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General Election 2017 – Polling Day is Here

For the first time in my living memory a General Election is happening with a real choice on offer. Not just a political either/or, but a real moral decision. There’s no other way to put it, voting Conservative, on these issues with these policies, is immoral.

After a short sharp campaign from Labour, and a shocking, shambolic campaign from the Tories, people will go to the polls today.

The Tories will probably win.

Why? Because the establishment – everyone from the PLP through the media through big business – were set on hamstringing a newly socialist Labour before the election even started. Smearing and insulting and degrading Corbyn and his allies and giving the Tories a 24 point head start in the polls. One they have squandered, simply because they knew they could.

Jeremy Corbyn is a decent human being, who argues his case rationally and calmly. His policies, deemed “far left” now, but in reality centre-left compared to the UK of only 40 years ago, are ethical and sensible. He’s not a powerful speaker, but he is softly charming, and engages with people.

Theresa May is a personality vacuum. The Maybot, imperfectly programmed, frayed wires sparking her face into peculiar shapes that never approach a genuine human emotion. Incapable of giving a factual answer, because she doesn’t know any facts. Incapable of straight talking, because she’s totally bent.

And she will probably win.

The Labour manifesto is a rational approach to solving societal problems at all levels, and so carefully costed that when May accused it of “not adding up” she was booed on live television. No one has found any angle to attack the numbers, saving the ludicrous idea that “getting rich people to pay taxes is hard”. Yes, it is. But that’s what the law is for.

The Tory manifesto? A joke. Quite seriously, a joke. It’s like it was constructed to see how callous and inaccurate and cruel they could be and still win an election. British Corporation taxes are already the lowest in the G20, but we’ll lower them again. They’ll make up the short-fall by stealing houses from the elderly, cancelling free school meals for poor children and selling off NHS assets. Bring back fox-hunting. Start killing elephants.

We literally have someone running for Prime Minister who has publicly endorsed privatising NHS assets, and abolishing Human Rights Laws.

The arrogance of the Conservatives, that they can dish this up to the public and expect to win, is nauseating. The fact it will likely make no difference? Sad.

But there is hope still. Labour have run a remarkable campaign, and will have severely cut the Tory majority…if the vote is fair. No one could possibly believe a Tory landslide now, and if one is announced this evening, it will be the clearest evidence yet that the system is rigged.

Regardless of the result, the Tories come out of this election looking bad. Theresa May is revealed to be craven, incompetent and unsympathetic. The party more interested in positioning for cabinet spots after the election than running a campaign. The mask has slipped, and their contempt for the ordinary people they notionally represent has never been more obvious. While Corbyn, finally given almost-equal media access has got his message across to huge numbers of people.

You can feel there is a change of mood, that people are really starting to listen. It might not translate into victory this year, because of the media-created handicap, but it could, sometime soon.

Jonathan Pie sums it up nicely in the above video:

“Defeat has never looked so exciting”


  1. Merkel phoned May to congratulate her on her election saying “Winning never looked so much like defeat”

    Trump phoned to ask, “Did you win?”

    Whilst Poroshenko called to ask “Did the Ukrainian hack of the election work?”

    Apparently May will be celebrating her victory with a round of laudanum for all her old friends soon to be new enemies.

  2. BigB says

    Strong and stable? Strong and stable! Treason May got the personal mandate she was after: a resounding f*ck off!

  3. Unfortunately my investments with Paddy Power did not cover the possibility (certainty?) of another GE fairly soon. But still, round 3 to Jezza.

  4. Janet Beale says

    Love the Video :)……and the article of course

  5. More Tory road kill as they mash the electorate one more time. We have to realise that whatever the outcome of the election it has been a sharp (even snap) learning curve for the electorate. For them to finally realise that the craven Tories, and their single issue flange UKIP, certainly have done nor will do the UK population any favours.

    Then there’s the Tory press barons who love to hate and we have to put up with their bile all in the cause of BALANCE???. Couple this with the NFU, those little Englanders who milked the EU good and proper, and now realise that their rabid “get off my land” mantra leave the EU means more of them will go bankrupt. Turkey’s voting for Christmas or what? Duh!

    These and the “slapped arse” of the Tory party Borisimo and the Cyborg with an identity crisis these are the future of a has been empire…?

    Maybe there is a spark left in the old Marxist spinning jenny which might give our children hope.

    Leave the EU by all means, but we need to remain partners. Adrift in a sea of blood, the least we can do is wave to each other.

  6. BigBG says

    “Today, Britain goes to the polls. And frankly, I’m shocked that no one has stood up and said, unambiguously, how profoundly dangerous it would be for the nation if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. So let me be clear, the leader of the Labour Party is an old-fashioned international socialist who has forged links with those quite ready to use terror when they haven’t got their way: the IRA, Hizbollah, Hamas [MI6?] As a result he is completely unfit to govern and Britain would be less safe with him in No 10.”

    If anyone is unclear about where we, as a nation, are heading – this quote from Sir Richard Dearlove (former head of the SIS/MI6) should give you the heads up. If anyone is unclear about why this has been the most necrotic terror election campaign ever: I submit that if you are older than ten years old – this will be the closest you will see to a confession as to who was really behind the recent synthetic terror events in your entire life. And it is only a hint of what is to come.
    If you don’t know Dearlove, he’s Establishment/Deep State through and through, a likely architect of the GWOT; and the man who provided the dodgy info for the dodgy dossier. Evidence garnered from a Nick Cage film. When the Chilcot Inquiry looked as though it might expose him, he resorted to blackmail, saying he would “tell all.” The rest of the article in the Torygraph (don’t bother, its behind a paywall) says that Corbyn wouldn’t pass an MI5 vetting – as if that is a bad thing. No, because he is a human being. Unlike Dearlove. Not to mention his terrorist connections.

    • Nogginthenog says

      As a current member of the privy council, Corbyn has already passed MI5 vetting. I am sure dearlove is well aware of that one too.

      Anyway, as the tories wrap themselves in the political arm of the Red Hand Commandos to cling to power (Loyalist terrorists actually killed someone during this election campaign although you won;t here much about it), the bluster about corbyn is showed up for the vacuous idiocy it always was.

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