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Reuters (finally) realize there are Nazis in Ukraine

by Kit

Please note flags of the Azov Battalion, centre, NATO left, and Nazi, right. None of these people existed until Wednesday.

Two days ago Reuters published this report, headlined “How Trump can show he’s tough on anti-Semitism”. I’m not sure why Trump – who has never been called an anti-Semite before, never publicly criticised Israel and whose daughter and son-in-law are both Jewish – suddenly needs to show he’s “tough” on anti-Semitism, but apparently he does.

How is Mr Trump going to achieve this? He’s going to denounce Ukraine…because the government is endorsing fascism.

For the sake of brevity I will present a bullet point list of the Ukrainian issues that so trouble the article’s author, Josh Cohen:

  • “…local authorities [in Kiev] recently voted to rename a major street after a former Nazi collaborator and anti-Semite named Roman Shukhevych.”
  • “In 2015, Ukraine passed a law honoring the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, (OUN-UPA)”
  • “Numerous Holocaust memorial sites – including Babi Yar, where over 33,000 Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis – have been vandalized or desecrated by anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas.”
  • “…the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory (UINM) is drafting a law to posthumously exonerate OUN-UPA members convicted of murdering Polish and Jewish civilians during and after the war.”
  • “The elevation of OUN-UPA has been accompanied by a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine.”
  • “A retired general affiliated with Ukraine’s security services called for the destruction of the country’s Jews;”
  • “…a Ukrainian official called Ukraine’s SS Galizien division – created with the support of Heinrich Himmler – “heroes””

These statements will no doubt shock people who only ever read the mainstream media during the right-wing coup and beginning of the subsequent civil war in Ukraine. During that period the MSM was devoting a large part of its resources to dispelling the “myth” that Ukraine was full of Nazis, deriding the notion as “Russian propaganda”, and dismissing those that said it as “Putinbots”.

Indeed, the below-the-line suppression of discussion on this topic is the main reason this website even exists.

In the Atlantic, in 2014, Ukrainian Nazis were dismissed as a “phantom menace”. Luke Harding wrote a (brilliantly argued) column in the Guardian saying that “there weren’t any Nazis in Ukraine because one of the Maidan protesters was Jewish.” Politico magazine mocked “Putin’s Imaginary Nazis”, whilst US News warned against Russia’s “Neo-Nazi Propaganda”. The Guardian simply headlined: “Don’t believe the Russian propaganda about Ukraine’s ‘fascist’ protesters!

There never were Nazis in Ukraine.

Except now there are.

(This textbook example of double-think is never addressed in the article, which can’t even fully accept the truth itself, referring to the “brave guerilla war” fought by the fascist UON after WW2, with no reference to the CIA funding they received, or the war crimes they carried out.)

Three years later the fascism that it is being nurtured in Ukraine is acknowledged as a political reality. Why? Because of the violence being visited on the people of East Ukraine? No. Because of the terrorist attacks carried out against the people of Crimea? No. But because it is a handy political angle to attack a president who must be undermined at every turn in the news cycle.

Interestingly, Obama was never called on to “denounce” Ukraine’s fascists, despite his strong support for the government of Poroshenko, whose cabinet was full of fringe politicians from far right parties that got less than 2% of the vote. John McCain, who has had many pleasant photo-ops with far-right figures in Ukraine, has never been publicly called out in the media. John Kerry and Victoria “fuck the EU” Nuland, who had actual, hands-on control of the formation of Ukraine’s new government, have never been questioned on their non-denunciation of anti-Semitism.

It seems the Nazis of Ukraine pop into and out of existence depending on political convenience.


  1. The EU, NATO and the United States support the extreme right wing in Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and the Baltic countries – therefore, Nazism has grown up there. Apart from that, people in these countries are not much more Nazi than in other countries. It is us who distort the political situation in former Eastern Europe.

    • Claus. Interesting. In England we have had huge numbers of Poles and Ukrainians. I’ve worked with quite a few and the general consensus seems to be a dislike of Russia but also often each other. Only a few have “hated” Russia and only a few “hated” Poles/Ukrainians. What is interesting though, is that all of them denounced the Nazis vehemently. I’m going back some forty and more years, but as far as I know, the next generation, for the most part, don’t seem to have regressed and seem oblivious to their own history. Of course you do get the obligatory bigoted plank every so often, but overall your comment seemed to reflect what I have encountered.
      So unless we have an invasion of said bigoted planks on the site I think your observation reflects accurately the truth of things.
      Many thanks.

  2. “The views expressed in this article are not those of Reuters News.”
    Did you even read an article fully?

    • Jen says

      Did you read Kit’s article properly? He did refer to the author of the article published by Reuters by name.

      • John says

        Look at the headline above of this article: ‘Reuters (finally) realize there are Nazis in Ukraine.’
        The article was not a Reuters product but the product of Israel Firster hasbaraist Josh Cohen.
        offGuardian should have made it clear the original article was not written by Reuters staff.
        It would be correct to say a former USAID official has now acknowledged the presence of neo-nazis in Ukraine.
        I am speculating now but it is my belief that Ukraine is the real spiritual homeland of the Ashkenazim – not Israel.
        That may help to explain why Cohen is so apparently hot and bothered about events in Ukraine taking place now.

        • Hi John. Reuters most certainly is aware of Cohen’s claim but they were careful to add the old addendum of the views expressed as his not necessarily those of Reuters(hence avoiding blowback)in the original article as per the link provided. Perhaps they just assumed people would know that Cohen does not belong to the Reuters op-ed staff? Liked the suggested title – former USAID official has now acknowledged the presence of neo-nazis in Ukraine, or “Reuters present article by Josh Cohen acknowledging Ukrainian Nazis” but it has nothing like the head line grabbing sensationalism of “Reuters (finally) realize there are Nazis in Ukraine”. You have to give some journalistic licence sometimes.

          • It seems rather pedantic to use the disclaimer as an argument that Reuters weren’t endorsing Cohen’s article. The point is that the article is there, on Reuters’ site.

            Would it have been there three years ago during the “Ukrainian Nazis don’t exist” phase? No, absolutely not.

            That denotes both a change in policy and a massive amount of media hypocrisy, disclaimer or no disclaimer.

            • Your remark does not in any way detract from the observation I made in my comment to John. You can be as snarky as you like about semantics and pedantics but the headline you chose, was a sensationalist claim. You are well aware that many media sites like Reuters put articles out to test the water and reaction and invariably add the “not the views” addendum. So who is being just a tad defensive in what is quite obviously a faithful interpretation of your headline?
              Nobody is perfect and if you cannot take the truth with grace, then it is time to climb down off that pedestal you have placed yourself upon.
              I didn’t actually mind the sensationalist headline, but certainly recognised it for what it was. Get over yourself Kit and learn to accept constructive criticism or go join The Guardian’s CiF team.
              Dear oh deary me – having a go at your own troops ‘cos they dared to utter something that put you in a huff? Are you kidding me?

              • I didn’t “have a go” at anyone, I was merely contributing to the discussion. It was not even directed at you, simply a reply to the most recent post in the thread.

                I honestly have no idea how what I said has caused any offense, the most critical phrase in there is “pedantic”. Hardly abusive language, is it?

                The call to “get over myself” is totally unwarranted. You’re being very defensive and reading snarkiness where absolutely none was intended.

                I was making a sound logical point – the article is on Reuters’ site, that alone is more of an endorsement than “Nazis in Ukraine” would ever have gotten 3 years ago.

                There was no attack meant in my message, and I apologise if you saw one that was not there. I am more than used to constructive criticism. Believe me, after years of writing on the internet “you have used a sensationalist headline” didn’t even register as criticism, let alone cause offense.

                • Kit. Since I always enjoy your articles and find them interesting and informative I suggest we score a line under our to and fro and put the past behind us. I’m not one to bear a grudge and from what I have seen of your interventions in the comments section, you usually only intercede when someone is being a total troll or (my new word for something unpleasant) – plank. I read Reuters from time to time and have found quite a few articles that seem to be offering a different rhetoric in contradiction to the mainstream memes and they seem to be happening with more frequency so they may well be positioning themselves as the “go to” alternative to so many of their competitors(I think it’s called hedging your bets).
                  Please note another comment I made “? It was Tymoshenko that started the Orange revolution with a group of various political parties, which I thought were more left wing than right(but I could be wrong) but she could well be A Trojan Horse, because her party was, I think, a nationalist party, which probably isn’t a good thing.
                  Other people on this site seem to be better informed as to what is happening and maybe OffG will have another article with more historic content. Vaska usually knows what’s what and Catte to (as well as Kit) so we might be in for a treat.”
                  If you have a previous article which could shed light on my defunct memory perhaps you might like to re-present it or maybe an op-ed?
                  This would seem to be a good time to enlighten visitors on the Ukraine issue and it’s past politics and it is a messy and dysfunctional issue.
                  Hoping for continued accord while I eat my humble pie, Susan:)

                • Further to earlier reply forgot to add the “sorry”, which I am(hence the reason I thought I was eating humble pie).

                  • Mohandeer, you’re a longtime and valued reader and commenter, and I am more than happy to chalk it up to a misunderstanding of ambiguous language and forget all about it.

                    • Thanks Kit. I can be contentious even when I’m not trying to be – one of those people who lets her fingers do the thinking(something I accuse others of in a moment of the pot calling the kettle black). There are a lot of good commenters on this site who I don’t always agree with, but at least the subject gets an airing here on OffG It’s precisely because of the moderation many people like the site and I agree with monitoring to keep things civil. No harm, no foul. 🙂 Susan

  3. Ahh… Lol, OUN-UPA were nationalistic, not nazi. Their members were from different countries and there were even a few known jews in those organisations, what are you talking about? 😀
    They were fighting for Ukraine’s freedom from Nazis and USSR.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      Except for the time when they were fighting with the Nazis. You also failed to mention the Galizien-SS.

    • BigBG. Thanks for trying. Just wondering why Josh Cohen is coming out with this kind of article – still haven’t figured him out but John made a comment above that might be worth considering. John’s reference was to the origins of the Ashkenazim being European, specifically Ukraine, rather than Judean, something I could easily be persuaded with references and links, to believe(since I already suspect it to be true). Yulia Tymoshenko, is not, to my knowledge, supportive of the fascist and nazi agenda and even Putin has praised her policies (circa 2005) hence my interest in Tymoshenko and any connection with Trump, Putin and Cohen’s article(and her undoubted rivalry with Poroshenko). Just musing out loud really. A conversation for another day?
      🙂 Susan

      • BigB says

        I wouldn’t trust Tymoshenko, she’s an undeclared Banderite – probably to fool the EU into accepting Ukraine. She is also a Soros puppet, IMO. Don’t be taken in, the NeoCons have been long agitating for war in the Donbass – a war as much against EU as against Russia. Would love to elaborate, but longer comments don’t show up.

        • Thanks BigB. I couldn’t put any trust in a multi billionaire whose husband has probably embezzled millions of Russians and Ukrainians to get herself named one of the richest women in the world(Time or Phorbes?) In some respects, any further developments in Ukraine which takes the country in the direction away from nazis and towards warmer relations with Russia, is probably only ever going to be the lesser of two evils. Am I right in believing she had a deal with Yushenko that she would be PM and him President(or t’other way round) and he ratted on her? It was Tymoshenko that started the Orange revolution with a group of various political parties, which I thought were more left wing than right(but I could be wrong) but she could well be A Trojan Horse, because her party was, I think, a nationalist party, which probably isn’t a good thing.
          Other people on this site seem to be better informed as to what is happening and maybe OffG will have another article with more historic content. Vaska usually knows what’s what and Catte to (as well as Kit) so we might be in for a treat.
          Michaelk made a really good contribution, would like to hear more from him since he knows Ukraine.

          • BigB says

            Ukrainian history? Yuschenko intstigated the Institute for National Memory; Bandera is a nationalist freedom fighter and hero; the ‘Holodomor’ was a genocide; the Holocaust never happened: that’s what they teach – and you can’t say other: by law. Ukrainian ‘history’ is 12 years old and made up!!

  4. Paolo says

    “The Israeli army is in regular communication with rebel groups and its assistance includes undisclosed payments to commanders that help pay salaries of fighters and buy ammunition and weapons, according to interviews with about half a dozen Syrian fighters”. This news did the rounds about 10 days ago I think. Yesterday I saw a pro Israel street demonstration. Someone was holding a banner proclaiming “No wages for terrorists”. I wondered if this was some kind of Israeli debate criticising paying anti Assad fighters, but no, I saw another banner claiming the US was funding Hamas.
    Reminds me of the accusations levelled at the Kiev coup plotters 3 years ago that were simply turned around and levelled at Russia but with 10 times the vehemence and with unabating repetition. The obvious stupidity of an intellectual standpoint is no obstacle when you have unabating vehemence on your side these days. Just point the finger at whoever is accusing you and repeat their accusation replacing their name for yours. Seems to work for most trolls these days in our age of troll culture.

    • John says

      Most zionist apologists are usually pretty thick.
      One who attended a film screening in London – when told he was a zionist Jack Ruby – asked “Who is Jack Ruby?”
      You couldn’t make up the stupidity and ignorance of the average rank-and-file zionist sympathiser.
      They have no real grasp of real world history and world events.
      All their heads can hold is simplistic hasbara propaganda fed to them from childhood.
      Not everyone evolves in the course of a lifetime – and they certainly don’t!

  5. Does anyone know what happened to “Yats?” The last I heard he was sighted in Argentina(?) Anyone?

    • bevin says

      The last I heard was that the Russian government was accusing him of torturing Russian soldiers in the Chechen war.

    • Paolo says

      The last I heard he was shopping for a hair transplant and contact lenses.

    • Jen says

      I believe he lives in the United States. He was once accused of having bought 24 expensive villas in Miami.

  6. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    Poroshenko wears his SS badge on the lapel of his overcoat and NATO troops were mugging for a photograph standing beneath a swastika flag. The Azov Battalion is proud of it’s nazi ideology as is the Galizia division and Hitler’s youth camps are alive and kicking as “special” schools teaching young Ukrainians how to be good little nazis.

    Other than these pro SS Waffen and swastika symbol thousands, there are no nazis in Ukraine – got that?

  7. michaelk says

    When I saw a large poster hanging inside the Ukrainian parliament building of Bandera, the leader of the Ukranian facists during WW2 and a person allied with the Nazis, I imagined that even the dumbest prick working for the Guardian, people who couldn’t have found Lvov on the map a few years ago… would have understood that something important was happening in Ukraine, like, for the first time in almost three quarters of a century armed fascist militias had toppled a democratically elected government in Europe and were marching again and in positions of real power in a European state.

    But, no, not if one works for the Guardian and is an ‘expert’ on Ukraine like Luke Harding! Perhaps I was expecting too much? He’s appalling. Truly appalling. An ideologue who sees everything through a thick and distorting dogmatic lense, that blames all the world’s problems on Russia. That he’s also thick as two planks doesn’t help. How do these people get and hold these positions in our media?

    I should perhaps add that part of my family come from Ukraine and my grandmother and two of my aunts were abused, murdered and thrown in a ditch by the very fascist militias who rampaged through western Ukraine at the end of WW2, so, I have a less than balanced view of Harding and the Guardian’s disgraceful role in ‘massaging’ the truth about events there.

    • Simon Roberts says

      “How do these people get and hold these positions in our media?”

      Having no integrity and willing to prostitute themselves as shills for the Military Industrial Complex. If these people weren’t doing it I’m sure there would be plenty of others to do it instead.

    • Most of the toilet rags are “owned” by some organisation with deep pockets and their affiliations are not nearly as obvious as Rupert Murdoch press outlets. The only thing they have in common is a willingness to be bought and paid for, a total lack of either morals or scruples and a hide thicker than tree bark with which to deflect the disgust and disdain so many heap on them. When your only interests are your own, it’s easy to be a total plank.

    • Paolo says

      The Guardian gave Luke Harding a job as German correspondent about 10 years ago and sent him to Berlin. His first article was all about how he couldn’t speak a word of german.

  8. BigBG says

    UkroNazis pop into view on the W$M’s radar screen – only to disappear? Remind’s me of MH-17. Now you see it; now you don’t. Thinking out loud, reading the above – I did wonder whether the ‘recent’ appearance of the Nazis might not be aimed at Trump – but Poroshenko? Or both? Another Sorosite coup?

    Opposition leader, and “Queen of the Orange Revolution” Yulia Tymoshenko recently took a (not so) secret trip to Washington; ostensibly to meet Trump for the second time. Since she’s been back, she’s set about undermining Poroshenko – including a (stunt) impeachment. Not too hard to work out that his days are numbered. Washington (Soros, and his puppet McStain?) favour a more hard line approach – possibly with nuclear weapons? Luckily, the Ukraine doesn’t have any: yet. If this is not pure speculation, and Tymoshenko were to come to power: how long before the UkroNazis would vanish from the screen? Probably, for ever?

    • Julia Tymoshenko has probably been trying to get back into office since her last attempt(I think 2010)only got her approximately 5% of the popular vote. Since then she has been to see Putin regarding her hubbies company and what the two of them got up to and she did not wind up being prosecuted by Putin. Was a deal cut, I wonder? It may be that she feels that she is in a better position to gain popular vote, than she did 2010-2014. I don’t know the sentiment of the western Ukraine people, but if my information is correct, those who are fearful of the presence of such open fascist and nazi extremism might lean towards someone expressing a desire to get the country off a war footing, perhaps Tymoshenko is positioning herself for a return to power?
      Just don’t know what is happening or the mood of the people. Is Trump chummy with the Kagans(Nuland), if not, did Nuland cosy up to Yulia and if not, does that mean Trump and Tymoshenko could hatch some sort of deal that might end the stalemate with Putin? Lots of questions, no answers.

      • BigBG says

        @mohandeer: have tried several times to post a reply: now it says “duplicate post” – so no can do. 🙁

        • Dennis Revell:
          Couldn’t have put it better myself. Since early 2000 Ukraine politics has been a total mucking fuddle and yes – I’m very definitely confused as to what the myriad parties are actually offering.

  9. John says

    It is of interest to note that the person who wrote the Reuters comment article is a ‘Josh Cohen, a former USAID project officer involved in managing economic reform projects in the former Soviet Union.’
    Can someone please remind me what the Hebrew term “hasbara” means?

    • John says

      Reuters disclaimer at the end of the article: ‘The views expressed in this article are not those of Reuters News.’
      Even they don’t want to be associated with Cohen’s ill-informed comment.
      Presumably, it was Cohen himself who “crafted” the headline?

  10. What’s next, the MSM admitting that Russia is actually fighting ISIS in Syria, while the USA pretends to fight those thugs, but actually gives them aid, weapons, air support and political cover?

  11. Frank says

    Roman Shukhevych was, in fact, the C-in-C of the UPA which in turn was the military wing of OUN-B headed by Stepan Bandera. It was Shukhevych who was responsible for the UPA’s campaign of pogroms and genocide in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia from 1943-45 killing tens of thousands of Jews, Russians, and particularly Poles. The UPA soldiered on until early in the 1950s until it was finally wiped out by Soviet forces. Bandera himself was assassinated in Munich in 1958 by a KGB hitman.

    The other collaborationist anti-Soviet outfit was the 14th Waffen SS division Galicia, which recruited locally in western Ukraine as well as from other parts of Europe, including Croatia, Slovakia, and Holland. This group was integrated into the German military apparatus but was pretty much annihilated at the Battle of Brody in during the Soviet Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive1944. The remnants of this motley collection surrendered to allied forces in Italy (Rimini) and a number emigrated to Canada (surprise, surprise) and the US.

    Statues of Bandera, ‘Hero of the Ukraine’ under Yuschenko, annulled under Yanukovich, ‘Hero of the Ukraine’ again under Poroshenko, and the UPA rehabilitated as ‘freedom fighters’ stands proudly in many cities in the west of the country, Lviv in particular, and lovingly adorned with flowers. This in addition to shrines to the heroes of the UPA in Lviv, Ternopol, Storozhynets and various other cities and towns.

    The political/ideological descendants of this noxious collection are now to be found in Praviy Sektor, Svoboda, and Patriots of the Ukraine as well as the Radical Party.

    It could be said that the neo-nazis and the oligarchs are the only significant political factions in contemporary Ukraine.

    The 2014 coup was long time in the making. I personally remember traveling from Donetsk, on a long train journey to Lviv when a number of 25ish fit looking young men – they could have been a football team – boarded the train at Dnepropetrovsk. They claimed to be ‘students’ going home for the long vacation. Funny though, it seemed strange that there were no girls of women among them. I later found out that Praviy Sektor had its military training camps in Dnepropetrovsk. This was in 2010. Then the pieces fell into place and were confirmed in 2013/14

    Our media, however, seems to suffer from neo-nazi myopia. Like Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen, lifting his telescope to his blind eye.

    • Many thanks for this information Frank, sounds like you know your facts. This sort of insight is usually accomplished by people like myself after many hours of trawling through my library, by which time the article I am looking to respond to is last weeks news. Excellent contribution.

  12. The Guardian has been totally partisan about Ukraine in supporting the Nazis who grabbed power through what has been described as “the most blatant coup in history”, by none other than George Friedman, the founder and CEO of Stratfor one of the shadow CIA contractors.

    Throughout their whole racist and Russo-phobic coverage the Guardian has provided a steady stream of misinformation, propaganda and lies. As Kit states many of those who have been deleted from their comments section have been called Putinbots, purely for pointing out contra-indicative facts and information.

    The most deplorable of all has been Luke Harding, who vets the comments to his articles personally, acting as an expert on all things Russian the “Cobbler of Panama”, Harding, has fronted some of the most blatant lies.

    From Troll Factories, to Little Green Men the Guardian has been responsible for demonstrating clearly Hiram Johnson’s observation, ‘The first casualty, when war comes, is truth’… At the Guardian this appears to be penance that has resulted from its Snowden revelations. A public shaming ordered by the secret services for breaking the unwritten rules governing government transparency.

    It is not surprising that news agencies such as Reuters, after being an echo chamber for crafted Langley Farm foreign policy, now finds itself being called on to throw its weight behind the “Trash Trump Project”. Quite honestly he will do the trashing himself, this is self evident. But unfortunately the failed Russia Gate narrative, enthusiastically supported by afore mentioned organs, has been nothing more than a smokescreen to distract from Hillary Clinton’s corrupt financial and political excesses.

    However some honest reporting on the plight of the people of Ukraine has to be welcomed, even if it appears to be probably for the wrong reasons.

  13. Pop into and out of existence? Unfortunately the Nazi loving fascists have been around Kiev since WWII and everyone knew it but didn’t say anything. This terrible ideology must be squelched once and for all and only Russia seems to be interested in doing it.

  14. Dead World Walking says

    Politics is the dark art of expedience. Anything can be justified by lies told often enough.
    And what of the anti-humanity of the ruling psychopaths? When will they be brought to trial for their orchestrated genocides?

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