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OffG’s PayPal Account has been frozen – please cancel any recurring donations

OffG’s PayPal account has been frozen for what are described as “security” reasons. We have no access to the funds you have donated and – given PayPal’s history with other alternative news sites – it’s possible we may not be able to regain access.

Please do NOT make any more donations to this account and cancel any recurring donations you may have set up.

If PayPal closes the account, they will retain the funds and WILL NOT return them to the people who donated. So be warned.

Many of our followers have suggested we move to a Patreon account, and this might be an opportune moment to do this.

We’ll be posting more information about this soon.

UPDATE: We have now set up a Patreon account at


  1. Thanks for all the intel. Arrby.
    In other words, the only thing we can do is keep posting facts about the silencing of the truth by means of theft and fraud as perpetrated by corporations like PayPal. Well, that’s what I will do. I posted on F/B yesterday and I have done it again today.
    There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Let people know their hard earned cash can go missing courtesy of PayPal will make someone think twice about using them, especially if you can give them an alternative such as: Patreon
    Patreon is an American Internet-based membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, as well as ways for …

  2. bogomil says

    If it is based in 5 Eyes + 3, (germany, france & israel), don’t use it. Sorted..

  3. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    Do not use PayPal, any company who retains funds belonging to someone else – either the recipient or the sender is in fact guilty of fraud if those funds are not returned or made accessible.

  4. About 10 years ago, I too used PP. Until one day when my bank statement arrived and saw that $300 USD had been grabbed by PP w/o my knowledge. Contacted PP to find out what was going on and they claimed it was a mistake, but hey, why not leave it with us for a future payments?
    I demanded and got the money back, then informed my bank to NOT let PP access my account.

    Couple weeks later, I get a call from the bank wanting to know if I had approved on sending some more money to PP? I said NO and went that day and closed down that account and switched to another bank. Haven’t used PP since them either, so this is a blessing in disguise.

  5. Sav says

    This happens to many people using Paypal – regardless of blogs or companies. They have systems in place which monitor unusual activity. Sometimes these will be triggered innocently. So I wouldn’t cut your funding off at this stage. 🙂

    • Admin says

      We have been meaning to move to Patreon for some time, so this is a good moment for that. PP has a history of using vague claims of “security” to a) extract large amounts of unnecessary personal information and b) close down accounts they don’t like for whatever reason. Many of these are never re-opened. Even if we can get our account unfrozen we don’t think keeping it open for donations is worth the risk to our supporters who don’t want their money disappearing into PP’s coffers with no redress at some future time.

  6. All that shows is you’re doing something right, Paypal cannot be trusted. Another suggestion might be to join Byline Media, good writers and a sound funding model.

  7. A Petherbridge says

    It would be interesting to hear more about Paypal and their ‘blocking’ of accounts.

    • Mark King says

      Wikileaks is another example of PayPal freezing an account and keeping all the money (quite a lot). I cancelled my PayPal account after that.

  8. Karin Heinitz says

    Is there any way of complaining about this to PayPal?

    • Both Julian Assange and Wikipedia tried complaining to PayPal when their account was blocked, and had petitions too, but to no avail.

  9. Steve B says

    Is it time for a petition to be started to challenge this action?

    • Perhaps. But this is the 1%’s modis operandi. They break the (written and unwritten) rules. They will not lose in the class war. If they had a principled belief in law & order and the rule of law, then we could challenge them. But they don’t have. When they can’t win by playing by the rules – donors via PayPal to Wikileaks or OG or what have you – then they toss the board. They resort to force. They terrorize. They will even resort to characterizing international humanitarian law (IHL) as offensive and a tool of terrorists if IHL can help the people who are trying to defend themselves against the global pacification program (with the people as the target) underway, as Jeff Halper explains in “War Against The People.”

      “By claiming the need to securitize against a threat, the securitizing agent also creates an inherent justification of its actions. An “enemy” is identified and demonized, or a “threat” is identified and an “emergency” – often a permanent emergency – is declared, all of which casts the securitizer as the victim, the one acting in self-defense.” Which I think will work when the audience is already both dependent on the kindness of the securitizer (the police state) and in fear of it. And once people (too few whom are principled) act, which can include making a decision, rationalization and self-justification follow – if the rationalizer is conflicted about his (or…) chosen course. Rationalizing wrong behavior and thinking normalizes it. Halper continues: “This, of course, obfuscates the self-serving aspects of conflict and framing. Warfare is often less about defeating genuine enemies or making the world a safer place than it is about profiteering and power.

      “Monitoring uncomfortable laws and enforcing them in tendentious ways is another understated element of securitization. One can regard the emergence of international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights covenants as an example of how non-hegemonic actors arising out of civil society have acted through the UN system to institute laws and articulate norms that constrain the actions of hegemonic powers. One can argue, as do Dillon and Reid, that the “universal” values they promote are themselves a mechanism of capitalist hegemony hiding behind liberal forms of governmentality, capable of imposing core discpline over the entire world-system if applied in self-serving ways. The fact that IHL is implemented mainly by the stronger on the weaker; the trial by the International Criminal Court only of people from Third World countries, and then primarily Africans, is a case in point, as well as the fact that the US has refused to join it. And, of course, as with the rulings of the International Court of Justice and even UN resolutions, the hegemonic elites can simply ignore them. All this reinforces the impression that IHL is wielded more as a weapon of the core against the unruly peripheries than as an instrument of the weak to redress structural inequities.” -pages 81 & 82

      The law & order crowd know how to beat us via strategic lawbreaking. And Chris Hedges is right, we need to do it too, but non violently. We must stop cooperating. I would add, we who can. It’s called civil disobedience. The 1% and its tools will call it terrorism. But they’re not afraid of the outgunned, mostly law-abiding (and therefore weak) people. They’re not afraid of God either, unfortunately for them.

    • bogomil says

      Oh dear, she asks, sitting there in Geneva !
      Trust the 5 Eyes + 3, you get what you deserve.
      Even thumbs-up on Off-Guardian.
      So keep on googling & facebooking, chumps. Ciao

      • What on earth was all that about? What is your problem? What does it matter where I live? Cyber-stalking much?

  10. Keep up the good work OffG

    Means you were doing a good job & telling the truth in this MSM World of LIES !

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