanks for all the info. much appreciated.
          🙂 Susan(Mohandeer)

          • Jen says

            No worries! Thanks for the information about Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra.

        • BigB says

          @Jen: not so sure they are leaks, rather a concerted Intel effort to create a legend. French, German, US, you name it ‘sources’ laying the trail that he has been travelling freely to Libya and Syria via Istanbul – stopping off in Germany on his way back. I must say, for a 22 year old kid, he must have been minted! French Intel said he got his paramilitary training in Syria (from the SAS?) I suspect they might be building a case to leverage an intervention – in Syria or Libya – or both. Given how our politicians (Fallon and Bojo) are so vehement that our foreign policy is blameless – they’ll be looking for somewhere to lay 2,000 tons of blame bombs!

  8. Matt says

    [FROM ADMIN: PLEASE NOTE THIS INDIVIDUAL ALSO POSTS UNDER THE NAME OF “CARLOS” AND USES AT LEAST 3 SEPARATE EMAIL ADDRESSES, INTERACT WITH “HIM” AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION], is, erm, one of those fake news websites everyone talks about. And its editor too is a complete lying fraudster. The list of lies told by him and his far-right website are endless, truly.

    It seems RT had a motive here with the headline and article: to make it look like the ISIS problem in the Philippines is being orchestrated by the U.S. as retaliation against Duterte.

    And that is most likely the reason it was posted here by OffG. How easily manipulated some people are. Oh well.

    • Please cite a source a) for fake news being published on that site and b) for “the editor” (who?) being a “complete lying fraudster.”

    • Anon says

      Well then go back to that bastion of truth, the Guardian. I’m sure with their collapsing readership they will be glad to have you.

    • @ Matt
      Please read the following:

      Philippine’s Duterte gets elected.
      Philippines Duterte blasts the US.
      Philippines Duterte seeks partnership with Russia.
      Philippines have been invaded and a major city taken by terrorists who intend to expand their activity.
      Philippine regime change required next.

      Now repeat the above lines substituting Iran, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and Syria for Philippines and tell everyone how this is just “coincidence” and while you’re spouting excuses about these examples “being different”, do tell us who is being “manipulated”.

      If you did not intend to make disparaging remarks about the article on this site, why ever did you visit it?
      It is fairly obvious to we lesser mortals, that your only purpose for making your comment was to undermine the veracity of people’s observations whom you would rather were not given a voice.
      Nice try. Now let’s see if you can back up your allegations with any evidence at all.

      • Matt says

        What excellent logic. Unfortunately, it is wrong.

        If you did your research, you’d know that the city being attacked is Marawi. This city is the capital in a province on an island called Mindanao.

        Mindanao has, for decades, had a problem with Islamic extremism. In fact, one of Duterte’s campaign pledges was to end the fighting there. Here’s an article from January 2016, far before Duterte was elected, showing that there was already a major Islamic extremism problem:

        “ISIS to declare a province in Mindanao?”

        So you see, this is an issue far older than Duterte’s election. Thus, it is false reasoning to assume this is all “retaliation” by the big, bad U.S. for some things Duterte said about them. And the group that they are fighting, Abu Sayyaf, has existed since 1991. Did the ‘muricans use a time machine to know Duterte would be elected, 15 years later?

        By the way, the military expects to clear out the militants in a week. Hardly in “invasion” they’re fighting.

        Your lazy, fallacious thinking is typical of conspiracy theorists. You are unable to think critically. You can only make up the order of some events (incorrectly) and then proclaim this is “evidence” that the U.S did this as retaliation. Absolutely ridiculous.

        There is always a simple, clear explanation for everything.

        Now, why don’t you show me “evidence” this was the work of the U.S.? Let’s see if you can find any. Nobody will take your voice away. Speak up.

        • Please cite your sources for your previous claims as asked.

          And why do you consider the fact these forces have been in place for some time to preclude the possibility of their being utilised now by the US or others?

        • You and “Carlos” share an IP address. Why are you using multiple names and email addresses to spam this site?

          • Matt says

            I am both people. As for “spamming”, I’ve never posted under both names in the same thread. I used both names for separate posts.

            Your definition of “spamming” needs to be corrected. Of course, no addressing of my arguments. Just a silly fascination with my harmless use of two pseudonyms on separate discussion threads.

            Carry on deleting my posts. Censorship is the only way you can avoid debate.

            • And you use two different names plus umpteen email addresses – why exactly?

              Sorry, that’s the very definition of trolling/spamming, and your last two posts were deleted as soon as we caught what you were doing. If you post under a single name from now on that’s fine.

              It’s not my job to argue with you. Others have already done so. Engage with them.

              • Matt says

                I never wanted to troll. The name I choose is completely irrelevant. Especially if I never used the names on the same thread. Now, if I had posted under two names in the same thread, THEN you could say I am trolling.

                But I will abide by your rules. I christen myself “Matt”.

        • The Middle East has been under the thumb of the Brit & French Empires since the Sykes/Picot agreement of 1916, during WWI, carved up the decaying Ottoman Empire.

          Brit promotion of Wahhabi Islamic extremism goes back to 1710, when the Brit secret service sent Hempher, & 9 others to fund & organise a nutcase named Wahhab.
          Google: Hempher 1710 Wahhab

          This game has been long in the planning.
          Book: Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr, a WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer.
          From the English civil war to now, wars & revolutions are Bankster funded toward profit & world domination.
          Join the dots.

          John Doran.

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