VIDEO: CNN caught again “enhancing” reality

This is supposed to be a “spontaneous peace group” laying down a floral tribute following the alleged London Bridge attack. But as this video makes clear, it’s basically a movie set with the “actors” being put on their marks and carefully posed for maximum effect.

Scenes like this raise the question we have to keep coming back to – if even genuine expressions of revulsion have to be rehearsed and staged, how much of our consensus reality is actually real any more? Is #fakenews the only news now?

William Casey’s famous aphorism “we’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is a lie”, is, ironically, a possible lie, but one can’t argue with the spirit it embodies. The media and the interests it serves seem to be following the precept that “fiction is easier than truth, and cheaper.” Why bother checking facts when you are rewarded for making stuff up? Why bother finding and following a real demo when you can get a few people to stand in front of your camera with placards whenever you want?
It’s not a trivial issue. Currently we know lazy fakery and “fuck it, just say it happened” journalism is becoming the norm. What we don’t know is how far it goes.

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Greg Bacon

Like the Wizard says in that fantastic movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” when Dorothy’s dog, “Toto’ pulls back the curtain and exposes the fakery, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” well, that’s what we’re supposed to do, pay no attention to the MSM fakery, just remain obedient sheeple and keep giving up our liberties and our money so the ones staging these attacks will remain hidden behind their wall of propaganda while we all go to Hell on the fast track.
The ones who can’t see this are either so dumbed down that they aren’t recoverable or they are part of the deception.

Sam Hunt
Sam Hunt

oh dear, this site used to publish thought provoking articles, now it’s seemingly overtaken by conspiracy loons.


It’s very lazy to use the all-purpose denigrator “conspiracy” to dismiss any line of questioning or evidence you don’t like. In this case it’s particularly egregious since no “conspiracy” is being claimed or suggested at all. Media fakery is a fact of life. Whether it’s a product of laziness or in the service of an agenda that is not good. Do you seriously want to disagree with that?


There is another possible explanation.
As these attacks have gone on, Muslims appear to have become much more ready to condemn them.
They see that the real threat to their lives is not from the British state or society but from Islamist fanatics.
It could be that this staged event was intended to convey their group’s displeasure at what had happened.
An attack last year by a sole fanatic provoked the response “You ain’t no Muslim, Bruv!” from a bystander.
I detect a change in the attitude among younger Muslims who – increasingly – want nothing to do with fanatics.
This may be unique to the UK or it may be a growing pattern of behaviour among Muslims across the West?

Hassan Zeini

Conspiracy loons? Really?
You don’t think the invasion of Iraq was a conspiracy between Bush and Blair, based on falsifications and forgeries? Or was the Chilcot report wrong?
Isn’t accusing Russia of everything that happens in the world a conspiracy theory?
Look in the Mirror and give me a break!


Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, also played a small role, unfortunately.


From an answer to the question in Quora, What is the difference between SCADs (State Crimes Against Democracy) and conspiracy theories (CTs)?
Dr. Lance deHaven-Smith’s paper, “Beyond Conspiracy Theory — SCADs — Patterns of High Crimes in American Government” discusses the difference.
Beyond Conspiracy Theory / SCADs – http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_nwo149.htm
He lists several SCADs that have been officially proven.
the Watergate break-ins and cover-up
the secret wars in Laos and Cambodia
the illegal arms sales and covert operations in Iran-Contra
the effort to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson by revealing his wife’s status as an intelligence agent
He says that SCADs and conspiracy theories (CTs) differ in that the latter tend toward “debilitating, slipshod, and scattershot speculation” and events examined in isolation, while the SCAD formulation is meant to enable the recognition and comparison of “patterns in elite political criminality” in the elites’ efforts to achieve “social control, partisan advantage, or political power.”
Conspiracy theory is a far broader term — for instance the CT that McDonalds puts addictive substances in its “secret sauce” need not involve State actors or crimes against democracy.
Dr. deHaven-Smith points out that there is some overlap in the term. He names the assassinations of JFK and RFK and MLK, the October Surprise of 1980, and the defense failures on 9/11 both as supremely popular CTs and also suspected SCADs that have yet to be officially proven.

Enough is enough
Enough is enough

The world is a stage, it is knowing the intent of the actors that is the game-changer.


Yes, all the world’s a terror stage,
And all the men and women merely “crisis actors”.
Check out this site: http://www.crisis-solutions.com
In particular:
Case Study 1, Biggest exercise they have conducted
Crisis Cloud:
You can watch hoax analyst, Ole Dammegard, talking about it on it youtu.be/fS1bq_YrcgU?t=25m


CNN: they’re amateurs. They got caught in flagrante delicto. True professionals don’t even let you know you are being propagandised.
I forced myself to watch ‘The News at Ten’ the night after the attack (04/06/17): I must say I was impressed. In fact, I think a BAFTA or two might be in order: best ‘Creative Short’? I have never seen such a finely scripted piece of propaganda masquerading as news. That’s how you do it.
I dare say (Edward) Bernays or (Walter) Lippmann would have been proud? I best not mention Goebells (whoops, I just did – my bad.) It couldn’t have been put together better if it were, erm, scripted. Every segue was bang on message. You know, violent extremism; blame the internet; revamp the anti radicalisation PREVENT strategy; more power to the Police and ISIS (Secret Intelligence Services)… In other words, everything that has come together to bring us into this sad and sorry state of affairs – we’ll increase – and that will be the solution?
I was even going to watch Caroline Lucas on the following programme – but it was Jonathan Bartlett instead. First question – about Prevent. I gave up.
[I’d love to share a link, but the BBC don’t seem to have archived it. If it shows up on Youtube, I’ll post one.]
The BBC now has it’s very own heroine – Holly Jones. She had a very lucky escape after coming eye to eye with the “demented” driver of the white van – travelling towards her at 50mph. Somehow, she got out of the way – but two people in front of her and three behind were not so lucky. So she survived to administer comfort and frame many of the initial reports “from the scene” for the BBC; the Independent; CTV News; China Daily; ABC7NY; WJB Radio; News Vader; MSN; etc. In no way am suggesting that it undermines the entire Borough Market narrative: but I’m calling into question the fact that if a vehicle was travelling toward you at high speed; was deliberately “aiming for groups of people”; was close enough for you to see the driver – whether you could get out of the way? I submit two pieces of evidence: the report Ms Jones filed within ten minutes of the event on London Bridge; and the later interview for the News at Ten. The vehicle either swerved to miss you; or it didn’t, Ms Jones. Anyone is free to disagree – but I’m calling that a very lucky escape indeed.


Hi OffG: can you close my first tag please? The text is meant to read “Holly Jones.” Many apologies.



Le Ruscino (@LeRuscino)

Just more State Terrorism dressed up as ISIS & Co. for a bit of electioneering !


They say “Trust, but verify.” When it comes to events like Borough Market; I’m very much from the “don’t trust, but verify” school. I posted this because I at least tried to verify my suspicions: the person who made this video didn’t. First of all, without a verifiable timeline, this video is meaningless. The video of the unit changing was ‘Live’: so perhaps they were stood down after the event? They could be switching roles and uniforms to say crowd or traffic control? The man with the camos could be going off duty for all we know. Seems unlikely in the middle of a major incident – but not as unlikely as him getting dressed up as a stooge to be gunned down. Did he dye his beard and apply fake tan for the part? He looked kinda pasty to me!
I did my own analysis the other day, and quite clearly the man with the red beard is not Khuram Butt – who quite clearly IS the man outside the Wheatsheaf pub. I was cautious, if not to say skeptical, about the photos – which were taken by Gabriele Sciotto. Ok, so he’s a pro – but he’s also Italian. An Italian photographer watching Juventus get beat in the Champions League final in a bar in London. Shock horror.
Sifting through the reports, I have to say his account checks out – at least to my satisfaction. Khuram Butt WAS shot in this photo, if you look at his left shoulder and leg. Here is an HQ zoomable version. He is wearing an Arsenal top, not a black t-shirt; and he does not appear to have a watch on his left wrist – as ‘red beard’ does. (Thanks Mohandeer.)
I was thrown by the fact that the media made it sound that these guys (plus one innocent bystander who was wounded) died in a hail of bullets – which is not consistent with this photo. But audio (taken from inside a local restaurant) clearly distinguishes two volleys of fire. This is consistent with what I know of Police Protocol. Brutal as it may seem, if the men were shot but still posing a threat (i.e. wearing a suicide belt – these guys are trained not to take risks – so fake or real makes no difference) – they would have been shot to death on the ground. Although there is no visual of this the audio bears this out. And Sciotto’s statement said the man (Butt) was injured (though clearly still alive, bleeding from shoulder) -“they surrounded them and shot them down.” Brutal, but probably factual, IMO.


I clicked on the ‘Here’ link to the Sciotto photo. A web page from ABC News came up with the caption for the photo, but not the photo itself.

Susan O'Neill

The you tube video is no longer available neither is Le Ruscino’s.


I am not sure I come to the same conclusion as you do.
It seems to me that there are two groups: the muslims and the media.
They have come together for mutually desired outcomes.
The muslims wish to disassociate themselves from the murders in London.
The media want content for their news programmes.
There is an element of staging but both parties benefit from the relationship.
These kinds of relationships are what make up the mass media today.
People wanting a voice, meeting up with people with transmission capability.
Mutually beneficial – after a fashion.


Stage-managed “spontaneity” is the more acceptable end of a spectrum of media deceit. The fact we consider this to be “normal” now is part of the problem. In a world increasingly habituated to enhanced versions of reality we will all find it more difficult to know where the line between reality and fiction is drawn.


Well it’s unbelievable surely it will be nominated for an Oscar!
I’m sure soon CGI technology will be much cheaper so the “enhancing” will become even more seamless.
Unfortunately this technology was not available for this election round leaving Maybot and Boris the Steam Cannon looking rather outdated and not fit for purpose. Toot, toot. Clank!


Everything in MSM has to be ‘enhanced’.
Media folk live in this bubble of image is all that matters, how the public perceive it, so in that world they don’t even see that there is anything wrong with it.


Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet.


How far does it go? Very far! From 9/11 on, virtually every ‘terrorist’ event has been staged. Staging has become the norm since ‘they’ discovered that they could get away with it, that the lies were repeated by the captive MSM (which, as this case shows, have become directly complicit) and swallowed by a gullible public. The stagings are increasingly professional – scripted and performed like movie sets. The ‘terrorists’ (patsies) are now always “shot by the police” – at least this is claimed, though there is no direct confirmation. No messy trials. No real inquiries. Incidents ‘wrapped up’ within days, almost hours. On with the caravan …. where will it be next? Many are waiting for ‘the big one’ to introduce martial law in the US and get those empty FEMA camps full. No reason to believe something similar hasn’t been prepared in the UK.