General Election 2017 – the Tories “won” but spectacularly lost

The Tories defied all odds and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Despite two fortuitous acts of terrorism by ISIS (who revealed themselves unequivocally to be Conservative supporters), which effectively halted the momentum of the Labour  campaign and shielded May, temporarily, from the brutal failure of hers. Despite the two-year long rabid anti-Corbyn propaganda from the Murdoch tabloids, traditional Tory press and establishment at large. Despite the  shamefully lukewarm  and last minute semi-endorsement from the Guardian.  Despite the opinion polls that apparently predicted an increased Conservative majority and a collapse of the Labour vote.
Despite all of this – Theresa May and her colleagues achieved the near impossible and contrived to be so incompetent, blundering, arrogant, vitriolic, greedy and estranged from reality they ended up with a tottering minority government, no mandate and – as a bonus –  a complete moral victory for Corbyn and his team and a rout for the Blairite wing of the Labour party.
As a secondary bonus they also managed to make a grand statement to the world about the  waning power of the mainstream media to influence popular opinion. With virtually zero endorsement from any major media outlet, and under constant hate-barrage from most of the same, Labour still managed to poll 40% of the popular vote. Just 2% less than the Tories, and 10% more than in 2015.
Imagine what the percentages might have been if Corbyn had simply been given a fair hearing in the media. If the Sun had found just enough ethics to NOT slander him in shrieking headlines as a terrorist-sympathiser.
It’s pretty good evidence that the level of hysterical propagandising we are witnessing is an indication of fear and failure, not power. The hate has to be permanently cranked up to screaming pitch now, because more and more people aren’t listening.
If May fails to hold her shaky alliance with the highly dodgy DUP together there may well be another election in the autumn. And even if, once again, none of the allegedly Left leaning media can find the guts to give Labour their unqualified endorsement, it could well be the British people will do it without them.
Once again let’s give Jonathan the final word:

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The most up-to-date opinion poll puts Labour at 45% and the Tories at 39%!
It is on Mirror page http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/uk-politics-poll-tracker-2017-10266121.
Can we have another general election on Monday?


What is happening to the abhorrent Tories is wonderful to watch. The schadenfreude is delicious! There is a shitstorm coming to engulf the Nasty party and their equally despicable new mates, the DUP, in their coalition of confusion and corruption. What a mess! It’s almost beyond surreal.
Excellent analysis by Jonathan Cook re Corbyn’s electoral success, despite all the odds, here:
And a scathing attack by Cook on the recent cynical attempt at damage control by the Guardian with their new found ‘support’ of Corbyn, just before the election, here:

Michael McNulty
Michael McNulty

I thought the opposition to Corbyn knew it was lying, but when it seemed surprised by his electoral success I had to conclude it must have started believing its own propaganda. Strange, really, because the people it was aimed at knew it was all bollocks.


Yes thank goodness for the internet. Burdock (sic) and co still think that the MSM has some sort of over powering influence on the proles. How long before the net is shutdown?


According to the Torygraph: Treason May “must clear out the “cabal at the top” which allowed “a terrorist sympathiser to get within an inch of Downing Street””. Who? Arlene Foster?
Corbyn’s ‘Grime’ Crew (now he’s down with the street) wouldn’t have to push too hard to see May gone by the end of next week. Or he could just stand back, and watch the Tories do it themselves.


It would be impossible to predict what the sick Deep State minds that run this country for the banks might do – but it has crossed my mind that ‘(I)SIS’ might be planning the assassination of JC? I hope his close protection team are up to the task?
For the foreseeable future, we’ve got the ‘Terrorists-r-us’ coalition in charge. The last time the Tories, DUP, (and RUC) teamed up (under Thatcher): they brought us state sponsored ‘shoot to kill’ death squads. Dark times. Here and abroad.
Might as well shoo-in that our cuddly Jihadists in Syria (NSA/FSA – same difference) have got themselves a Coalition air force: protecting them around al-Tanf, Dier ez-Zor, and Raqqa. Lord only knows what will happen if the Syrians shoot one down (as has already nearly happened.)
With at least three (Abedi, Redouane, Zaghba) with probable links to the FSA – that we ‘train and equip’ (and now provide air cover for) – how long before people twig what is going on? When you play with the Devil….
How many ‘Manchester Boys’ or possibly ‘London Boys’ sleeper cells must we suffer before we rise up to demand these sick bastards are brought to justice? The real terrorists that is, the puppet politicians and the ‘Snakes in Suits’ that govern them?


Update: Syrian and Iraqi forces have met at al-Tanf – one in the eye for the US/UK Imperium!


Love Jonathan’s rant!

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

Time to place some flowers _ _ _ _ no, make that dog shit, on the grave of the drainstream media.
What now?
A concerted and brutal effort by the oligarchs to strangle the www ?
Increasing surveillance and policing to subdue the masses?
Tories and their Labour bootlickers heading for the hills?
The fight against $atan$ $ervants must continue.

Ross Hendry

A reasonable assessment – except for the apparent credence given to the highly dubious attribution of recent terrorist incidents to ISIS. A peek behind the veil would suggest otherwise.


ISIS, whoever they are, claimed responsibility. The likelihood the entity known as “ISIS” is a mix of media meme, marketing and mercenary army has been covered here numerous times

Ross Hendry

Why? I’ve peeked behind the veil and found that ISIS is the acronym of the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. The attribution isn’t dubious at all.
All these attempts to sway votes before referendums and elections with horrific terrorist incidents, partially or completely staged or otherwise, confirms they are instigated by people who firmly believe the result will be a population that will not challenge the status quo at the ballot box. And they are wrong every time it seems.
To keep on doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, It could only come from a deeply zealous, paranoid people with a history of creating anonymous violent upheaval. I rest my case.

Brutally Remastered
Brutally Remastered

Ouch! The one people we must never mention, especially those survivors of USS Liberty in this time of callous remembrance…


Yes, d’uh.