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Terror in Britain: What did the Prime Minister Know?

by John Pilger

The unsayable in Britain’s general election campaign is this. The causes of the Manchester atrocity, in which 22 mostly young people were murdered by a jihadist, are being suppressed to protect the secrets of British foreign policy.

Critical questions – such as why the security service MI5 maintained terrorist “assets” in Manchester and why the government did not warn the public of the threat in their midst – remain unanswered, deflected by the promise of an internal “review”.

The alleged suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was part of an extremist group, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, that thrived in Manchester and was cultivated and used by MI5 for more than 20 years.

The LIFG is proscribed by Britain as a terrorist organisation which seeks a “hardline Islamic state” in Libya and “is part of the wider global Islamist extremist movement, as inspired by al-Qaida”.

The “smoking gun” is that when Theresa May was Home Secretary, LIFG jihadists were allowed to travel unhindered across Europe and encouraged to engage in “battle”: first to remove Mu’ammar Gadaffi in Libya, then to join al-Qaida affiliated groups in Syria.

Last year, the FBI reportedly placed Abedi on a “terrorist watch list” and warned MI5 that his group was looking for a “political target” in Britain. Why wasn’t he apprehended and the network around him prevented from planning and executing the atrocity on 22 May?

These questions arise because of an FBI leak that demolished the “lone wolf” spin in the wake of the 22 May attack – thus, the panicky, uncharacteristic outrage directed at Washington from London and Donald Trump’s apology.

The Manchester atrocity lifts the rock of British foreign policy to reveal its Faustian alliance with extreme Islam, especially the sect known as Wahhabism or Salafism, whose principal custodian and banker is the oil kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Britain’s biggest weapons customer.

This imperial marriage reaches back to the Second World War and the early days of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The aim of British policy was to stop pan-Arabism: Arab states developing a modern secularism, asserting their independence from the imperial west and controlling their resources. The creation of a rapacious Israel was meant to expedite this. Pan-Arabism has since been crushed; the goal now is division and conquest.

In 2011, according to Middle East Eye, the LIFG in Manchester were known as the “Manchester boys”. Implacably opposed to Mu’ammar Gadaffi, they were considered high risk and a number were under Home Office control orders – house arrest – when anti-Gadaffi demonstrations broke out in Libya, a country forged from myriad tribal enmities.

Suddenly the control orders were lifted. “I was allowed to go, no questions asked,” said one LIFG member. MI5 returned their passports and counter-terrorism police at Heathrow airport were told to let them board their flights.

The overthrow of Gaddafi, who controlled Africa’s largest oil reserves, had been long been planned in Washington and London. According to French intelligence, the LIFG made several assassination attempts on Gadaffi in the 1990s – bank-rolled by British intelligence. In March 2011, France, Britain and the US seized the opportunity of a “humanitarian intervention” and attacked Libya. They were joined by Nato under cover of a UN resolution to “protect civilians”.

Last September, a House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee inquiry concluded that then Prime Minister David Cameron had taken the country to war against Gaddafi on a series of “erroneous assumptions” and that the attack “had led to the rise of Islamic State in North Africa”. The Commons committee quoted what it called Barack Obama’s “pithy” description of Cameron’s role in Libya as a “shit show”.

In fact, Obama was a leading actor in the “shit show”, urged on by his warmongering Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and a media accusing Gaddafi of planning “genocide” against his own people. “We knew… that if we waited one more day,” said Obama, “Benghazi, a city the size of Charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world.”

The massacre story was fabricated by Salafist militias facing defeat by Libyan government forces. They told Reuters there would be “a real bloodbath, a massacre like we saw in Rwanda”. The Commons committee reported, “The proposition that Mu’ammar Gaddafi would have ordered the massacre of civilians in Benghazi was not supported by the available evidence”.

Britain, France and the United States effectively destroyed Libya as a modern state. According to its own records, Nato launched 9,700 “strike sorties”, of which more than a third hit civilian targets. They included fragmentation bombs and missiles with uranium warheads. The cities of Misurata and Sirte were carpet-bombed. Unicef, the UN children’s organisation, reported a high proportion of the children killed “were under the age of ten”.

More than “giving rise” to Islamic State – ISIS had already taken root in the ruins of Iraq following the Blair and Bush invasion in 2003 – these ultimate medievalists now had all of north Africa as a base. The attack also triggered a stampede of refugees fleeing to Europe.

Cameron was celebrated in Tripoli as a “liberator”, or imagined he was. The crowds cheering him included those secretly supplied and trained by Britain’s SAS and inspired by Islamic State, such as the “Manchester boys”.

To the Americans and British, Gadaffi’s true crime was his iconoclastic independence and his plan to abandon the petrodollar, a pillar of American imperial power. He had audaciously planned to underwrite a common African currency backed by gold, establish an all-Africa bank and promote economic union among poor countries with prized resources. Whether or not this would have happened, the very notion was intolerable to the US as it prepared to “enter” Africa and bribe African governments with military “partnerships”.

The fallen dictator fled for his life. A Royal Air Force plane spotted his convoy, and in the rubble of Sirte, he was sodomised with a knife by a fanatic described in the news as “a rebel”.

Having plundered Libya’s $30 billion arsenal, the “rebels” advanced south, terrorising towns and villages. Crossing into sub-Saharan Mali, they destroyed that country’s fragile stability. The ever-eager French sent planes and troops to their former colony “to fight al-Qaida”, or the menace they had helped create.

On 14 October, 2011, President Obama announced he was sending special forces troops to Uganda to join the civil war there. In the next few months, US combat troops were sent to South Sudan, Congo and the Central African Republic. With Libya secured, an American invasion of the African continent was under way, largely unreported.

In London, one of the world’s biggest arms fairs was staged by the British government. The buzz in the stands was the “demonstration effect in Libya”. The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a preview entitled “Middle East: A vast market for UK defence and security companies”. The host was the Royal Bank of Scotland, a major investor in cluster bombs, which were used extensively against civilian targets in Libya. The blurb for the bank’s arms party lauded the “unprecedented opportunities for UK defence and security companies.”

Last month, Prime Minister Theresa May was in Saudi Arabia, selling more of the £3 billion worth of British arms which the Saudis have used against Yemen. Based in control rooms in Riyadh, British military advisers assist the Saudi bombing raids, which have killed more than 10,000 civilians. There are now clear signs of famine. A Yemeni child dies every 10 minutes from preventable disease, says Unicef.

The Manchester atrocity on 22 May was the product of such unrelenting state violence in faraway places, much of it British sponsored. The lives and names of the victims are almost never known to us.

This truth struggles to be heard, just as it struggled to be heard when the London Underground was bombed on July 7, 2005. Occasionally, a member of the public would break the silence, such as the east Londoner who walked in front of a CNN camera crew and reporter in mid-platitude. “Iraq!” he said. “We invaded Iraq. What did we expect? Go on, say it.”

At a large media gathering I attended, many of the important guests uttered “Iraq” and “Blair” as a kind of catharsis for that which they dared not say professionally and publicly.

Yet, before he invaded Iraq, Blair was warned by the Joint Intelligence Committee that “the threat from al-Qaida will increase at the onset of any military action against Iraq… The worldwide threat from other Islamist terrorist groups and individuals will increase significantly”.

Just as Blair brought home to Britain the violence of his and George W Bush’s blood-soaked “shit show”, so David Cameron, supported by Theresa May, compounded his crime in Libya and its horrific aftermath, including those killed and maimed in Manchester Arena on 22 May.

The spin is back, not surprisingly. Salman Abedi acted alone. He was a petty criminal, no more. The extensive network revealed last week by the American leak has vanished. But the questions have not.

Why was Abedi able to travel freely through Europe to Libya and back to Manchester only days before he committed his terrible crime? Was Theresa May told by MI5 that the FBI had tracked him as part of an Islamic cell planning to attack a “political target” in Britain?

In the current election campaign, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a guarded reference to a “war on terror that has failed”. As he knows, it was never a war on terror but a war of conquest and subjugation. Palestine. Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Syria. Iran is said to be next. Before there is another Manchester, who will have the courage to say that?

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  1. Sylvie says

    There’s footage from the supposed Westminster Bridge attack of EMTs taking victims into the Marriot Hotel right next to the bridge. Not to one of the waiting ambulances, and not into St Thomas’ hospital which is DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the hotel.

    WHY would EMTs take injured people to a hotel when there are waiting ambulances and a hospital right there? They actually wheel people PAST the empty ambulances to get to the hotel!!

    This man tried to contact doctor Colleen Anderson who is filmed wheeling one of the gurneys. She allegedly works at St Thomas – but the personnel lady says she has her name in the database but no contact info. Why?

    Why were victims being wheeled into a hotel? Watch the footage for yourself. Does it look like any real emergency you have seen?

  2. Timing is all. The Manchester and London Bridge attacks occurred after a similar time lapse following media reports of Labour gaining significant ground in the polls. They will definitely work in favour of the Tories – a change of government is not what people normally vote for in response to terror.

    The question surely is who, apart from the Tories, might want to make sure that Corbyn and Labour don’t win? For my money there are one or two other countries who each have a major vested interest in maintaining the status quo and promoting the “war of on terror”.

    • CorbynextPM says

      Israel are top of the list in stopping Corbyn and they will do anything in their power to stop him!!

      • So why the hell doesn’t he come out and call out these Trauma-based Mind Control Psychological Operations, aka false-flag hoaxes?

        Surely, it’s a shoo-in and if there’s fallout on his side, so be it. I just do not comprehend.

        • Who would believe him? If he so much as intimates what he believes is going on then the usual “conspiracy theorist” and “anti-semite” slurs would follow as night follows day.

          But as time goes on people will increasingly get their information from the internet and give up completely on the MSM – that’s when the game will change. Unfortunately the ptb are beginning to appreciate this looming scenario. Thus we see initial baby steps to censor “Fake News” and May’s recent appeal to allow no safe space for terrorists on the web (and no doubt none for their “apologists” i.e. the purveyors of authentic news) .

          Interesting times – change is happening fast. As usual there’s a lot of resistance that will prove futile in the long term.

          • He can PROVE it easily by pointing out what all the hoax analysts have pointed out. There is a modus operandi that they all follow with the event itself being drill, the practice drills beforehand, the crisis actors (who hires and pays them) and so on and all he has to do is say the people did not die and show there’s no death certificate. I would have thought it was very straightforward.

            • But that’s when he “hangs himself” or has a plane crash and so forth. Anyone who’s gone as far in the process as Corbyn has knows exactly what they’re capable of doing (to him or any loved one).

              • Yes I have to admit the thought of mishaps did cross my mind. Easy for people in my position to demand others come out and speak the truth.

                • In the end, it’s better if the high-profile types go as far as they can, without crossing the Red Line That Gets you Suicided, while a mass of nobodies (like us) can take the narrative over that line, repeating the Truth whenever/however we can. If a lie becomes more true the more you repeat it (as either Goebbels or his little chum once asserted), imagine how much true the Truth becomes the more we repeat it? Just like (real) voting and boycotts, no one lone commenter can make anything happen, but a mass of unified Unfoolables can make something happen. All it takes is geologic patience and a certain indifference to social pressure (aka “Twoofer Shaming”); we’re each just chipping away at Bullshit Mountain with our tiny keyboards…

  3. betrayedplanet says

    I posted the above Pilger article on The Guardian on Saturday, my account has since been pre-moderated and taken down.
    We no longer live in a democracy in the UK, the path clear should May and her henchmen be returned to power. War will follow, a further cosying up to Trump, the regime change in Syria longed for by the criminal Allied Forces will also extend to Iran.
    We are in deep trouble, getting further in every day.

    • Admin says

      Don’t suppose you screen capped your comment? When we are sent screen caps of unjustifiable censorship we always publish them. Anecdote alone isn’t enough unfortunately.

  4. Related (in a general sense): It’s been about a week since Brzezinski died (I will not resort to the euphemism “passed”! laugh)… I hope there’s a nice thick, chewy OffGuardian article in the works about him. After all, the World We Live In was, in no small way, shaped by his Strangelovian obsessions. Would there even have been a BHO without Zbigniew Brzezinski….? Or a Taliban…?

    • Lumpy Gravy says

      > I hope there’s a nice thick, chewy OffGuardian article in the works about him.

      … maybe they have something in the works. I don’t know. Obituaries and other texts have already been published all over the place and most of it of course total rubbish as one would expect. But there were a few exceptions. My favourite ones are by John Helmer about his personal experiences with Carter and Brzezinski:

      The Svengali Of Carter’s Presidency …
      The President’s Inferiority Complex …
      Canada Radio Comes To Bury Brzezinski …

      And then there’s of course the infamous How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen.

      Personally, I am of course glad this blood-soaked beast has finally snuffed it and I do hope that Kissinger, Carter, the neocons and a few others will follow suit shortly. Shame, humanity persistently fails to rid herself from such monsters in time …

      • I don’t believe in Hell, LG, but I certainly hope ZB is roasting in it on a rusty spit beside the recently-deceased Rockefeller monster.

      • (Not sure about Carter belonging in their ranks, though… wasn’t he just a Dupe?)

        • Lumpy Gravy says

          I don’t think so. This is what John Helmer writes about Carter in his Svengali article:

          If Carter cannot tell the truth now about Brzezinski, after having 36 years to reflect on it, Carter reveals the principal source of Brzezisnki’s power, when he exercised it. For Carter was no innocent ventriloquized by the evil Svengali, as in the original Svengali tale. Carter was simply more mendacious than Brzezinski, and is entirely to blame for doing what Brzezinski told him to do.

          • Hmmm, I’m not sure I agree with John Helmer’s apparent vision of the power relation between ZB and Carter; does Helmer think Carter was actually ZB’s boss? Carter and ZB most probably answered to the same bosses, and while ZB may not have been Carter’s direct superior, he certainly wasn’t his employee… he’s one of those guys (like Cheney, Rumsfeldt, Kissinger et al) who just always seem to be in power, whichever figurehead is in office. Coming down hard on Carter now for giving ZB the standard eulogy just strikes me as melodramatic. And this is risible:

            “Only today, Russia – the target of Brzezinski’s scheming — is relatively better prepared and safer from the terrorists than the countries of western Europe and the US itself. ”

            The Turrists! The Turrists! Laugh

  5. BigB says

    Another day, another synthetic terror event. Who wears fake suicide belts: real terrorists don’t? We have the most draconian anti-terror and mass surveillance regime, possibly in the world. Yet when a bona fide terror suspect (Abedi) comes along, we are so inundated with mass data that we can’t single him out for targeted individual surveillance? Yet the FBI can? Come on, they must think we are stupid. No, really, they do.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? There’s precious little evidence about what really happened in Borough Market last night. Call it confirmation bias, but I am already convinced it will turn out to have been an attack on the British people by those who control the British (Police) State. Irrespective of whether it was a mass casualty event or not.
    Let’s see where they go with this. Operation Temperer – the army on the streets again tomorrow? The suspension of the election on Thursday? Who knows, but I’m getting deja vu all over again.
    The record is already scratched and broke, but they’ll keep playing it so long as the people keep listening. Extremists, extremists, extremists. Well who fosters extremists? Apparently, despite remonstrations otherwise: 53% of the public believe that our foreign policy did have an effect on previous terror events. How many times will we have to hear the same old tune before the people accept that our domestic policy is now reliant on the manufacture of synthetic terror? Be prepared for a siege on our personal liberties and freedom. Truth is already a casualty.
    I can agree with Treason May on one thing though. “Enough is enough.” We need a different song – one of peace.

    • Sylvie says

      This is supposed to be an aftermath if the London attack, which was just to get it in perspective, some men with knives, not a bomb.

      what is this picture showing? Why are these people walking on foot in a mass like this? Why are some of them wrapped in blankets? And why were there so many little kids out late on a Saturday night?

      I just don’t see why this would happen except to create a photo op of bedraggled people to make people think this is a war zone or something. If they were injured or shocked they’d be going to hospitals. If they aren’t going to hospitals they’d just go home the same way they got there. In fact the police would want them dispersed quickly out of a possible danger zone, especially if they had kids. The last thing they’d want is a huge line of people on foot walking around while there is still killers on the loose. So, what are they doing and where are they going?

      • “British PM May’s election gamble in doubt as poll lead falls to one point
        2 Hours Ago” is the headline I read before then seeing The Brand New Terror Headline.

  6. The real seemingly unsayable by anyone in the public eye, the massive elephant in the room is, of course, that the event was staged. For goodness sake. We’ve thrashed this out BTL on What I want to know is, do none of these public people ever go to YouTube and see all the videos and comments about events being staged with perfectly good evidence backing their claims? I mean, it just baffles me. They seem to live in this little bubble, regardless of what frontlines they’ve been on.

    There is absolutely zero clear evidence that this event took place and all efforts to show that it did, look staged. We live in the digital age. If the hundreds of mobile phones, CCTV and media photography, cannot show clear evidence of the in-your-face 22-dead-119-injured bomb blast that allegedly occurred without a reasonable explanation, that in itself is clear evidence that the event did not occur. It is not rocket science.

    Then we have the enormous amount of “duping delight” displayed by the crisis actors, see Jess Kelly in the video below. “Duping delight” is the term hoax analysts use for crisis actors’ inability to keep a straight face when they’re talking to the media.

    This “effort” at indicating dead bodies lying around is ludicrous in the extreme.

    How unsurprising that the lead surgeon, Ibrar Majid, who, sounding pretty scripted when speaking (“wounds from a battlefield” – of which we see zero evidence), is Muslim. That’s just part of their not-all-Muslims-are-terrorists-but-actually-Muslims-are-terrorists schizophrenic message they put out.

    If you find it hard to believe that a lead surgeon would lie, first consider how many seemingly upstanding citizens would have had to participate either complicitly or actively in the Holocaust for it to happen. Also, it is evident that the NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) team who conducted an investigation into the collapse of the three towers at the World Trade Centre on 9/11 lied about there being no evidence of explosions and no evidence of molten metal in order to exclude investigation of the most obvious hypothesis, controlled demolition. See video of Dr John Gross obviously lying his head off.

    • “That’s just part of their not-all-Muslims-are-terrorists-but-actually-Muslims-are-terrorists schizophrenic message they put out.”

      Yes, the highly effective “The exception proves the rule” paradigm… with bonus points for “why would a supposed-Muslim lie about this…?”

      “Also, it is evident that the NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) team who conducted an investigation into the collapse of the three towers at the World Trade Centre on 9/11 lied about there being no evidence of explosions…”

      The NIST report is an excellent case in point. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (under the US Dept of Commerce) involves hundreds (thousands, perhaps) of professionals/ academics. It was founded (under another acronym) in 1901, apparently. It’s a serious “public institution” which, during the bulk of its activities, gets up to the business of banal, fiddle-free tasks:

      “As part of its mission, NIST supplies industry, academia, government, and other users with over 1,300 Standard Reference Materials (SRMs). These artifacts are certified as having specific characteristics or component content, used as calibration standards for measuring equipment and procedures, quality control benchmarks for industrial processes, and experimental control samples…”

      It’s only when corroboration for the Impossible Official Story of 9/11 was required that NIST went from Jekyll to Hýde… these things are on a case-to-case, as-is-needed basis. That’s how it works. And unless one believes that the NIST report on 9/11 was accurate, this is proof that a rather massive and otherwise “trustworthy” institution can fabricate or support Utter Lies when called upon by “GOV” to do so.

      “Four scientific researchers at NIST have been awarded Nobel Prizes for work in physics: William D. Phillips in 1997, Eric A. Cornell in 2001, John L. Hall in 2005 and David J. Wineland in 2012, which is the largest number for any US government laboratory. All four were recognized for their work related to laser cooling of atoms, which is directly related to the development and advancement of the atomic clock. In 2011, Dan Shechtman was awarded the Nobel in chemistry for his work on quasicrystals in the Metallurgy Division from 1982 to 1984. In addition, John Cahn was awarded the 2011 Kyoto Prize for Materials Science, and the National Medal of Science has been awarded to NIST researchers Cahn (1998) and Wineland (2007). Other notable people who have worked at NIST include…” (long list follows).

      So, anyone arguing that Medical Professionals/ Publications couldn’t likewise be hijacked for “patriotic” purposes is merely guilty of being terribly under-informed.

      PS This is interesting, btw: “NIST works in conjunction with the Technical Guidelines Development Committee of the Election Assistance Commission to develop the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines for voting machines and other election technology.” The entire Wiki entry is worth reading (including the bit headed “Controversial Backdoored NIST Standard”):

  7. Dead World Walking says

    And how will it all end, climate catastrophe or nuclear conflagration ?
    Either way it’s not far off.

  8. “Blowback” implies some unintended consequences, at least officially. Given the state of strategic tension we’ve been in for some time, that seems more and more unlikely.

    • JGarbo says

      I get the suspicion that “blowback” is quite intentional, the expected outcome of a false flag op carried out by proxies of the intelligence services. The patsies are lead into these ops, carry them out then are conveniently killed to prevent disclosure of any connections with their handlers. Standard stuff. Only question: Do the intel guys warned their friends & family before the op goes down, or don’t they care?

      • “conveniently killed”

        Or recycled. The images/ identities used as “culprits” need never be of people who were at the scene (or who ever existed, necessarily). The people used to drive the vehicles used in whatever Event would be part of a (paramilitary) team, I should think, that’s used more than once. Very soon after Iraq War 2.0 commenced I read a “news” item about British Special Forces being caught dressed up as “natives”, with a car full of explosives… clearly up to something. Well, such teams would continue to exist after or outside of the War(s), no? In their “minds”, they’d still be fighting the same battle… at “home”….

        Here’s the article I refer to:

  9. Paul Baker says

    Only 2 weeks ago Trump, Saudia Arabia, some 200 Sunni Leaders from countries across the World – and Israel – made it perfectly clear that The Islamic Republic of Iran was next in line for the Regime Change treatment. The Saudis say they will take the war into Iran rather than spill blood in the Kingdom. Presumably that means suicide bombs in Teheran while money is pumped into any nut case willing to have a go and make his fortune – or just plain nut cases. Civil war is the lead in to “having to sort it out”. Same old barefaced tricks. Trump says the Iranians are the source of all Middle East terrorism (!!) while US war ships create incidents off the Iranian coast. Israel has long believed they must get Iran or she will get them. Their bombing of Hezbollah convoys might be a prelude to new action against Lebanon and thus putting enormous pressure on Iran; one false move and Its On! It may have cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives but the Dream is still of a ME with only two powers; Saudi and Israel. Assad is still a target of course; they don’t intend to give up. This Mafia of Sunni Absolute Monachs, paranoid Israelis and The Donald should alarm us but the press simply never talk about it. They should though because who can be confident that Mrs May, if asked by Trump, to join this “last” battle to undo the 1979 Revolution, would politely decline? She’d go with it, especially if Dr Fox is still around. On the other hand we could be pretty sure how Corbyn would respond.

  10. ISIS came out of the CIA’s Al Qaeda franchise called Al Qaeda in Iraq. In 2010 its name was changed to ISIS. Then as Israeli journalists pointed out the embarrassing fact that the English acronym for the Hebrew spelling of Mossad was ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services abruptly they decided to call their band of mercenaries with their black flags and US M16 assault rifles, IS for Islamic State. Dear Leaders are nothing more than blood-thirsty pirates, psychotic ones at that, since they knew that busting up Libya would create a Hell on Earth there, and allow all sorts of evil to drift into Europe.

    But they got Libya’s gold and stopped his plans to get away from the worthless USD and to them, that’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ regardless of how many people have to pay the ultimate price.

    My guess is that the election will be stolen, the PTB can’t afford to let Corbyn into #10, he might start talking sense and that’s one thing they don’t want to hear.

  11. BigBG says

    I know it upsets some people that Pilger won’t do 9/11 – but he went to Vietnam, Laos/Cambodia (with a price on his head), East Timor (probably likewise), even his native Australia – where he broke stories that may never have seen the light of day otherwise. So he’s good with me, and he’s pretty much nailed it here.
    What did Treason May know? I can extrapolate from what Attack Dog Rudd said the other night – that she spends two hours a day reading intel and signing warrants. So if a flight restriction was lifted, she (May) would have known – something? Do the Secret Intelligence Service give the relevant intel – I doubt it, but these things we are never meant to know. Plausible deniability is the name of the game.
    Where that deniability extends to is that we, and in particular our Foreign Policy, had nothing to do with it. Abedi lived in an acausal bubble, uninfluenced by anything around him, totally oblivious to the issues of the wider world, or Britains part in bringing them about. Immersed in his sick ideology, he travelled alone around Europe, Libya and Syria – with his big blue suitcase, collecting bomb parts. He returned to one of the three properties he rented, with a student loan he got for not being a student, where he built his bomb alone. Alone, he went off to the Arena…
    FFS, who are these politicians trying to kid, nothing happens in a vacuum (except their thinking.) This is all down to our policies – whether you conclude it was ‘blowback’ – or whether you share with me the unprovable assertion that he was one of our SIS assets on a black op.
    The only hypothetical question left to frame is: do the SIS/Deep State control the politicians, or is it the other way around? I suspect that on a need to know basis; Treason May is just as (literally) clueless as we are. But her and her ‘Dogs of War’ are way off and in denial. This is all down to us.

    • I would think that at the PM or executive level they are in the know even if they don’t know all the details for sake of plausible deniability.

      • I’d argue that they’re in the know but not in control. They are on the team but not leading it; figureheads. I think this was made apparent when the Wikileaks Clinton-email leak revealed the BHO had been told who who he could and couldn’t choose as a running mate… by some shadowy figure in the Corporate Sector nobody had ever heard of.

    • “I know it upsets some people that Pilger won’t do 9/11…”

      As long as JP doesn’t actively disparage MIHOPers (a la Chomsky), he gets a free pass on being careful with his language regarding that event, because high-profile people who go full-“Truther” have their reputations and/or their bodies destroyed. The best way (if you’re high profile) is to insinuate. JP is not a stupid man; he can’t believe that (two of the three of) those buildings collapsed, as they did, from plane-strikes. And he can’t believe that “turrists” could have surreptitiously wired those buildings for controlled demolition. But what can he do? We, as nobodies, have the luxury of speaking our minds…. JP must know that crossing a certain line will mean terrible consequences for him and any number of his loved ones because the Criminals we’re talking about are killers with long memories (if you fear the “Mafia”, then fear the “Mafia’s” boss). Figures like JP have to lead us Serfs to that “uncrossable” line or bridge but we have to cross under our own power. I would have respected Chomsky if only he’d been evasive on 9/11 instead smearing the line-crossers.

    • Peter says

      I am coming to the conclusion that the intelligence ‘services’ are out of political control. Political leaders come and go, the spy agencies remain. Some politicians are closer to the spies than others (e.g., Bush Sr, Bush Jr’s close aides, Putin, HRC), but the power struggle in Washington since Trump was elected – against the script, because the Democrats’ scuppering of Sanders ended up backfiring – has brought the issue into the open.

      Politicians like May are – as BigBG says – probably just as clueless as the rest of us; May clearly didn’t have a clue about anything when she made her declaration on the London Bridge incident this morning. Even Israeli and other regional secret services (e.g., Syrian, Iraqi, Pakistani) probably do a lot of things they don’t tell their governments about beforehand and of course it all just adds to the pervading chaos: these people are great at hatching Cunning Plans, but these often turn out like the old ‘Spy vs. Spy’ cartoons in Mad magazine. More Marx Brothers than Marx, or like the coyote’s ever more fiendish contraptions to catch the roadrunner always blowing up in his own face.

      Unfortunately, the fun and games between spy agencies are causing considerable death and destruction around the world. To what end? At the point we’ve reached, probably because they’re there and there’s no other choice. When you find yourself up to the neck in sh!t, you just have to keep going or the other guys will get you anyway. It’s like the question of who was responsible for the war in Syria – even if the response of the Assad government to the initial demonstrations was hopeless and brutal, we’ve gone way beyond that now, and are left with the choice between Assad and the (overwhelmingly foreign) ‘rebels’. The spy-vs.-spy geniuses who founded and funded Islamic State ignored the Syrian political system’s role in ensuring the stability of Syria as an entity and the attachment of many Syrians to their nation – whatever they may think of the government. Now the bloodshed is pointlessly self-perpetuating, aided and abetted by clueless Western politicians trying to give the impression they Understand and are In Control and that they’re defending Western Values (whatever they are – the main Western values that come to mind are hypocrisy and double standards).

      Now look where we are – the best laid plans, etc. So the spies are like the coyote, and the mayhem they started in the Muslim world is now blowing up in the faces of the citizens they are supposed to be working for. The MSM take it for granted that ‘we’ can bomb and invade other countries and lay them to waste, but it is becoming increasingly clear that ‘we’ are no longer safe from some nasty chickens coming home to roost. If you can’t afford drones and cruise missiles, you use the means you’ve got. The message: no one is safe anywhere, anymore.

      So although I can’t go along with many of the Giant Plot theories being expounded in this comments section, I’m not excluding the possibility that the ‘terrorist’ attacks in Europe and elsewhere may well be part of the spy-vs.-spy fun and games. (LOL!)

      Among the things that intrigue me personally about these events:

      Intensive MSM reporting of ‘terrorist attacks’ in ‘our’ countries focuses exclusively on emotional reactions: flowers and teddy bears, stiff upper lips, carrying on bravely, etc. Leaders of the countries ‘we’ are politically close to mouth platitudes to express their support. The Eiffel Tower’s lights go off.
      There is no real discussion of causes in the MSM – it is taken for granted that evil jihadist ideology is a sufficient explanation, but the said ideology is not seriously described or explained. It is simply there, created out of nothing, a menace to us all.
      Political reactions to attacks always focus on ‘reinforcing’ security (i.e., giving more power and money to the spy agencies).
      The perpetrators are always killed by the police, so there will never be any public investigation or public trials.
      Terrorist attacks in countries we’ve usually invaded or bombed get ten seconds in the MSM and are implicitly considered normal. No flowers or teddy bears or darkened Eiffel Tower, unless the evil Assad regime has used chemical weapons or bombed babies again, in which case along come the White Helmets or Little Bana to pull our heartstrings. There is zero analysis or discussion as to why such attacks occur, and there are no expressions of support from Western leaders (so at least we’re spared the platitudes).
      If a terrorist attack occurs in Russia, it’s because Putin has done something to deserve it, so they get no sympathy (or platitudes).
      No one admits to not understanding what’s going on.

      Sorry for being so long. I have no answers.

      • The conundrum of figuring out where incompetence ends and malevolence begins is a fiendish one, which is far beyond this poor Serf to solve. This would require membership of that particular circle, and who knows how many of those exist concentrically and intersectingly. The Venn diagram on that one would be a masterpiece of abstract Art, I imagine.

        • When you’re unable to edit your comments and replies, there arises an Internet sort of “esprit d’escalier”. I have to qualify the previous reply with the observation that in any Human system the capacity for plain old cock-ups increases exponentially with its complexity and opaqueness. Make that geometrically. Welcome to Spook Country, there be no maps it seems.

        • “The Venn diagram on that one would be a masterpiece of abstract Art, I imagine…”

          Sounds like the work of the late great Mark Lombardi, in fact… whose untimely death must have been convenient…

          • I remember one website in a conspiratorial vein with a similar but much more bewildering spaghetti of links between well (and lesser) known people, bodies, and institutions. Each one could be clicked on for deeper analysis of the links. As a piece of Art in itself it was magnificent.

            I do like to be able to see the forest AND the trees but some things are best comprehended like a Bach fugue, by avoiding reductionism and being sensitive to what may be emerging from their overall complexity. It’s more Art in itself than Science.

            • Of course, any capable homicide investigation will work to situate the trees, with regard to one another and within the forest, in order to build a case. Mark Lombardi’s work was so clear, on the one hand, and so allusive, on the other hand, that quite a few of his closer friends and acquaintances seem to think it got him killed. He was an artist in his early 40’s who suddenly found himself on the cusp of the fame he’d worked so hard for all of his adult life… his profile in rapid ascent… and he hanged himself (in March 2000) after producing work tying George Bush Sr to the BCCI scandal (among other connections)? Imagine what he would have made of 9/11 (as the Bushes no doubt imagined). Note, also: someone had made an attempt to destroy his studio full of work (with the sprinkler system, if I recall) while Lombardi lived.

              “JEFF S.: What happened to all of Mark’s file cards after his death?

              PATRICIA G.: Well, all of them is kind of a subjective number. Because I was told by one major collector of his work that there were as many as 40,000 file cards. And this collector had access to his studio. But what is archived at the Museum of Modern Art in Long Island, the number is about 14,000 cards, a considerably smaller number and when I went to use the cards, all but four on the financial activities of the Bushes, on whom he focused much of his attention, were missing. That really did strike me as extremely odd. I asked the chief archivist if they had archived the Bush material elsewhere, if I had missed it, and she couldn’t answer the question. She referred me to the security department instead.”

      • But as the evidence shows that the terrorist attacks are mostly false flag hoaxes perpetrated by intelligence, government and media, there is never going to be discussion about them in the mainstream media. There’s very few media of any kind willing to touch these hoaxes.
        Hoax analyst Peekay goes through the Staged Terror Checklist in this video and his video doesn’t cover them all.

        • ” there is never going to be discussion about them in the mainstream media…”

          Which is the brilliant mechanism of the self-confirming nature of The Propaganda State: we are trained from early on to trust the symbols/ institutions invested with Authority (and created) by The State. When The State is accused of wrongdoing, who do we turn to, to confirm or refute the charge? The State! I pity the fascist cabal that doesn’t have such Powerful Toys to play with.

      • Re: Incompetence Theory

        “On this subject, Michael Parenti has been a lucid and incisive critic for years. Parenti has long advocated that progressives and leftists drop the idea that Republicans like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are stupid. In a 2004 interview, Parenti claimed ‘I’m not one of those critics that believes U.S. foreign policy is confused, or stupid, or misinformed, or well-intentioned but it goes awry. I think it’s a brilliant policy filled with many brilliant, terrible, horrible victories.’ ” Empire

  12. If the suspects parents were Libyan exiles due to fear of Gadaffi, then shouldn’t he have been ‘thanking us’ instead of blowing ‘us’ up? Logically, his parents have been able to return to Libya as a direct consequence of ‘our’ foreign policy. That aside, the incompetence of the Intelligence Agencies is at Keystone Cop levels. He was all but walking around with ‘I’m a terrorist’ tattooed on his forehead. The Security industry is having money thrown at them but clearly the quality of officers leaves a lot to be desired. If everything is as we are being told (and I’m not sure it is) heads should roll.

    • Lumpy Gravy says

      > the incompetence of the Intelligence Agencies

      … doesn’t even begin to describe what MI5 and their US, French and German accomplices have been up to since decades. Recklessness, maliciousness, mendacity and murderous criminality of genocidal proportions are terms that more realistically describe the activities of these so-called “intelligence agencies”. And of course, it goes without saying, the same terms apply to elected politicians who are supposed to oversee and control them.

      • If anything the intelligence agencies control the politicians, especially your low-ranking MP’s or congressmen.

    • Did you read the article? British intelligence is NOT incompetent. Everything went more or less according to plan.

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