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The de-Putin-Nazification of America

by C.J. Hopkins, from Counterpunch via <a href="http://” target=”_blank”>The Unz Review


Sometime circa late July, as the hundreds of thousands of de facto vassals that cater to the needs of New York City’s simulated aristocracy were navigating the sweltering hell that subway system has recently become, approximately one hundred miles to the east, deep in the heart of Resistance territory, where villas rent for up to a million a month, members of the notorious Bridgehampton Cell of the Neoliberal Liberation Army were gathered in one of their luxury safehouses, vetting the latest leading candidate for the coveted position of “resistance leader.

California Senator Kamala Harris, multimillionaire woman of the people, and friend of rapacious banks like OneWest, must have impressed the Bridgehampton Cell, because their comrades in corporate-owned media immediately launched a propaganda campaign to get the word out to the American people (who’ve been suffering under occupation for going on the last seven months) that the Senator and her affluent backers represent their last best hope of overthrowing the Trumpian Reich and saving the world from the Putin-Nazis.

For those unfamiliar with the Putin-Nazis, it’s an official term I recently made up to describe, not just the Russian Federation, and Vladimir Putin and his inner circle, but also the maleficent global alliance of Russian hackers, Russian propagandists, Russian diplomats, Russian businesspersons, persons married to Russian persons, persons with Russian-sounding names, neo-Nazis, alt-right geeks, Goldman Sachs guys, Sandernistas, Corbynistas, former coal miners, hillbilly oxycodone addicts, socialists, anarchists, Black Lives Matterists, the ghost of George Carlin, the ACLU, and anyone who has ever retweeted Wikileaks or didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

As I’m sure you’ll recall, the Putin-Nazis originally materialized out of thin air around the time that Clinton was managing to lose the US presidential election to a repulsive, jabbering, narcissistic clown with absolutely no political experience, who the mainstream media had been assuring the world for months was the Second Coming of Hitler. Given that it was virtually impossible for Clinton to lose to such a noxious buffoon, the only rational explanation was that the Russians had somehow “hacked” the election, or “interfered with,” or “influenced” the election. They had done this by getting their hands on a batch of internal Democratic Party emails, passing them on to Putin-Nazi Propaganda Minister Julian Assange, who published them on the Internet, where they were read by former Obama-voters, who were so completely shocked by their contents that they decided not to vote for Clinton, as they had obviously been intending to do, until their minds got “interfered with.”

The rest, as they say, is history. On January 20, despite the fact that everyone knew that the entire Trump family were Putin-Nazi “sleeper” agents, and that the man himself was the Glorious Leader of an underground army of neo-Nazis numbering in the tens of hundreds that was threatening the very fabric of democracy by circulating cartoon frogs on the Internet, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President, and the Trumpian Reich officially began.

Fortunately, Americans are not a bunch of Camembert-slurping surrender monkeys. Although the ruling establishment was bound by law to allow a neo-fascist dictator who was clearly working for  a hostile foreign power to move his circus into the White House, they were hardly going to sit idly by and watch as he transformed America into some sort of neo-nationalist dystopia where grade-school children would be forced to learn Russian, Hitler-salute the confederate flag, and whatever other Russo-Nazi horrors he and Bannon had in mind. Before Trump could even order the removal of every likeness of Martin Luther King from the D.C. metropolitan area, the Democratic Party, patriotic Republicans, the Intelligence Community, the corporate-owned media, and, of course, just millions of Good Americans launched a grassroots resistance movement to remove him from office by any means necessary.

Seven months later, here we are, with a Special Counsel and a D.C. grand jury, who will certainly be able to find something on Trump, or at least ensure that he spends the rest of his term denying the stream of allegations, rumors, and leaks that will flow therefrom. Which means it’s time to start getting ready for the day when our national nightmare is over, and Kamala Harris (or whichever loyal figurehead the ruling classes ultimately choose) marches through Washington like Charles de Gaulle, presumably with the Obamas and Clintons in tow, after which the USA can continue to bomb, occupy, sanction, and otherwise destabilize various other countries, allow its banks to debt-enslave its citizens, maintain a brutal, militarized police force, and everything else it’s doing at the moment, but in a normal, liberal, non-fascist manner, and Stephen Colbert can get back to comedy.

Now, to pull this off, the Resistance is going to need to deal with these Putin-Nazis, specifically the Putin-Nazis on the Left, who are already tweeting “fake news” tweets impugning the character of Senator Harris (who happens to be black, and a woman, by the way … not that that has anything to do with anything, of course), and reminding Americans how they got bamboozled by Obama’s Hope-and-Change routine. These people need to be de-Putin-Nazified, and they need to be de-Putin-Nazified immediately. The last thing the Resistance needs at this point is to go through all the trouble of regime-changing Trump, only to have Americans elect some other non-vetted, narcissistic billionaire who thinks it might be fun to run for president.

This de-Putin-Nazification Program is going to involve a concerted effort on the part of the entire neoliberal establishment to stigmatize anyone who voted for Trump, or who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, or who questions the integrity of Kamala Harris (who, as I may have already mentioned, is black), as a bug-eyed, Sieg-heiling Putin-Nazi. These people are going to need to be shamed, guilt-tripped, and otherwise emotionally manipulated into keeping their Putin-Nazi mouths shut. This isn’t going to work on your actual fascists, but it will work on nearly everyone else, or at least on those Obama voters who didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton, and those bitter white Bernie Bros who voted for Trump as personal “fuck you” to the Democratic Party.

See, odd as this is going to sound, the majority of your Putin-Nazis don’t see themselves as Putin-Nazis. They see themselves, well, as just regular Americans who have lost all faith in the electoral system, and who believe they are living in a sham republic controlled by global corporations and obscenely wealthy individuals who couldn’t care less about them and their families, and whose only allegiance is to a transnational class of corporatist leeches like themselves. Still, despite their cynical beliefs, most of these folks are not particularly fond of being likened to Nazis, or racists, or xenophobes, or useful idiots. So this is exactly what the Resistance is doing, and intends to keep doing for the next few years (i.e., calling their detractors bad names, basically), so that any anti-corporatist dissent that they can’t get Google to make disappear with an “anti-fake news algorithm” can be stigmatized as racist, misogynist, or some other variation of “deplorable.”

Now, they need our help to make this work (yes, even CounterPunch readers can contribute to this vital effort). Don’t worry about the Russia hysteria. The corporate-owned media will take care of that. You want to focus on the fascism aspect, and the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia stuff, which is always the best way to silence other leftists. Here are a few simple things you can do.

(1) Exaggerate the neo-fascist threat! You can do this on Twitter and Facebook endlessly. Forget about the fact that the number of actual fascists in America is ridiculously small, and that odds of some sort of fascist takeover of the US government are infinitesimal. Convince your friends and Twitter followers that the fascists are on the verge of launching a national fascist revolution. Tweet about their “leaders” as if they were actual players on the national political stage, and not just a handful of pathetic creeps parading around in their Hitler hairdos for two or three hundred other such creeps. The point here is to help the Resistance keep folks’ attention focused on “the fascists,” and the racists, misogynists, xenophobes, et al., and not on the global capitalist elites and the vast transnational corporations that currently control most Western governments.

(2) Hammer the identity politics! Do not miss an opportunity to call out anyone who accidentally writes, speaks, or otherwise disseminates a word or phrase that oppresses anyone, or that displays any type of unacknowledged privilege. Not only will this help the Resistance keep folks divided into an ever-increasing number of powerless little sub-groups that pose no threat to the corporatist ruling classes, it will feel really good to self-righteously hector anyone whose values are different from yours, especially members of the working classes who couldn’t afford to go to university and learn about intersectionality, and so on. These folks are virtually fascists anyway. What difference does it make if you alienate them?

(3) Now, this one is absolutely crucial. Keep comparing Trump to Hitler! If you don’t have time for the other two, at least you can help the Resistance with this one. See, it’s really important that folks believe that Trump is not just a random bozo who rode a wave of populist anger and distrust of the Democrats into the White House, and who is now in the process of being neutralized by the people who actually run the country. He needs to be seen as a powerful dictator, who at any moment is liable to start … well, you know, killing the Jews, or something. Plus, this dovetails with the other two points. Exaggerating the fascist threat works much better when you have a powerful Hitler figure you can wag your finger at. And, given that Trump is actually a bigot, and a misogynist pig, and a xenophobe (or at least he plays one on TV), you can have a field day with the identity politics. So go hard on the Hitler stuff, and any kind of German references you can think of. Spell his name “Drumpf,” or call him “Herr Trump,” or put a little Hitler-mustache on him. Don’t worry about getting chastised by any intersectionalist purity freaks. These kinds of slurs are perfectly acceptable, because, as every Good American knows, the Germans are, and will always be, Nazis.

These are just a few ideas to get started with. I’m sure you can think up some more on your own. The main thing is to steer well clear of any kind of political analysis that reminds folks about that corporatocracy, or how much it costs to get elected to office, and where the majority of that money comes from, and thus how irrelevant electoral politics is.

Oh, and keep an eye out for those Putin-Nazis! You never know where they’re going to turn up, and I’d hate to see your mind get “interfered with.”



  1. Lupulco says

    I suppose we should coin a new word, say. Putinaphobia or maybe Russianphobia.
    A bit like Islamaphobia, or can one say anti-Semitic? Then enact legislation that anyone who criticises Putin or Russia is ostracised, condemned by the MSM. Then the problem will go away.

    • rehmat1 says

      Nope – the best similarity to Islamophobia would be IRANOPHOBIA – because the major cause of the so-called “Putinaphobia” is Putin’s alliance with anti-Israel Iran and Syria.

      Professor Ira Chernus (University of Colorado), is a Jewish religious scholar, author and peace activist. He defines Iranophobia as “An excessive, irrational fear of Iran, almost always expressed as fear of a nuclear-armed Iran“.

      • I personally never used the word ‘phobia’ when I mean ‘anti’. Phobia means fear. You can’t argue with fear, if it’s genuine.

        As for Nazis, Sorry to report this, but while Trump might not have the kind of dictatorial powers, or record (give the freak time), that Hitler had, there’s lots of similarity. Howard Zinn all but calls his country fascist in his book “A People’s History Of The United States.” I just happened to be reading Eric Lichtblau’s “The Nazis Next Door” at the same time as I’m (still) reading Zinn’s book and the section I’m reading in Zinn’s book right now deal with the fake people’s war that was WWII. Undoubtedly, Zinn didn’t have the same info (entirely) that Eric taps. But even without Eric’s astonishing revelations (about a United States political class and the wider U.S. establishment that had lost its fear and hatred of the Nazis even before the war officially ended), Zinn puts together an unassailable case against the US establishment, demonstrating its fascist credentials.

        In the meantime, we have all these alt media websites complaining about Google’s recent overnight censoring of their websites and demonetizing of their YouTube channels ( I blogged about that (A Loud Whoompfing Sound). Mondoweiss, Electronic Intafada and others are sounding the alarm about S.720 and H. R. 1697 (the Senate and House versions of the same bill), an expansion of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (, as I understand it.

        As I noted in the comments on Mondoweiss, Activists spout the First Amendment ad nauseum. So do politicians ( I understand activists’ need to refer to this important Constitutional element, but if the politicians themselves don’t take it seriously, Why should we? Zinn pointed out in his book (above) that eight years after that First Amendment they violated it with the Sedition Act. They passed a law that broke a law! But the US has since proven to be utterly lawless.

        I also find it amusing, not in a happy way, that Glenn Greenwald, whose boss – Pierre Omidyar, helped birth the neonazi Ukranaine ( that the US looks to to poke the Russians – has co-written an article denouncing S.720 ( Has anyone here ever tried to do a search on the Intercept’s website?

    • Seamus Padraig says

      Anatoly Karlin calls it ‘Putin Derangement Syndrome’ — about as good a name as I’ve yet heard.

  2. BigB says

    Is this satire??? When people are macing, brutalising, and killing each other under the banner of “Unite the Right”; in order to preserve their rich heritage, embodied in the statue of the white supremacist neo-fascist slavemaster of his day: Robert E Lee; and prevent his memory being desecrated, by turning the open space into “Emancipation Park” – it’s hard to tell… Art mimics life in a prescient way…

    • Except that, as C.J. underscores, those neo-fascist blood-and-soil meatheads are really a negligible minority. In my opinion, as disturbing as the images and rumors now emerging from Charlottesville, Virginia, truly are, you have to wonder about who might be behind that particular agitation. I mean, the absence of police in riot gear alone should raise a question or two. And then how many of the neo-fascists were in fact neo-fascists, and not law enforcement infiltrators and provocateurs?

      Average Americans are beginning to wisen up, I think, and maybe the establishment, getting a tad nervous, feels that the time is ripe to intensify divisions between ordinary Americans who are beginning to turn intelligently en masse against the establishment.

      I’m thinking that Charlottesville is another phase of a long existing “strategy of tension,” one taking into account or exploring in this instance another potential American cleavage: yesterday, it was commies (if also and as well, identity); today, in America, along with those other as yet familiar fault lines (identity and ‘traitorous foreign allegiances’), it’s now also the neo-fascists and genuinely social progressive divide . . .

      Divide and conquer: an art that the American establishment long ago mastered.

      • BigB says

        You must have read my mind, Norm. Compare and contrast Charlottesville with the genuine and entirely peaceful protests against the Dakota pipeline. The protestors there were faced down by rabid dogs, militarized police, the National Guard, water cannon in midwinter… freedom of assembly and the right to protest were victims of State fascism there.

        Among the genuine protestors at Charlottesville – including Heather Heyer, who was murdered protesting racism – orchestrated white supremacists, neo-nazis, and extreme-right bigots fight to claim their country back. I was never aware that they gave it up.

        • And yet, and yet, even pertaining to the protests against the Dakota pipeline, as sincere as those protesters enduring the frigid days of winter may have been, there is evidence that their action, too, was, so to speak, directed from on high and behind the scenes.

          See, for example, this intriguing brief by Cory Morningstar and Forrest Palmer: STANDING ROCK: PROFUSION, COLLUSION & BIG MONEY PROFITS [PART 1].

          I think that although people are waking up, we are still a long ways off from seeing “genuine” grass roots mass organizations and “actions.”

          Such “actions,” at any rate, would not “now,” at his time, consist in public demonstrations or even guerrilla tactics, but in genuine efforts at radicalization or “education.”

          In America, as things stand, there isn’t even anything that you can point to as an emergent mass “class consciousness.”

          Before mass action can become meaningful in intent, people need at a minimum to understand who their class enemies really are and how the system, in its social and economic structure, keeps them down.

          “Action,” at this historical juncture, everywhere, but more so in the U.S., if it were “genuine,” would consist in building up networks of communication between local groups whose mission was “educating ourselves” about how the world and control in our communities really work.

          Only once this hard won awareness becomes generalized does it truly become possible for the masses to start pushing for genuinely radical change.

          Otherwise, the push cannot but remain haphazard and easily co-opted from above.

          • BigB says

            Perceptive again, Norm. The fake ”AstroTurf” revolution – dancing on the $$$ strings of hidden puppet-masters (of whom Soros is the most readily identifiable.) Movements arise; consolidate and grow; then reach the divergence point of choosing wealthy patronage, NGO charitable status, and co-option and dilution; or remaining independent and risk infiltration, fragmentation, and (violent) loss of message. Ultimately, money talks to money to maintain the status quo. Class analysis is essential: but the system cannot (it would seem) be democratized from within. In the 150 years since Marx: that should have happened by now???

            There is one great ‘educator’ and ‘democratizer’ on whom I’m pinning my hope: Mother Nature. It’s axiomatic to me that either we will have a more benign, respectful and life-affirming relationship with Nature in (the near?) future: or we will have no future at all. Class analysis; re-education; respect; re-distribution; recycling; the ending of waste and pollution… these are just some aspects of the revolutionary 21st century paradigm shift… antiFa and the alt-right would do well to re-channel their exuberant destructive energies toward the future… and fuck Soros… he’s a carbonized fossilized relict of the 20th century.

      • BigB says

        To balance my own left-wing confirmation bias: from the notional left – Soros’ Antifa; and corrupt Clinton donor Governer McAuliffe; played their part. And the right-wing bigots got the necessary permits … well they got one as POTUS … it seems the last preserved freedom in that terminally declining country: is the right to bear arms as an American Fascist.

        Truth is even more satirical than C.J ‘s brilliant fictionalized account.

  3. Ha…yes this is a good piece. I read it on CounterPunch I think but kudos to Ron Unz for re-printing this and other pieces from the left side of the spectrum on his site. It is rare to see any sort of crossover between left and right these days when so many people are loathe to engage with any views and beliefs that do not mirror their own. When talking and dialogue cease violence is often the next step.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      And sadly, CounterPunch itself has now become part of the problem, running several hit-pieces on Caitlin Johnstone this very summer just for advocating collaboration across ideological lines against the régime in Washington.

  4. Alan says

    Too much attention is given to such a destructive regime. Americans on the whole are like any other people, a pleasure to know, their leadership, like all others a bunch of psychopaths. P.S. can you please stop always relating to one bunch of thugs, the Nazis, there have been far worse regimes before and since.

    • Paul Craig Roberts has published this piece this morning: Hellstorm The Documentary.

      Without excusing any degree of inhumanity committed by anyone, one can agree that the Nazis were not the sole personification of the evil of WWII. Fascist regimes, all.

      • BigB says

        Not all Fascists: the Allies didn’t win the moral war either. Thousand bomber firestorm raids and atomic bombs on civilian targets in defeated countries come to mind…

        • I mean to imply that the Allies, too, were — and in their current survivals, very much are — a species of fascist, that those so called liberal nations and societies who claim to have fought and won “the good fight,” whose war-making elites urge us never to forget the crimes of only the Germans while effacing from history their own crimes, crimes of a kind they continue to commit this very day, motivated as they were and continue to be, by their own “fascism.”

  5. Dead World Walking says

    The irony of course that it’s not the Nazis, Jews, Communists or even the One Per Cent that is wreaking the most devastation on the Earth.
    It is the MIDDLE CLASS.
    They shop until they drop.
    They buy until they die.
    They jump on jets at a whim.
    They froth over their stocks.
    No, the enemy of your children’s future, the usurpers of the Earth, are sipping lattes in shopping mall near you.

  6. Nex says

    But actually, the proud name – LiberalismNews – shows how far the term “Liberalism” – very unfortunately – became discredited and devaluated nowadays. Rather I would not call myself a liberal in many (or most) situations, to avoid being misunderstood.

  7. rehmat1 says

    I think living in Berlin Mr. Hopkins has got his brain corrupted by the Holocaust Industry. There is no historical proof that Putin’s Russian ancestors collaborated with Hitler or Nazis. Russians in fact fought against Germany even before WWII. However, there is historic record that nearly 150,000 German Jews collaborated with Nazis and some of them held high military and administration post under Hitler.

    Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, late president of Canadian Jewish Congress and Rabbi Marwin Antelman, late Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America, also claimed that Frankist Jews helped Nazis to kill Jews. Antelman even claimed that Adolf Hitler was a Frankist Jew. His court excommunicated Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin for being Frankist Jewish war criminals.

    On July 22, 2017, Douglas E. Schoen in an Op-Ed at Israeli propaganda site The Hill marketed Kamala Devi Harris as the best politician to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Naturally, the entire Israeli propaganda brigade followed Schoen proposal.

    “Harris embodies what is possible for the Democrat Party to in 2020 and can be the fresh face the party needs to excite its base and critical swing voters again,” Schoen said.

    Kamala is the first female colored Democrat Senator from California. Her mother was a Hindu immigrant from India while her father Donald grew-up in Jamaica into an Indian family.

    Like other two Indian lawmakers, US ambassador at UN, Nikki Haley and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Devi also adores the Zionist entity and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. Her campaign statement said: “Both the United States and Israel are well served by our deep and indispensable friendship and alliance, a relationship fostered by our common values and a desire for peace and stability. Kamala believes that the United States must continue to stand beside Israel in the face of an increasingly volatile Middle East, with the new and emerging threats that Israel faces. The people of the Middle East need a durable peace, and one that protects Israel’s security and interests.”

    • Nex says

      Oh really??? 150.000 german jews collaborated with Hitler???????? That’s even greater, than that BS by LiberalismNews… Hitler was Jew?????? I apologise to LiberalismNews, the most stupid comment i ever read here is not his/her anymore. Without any sympathy to jews, who collaborated with Hitler or other Nazis (there were really some dozens of inadequate persons, who tried to save their ass and also delivered other jews to GeStaPo), but if you really think 150.000 can be true, you need to go back to the 1 grade and learn both history and arithmetics, if it helps. Really, have you ever tried to think before reposting BS from BS-sites? That would be nice, stupid

        • BigB says

          No evidence of Soviet-Nazi collusion??? the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact; the joint invasion and annexation of Poland; the Soviet-Nazi Frontier treaty???

          150,000 Mischlinge??? Otherwise proud Aryans who did not know; did not identify culturally; and where certainly not practicing Jews: who fell foul of the Racial Purity laws IS NOT COLLABORATION.

          [Nor were the Sonderkommando and Capos in the death camps…]

          Re-callibrate your over compensated personal biases, and start presenting your research factually. Please?

    • Nex says

      Or, may be, you mean those German Jews, who “collaborated” with nazis by working at the facilities inside/affiliated with the concentration camps? That were really great jobs, they had there – you should really learn more about that. I suggest you make a trip to Ausschwitz/Birkenau or at least to Buchenwald someday.

    • So, are you saying that in America, elections don’t really matter? Isn’t that kinda what the crux of Hopkins’ piece was, that and the manner in which people, such as apparently yourself, tend to confound and conflate what are really incongruous irrelevancies with the substance of “politics” under capitalism?

      But I guess your real complaint is that Hopkins has overlooked what for you is the crucially important issue of the “Frankist Jew,” that is to say, that he must have inadvertently forgotten to include it in the hodgepodge of non-issues polluting and confounding the minds of the American electorate. Well, then, I guess that’s one more beguiling distraction to add to the heap . . .

      But you know, Rehmat, where religion may not be a compulsion, it may be an obsession. At least that’s the impression I’m beginning to get . . .

    • Lupulco says

      Too true a bit like the Muslims in Middle-East who supported the Nazis as a way of getting rid of the Britain, France etc. But one cannot say this in polite company in case one causes offence.

      • rehmat1 says

        The Muslims in the Middle East have very good reasons to be offended because the only country wiped off the Map in modern history is Muslim-majority Palestine.

        According to Jewish historian Lenni Brenner, the Mufti of Palestine didn’t collaborated with Nazis. He just pleaded to Hitler that German Jews shouldn’t be allowed to flood British occupied Palestine. Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London recently confirmed that fact.

  8. This is the stupidest thing I have read today it was so bad I could only muster the strength to read a paragraph, if Americans thought like you Hilary would be president accompanied by a First Lady/man who had multiple affairs in your people’s house and his a known sexual predator. Conparing Fascism to communism is also dead wrong there are libraries in American aren’t they? Putin is a communist not a fascist also throwing the word Nazi around undermines the actually atrocities Nazis committed that my grandparents fought against especially my grandmother who lied to go to war when she was 14 years of age!!! You’re sitting here writing articles which means you mustn’t work for a living spitting your dummy/pacifier out because you didn’t like the how things turned out for your candidate/ideology and now your the resistance 😂 THAT’S DEMOCRACY BITCH!!!

    • Jen says

      C J Hopkins’ article is intended as satire and the target is the Western mainstream news media and its audiences who haven’t yet realised they are beling lied to. The article itself was originally posted on The Unz Review where Hopkins has contributed a number of posts.

      If you didn’t get the point of Hopkins’ article, then his joke is on you.

      • . . . having to explain satire to someone is always a tad compromising, and that’s why I always refrain from doing it. You do it, of course, if you do it, out of kindness. Because you want to help the person grasp what he or she has obviously missed, and in that intent, such as it is, no one can rightly accuse you of any ill will. Except that implicit in the gesture, there is always this: it’s really rather impossible to explain satire to someone without implying (and revealing!) something rather embarrassingly obvious about that person . . .

        . . . fortunately, though, if the person missed the satire in the fist place, if only for even a minor touch of languor, it isn’t likely, albeit possible, that the deficiency necessarily implied by your explanation will be grasped, either.

        In that case, no one would be the wiser. All feelings would be spared. Only gratitude would be your due. Sometimes, then, I do suppose that it’s perfectly fine to explain satire, just as sometimes, it’s also perfectly fine to push it . . .

    • Nex says

      The most stupid comment i’ve ever read here.. That is a really great text with a beautiful image. It seems to me that there is a really crucial (and probably very dangerous) outbreak of anti-russian hysteria and paranoia not only in the corporate media but, probably, in a large part of the “western” society as well, which is getting ever worse since Trumps election. Hope there are really no more than a handfull of freaks who really think, that Putin might be a nazi or a communist (sic!), both of which are ideas, which can be taken seriously only by clinical cretins, who never learned to use their brain, to learn the history from every point of view, to identify any type of propaganda and to build any opinion only after checking the sources of every peace of information. Putin – a communist:)))) that’s great

    • Attn: Rhemat and LiberalismNews

      You need to take your irony detectors to the shop without delay and get them cleaned and re-calibrated. They are emitting an awful screeching noise that is scaring children and cats and making it very difficult for people, including your good selves, to think clearly.


    • Derek_J says

      You know. If you are going to comment on an article you really should read it first.

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