North Korea: Headlines full of "Fire and Fury" Signifying Nothing

by Kit

There is no Saddam Hussein. This guy’s name is John Gillnitz, we found him doing dinner theatre in Tulsa. Did a mean “King and I.” Plays good ethnics….I’m saying I invented the guy. We set him up in ’79. He rattles his saber whenever we need a good distraction. Morris Fletcher – The X Files

In truly perverse fashion, the newspapers have all suddenly remembered that Nuclear war is possible, and that it’s probably not a good idea. This is all built on the developing war of words between Trump’s administration and North Korea.
North Korea. Who haven’t successfully launched a missile further than their own backyard. Who have no money and no resources and no international pull. North Korea who are surrounded by larger, more powerful countries easily capable of applying pressure to resolve any situation (in fact just two days ago China, South Korea, Russia and North Korea held joint diplomatic talks. The US was not invited).
North Korea who have been, until very recently, an international punchline.
This whole scenario is simply the next step in evolution in news as theatre, which is to say, theatre as news. These are non-existent worries, concerning a non-problem in a false reality.
There is no threat from North Korea. None. Their nuclear program is a joke. Their missile tests routinely fail. Including one just last month.
The Guardian’s propagandist-in-chief, Jonathan Freedland, is going into frothing panic over the threat, and of course blaming Trump for the whole thing. It’s rather odd really, you would think that someone so scared of Nuclear war would have raised more alarm over the possible Obama-backed conflicts with Russia over both Ukraine and Syria. Freedland evades this prickly contradiction by simply saying that, in all other nuclear near-misses, there were people on both sides who knew “where the lines were”…whatever that means. Comfortably ignoring the fact that, rather more reassuringly, in all previous nuclear near-misses BOTH sides had nukes.
The New York Times has collapsed into brilliant self-parody with the headline: “War With North Korea Not Imminent, Officials Say, but U.S. Would Still Win”. Reflecting a national psyche so incredibly insecure, they can’t even fearmonger without a “My dad could beat up your dad” rider.
The WaPo even went so far as trying to invert North Korea’s aforementioned joke-status. Running the headline: North Korea is a joke. And that’s the problem. In which the author argues that a country full of fanciful self-aggrandizing propaganda could be really dangerous if some of the fanciful self-aggrandizing propaganda turns out to be true. It’s insane.
So where is all this hysteria coming from?
Three places really, the first is a White Paper issued by the Japanese government. Full of nothing but speculation and vague language, such as:

It is conceivable that North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme has already considerably advanced and it is possible that North Korea has already achieved the miniaturization of nuclear weapons into warheads and has acquired nuclear warheads,”

Even the Guardian was forced to admit it was “very vague” in its report on the subject.
The second source of hysteria is Trump’s rhetoric. His now oft-repeated threat to rain “fire and fury” down on North Korea. All aspects have been discussed at length in the press. What he said, whether or not he meant it, whether it was planned or off the cuff. It is meaningless.
Trump has shown himself to be a less charming Reagan (if you can imagine such a thing), simply making grand statements on vaguely topical stories. His “threat” was worth no more than his “lock her up” chants, or Reagan’s “evil empire” speech. With, at least, the added comfort that it’s far safer to antagonise the DPRK than it was the USSR.
The third source of hysteria is this photograph:

A nuclear bomb. Definitely. I mean, look how shiny it is.

Featuring what American experts have called a “miniaturized nuclear warhead, capable of fitting inside the nose cone of a ballistic missile”. They call it the disco-ball, for obvious reasons. It’s easy to imagine that the other side shows the word “ACME” in big red letters. Nevertheless, the experts have decided it’s a “miniaturized” nuclear warhead.
Not “small”, you understand, but “miniaturized”. All told it’s supposedly “about the size of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki”. That, in modern nuke terms, is very small. So even IF North Korea build a missile capable of launching this warhead (they haven’t yet), and even IF they knew how to aim it (they currently don’t), and even IF they had the technology to make it survive re-entry (they are “years away” according to the same American experts)…even then they would be sending one, very small missile into the most well defended air space in the world.
The worst case scenario here is that the American and Japanese experts are all 100% correct: One small, poor country MIGHT have one small nuclear bomb that they can’t aim, can’t shoot, and would burn up in the atmosphere if they tried to use.
The best case scenario is that they have nothing.
So why all the big screamy headlines?
It’s important to realise, if you’re to understand the modern world, that news coverage has virtually nothing to do with reality. Modern news agencies have literally no regard for true or false. They simply exist to serve the agenda. “Facts” are reported and dropped as convenient. Truth is inconsequential. Any resemblance to reality purely coincidental.
In 2014, following the US-backed right-wing coup in Ukraine, the very real threat of a nuclear confrontation with an actual nuclear power – Russia – was completely ignored by the same state-approved stenographers now crying about North Korea’s tiny disco-ball.
In 2015/16 when Turkey shot down a Russian jet over Syria, and America was flying bombing raids against Syrian forces working alongside the Russian military, not one mainstream “journalist” talked about a nuclear war.
Now a completely fictional “nuclear war”, with a totally non-existent nuclear arsenal, is at the heart of international headlines.
You could easily argue that, for years now, North Korea has essentially been allowed to exist for exactly this reason. They’ve been sanctioned, yes, but in terms of opposing the US government – they have definitely got off lightly. Ask Iran. And Chile. And Iraq. And Afghanistan. And Vietnam. And Ukraine. And Guatemala. And El Salvador. And Nicaragua. And the Congo. And Somalia. And Libya. And Yemen. And Iraq again. For all the talk of the “threat” posed by North Korea they have somehow managed to avoid the sharp end of American foreign policy. No wars. No coups.
The DPRK share land borders with China and Russia, so they provide a good “decoy threat” to allow the US to point weapons across the pacific, and heavily fortify the Korean peninsula in general. The massive American military presence in both South Korea and Japan is notionally about North Korea…but is obviously really about Russia and China.
Just as Iran’s fledgling nuclear program was a “reason” to put a missile defense shield in Poland, this North Korean “threat” is a reason to pour American military into the seas off China’s coast (including the hotly disputed areas of the South China Sea).
Japan has been a pacifist nation since the twin war-crimes that officially brought WWII to an end, however the “increased threat” of a North Korean nuclear program has allowed them to begin rearming in recent years, whilst ignoring objections from China. (A move CNN described as “assertive”, whilst ignoring the very real dangers.) They will of course be buying British and American weapons.
With all this talk of nuclear war, panicked Americans will flock to Walmart to buy bottled water and canned food. The Pentagon et al. will announce they need more money to guarantee America’s safety, and get an increased budget for next year. Sooner or later the talk will turn to upgrading America’s nuclear arsenal (ignoring the fact Obama spent $1 trillion upgrading them in his last term). Through all of this shares in Boeing and Lockheed Martin and the other usual suspects will shoot up in value. Newspapers will print scary headlines to sell more copies, and more ad space.
One way or another, a lot of people are going to make a lot more money.
All the while, the real conflict in Syria is ignored because it refuses to follow the Empire’s chosen narrative. The collapse of Ukraine is never mentioned anymore, thanks to Russia’s refusal to take the bait. The freshest testament to America’s trail of international destruction, Yemen, is a slaughterhouse – a very real war fought for dishonest reasons by dishonest people, turning the poorest country in the middle east into a humanitarian catastrophe.
As for avoiding nuclear war, demonizing North Korea and pouring American hardware into the Korean Peninsula increases the risk of an accidental confrontation with China. The increasing anti-Russian paranoia in Washington DC, and ever-Eastward expansion of NATO risks spiralling US-Russia relations to a lower point than ever before. The rearming of Japan will cause (understandable) tremors of worry in Beijing.
IF a nuclear war comes, it will be with a cornered Russia or a threatened China, not North Korea. It will far more likely be the accidental result of arrogance, stupidity and ambition than any malicious tin-pot dictator.
There are no scary headlines about any of that. No headlines at all.
Only non-stories about a puppet-idiot using weapons he doesn’t control to threaten an impotent lunatic with weapons that don’t work. A non story, full of fire and fury and signifying nothing.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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The latest exchange over NK got the FBI’s raid on Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort out of the headlines.
Another one for the fortunate coincidences’ file?


Paul Manafort: Trump and the Hanoi Songbird John McCains campaign manager. Which the M$M have conveniently forgotten.
Another one for the fortunate coincidences’ file???


Insightful piece Kit.
Trump’s demagoguery has been clearly exposed. As with all presidential hopefuls he lied through his campaign and now is in the clutches of the deep state.
NK is not really the target, China and Russia are. Add to those Iran. As you rightly point out the faked news around Ukraine has now become another MSM dodo and the nuclear threat is the only storyline that can be used about NK.
As the imagined threat of Russia invading EU & NATO countries never materialised one had to be manufactured. Ukraine, which is neither EU or NATO was used as a false flag which Russia was expected to react aggressively to, but didn’t.
NK is another false flag, in the USA’s endless mission to create WAR (World Arms Race=profit). Trump, the useful idiot full of sound and fury, signifies another episode in this sorry tale.


Here is a far better article on the DPRK’s actual capabilities, without the condescending tone:
I’m fairly astonished that FP saw fit to publish it.


There’s the fact that North Korea has lots of minerals and occupying it would give a direct land route to invading both China and the Soviet far east. This is no less true more than in 1950 and that is why Mao intervened in the Korean War in the first place. And the analysis of the North Korean missile programme is a little, shall I say, condescending. I might use stronger words. Just because a country is small and isn’t full of shiny capitalist malls doesn’t mean it’s incompetent. Also, while it’s perfectly true that the existence of North Korea gives the Amerikastani Empire an excuse to occupy South Korea, if it vanished, the “North Korean threat” would simply be replaced by the “Chinese threat” or “Russian threat”. In other words Korea would still be occupied and colonised.


*now than in 1950. Not “more”.

Norman Pilon

The condescending tone is really a ‘mocking tone,’ I think. Sometimes derision takes the form of mimicry. If anyone knows that, it is surely an adept of the art such as yourself.
That North Korean rocket and thermonuclear technology isn’t likely to be quite as advanced as both the propaganda from the North and those screaming about the “threat that North Korea has become” would have us believe, is not a slight against North Korean ingenuity.
Thermonuclear weapons are a tall order for any military of any means, and especially so for a country as heavily embargoed from all sides as North Korea.
With no implied disrespect, as it happens it is unlikely that North Korea is as yet the thermonuclear threat that it’s being made out to be:
North Korea’s “not quite” ICBM can’t hit the lower 48 states by Theodore A. Postol, Markus Schiller, and Robert Schmucker


What makes the situation so dangerous today is that there is no real active anti-war movement, organization or feelings that are expressed in the public domain or the media, compared to the widespread oppostion to something like WW1 or even the attack on Iraq. Those huge demonstrations across Europe against attacking Iraq sent a shiver down the spines of the ruling elite who understood that something like that must never be allowed to happen again, France and Germany opting out of the attack despite pressure from the US and the UK.
We’re in a much worse postion today where the oppostion to war has been effectively banished from the media, where there is virtually no debate about our latest military aggression, the morality or legality of attacking yet another country…. Libya or Syria.
Putin and Russia have been successfully demonised in a similar way to the leaders of Iraq, Syria and Libya. One can even argue that Russia is on the offensive and attacking us… this entire ridicuous ‘Russian hacking’ scandal. The sanctions against Russia are a form of economic warfare and we seem to be repeating the preparations for attacking the latest pantomime enemy all over again with potentially diasterous consequences. Yet this seemingly inexorable drift towards war with Russia is barely mentioned in our highy controlled media, so most people have no idea what’s happening. It’s also striking how little understanding most people have about the nature of modern nuclear weapons, how incredibly powerful they are and how incredibly destrutive, the biggest ones having a massive 1,000 times the strength of the ones used against Japan.
Today, most journalism has become a sick parody of what it’s supposed to be. A form of entertainment. A primative form of morality play with characters struting around on a stage dressed in constumes and wearing grotesque masks, spouting gibberish for an audience that’s turning their backs on what’s happening.

Paula Clare Williams

see website : Campaign Against the Arms Fair 9th September, London. Many other anti war demonstrations internationally at the same time. Also Stop War.


Great article. Spot on analogy of this news with the x-files too.
Here is Adam Johnson (from FAIR), who suggests that this North Korea news is a law within journalism
‘The North Korea Law of Journalism states: “editorial standards are inversely proportional to a country’s enemy status”‘


If you wanted to set up a foil against which to appear free and democratic and prop up the props that keep the movie rolling… present images to laugh at, deride and feel superior to. N Korea as reported. However – plastic media reportage is not limited to N Korean broadcasts or of ‘news’ about N Korea.
While the props for the triggering of conditioned reaction can be fabricated – they can also be limited collateral sacrifice to the god of fear/god of protection from fear – ie: world wars.
What exactly is ‘mind control’ but running as if your mind is in control.
Power is who defined reality AND who accepts such definitions as true by (re)acting as if they are.
Narrative control is like a soap – first you have to draw in an investment of identity with idols, villains and sympathetic resonances. One en-tranced you start living for what happens next.
On a day, perhaps like today what I thought real will fall away and what rises from within calls me in. Perhaps I ‘fight going into that good night’ or perhaps I know there is no where really to go to and no one else to be.
At the last Trump, does the lord of lording it over everything reveal itself … hollow and meaningless? Does the ‘Lord in the Heart’ recognize all things new when the props of fear fall away to reveal the wires and levers of a mind of deceit?
I can only live my own choices – and yet I meet the world through the world such choices reveal – and reveal me to. Masked – unmasked. Playing out the personae or knowing and truly being known.
Do we come to participate in the ‘end of the world’ (as we knew it) because of all the perspective-points in time – this is where we are drawn to, now and now? Or was it to the beginning of the world that we are called? Same thing – different perspective.
The mind can be seen as a conditioned robotic reflex. It can also see itself and shift perspective in which creative freedom rather than mechanistic systemic definition projects and reflects the richness of experiencing Existence.
Perhaps the ‘world’ is shepherded by the power to prompt and guide within the reflections of your own insanity – such as to wake to it – and no longer run its thinking un-awares – as if its is THEM who are insane.
Paradoxically the recognition of one’s own insanity is the opening of the awareness that is not engaged in its drama – nor coercive against your choice to seek and find identity in story.
Is Trump the means to release those who are ready from engaging in this reactive not-so-merry-go-round?
I feel we (in true being) are the power to define and accept what is true for us in any situation – even though we may be already unmindfully invested in definitions that seem to have power over us because giving power away seemed a way to evade guilt and consequence. (IE Let someone else lead when it suits me to follow).


I posted a longer comment – didn’t appear… a short one immediately did.
is there a moderation queue or technical reason why this (often happens)?
I posted it at


How long will Koreans be persecuted? Japan’s genocidal occupation followed by UN deceit at partition, further genocidal assaults, which in America is strangely called a ‘police action’ (in western terms, the Korean war). The enforced southern partition becomes a giant US military base, whilst the north languishes for decades under the cruellest of sanctions allowing the worst of Korean gangsters to grab control. Korea continues to bleed irrespective of political/media usury.

Arthur Cadbury
Arthur Cadbury

Trump is nothing more than a puppet of the Military Industrial Complex. The Military Industrial Complex is nothing more than the tool of the Neo Liberal Cabal, The Neo Liberal Cabal is nothing more than the shrieking, shaking spectre of the Dark State. The Dark State is nothing more than the collective delusional ignorance of humanity. There is but only one way out of this impasse – and that it the Human Revolution – and whilst you pull the bedcovers over yourselves in your abject fear of the worst possible scenario – this process is already underway – millions of people (possibly yet unknown to you) are involved and the tectonic plates of human consciousness are slowly shifting – when they break, then this whole edifice of ignorance, greed, anger and stupidity will crumble and fall – and the rebuilding will commence, using the bricks of moral integrity bound with the mortar of wisdom – it will be the faithless lemmings who are destined to fall into the abyss – in the meantime, have another slab of chocolate. . . . . .

Richard Reed

That was awesome. Best comment yet!


So long as it’s Cadbury’s, eh?! 😉


Kit is absolutely correct. The most terrifying thing is to know that the people which are flooding social media with predictions of doom today can be very easily directed towards thinking that the world was never brighter and welcoming tomorrow; only to the day after decry the end of humanity, not because the actual war, injustice and devastation, but because of the latest scandal including a bigot and a delusional celebrity. In the meantime some of the most dangerous historical processes are taking place.
For those still living in reality, where critical thinking matters, I recommend this moonofalabama.org article from several weeks ago. It provides an insight into North Korea´s economic and strategic perspectives and on the ways in which, as Kit perfectly summarises, the country is set to stay weak, but standing as an ever dangerous foe that can justify military buildups around China and Russia.

Greg Bacon

Remember back about a month ago, when the new South Korean president was raising hell about the costly THAAD missile system, demanding that either they USA cover the billion dollar cost or remove the damned thing?
He’s not squawking about that now, is he? What a coincidence! SK is now even asking for more missiles. The MIC scores again, and peace and sanity get kicked to the curb again.
Methinks Herr Trump is following the way of Israel, to act so crazy that no one will challenge you, advice he probably got from his sleazy son-in-law.


Yes – the ‘signature’ reveals itself regardless the shifting forms.


The intent couldn’t be clearer: having withdrawn from the ABM treaty – the US-NATO Imperium have set up Aegis Ashore in Romania and Poland against a non-existent Iranian nuclear threat; and THAAD in Guam and S Korea against a non-existent N Korean nuclear threat. The next step of the Deep State inspired Congressional coup is to rip up the INF Treaty: to develop and deploy intermediate range ballistic and nuclear cruise missiles. The range is the big clue as to where they intend to deploy them; not continental USA – but Europe and the Pacific Rim. The nuclear noose tightens.
They want to turn the clock back to 1982/3: when the Senile Cowboy Reagan deployed Pershing 2 to Europe and nuclear cruise missiles to Greenham Common (and Europe.) Like that was some sort of heady halcyon nostalgic zenith of American (white) supremacy??? Maybe, if you were already senile. #MAGA!!!
America is out of control. The dark Big-Money backers have bought Congress for the neocon Deep State; and the chain of command seems to have been handed to the Generals – a ‘Mad Dog’, Dunceford, and the JCOS. That’s the future of the planet in the hands of 7 psycho-pathogenic organisms that have been grown in the culture of their countries mythos of exceptionalism; have developed no conception or fear of nuclear winter; and share a complete disregard for human life. As long as the last man or woman standing is American: they win. And they answer to whom??? Not the Orange Lunatic. Not that he would exercise any control. Or make anyone feel any safer.
The Deep State has gone nuclear; the future of humanity is in the hands of the nuclear-armed Gods of Money; the new Cold War is freezing around incoherent vapid lies (Russiagate); the multi-trillion arms race is about to take the bell and accelerate into the last lap; the world is being put on a 5 minute ‘Super-Fuzed’ hair trigger – poised beneath an unconscionable cold-hearted sociopathic finger… being egged on by a corpo-fascist M$M hysteria…
And the response… ???
The silence of the slumber of the passive and defeatist herd-like mindset of acceptance…
If and when the first intermediate missiles are deployed to Europe and Asia: will we still have time to wake up???


Too much rubbish food and alcohol addiction, chronic mental problems as a result of extreme capitalism, scrambling for the crumbs left by the Neoliberal machine that only caters for the rich, zero hours contracts and low unlivable on wages, pitting communities against communities, old against young, Muslim against Christian. Sadly the risk of all out war is increasing, the coming scramble for resources will finish off many. People are too in thrall to the machine of survival, to sick from crap food to see the writing on the wall.
The best that can now be said is to enjoy these days we are alive, love our families/ friends fully, employ kindness as a way of life and live like there will be no tomorrow.


My sentiments exactly: carpe diem, love and be loved.
There is always hope… Maybe Elon Musk can upload his consciousness into a trans-human android that can respire the atmospheric radiation; and be the e-Messiah for the Virtual New Age??? 🙂


Thanks Kit, excellent piece.

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

And meanwhile, as the flames of hysteria are fanned and fuelled by the Drainstream Media and their psychopathic cohorts, climate change kicks in to second gear.
Don’t fancy third gear.


Interesting to note that during an American TV chat show interview, Wesley Clarke, the then retired ex C-in-C of NATO blurted out the time when he was given orders from the higher ups and handed a list of no less than 7 countries in the MENA which had been earmarked for destruction in 5 years by the US PTB, starting with Iraq and ending with Iran. (It’s on Youtube if you are interested.) This I suppose could be called Work In Progress. The current hit list is of course, North Korea, Iran, China and Russia. The neo-con plan, as initially enunciated by Paul Wolfowitz as early as 1991, is to prevent any power from rising to a level where it might challenge US supremacy. This will inevitably lead to conflict. Provocations against China and Russia will continue and grow bolder and more provocative. My feeling is that this game of nuclear chicken is based on a neo-con gamble that China or more particularly Russia will surrender rather than fight a war which will inevitably invole a nuclear exchange. So the provocations are set to continue; the next step will be the incorporation of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO. So far Russia has been restrained and Putin has overseen and orderly retreat, but this cannot go on in perpetuity. Sooner or later Putin must take a stand, or, he will be replaced by hardliners like Zhirinovsky, Dugin and Glazyev. That is where all this is leading. The insane neo-con hegemonic project of building a world empire can only eventuate in a conflict between the rising powers and the declining one.
And all the time the liberal media cheers on the process, and day in, day out, ramps up the public consciousnes into a war psychosis. Damn them to hell!


The plans for ‘regime change’ in Iran have been held up by the unexpected delay in achieving it in Syria.
The plans for integrating Georgia and Ukraine into NATO seem to have been overambitious – particularly the idea that Russia would roll over and abandon its Crimean naval base. Any idea of Ukraine’s joining NATO is now on hold, as long as the Donbass population continues to resist. I think for the time being the Russians are probably reasonably happy with the current stalemate as the best of a bad set of possibilities.
Putin has shown a lot of levelheadedness so far, but your point is a good one, Frank – he’s not going to be president forever and if ever the Russians really get fed up and elect someone as hopeless as certain other countries have, then things could get a lot more worrying than they are now (and I’m not even factoring in climate change).
The American Empire certainly isn’t going down gracefully, is it?
Thanks for your article, Kit. OffGraun makes a refreshing change from the junk news we get elsewhere.


Putin has already given away far too much and I’ve got a lot of criticism from people for pointing this out. Putin has repeatedly given away the initiative to American shenanigans, and been forced to react when things have gone too far to tolerate. One classic example is Ukraine: Putin should have and legally could have sent troops into Kiev in February 2014, restored the democratically elected Yanukovych government, and withdrawn with the clear statement that he would send the troops back if the Ukranazi coup happened again. Instead he’s got a running sore on his border with the Americans arming and training Nazis to invade Donbass; along with false accusations of an “invasion” which he’d have got anyway. When the Nazis invade Donbass he will have to send in troops or sign his own political death warrant as well as the literal death warrant of the Novorossiyans.
Also, when he could have blocked the AmeriNATO bombing of Libya, he didn’t. Not only did he allow the “no fly zone” resolution through the UN (and was extraordinarily naïve if after all these years he still believes in American promises) but he could have then sent troops on the perfectly legitimate grounds of prevention of the misuse of a UN resolution. There would have been no Libyan collapse, no rat line of weapons to Syrian jihadi cannibals, and the Syrian intervention would in all likelihood never have been necessary.
At this point I would like to see Putin either make a stand or be replaced by one of the “hardliners”. There is no further retreat possible.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

Personally, I’m glad it’s Putin running Russia and not you. His calm and rational demeanor is the only reason we’re all still alive. Meanwhile, the Washington-Reich is slowly dying.

Eric Blair

Spot on rant. If the media’s output is a window into the collective mind of the elites the only conclusion one can really draw is that they have lost their hold on reality or are tying very hard to convey that impression. Whatever the case, the media does a superb job ensuring the public is served a steady dose of obfuscating and diversionary nonsense. Addressing reality is to be avoided at any cost.
As for Jonathan Freedland, he is the perfect ambassador for the odious North Atlantic liberal elite…a truly repulsive little man.

Enough is enough
Enough is enough

Thank you Eric, you have definately ‘nailed it’ too.


A beautiful takedown of the current psychosis inflicted on the people’s of this now insane asylum we call Earth. I am daily incredulous at the sheer lunacy of the Western media who are now in hysteria mode. Having been warned by Putin last year to grow up and take responsibility, inform their citizens as to the dangers of our Western leaders behaviour, they now create an Orwellian drama further demonstrating their descent into lies, subterfuge and more mass manipulation of already traumatised people. Traumatised by endless fakery, austerity, fear of the future or no future, joblessness, food banks, debt, impending unknown wars and nuclear armageddon, traumatised by a media out of control with no proper oversight as the West finally faces its decline and empires fall.
Both of my Guardian commenting accounts have now been put on permanent moderation, having left a comment on Freedland’s hysterical article re the possible nuclear confrontation between the US and NK yesterday, it was immediately taken down for telling the truth. The Graun has finally plumbed to the depths of the Daily Mail, creating false news and hysteria in place of honest informative reporting, a new low even for Freedland whose hypocrisy and self aggrandisement knows no bounds. Any remaining decent journalists have long left with Frankie Boyle stating he can no longer write for them as they no longer reflect his politics, views, their narrowness a hindrance to any self respecting writer.
This type of appalling behaviour is taking its toll on people, on our collective psyche, irresponsible in the extreme there does not seem to be an end to Western MSM abuse of their position of power as their corporate masters continue to manipulate news and current dialogue to suit solely their own interests. Any views outside their own narrow narrative of self interest and greed are rejected outright. We are indeed in uncharted territory now and unless some fundamental changes take place, (new democratic leadership in the US and UK for example) a shift in policy instead of the regimes we are currently labouring under, the future is looking decidedly grim.

Enough is enough
Enough is enough

Yes. Indeed. Betrayed people on a betrayed planet.

Norman Pilon

Reblogged this on Taking Sides.