MSM trying damage control as May is mocked all over social media

by Catte

Last night’s televised “Battle for No. 10” proved a cataclysmic disaster for the Tories. Before the debate even ended #TheresaMayGIFS was a trending hashtag on Twitter, representing her perceived failure in animated form. But this hasn’t stopped the establishment trying to rewrite history to turn defeat into victory

In last night’s TV “battle” aired on Sky News and Channel 4 (it wasn’t a debate since there was no direct interaction between the two party leaders), Corbyn was competent. Not brilliant, but competent, but he effortlessly outshone May, because apparently bare competence is a thing she can only dream of.
Even after the Tories sent pre-scripted talking points to all their members with instructions to Tweet them during the debate, and even after the famous Tory Jeremy Paxman made an exhibition of his bias by hectoring and screaming at Corbyn while allowing May to ramble and stumble uninterrupted for as long as she chose, the end result was a car crash, and #TheresaMayGIFS is currently a trending Twitter hashtag celebrating her grandiose and absolute fail.

For those who didn’t watch May’s performance last night, you need to find some excerpts to appreciate the totality of the disaster. It almost can’t be overstated. She faltered, she evaded, she fudged. She was heckled over her claims on education and the NHS. She stumbled over what would be the realities or otherwise of the ignoble “dementia tax.” She made Clinton look warm, animated and on the ball. In terms of wit and charisma she made George W. Bush look like Gore Vidal. She talked much of the time in broken memes and disconnected soundbites. She made it too obvious that they call her Maybot for a reason.
Go to social media and the alternative media and you will be in no doubt who “won” last night. Immediately following the televised showdown informal polls such as the one below were claiming a knockout victory for Corbyn.

This small clip of an audience member mouthing “that’s bollocks” as May talks about her plans for the NHS has gone viral:

But go to the mainstream media and it’s a different story. On the one hand we get the Daily Mirror that actually admits some of the embarrassing truth about May’s nightmare performance, and the Guardian acknowledging the disaster hashtag in small print on the front page, but also “balancing” with the claim “both sides say they won”.

But the Telegraph eschews even a pretence of honesty and is actually trying to say, with a straight face, that May “won” last night. Makes you realise why it decided to permanently disable comments and why it now hides most of its content behind a pay wall. Sky News is also in the parallel universe where the question of who won is up for debate. The Mail ignores the car crash TV performance completely and just puts out more of its usual anti-Corbyn middle-England fear porn designed to terrorise the middle classes into voting for their own impoverishment.
Imagine Corbyn had been laughed at and heckled by the invited audience. Imagine there was a viral gif of a member of the audience mouthing “that’s bollocks” as he was speaking about the NHS. Imagine his performance had been so bad it became a social media hashtag symbolising a pratfall. How crucified would Corbyn be in the headlines?
If there’s a fair vote on June 8 (yes that has to be an “if” these days), and if Theresa Hashtag May finds herself back in No. 10 it will prove beyond doubt that democracy is a sham when a small group of super-wealthy media barons can re-invent history as they please and flaunt their bias without shame or consequence.

OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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It’s the masonic Cabala. Against Theresa May.


Thanks Catt as usual absolutely bril. Your comments are spot on.
Well it appears May along with her propagandist’s(MSM) have entered into John Kerry’s world “Parallel Universe”.
It will be interesting to see how this election pans out. If the Macaroni Macron results are any indicator than whatever the real winner of the debate it really doesn’t matter cuase we r living Benito Mussolini’s dream. Lo Stato Corporato”The corporate state. fascism is alive and well.


Just to repeat the Labour slogan – Let’s make June the end of May.
Looks like it’s shaping up for a proper election with the voters totally ignoring the MSM and voting on the issues that matter to them.
Brexit was a one horse race and it seems to be secondary to other social issues, that’s why the Labour Manifesto is resonating with many people.

Greg Bacon

Those fiendish Rooskies are at it again, trying to deny May her proper place at #10 Downing. She has to be given more time so she can butcher as many civilians as her predecessors or she’ll be a failure!


“We have to dump the trap of left and right. It is a Hegelian Dialectical trap to divide and control. The battle is not between left and right; it is between us and them. ”
Antony Sutton


What is interesting to note is that The Times is now reporting ‘Pollsters predict shock Conservative losses at general election’. See https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/latest-general-election-poll-predicts-conservatives-will-lose-seats-02zfwl8lc.
It seems that despite all the best efforts of the Tory-favouring garbage press and other media in the UK, people are slowly realising what an utter disaster a May-led Tory government will be for the United Kingdom.
Hopefully, that is real democracy in action for you!


If you want to listen to “Forbidden Fruit” …aka a catchy SKA song calling Theresa May ‘Liar, Liar’ try

It has reached No 1 in iTunes UK Music charts.
Yet commercial radio stations such as CapitalFM and Heart are still refusing to play it.
Socially enlightened souls on “Off Guardian” might like to make up for this shortcoming
by distributing the clip to their colleagues… (Assuming it stays up)
Every little helps 🙂

David Simpson

I was going to say something about BBC R4’s unremitting headlines all day from 6am to 6pm about JC “struggling” to price his child care policy. He wasn’t “struggling” – he just couldn’t remember how many billions it would cost. The interviewer (on Women’s Hour of all places, clearly knew the number) sneered at him because he tried to phone a friend (better than making a wild guess a la Diane Abott). The figure is in the Labour Manifesto – can the BBC not read? Are they (the BBC) so terrified of what the Conservatives might do to them if they win?

Empire Of Stupid

To answer your questions: 1) probably not; and 2) utterly terrified, they’ve likely been threatened with privatization.


The Tories have been dangling the re-issue of their charter over the heads of the BBC – as well as the basis for their licence income – for a number of years now. That is why the BBC has joined the spineless ranks of the MSM in perverting its coverage of the election.


She wasn’t that bad.


That’s bollocks.

Empire Of Stupid

Meanwhile, also in the alt.universe, Herr Direktor Trompf shows statesmanlike restraint over North Korea and signs up for the Paris accord.


Signs up for Paris? Dumb.. but I do read it’s non-binding??
With reference to the often used ‘97% of scientists concur’, a major peer-reviewed paper by four senior researchers has exposed grave errors. They pointed out that the 97% number had appeared in a new and unknown journal. (Suspicious)? The researchers were led by top climatologist Dr David Legates. Their paper was published in the respected Science and Education journal and it clearly demonstrated that number was not 97.1%, as claimed, but only 0.3%!
Only 41 out of the 11,944 published climate papers examined by Dr Legates team explicitly stated that ‘Man caused most of the warming since 1950’.


That’s funny.


Runaway May is a privileged, self-serving, highly ambitious, and fundamentally vile politician. She is malicious, mendacious, but also highly incompetent, as her previous stint at Home Secretary proved beyond doubt.
Even that Tory rag the Telegraph thought so, and last year, during the Conservative Leadership election process, it published an article by Jonathan Foreman headlined “Theresa May is a great self-promoter, but a terrible Home Secretary” – the article was described as ‘excoriating’. It reveals May’s ability to avoid scrutiny and to deflect blame for appalling errors of judgement, and says this “likely reflects Mrs May’s brilliant, all-consuming efforts to burnish her image with a view to become prime minister.”
Regarding her suitability for party leadership, the article says:

“… it’s also worth remembering Mrs May’s notorious ‘lack of collegiality’.
David Laws’ memoirs paint a vivid picture of a secretive, rigid, controlling, even vengeful minister, so unpleasant to colleagues that a dread of meetings with her was something that cabinet members from both parties could bond over.
Unsurprisingly, Mrs May’s overwhelming concern with taking credit and deflecting blame made for a difficult working relationship with her department, just as her propensity for briefing the press against cabinet colleagues made her its most disliked member in two successive governments.
It is possible that Mrs May’s intimidating ruthlessness could make her the right person to negotiate with EU leaders. However, there’s little in her record to suggest she possesses either strong negotiation skills or the ability to win allies among other leaders …”

Following pressure from May’s leadership campaign people, the Telegraph did what they could to protect her and the offending article was quickly pulled and subsequently disappeared down the Torygraph’s memory hole. It didn’t disappear entirely however, and it can still be read in full here:
‘Mushroom Cloud’ May’s recent performance in the “Battle for No. 10” pantomime would have been far worse had she not been protected by Paxman’s obvious pro-Tory bias which resulted in him giving her a far easier ride compared to his treatment of Corbyn. An excellent analysis by Craig Murray of this biased event can be found here:


Pywacket: “She wasn’t that bad.”
Compared to this collapse, Pywacket is right about Theresa May’s collapse.

Enough is enough
Enough is enough

The only disturbing thing is that she did not drop dead at this point.


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Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

It appears the faster the fools keep bailing the faster their ship keeps sinking.

David Simpson

so long as it sinks before June 8th. Then what’ll they do?

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

Call Rupert and his ilk for advice?