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VIDEO: Non-interventionism: the Forgotten Doctrine

Presentation by John Laughland, (France), Director of Studies at the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, via World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations.


  1. rehmat1 says

    John Laughland seems to know the agenda for which the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) created – the Western Zionist-imperialist designs in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Though US and Israel are not officially members of the ICC – they’re behind the ICC probes against Sudanese and Libya which refuses to investigate George Bush, Tony Blair, Israeli leaders and the Vatican over their crimes around the world.

    Practically, ICC is not an independent judicial body. It was created, like the United Nations, to look after the interests of the five UNSC Veto-power regimes and their willing-partners – as is case with the US, which has used more veto (38) to protect the interests of the Zionist entity than its own national interests. There are 110 States Party to ICC – but the leaders of the five veto-power countries are immune to prosecution by the ICC. In addition any state can reject ICC jurisdiction if it chooses so as the US and Israel have done. But, interestingly, its jurisdiction can be extended to any country on the behest of the UNSC’s five permanent members as was done in the case of Sudan.

    On July 12, 2002 – the US got Resolution 1422 passed – giving immunity to American nationals working as UN peacekeepers from ICC prosecution for their crimes against other nations no matter how barbaric they maybe. The US government is known to force agreement upon States, which are parties to the Statute under which these states are committed not to surrender American criminals to the ICC. So far, over 100 foreign states has been bribed or blackmailed by Washington to follow this.


    • rtj1211 says

      Controlling legal systems you refuse to abide by should be a death sentence. It is the most disgusting, amoral, unprincipled, racist philosophy imaginable. As Americans have rejected legal due process, let the elites be murdered one by one……

  2. Excellent speech; thank you for drawing our attention to to it as it had obviously slipped by me at the time it was made. His points are spot on are entirely relevant for the struggle between the uni-polar/interventionist model championed by the US through multiple wars of destruction and the multi-polar model of BRICS and Russia and China in particular.

    • A nice moment to acknowledge that the video was brought to our attention by one of our readers.

  3. Manda says

    Off topic but what happened to the home page? I’m not sure I like this new layout. Took me a couple of visits to realize I had to scroll down, I thought it was an error taking me to one article.

    • Manda says

      Great to see the home page back. It’s so much easier to navigate the site. Thanks.

  4. Joerg says

    Thank you OFFGuardian for this really excellent and very important presentation!
    It shows clearly that the United Nations and also other international organisation have become first degree warmongers and that the ideology of “One World” or a “World Government” leads nowhere else but directly to global disaster and global war.

    By the way: Also national judiciary is already taking the same sick way, the UN took: See BRITISH CITIZEN RISKS JAIL OVER SUPPORT FOR DONBAS – http://www.fort-russ.com/2017/07/british-citizen-risks-jail-over-support.html

    • Thanks for posting this. Benjamin Stimson has apparently been arrested by the UK authorities and accused of being “intent on committing acts of terrorism, being a member of a paramilitary group opposed to the Ukrainian government”.
      That’s the illegitimate Ukrainian government which came to power in a Western-financed illegal coup and which was recently given a 200 million Euro donation by the European Commission (not the Commissioner’s own money, of course; nor did they ask anyone for permission).
      The “paramilitary group” is of course one or other of the wonderful Donbas militias which are defending their homes and citizens from the illegitimate Kiev government’s so-called “Anti-Terror Operation”, which has already cost tens of thousands of lives.
      It’s the Kiev government and its paramilitary neo-Nazi supporters who are the real terrorists of course.
      John Laughland has also commented on the situation in Ukraine.

      • Joerg says

        They lied about Gaddafi, that he allegedly killed his own citizens. This although Gaddafi didn’t even have a job within the then Libyan government – he only had a representative job, which he compared (smiling) to that of the “Queen”.
        They lied about Assad, that he allegedly killed his own citizen. This although the only people Syria can rely on to fight those foreign(!) armies of mercenaries (called “rebels” – as if Hitler’s army in Poland had also been polish “rebels”) are its own citizens.
        And now dictator Poroshenko and his junta indeed(!) bomb and kill their own Ukrainian citizens. And instead of fighting these murderers and putschists the EU – and especially my own (sigh!) German regime in Berlin – supports these mass killings.

  5. Cartographer says

    Thankyou for this. It led me to other youtube videos by John Laughland. Very impressive – particularly on the perfidious role of the ICC.

    • Manda says

      I found the last points made by Laughland about the role of ‘victims’ in international criminal trials very thought provoking indeed.

      Thanks for the link, one to watch a couple more times as is the original link.

    • Manda says

      I’m sure many interested will also have found Laughland’s talk on Hybrid wars but for those who haven’t, another fascinating talk which includes the origins of the UN.

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