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An Odd Terrorism

A van hit pedestrians in Barcelona ‘terror attack’ on July 18 causing fourteen dead and dozens of injured among the pedestrians in the area.


Maxim Bushmin writes in Novorossia Today:

The terrorist attack in Barcelona leads us to think that behind all of these attacks that we have observed for some years in Europe, there is a hidden “white” connection.

Judge for yourselves by dismissing everything told by the media…

Paris, Nice, Berlin, London, Barcelona… These are all iconic cities. The centers of European life. There are always a lot of people around. There are many places in those cities which attract high numbers of people. In such places the system of counter-terrorism is relatively weak.

Despite all these factors, the scope of the terrorist attacks in question is quite limited. The number of victims is relatively low, but the media impact is very large.

If one studies this phenomenon, we come to the conclusion that the organizers of these attacks did not intend to kill the maximum number of “infidels”. Quite the contrary, they have chosen processes that neither technically nor physically could cause mass death. Remember how things went in London? The vehicle ploughed through passers-by on a bridge. Then, the terrorist, armed with a knife, rushed to enter the parliament. His chances of succeeding equaled zero. The number of victims was minimal. Would anyone who really wants to fight for the caliphate in Europe act that way? No. Even the last of the idiots would have found a way to dispatch to the other world a much more massive number of idle Europeans and tourists. Believe my words, it is not the processes that are lacking. Even the ingredients are freely available for sale. But no matter, the topic is another…

By comparing each terrorist attack to the others, I have come to the conclusion that the organizers of all these terrorist attacks are, first, the same people. And secondly, they do not want mass killings. Making several dozens victims is alright, but not hundreds, or thousands. This means that we are not facing a war of some people against others. And that those who hold its helm are on the inside. Therefore, the organizers of all this are European whites who pursue only their own goals.

The motivations and objectives may vary. To start with, from increasing the police or the army budgets, to influencing the policies of multiculturalism in order to stop it completely before it leads Europe to a fatal ending. In all cases, it is increasingly difficult to believe the Islamic connection in the organization of these terrorist attacks.

(Translated from the French by Systematic.)

RamblasLas Ramblas, a warren of shops and food stalls in Barcelona, was the site of a fatal attack on Thursday. Photo Albert Gea / Reuters



  1. GTFONWO says

    The War on Terror is FAKE.

    Everyone in the intelligence community knows it. 90% of these ‘attacks’ in western countries are false flags, designed to make us surrender our rights + freedoms and impose deeper control by the psychopathic global corporate controlers. Never against big banks, military bases etc – always soft civilian targets – always the cameras ‘just happen’ to be turned off at the time, always a ‘terrorist’ ‘just happens’ to drop their passport or ID card at the scene – there is a pattern, they have even been successfully predicted in advance! The culprits are now known. Look up Ole Dammegard: he’s busted the agent provocateurs – stunning work:

  2. It somehow did not register reading this article initially – it is important to point out that Barcelona like the others before it was staged. Whether anyone actually died or was injured cannot be stated for sure but judging by various bits of evidence these events are false-flag hoaxes rather than false flags where people really are killed and injured.

    Video entitled by the re-poster, Barcelona Terror en Farcelona, (farce in Spanish is hoax) showing a doll being set up and other things –

    Also, as previously mentioned we have video of the guy on the pavement in two bits of footage – one where he is lying down, has his foot in a bloody sock at a strange angle resting on his shoe (suggesting an injury which of itself looks faked) and the other piece of footage where he’s sitting with his feet in his shoes, showing no sign of injury drinking from a water bottle. We can only presume that both bits of footage should be AFTER the attack which does not add up –

  3. Eek says

    This new ambient terror is also consistent with the objective of diffusing the anxiety. That makes it more pervasive and better suited to justify ubiquitous state intrusions like surveillance or secret-police infiltration. In the good old days we were only scared to fly. Then you had to be scared to sun in your wheelchair on a cruise. Then you had to be scared of going somewhere with lots of people. Now you have to be extra scared of cars and cutlery. Soon you will have to be scared of terrorists who run down the street and punch you in the face. Because every little bullshit thing is terror. Except of course US state mass murder and torture and armed attack on civilians.

  4. Arthur Wake says

    Here are some random observations:

    Regarding the weaponsing of hired cars/vans/trucks, this strikes me as absurdly crude and inefficient as a terror tactic. In Sweden last year there were 35 recorded grenade attacks. Why are grenades or other small anti-personal munitions never deployed by these so-called soldiers of the Islamic State? How did Al Qeida manage to use these mysterious bombs in Madrid, London etc over a decade ago yet these days terrorists are reduced to
    And another point: ISIS in North Africa and the Middle East are notorious for producing high-quality propaganda videos with multiple camera, high definition footage professionally edited with music and graphics. Executions, car bombings, IEDs, combat footage – it’s all lovingly filmed in 4K and uploaded for distribution. So where’s the footage of these Western attacks? What little there is that makes its way into the public domain is incredibly short, low definition footage usually purporting to have been shot by some bystander. The camera person is always moving at speed and it’s impossible to make out anything more than vague blocks of pixels that could be casualties. The clips are never longer that a couple of seconds in duration and never graphic in content. Check out the footage of the French cop supposedly being shot in the head – it’s an obvious fake.
    Also anyone else noticed that the victims are always from NATO countries despite being in tourist destinations? Why are there never any Chinese, Indian, Russian or Brazilian victims? Think about that for a moment.
    Compare the eloquent tributes from the victims families and contrast with those of the genuinely bereaved for example in the recent Grendell Tower fire in London. The former lack the ring of truth and resemble closely the 911 and Sandy Hook vicsim eulogies. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourselves

    • Nailed it.

      Oh yes, the blurry video. How can you possibly produce video of such quality in this day and age without it being deliberate. And why would it be deliberate?

      This is the ONLY graphic information of the bomb scene at Manchester on the internet (which is shown at different levels of zoom and crop in the various publications). Do you think it looks remotely like the scene of a bombing where 22 died and 119 were injured?

      Oh, except for this little piece of leaked footage (watch for about 1 minute after bookmarked point.)

      • Except for Grenfell Tower. I’m afraid that was very much staged too. I simply do not understand why people have so much trouble getting that this event was staged as well as all the others. There are so many videos I could have linked to but the YouTubers’ channels have been shut down. There’s still some stuff up but it makes me sad that so many channels have been shut down. Why would they remove so many channels if there wasn’t truth in their videos?

        • Well that’s easy – while you be-live that many have been killed, injured or are suffering grief, loss and shock as a result of a calamity of neglect – with undercurrent rage to that neglect – would you warm to infotainment ‘truth’ videos that use the event to promote their beliefs?
          Regardless of the truth of the situation – one has to work with the truth of what is believed or get shut down. The kind of attitude that feels empowered to override everyone else because it is ‘right’ is the nature of the disease – metaphorically stated.
          Perhaps I generalize here because I haven’t seen Grenfell specific videos of this kind – but I have seen many others and like so much on the Net – one has to discern signal from noise – and wonder if the noise owns and runs the signal so as to make it non-credible. Isn’t that the way ‘truth’ is out in the open and no one wants to go near it?
          Desire FOR truth is quite different from assertion of lying as if that itself is the truth.
          If the ‘Answer’ to ‘what is really going on here?’ – is a competing narrative in blame and vengeance – then what does that really give you? I invite an ongoing education that has to expand to include watching our own reactions and triggers rather than reacting from inherited conditionings.
          Although I so see that deceitful means are used to serve the lesser evil in the mind of those who see nothing else – I also see a whole range of agencies whereby our social structure works to destructive outcomes. If everything is reduced to ‘They did it’ then you wont see where you are complicit – and that is likely the pay off.

          • As I say, I’m a prosaic person, Binra. When obvious staging is in plain sight I want to call it. Why not? There’s always some story out there so why not call the one you believe … and if it’s wrong then others can say so. I think it’s really quite problematic when everyone talks about things so guardedly and sits on the fence. There’s plenty of others to do that so I’d really rather just call it as I see it. I mean we are talking about events that are pretty significant here, aren’t we? I have to admit though people listen to you less and try to shut you down when you declare things being definitely this or that rather than simply suggesting possibilities. I do have to admit that. So maybe I really should learn to be more circumspect but it goes against my grain.

            Just a reminder of the Off-Guardian motto:
            Because facts really should be sacred

            • And just to add – this is what Francis Richard Conolly says in his film JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick

              All terrorism is fake. It is a military deception practiced by the rich upon the poor in an ongoing class war. Their most important weapon in this class war are television presenters. The BBC has actually become The Ministry of Truth of George Orwell’s 1984….Why is this happening right now? It’s happening because we no longer have an enemy. We have an unprecedented situation in which there is only one super state: the Anglo-American alliance…..The ruling group maintain their position in society by controlling the masses through fear. In order to make us believe that we must live in fear, the rich had to provide us with a new foreign enemy, a “bogeyman” who wants to conquer the world. The moment you have a world at peace, the keystone in the arch of ruling class power is gone. Every year America’s oligarchs take three trillion dollars out of America’s economy. This is how the rich have rigged the system – so that it benefits them at the expense of everyone else all of the time. To keep this fraud going, the public must be convinced of the need for military expenditure, and this is where all of the phony terror attacks come in. Here is Orwell’s definition of totalitarianism: ‘ A society living by and for continuous warfare in which the ruling caste have ceased to have any real function but succeed in clinging to power through force and fraud.’

            • I don’t say what you should do but illuminate why the way you do it will get blanked, shut down or criminalised – if you assert or impose being ‘right’ on others.

              The motto does not mean a lot to me as stated. Asserted and contested ‘facts’ may be held sacred by belief. That you ‘believe’ your ‘facts’ should or must force acceptance or adoption and compliance is no kind of relationship. That you expect others to simply ‘wake up’ to see as you see takes no account of their current and inherited belief-system, self-definition and world view. So my point is that the way you – or anyone – communicates, may sabotage or work against the true within their desire to communicate – which is not only about being right, and being the one to tell it to others who are seen as needing saving or correction.

              The art of communication is the art of relationship – and the word Art is the root of ‘To Be.
              The dark arts of deceit are applied to being/relationship/communication to steal a false light in contrast to the invoking of darkness, of self-conflicting and other-conflicting distrust, unworthiness and consequent judgement, denial and defence-attack.

              The nature of deceit is like the trojan horse in that it hides in the forms of righteousness, correctness, respectability or currency of acceptance – where once ‘taken in’ – acquires or usurps all the allegiance and defences due to the true nature of just and honourable relations.

              How then would you tell another that the world as they accept and live it is built upon or subverted by destructive ‘self-seeking’ lies? Well you can try – and perhaps learn from the result. You can only work with the willingness available – through your own. Willingness to pause from the ‘set of mind’ and listen within – or rather listen AS a true withinness of being – for beneath deceit and denial is that which is diverted and denied… by its own thought upon itself (regardless who seems to set the bait).

              Deceit will ‘lure out and feed’ the self-righteous over confident emotional reaction – as if it comes to ‘save the day’ – in order to set it up to serve deceit’s agenda. So I invite the caring discipline of conscious pause in which to ascertain where we are coming FROM – because emotional reaction is a false ambassador for true feeling connection.

              It is said – “wherever you go, there you are” – and this is also saying you can only arrive at the results of where you are coming from – as you accept and define yourself to be. Is it the True of you or an alloy? A fabrication or a false flagged baiting of reaction that protects a narrative assertion of an identity running on habit.

              Note that I am not engaging with whether or not deceits, cover-ups and ‘mind-control’ of the Big Lie operates through the miscasting or misuse of events, real, by intent or fabrication. Or of course all of the above.

              What is believed and accepted true operates the basis from which we live and frames our choices. If you accept nothing less that true (heartfelt discipline) then you will not use ‘dodgy foundations’ to put your life in and set forth upon and then you wont have the experience of feeling unsupported and alone and in need of power and defence against ‘Them’ as the reflection of a sense of abandonment, rejection and denial.

              What I write speaks to me from and as a sense of connection and shared purpose in being that you or anyone else is free to recognize themselves in (their own unique expression) or not. That deceits go deeper – and come home in ways that the mind did not expect, is disturbing to uncover. But I also indicate this disturbance is a natural opening to a healing or reintegrative consciousness – unless aborted and denied by allegiance to power in the world – given priority over true relation within and between ourselves and each other.

              Burying, denying and outsourcing pain of disturbance is a dying art. A disintegrating house of cards – excepting to the determination to cling to the lure of power in the world (for one’s self or identified group-self) in hatred and defiance of the sense of being denied as the fear-framed ‘consciousness’ of a phished mind-capture.

              There is a true Choice to the true of you that may be recognized by the absence of coercion and manufactured deceit. But it takes one to know one. You have to have some willingness for true to be found in its qualities of being. Dis-integrity of the false can make the way open for a true desire – but it cant make you drink.

          • “While you believe that many have been killed, injured or are suffering grief, loss and shock as a result of a calamity of neglect – with undercurrent rage to that neglect – would you warm to infotainment ‘truth’ videos that use the event to promote their beliefs?”

            Yes, people who believe the media story will probably be offended by humorous videos but your use of language is interesting. “Promote” their “beliefs”? It’s hardly beliefs. It’s evidentiary footage – in many cases at least. Are the posters “promoting” or simply showing the truth? Are the videos “infotainment”? Infotainment is a word I apply to slick, American TV not to false-flag hoax videos. Humour with information isn’t automatically infotainment. I think the humour actually has a benefit. It underlines how utterly ridiculous these things are.

            “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.”
            – Friedrich Nietzsche

            And what makes it so much more ridiculous is that it’s in PLAIN SIGHT. In this candid footage we see a pantsless mannequin – what? – they’ve introduced mannequin porn into the false-flag hoaxes now? And for goodness’ sake how many shoes off are there? Anyone who’s told that the power elite love their freemasonry symbols of shoes off can tell at a glance now which events are faked. They’re all full of shoes off.

            • Deceits, errors and false thinking can be brought to light to a more open account – but the framing of this will still be a matter of belief, opinion and conjecture. Those who are blind to their beliefs are those who claim the ‘FACT’ as a means to establish their own over another. In the name of the ‘Fact’ comes tyrannous cruelty.
              Yet facts that are supported and congruent that call a narrative to question are witnesses to true account – unless woven into a counter narrative – in which they mask as ‘moral truth – as a force for good that must be aligned in OR ELSE!

              It may be a fact that individual beliefs align with a sense of power and protection in terms of thriving or surviving the situation as they define themselves in it. Because even insane belief has a basis in getting something or getting away from something, (Power and protection), but in subjective reality interpretations that are out of accord with current social definitions and agreements – which are not sane because they are mutually believed and reinforced – but may assert rules for sanity that are enforced.

              I would be surprised if the ‘truther’ movement is not being actively subverted to work its own ‘ignorability’ or designation as ‘insane’ behaviour. But it may be that many often do this by themselves anyway and don’t need disinfo agents to mix in more noise than signal. ‘Useful idiots’ operate anti-life agenda unknowing while believing the unquestionable Rightness of their cause. Perhaps the whole distortion runs as action and reaction to the idea and fear of evil (outcome) in – or as a result of what is seen in the other. An escalation of untruth in attempt to evade evil – that becomes the right to use evil means for a ‘good’ or less evil outcome. And the expectation or suspicion therefore that everyone else is also lying – and such is the nature of human society. Does truth make belief or belief make itself seem true?

              I am not doubting that insane thinking is effecting insane behaviour that induces that re-propagates insane thinking. But while we attack our own intent as we judge it – in others – we do not relate or communicate as brothers. Not ‘brotherhood’ as an imposed idea – but the Fact that the same life moves or embodies and expresses in us all – each in our own ongoing acceptance of self-defining meanings.

  5. Jen says

    Has anyone twigged that this terrorist attack in Barcelona occurs about six weeks before Catalonia has its independence referendum on 1 October 2017, and that the Catalan government’s decree to officially call the referendum takes place in late August? Just as one of the London terrorist attacks earlier this year took place about a week or so before the general election?

    The timing of these attacks should be enough for us to consider whether Maxim Bushmin is on to something.

    • Well I do wonder at the seemingly oblivious governments that control these cities, as one after the other get hit in like fashion. When people congregate on a street with shops and stalls selling goods, you would think that the minimum safety measures would include barricades to motor traffic at each end of the street.

      • Oh no, Archie. That’s what they’re going to do. Bollard us out of existence. These things are faked. There is no need for all the bullshit security at airports, bollards, etc. It’s all faked terror. Please.

        • … and what’s the betting that the bollards will be controllable, just like the CCTV. When they want the CCTV to work on the plebs they work fine but when they want to do their unmonitored stuff they don’t. When they want to do stuff that requires bollards down, they’ll be able to but the plebs will always be controlled by them. The global fascist state … it’s acomin’ if not already here. Watch out.

      • sorrel badger says

        Archie, I take it you don’t know La Rambla? It is a busy two-way main road with a wide pedestrian walkway in the middle. Cars, motorbikes, buses, taxis, lorries etc can drive up or down it at any time. Do some research before posting ignorant statements, please!

    • And perhaps the Gematria (words coded into numbers) is significant? I have to say as soon as people start talking Gematria my mind starts to spin and I have a hard time not thinking that they can make the numbers work whichever way the want (although I think the evidence for significant numbers such as 22 and 33 is pretty clear). But it’s interesting to consider.

    • I agree. The Westminster “terror attack” occurred one week before the Brexit Article 50 letter was delivered in Brussels. The Manchester and London Bridge attacks occurred 17 days (Manchester) and 5 days (London Bridge) before the General Election, which May claims she called to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. Now that those negotiations are under way the attacks have ceased and the focus has likely shifted to trying to scupper or stall Brexit at the negotiating table.

      For my money the EU referendum and its result have created war by other means, right from the start and the murder of Jo Cox (falsely flagged to a “Britain First” pro-Brexit nationalist). It seems that to me “Remainers” (probably not U.K. based) are behind these events, using the typical patsies we have come to expect.

  6. I.K. says

    The author is clearly using basic logical fallacies to arrive at his conclusion. He assumes that the goal of these terrorists should be to kill as many people as possible, but then uses several examples of low-casualty terror attacks to illustrate his point that these attacks are being planned by special services to keep fear instilled in the hearts and minds of the general populace.

    First, the author cherry picks his data. There have been numerous terror attacks that have been effective at killing large numbers of people. The Nice terror attacks are but one example, in which 86 innocent people died. Most terror attacks done by lone-wolves don’t kill hundreds of people. 9/11 is one exception, and as I mentioned, Nice is another anomaly. The terrorists simply don’t have the means to kill more than a few people; hence, they use trucks, cars, and target crowded areas.

    As for the author’s examples of terror attacks in which the terrorist uses poor strategy, that is simply because these people don’t care about how many they kill. This is the most basic point the author overlooks. These terror attacks increased rapidly when ISIS began losing large swaths of territory. Thus, if the media coverage of these attacks was relentless, then the author is correct in saying this was the attackers’ intention. But that does not mean there is some conspiracy here; media coverage is what ISIS wanted when instructing these attacks to target various iconic places. The number of people dead never mattered to them as much as the propaganda value of attacking a capital city, and an iconic attraction of the nation.

    “Novorossia Today” is an imperialist website advocating for a Greater Russia.

    • Well the author raises a number of points that others here take and respond to in a number of ways. I felt it more the willingness to ask questions than supply answers.
      The nature of deceit is that it can mask in any form or appearance – and set suspicions and conflicts among any discussion or thinking. Emotion backed reaction is manipulatable.
      If your current belief is that these actually are terrorist attacks for the purpose of suicide into paradise in exchange for wreaking death and destruction on a few tourists in no particular place – then what can I say to you but that you must want to believe it. You must be the successful target as a base of belief and support for the giving up of power for the ruse of protection.
      How you bring a narrative of ‘Greater Russian expansionism’ into this topic and for why – escapes me – but perhaps that is your contribution and all the rest is padding?
      Has the US dropped the A – because it no longer recognizes anyone else’s borders. Is broad spectrum dominance (in every field and mode of influence) not a global takeover bid – that may in fact sacrifice the USA as a shift to anywhere – because transnational dominance has no home but only a host to use and use up. The mind we see in others – is a facet or our own – how could it be otherwise!
      I don’t have to defend Russia – but I do see that anyone anywhere has a call to defend against corruption that works destruction.

      • I.K. says

        Hello binra,

        “If your current belief is that these actually are terrorist attacks for the purpose of suicide into paradise in exchange for wreaking death and destruction on a few tourists in no particular place – then what can I say to you but that you must want to believe it.”

        This is a perfectly reasonable narrative to believe. Are you denying that there are religious fanatics who want to blow themselves up in the capital of a European country so as to spread the name of their terrorist organization, ISIS? I already addressed the argument of the number of casualties – sometimes there are many, like Nice, and sometimes only a few. What number of people dead would be expected by you?

        “How you bring a narrative of ‘Greater Russian expansionism’ into this topic”

        Because I find it strange that an irredentist website is trying to spread false narratives about terror attacks in the West. Certainly seems outside of its domain, wouldn’t you say?

        • We there you are – a perfectly reasonable I.K in an insane world.
          Just group associated labels together and suddenly it all makes perfect sense ! – all that remains is to eradicate the insane. See how that goes…

          The nature of our collective insanity is well protected by identity politics that sets against the perceived evil.
          The cultivation and use of Wahhabi terrorism is a proxy weapon of war – and of the intent disintegration of Europe.

          Anyone meeting evil can be fooled to think that fighting it is defacto ‘good’.
          I hold with Jesus that what we resist persists.
          Not because he said ‘resist ye not evil’
          But because I have seen that that becomes a corrupted and deceived agency of the very hate ‘opposed’.
          The evil in the human heart masks itself so as to maintain its employ.

          I believe that every instance is a unique situation that needs to be met with honesty of being and not classified, systemized and manipulated to operate in place of a living relationship.

          I haven’t met anyone who fits your description – but if you can imagine it – it is real for you at some level.
          I cannot trust the accounts of events that are relayed in the Media. Someone else is inducing them to ‘tell’ us what to think. But I understand that people feel compelled by their circumstances to kill the truth while shouting bollocks – and thus keeping their job, their social standing, its privileges and perks and no doubt a narrative justification drawing on needing to believe what isn’t true as if their life depends on it.

          I am convinced that many psycho-active pharma drugs result in violence to self and to others.
          I am also aware that gov agencies operating unaccountably, have and almost certainly still do – ‘research’ every possible means to set up and operate ‘mind-control’ subjects – which brings in such depraved and hateful acts that I don’t care to elucidate. So of course I believe that anyone who knows not what they do can do anything while operating (being used by) a deceiving hate. It happens a lot in all kinds of ways, but the Media focus where they are told or trained or conditioned to focus.

          A mainstream article would not be likely to ask the questions that this article does. Because “if you are not clearly and publicly with ‘US’ by clearly and publicly showing ‘against them’ – you are supporting them – one of them or even worse than them!”

          But that’s an false-framed real threat – of terrorizing compliance.

          Spreading false narrative?
          Do you not accuse of what you are the doing of.

          I see terrorism operating to destroy intellectual capacity by blatantly running ‘fake reality’ in a number of ways.
          On the other hand I see the illumination of the devices of deceit as part of releasing them from my own currency of word and deed.

    • I.K.
      I thought, when reading your comment, you were making a valid point, right up to the moment your parting shot was this: ““Novorossia Today” is an imperialist website advocating for a Greater Russia.”
      It isn’t just incongruous it’s downright strange and makes a complete mockery of all that you wrote previous to it. So now my question is this. Did you believe any of what you wrote or was it all a convincing narrative with the sole purpose of dropping the last weird and wonderful divergent and irrelevant comment? Manipulators and treachery abound, but they are not all confined to Novorussia Today………..n’est ce pas?

      • I.K. says

        Hello mohandeer,

        I agree with you when you say that “manipulators and treachery abound, but they are not all confined to Novorussia Today”. I was just surprised that such a website was being promoted here, an explicitly anti-imperialist website. The expansion of borders through the use of contract soldiers is something quite wrong, as is the irredentism displayed by the “Novorussia Today”. I thought is strange that such a website is focused on planting the seed of doubt in the hearts and minds of Westerners. Certainly, it serves the interests of the Kremlin of Westerners start believing all terror attacks are “false flags”.

        • I don’t know the news outlet you have issues about – are you an anti-anti-imperialist? What is the world coming to! I know of many media outlets that are unworthy of the name but I do not regard publicizing an article from any of them as either inherently worthless or promoting their website.
          It is a matter of honour to acknowledge sources. I don’t want falsely attributed or anonymous articles

           •    The designation of an event as ‘terrorism’ is one thing.

          •  Their provenance or agencies of action is another. (IE Who is really behind it)

          • The use they are put to by cartels, lobbies, mobs, yobs, governments or yourself is another.

          IF you educated yourself with regard to released documents of past events such as operation gladio – and a whole raft of ‘hidden history’ you would know a lot more about the use of terror as a ‘standard’ weapon of war – including intra societal conflicts of interest.

          There are many ways to run a business so as to make finding out a true account of who and what and when extremely difficult – just as in banking uses financial complexities designed to be incomprehensible. Clever and powerful interests act to protect or grow that power against threat of loss. To what degree any true government still exists in the ‘West’ is unclear – because the financial and corporate capture of a socially engineered society is almost complete – and in many ways it doesn’t need the big evil agency to do this – because we willingly give power away – even while believing we are empowering our security.

          A detective should be willing to question evidences that could have been contrived as a false trail. That does not mean defacto they are presumed false – but everything has to be evaluated honestly – and any theory put to test to see if it can be disproved. But the order to ‘stand down’ or ‘dont go there’ or any number of other constraints – all add up to no genuine official investigative action. ‘National security’ operates a blanket hideout for anything that is felt too big to reveal – or fail… and in the darkness binds them.

          • I.K. says

            Hello binra,

            I think it is ironic you used Gladio to as an example. Operation Gladio was a secret stay-behind program to aid countries in case of a Soviet invasion. Some state that Gladio involved “false flags” by NATO to implicate left-wing forces in Europe of terrorism. That is confirmed Soviet disinformation and it’s incredible how effective it still is today. These claims are based on documents forged by the Soviets, as part of a disinformation campaign. The Soviets created something called the Westmoreland Field Manual ( This manual discussed top secret counter insurgency tactics, including creating a “strategy of tension” involving violent attacks to blame on radical left-wing groups in order to convince allied governments of the need for counter-action. One problem: it is a confirmed Soviet forgery disseminated in the 1970s:

            “In February 1976, a photocopy of the bogus FM 30-31B was left on the bulletin board of the Embassy of the Philippines in Bangkok, Thailand with a cover note from an anonymous “concerned citizen.” This is a typical Soviet bloc practice. Surfacing attracted little attention. FM 30-31B reappeared in 1978 when it was reprinted in two Spanish publications, El Pais (18 September) and El Triunfo (23 September). This was the work of a Spanish communist and a Cuban intelligence officer. Since September 1978, the manual and/or articles concerning it haveappeared in the world press in more than 20 countries, including the United States. In summer 1979, the Soviets prepared Portuguese-language copies of the forgery andcovertly circulated them among military officers in Lisbon. The document first appeared in Turkey in the 1970s, before being circulated to other countries. It was also used to falsely implicate the CIA as being behind the assassination of former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro.”

            You can even view the forged document yourself:

            The above link contains the State Department’s response to these allegations. This disinformation was mainly spread via a book called “NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe,” by Daniele Ganser. Among its smoking guns is Field Manual FM 30-31B, which details the methodology for launching terrorist attacks in nations that “do not react with sufficient effectiveness” against “communist subversion.” However, there is no FM 30-31B. It doesn’t even exist. And as is evident from the above quote, it was a forgery.

            This reminds me very much of Operation INFEKTION. The Soviets used the exact same strategy of forged documents + spreading it via KGB-controlled front groups to embassies and media outlets, to spread the conspiracy theory that the U.S. government created the AIDS virus.

            This is primarily why I find it so suspect that a website called “Novorussia Today” would try to spread disinformation so similar to the one about Gladio.

            • Well that is very easy and convenient. You have your case closed then.

            • “Some state that Gladio involved “false flags” by NATO to implicate left-wing forces in Europe of terrorism. That is confirmed Soviet disinformation and it’s incredible how effective it still is today.”

              I.K., the bullshit artist, hath returned.

              To set the record straight on Gladio:

              As to the issue of the bogus FM 30-31B:

              “US Army Field Manual 30-31B serves as perhaps the most damning piece of evidence confirming the nature of the stay-behind armies and the strategies they employed, outlining a strategy of tension involving violent attacks which are then blamed on radical left-wing groups in order to convince allied governments of the need for counter-action. While official sources in the US government have predictably labeled this document a forgery (Claude Cockburn’s line, “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied” springs to mind), others disagree, including former deputy director of the CIA, Ray S. Cline, who has stated it to be genuine, and Licio Gelli, the leader of the P2 freemason lodge implicated in Gladio terror attacks throughout Italy who bluntly told the BBC’s Allan Francovich, “The CIA gave it to me”.” — Norm’s emphasis (this paragraph from a piece you can find on my blog titled “Boston, False Flags and the Strategy of Tension” / Source for my emphasis: here i.e., Peter Dale Scott et al.

              • I.K. says

                Mr. Pilon, instead of calling me offensive words, you ought to do better research.

                You fallaciously assume that just because a former deputy director of the CIA said he thought the documents were true, that this means the documents are real.

                A classic “appeal to authority” fallacy.

                First, Ray Cline ended involvement with the CIA and the U.S. government in 1973. The forged document, FM 30-31B, was released in 1976. Not only that, but he never even confirmed that the document is real. Here is the exact quote from your linked documentary:

                “Well, I suspect it is an authentic document. I don’t doubt it. I never saw it but it’s the kind of special forces military operations that are described. On the other hand you gotta recall, that the defense department and the president don’t initiate any of those orders, until there is an appropriate occasion.”

                So, he never saw the document, and he is asked whether a document he never saw is real or not, which was released after he left the government. His testimony is as worthless as a rat’s. He was never in any position to prove the document’s validity.

                As for Licio Gelli’s claims of the CIA “giving” him the document, that is not proof of the document’s validity. He could easily have been fooled by a KBG agent pretending to be a CIA agent. He could also be lying. But if this is the best “evidence” for this obvious forgery, then it is quite weak.

                The U.S. Army did have a Field Manual (FM) 30-31 in the 1970s, and a “Supplement A” to it existed, but not a “Supplement B.” The “Supplement B” was a forgery concocted by the KGB.

                • Can one do better research than with Peter Dale Scott?

                  And what is so offensive about being called a bullshit artist if that is what one is?

                • Oh, look, another piece by Peter Dale Scott, a scholar and sleuth extraordinaire, titled, Systemic Destabilization in Recent American History:
                  9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension

                  Just to quote the piece at random:

                  Quote begins:

                  From an American standpoint, it is easy to see clearly how Italian history was systematically destabilized in the second half of the 20th century, by a series of what I call structural deep events. I have defined these as “events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, or 9/11, which violate the … social structure, have a major impact on … society, repeatedly involve law-breaking or violence, and in many cases proceed from an unknown dark force.”2

                  The examples in Italy, well known to Italians, include the Piazza Fontana bombing of 1969, the Piazza della Loggia bombing of 1974, and the Bologna railway bombing of 1980.

                  These bombings, in which over one hundred civilians were killed and many more wounded, were attributed at the time to marginal left-wing elements of society. However, thanks chiefly to a series of investigations and judicial proceedings, it is now clearly established that the bombings were the work of right-wing elements in collusion with Italian military intelligence, as part of an on-going “strategy of tension” to discredit the Italian left, encourage support for a corrupt status quo, and perhaps move beyond democracy altogether.3 As one of the conspirators, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, later stated, “The December 1969 explosion was supposed to be the detonator which would have convinced the political and military authorities to declare a state of emergency.”4

                  Vinciguerra also revealed that he and others had also been members of a paramilitary “stay-behind” network originally organized at the end of World War II by the CIA and NATO as “Operation Gladio.”

                  In 1984, questioned by judges about the 1980 Bologna station bombing, Vinciguerra said: “With the massacre of Peteano, and with all those that have followed, the knowledge should by now be clear that there existed a real live structure, occult and hidden, with the capacity of giving a strategic direction to the outrages…[it] lies within the state itself…There exists in Italy a secret force parallel to the armed forces, composed of civilians and military men, in an anti-Soviet capacity that is, to organise a resistance on Italian soil against a Russian army…A secret organisation, a super-organisation with a network of communications, arms and explosives, and men trained to use them…A super-organisation which, lacking a Soviet military invasion which might not happen, took up the task, on Nato’s behalf, of preventing a slip to the left in the political balance of the country. This they did, with the assistance of the official secret services and the political and military forces.5

                  Gladio connections to sustained false-flag violence, again involving NATO and the CIA, were subsequently revealed in other countries, notably Belgium and Turkey.6″

                  Quote ends.

                  Who are you going to believe, Mr. I.K., the ravings of your overwrought imagination or the carefully collated information provided by Scott?

                • Oh, what the heck, I might as well quote from Scott something a bit more relevant to our “dispute:”

                  Quote begins:

                  The original purpose of Gladio was to consolidate resistance in the event of a Soviet takeover. But many of the senior Italians involved in the bombings implicated the CIA and NATO in them as well:

                  General Vito Miceli, the Italian head of military intelligence, after his arrest in 1974 on a charge of conspiring to overthrow the government, testified “that the incriminated organization, … was formed under a secret agreement with the United States and within the framework of NATO.” Former Italian defense minister Paulo Taviani told Magistrate Casson during a 1990 investigation “that during his time in office (1955-58), the Italian secret services were bossed and financed by ‘the boys in Via Veneto’—i.e. the CIA agents in the U.S. Embassy in the heart of Rome.” In 2000 “an Italian secret service general [Giandelio Maletti] said . . . that the CIA gave its tacit approval to a series of bombings in Italy in the 1970s to sow instability and keep communists from taking power. . . . ‘The CIA wanted, through the birth of an extreme nationalism and the contribution of the far right, particularly Ordine Nuovo, to stop (Italy) sliding to the left,’ he said.”7

                  Another conspirator, Carlo Digilio, “described how he passed on details of planned bomb attacks to his CIA contact, Captain David Carret, who had told him that the bombing campaign was part of a US plan to create a state of emergency.”8 Daniele Ganser, in his important book Nato’s Secret Armies, has endorsed a Spanish report that in 1990 NATO Secretary General Manfred Wörner (a German politician and diplomat) secretly confirmed that NATO’s headquarters, SHAPE, was indeed responsible:

                  The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), directing organ of NATO’s military apparatus, coordinated the actions of Gladio, according to the revelations of Gladio Secretary-General Manfred Wörner during a reunion with the NATO ambassadors of the 16 allied nations.9

                  Extrapolating from such testimony, Ola Tunander has compared the strategy of tension in Italy, with its false-flag bombing attacks, to “what the Turkish military elite might describe as the correction of the course of democracy by the ‘deep state’ [a Turkish term].”10

                  But I believe it would be too simplistic an analysis to blame the Italian strategy of tension exclusively on Vinciguerra’s “super-organisation which… took up the task [of false-flag bombings], on Nato’s behalf.” There appear to have been other directing forces besides NATO and those elements Vinciguerra was aware of through Italian military intelligence (the SID, later SISMI). It is important to recall that the Italian trials of those convicted for the 1980 Bologna bombing implicated not only Vinciguerra, SISMI, and Gladio, but also elements of the Italian mafia (the Banda della Magliana) and the Italian Masonic Lodge Propaganda-Due (P-2), with links to criminal bankers and the Vatican.11

                  In short, if we suggest that something like the Turkish deep state was involved in the Italian strategy of tension, this does not suggest a solution to the Italian mystery, so much as a zone, or interlocking network, for further research.

                  Quote ends.

                  I wonder if the remaining mystery that Scott has in mind has anything to do with the KGB and constant its thorough infiltration and constant manipulation of the CIA and Washington? 😉

                  • I.K. says

                    Carlo Digilio made many claims, but they were never proven by Judge Salvini.

                    Page 61:


                    As for all the other claims, the worse they say is that the CIA mere gave approval for the attacks. So, a bunch of fascists thought of doing terror attacks and went to inform the CIA of this, to which the CIA said it had no objections. Obviously, this is wrong, but not the same as the CIA helping these people perform the terror attacks.

                    • Yeah . . . erm . . . right: the CIA probably didn’t object.

                      So let me get this straight, what you are saying is that the CIA in effect said when it was approached by the Italian conspirators, “Well, you know, this is all highly unorthodox and highly unethical, let alone illegal, and it’s certainly not anything that’s in Field Manual 30-31B, and we ourselves would never engage in anything like this, because we are not as ruthlessly unprincipled as the Russians, and since this isn’t our country and you are completely free to act according to your own lights even though you are but vassals in our empire, how can we prevent you?”

                      And so in this way, feeling a tad bewildered that the Italian fascists had even approached them to tell them what they were contemplating, the CIA could not but simply stand aside, uncertain of what it should do, shocked by the lengths to which its Italian proxies were willing to go to derail Italian democracy, to nudge both the Italian electorate and the country’s government authorities slightly to the right . . .

                      Well at least you have now gone from, “. . . that Gladio involved “false flags” by NATO . . . is confirmed Soviet disinformation,” to “it was the Italians acting on their own,” with the Soviet disinformation now presumably really being that “the CIA, in command of and overseeing the Gladio network, encouraged or ordered the ‘false flags.’” But we can rest assured that the latter claim is disinformation because the Americans would never ever encourage or order anything of the like, and because you, I.K., know this, any suggestion by the Soviets or anyone else to the contrary is “confirmed disinformation.”

                      But even your p.61. quote of Anna Cento Bull’s book doesn’t quite go that far, does it? It only states that “the precise role” played by the Cladio network in stragismo has never been precisely detailed by the Italian judiciary. But your original point was, again? Oh, that’s right, something about “confirmed Soviet disinformation . . .”

                  • Norman – as I sense you know I write in thematic exploration of shared interest rather than seeking a personal response – though of course I pick up on what you spark for me in the general theme of subterfuge and deceit)

                    “I wonder if the remaining mystery that Scott has in mind has anything to do with the KGB and constant its thorough infiltration and constant manipulation of the CIA and Washington?” (see # below where I come to this in a more literal sense).

                    Yes – though I sense more than a little irony here – it raises the chestnut of just who is who behind all the subterfuge. If any foreign interest can be seen to be running the USA as a proxy force and asset, the Russian state would not qualify – but the influence of the ‘Jewish’ asset is no conspiracy – being out in the open – yet set up in such a way as not to be open to criticism or account. I use the term ‘asset’ as it is really a ‘manipulative transnational identity politic’ that all power-seeking resorts to as the embodiment of its own identity conflict (mind-capture). So perhaps any such ‘chosen’ exemplars of a subtlety of deceit and audacious persistence illuminate the nature of the lie and the father of the lie – not because of any racial characteristic – but as a cultural identity fusing a self-special elitism asserting the right to use or subvert any form of appearance or agreement to support and enforce its narrative identity.

                    These ‘fingerprints’ are pervasive as the subversion of the mind by setting up or fuelling conflicting identities that work to undermine what there is of trust, communication and solidarity arising from a sense of recognition of self in the other. Without which a blind vengeance enacts the ‘dominion’ it feels deprived of, denied or unrecognized in. Again I see this deep in the foundations of our psyche – but generally checked in expression.

                    Most two or three year old kids exemplify such rage in tantrum – and none of us wholly released the rage so much as adopted other strategies to get what we felt or feared we were lacking, denied or deprived of. Hence a manipulative personality layer to human society whose behaviour can be seen as a ‘fallen or corrupted’ nature.
                    More manipulative masking seeks to offset, compensate or mitigate the hateful aspect of such a world – and the scapegoat is the mutual intent to ‘see’ or project all of the hate onto the one framed as despicable and unworthy of life, or any extension of humanity.

                    It is also observable that we (or rather our minds) are conditioned by unresolved trauma – and that experience of being hated and denied models that as our consciousness-adaptation or ‘world’ as a persistent substratum from which everything is interpreted and re-enacted through the unconscious template of cultural and persona beliefs that often run with no recognition or conscious articulation – EXCEPTING as the subtler judgements upon of the mind and behaviour of OTHERS. Hence the accuser hates, points and stones its own sin in the OTHER as the fundamental protection against the exposure of the hated AND the murderer within. However Jesus illustrates that this is the basis for releasing the false – and the murder of Jesus illustrates that the false HAS to kill – and deny or subvert the true in order to ‘prevail or survive’ as ‘power’. Such has been the nature of a ‘world’ possessed by ‘fear of loss’.

                    All kinds of hidden and shifting agencies of influence operate shadow power – just as within my mind I notice all kinds of ruses whereby I don’t see or really own what in fact I am the acceptance of or alignment in. The mind is ingeniously ‘quick’ as psychic-emotional defence – because it is already framing thought – such that anyone who thinks to be a step ahead is captured – and anyone who thinks to be behind has hidden agenda by which letting others lead, or playing victim, escapes thereby from awakening honesty in an ‘identity’.

                    But walking together may sometimes take roles of leading or following as the embodiment of common or shared purpose aligned in shared worth in which we are identified perfectly (or lacking not in appreciation and gratitude of Meaning). If we are not accepting or aligned with true worth – nothing we ‘add to our self’ will do more than ‘mask over’ as the wish we had it – in envy in hate that steals from or seeks to corrupt those who do. Because what we accept for ourself is the basis of what we then ‘give out’ or extend to others and meet.

                    To meet the truly worthy, one must be equal to it.

                    Thoughts on the Soviets and USA:

                    I cant recall the source offhand but I have read accounts in which ousted Soviet power class were inducted into US power circles – they all worked the same scripted agenda anyway – whereupon they effected some level of coup. This sort of ‘infiltration’ may also be noted for selected Nazis (Paperclip) – or the wholesale induction of the previous Nazi European intelligence network as US Intel. Are they grafted branches or offshoots of the same rootstock? Do not birds of a feather flock together? My interest is in recognizing and releasing false thinking so as to align in true desire and meeting a different experience (flock). Not to engage in anti-narrative narrative but rather leading the mind to rest from reactive recycling of fear-chemistry.

                    Shared intelligence is common purpose and central intelligence is the ‘unipolar’ fantasy of control over life that can only make a sham – of a dead end – once the host is hollowed out and laid waste. The wages of sham are a ‘living death’ or reversal of the true order in which only death is real power – and all else is dishonest, weak moral pretence or hateful heresy. How can it be a lie to assume power over the weak, deluded and dangerously insane?

                    But the nature of what mind is – remains unchanged by what we use it for – so we may rise from death- worship with living eyes by not joining in sham – nor in shame – whenever we notice the bait or trigger of a falsely framing narrative deceit. Every day is rich with opportunity to release who you are not to the rising appreciation of the presence of being that embraces and aligns even the perceptions and conceptions of adaptation within an ‘insane world’. Power corrupts because it is a deceitful distortion of what power truly is. In intimate recognition it has been said – (and feeble parroted) that all power is of God – and the fig-leaf priests made a super ego for their own identity assertion. But regardless of what words or whether words are used – all power is ‘gifted’ to align in, behold and share in – but to presume it for oneself is an identity theft… a phished mind.

                    Self-honesty is not ‘narrative control’ but it does feel for the way of a continuity of what is worthy in whatever we have grown to believe – such that abilities to hurt ourself/each other are realigned to serve ourselves/each other. Not by assumptions of reactive ‘central control’ but as the result of the release of the isolating illusion of control. Our being seems to come back online when we release the conflicted identity – but of course it did not go anywhere while we engaged in a dissociation.

                    While we have need of story – let it serve an awakening humanity in place of vengeance by which to dehumanize ourselves and denature our world. I sense a Major Reset underway – and that to me calls for making sure I am aligned in what I resonate and hold true. I never could make anyone else’s choice and lost my true awareness to the belief that I needed to. An emergent Global Consciousness is inevitable and in many ways already here – but the hijacking of it is masking as if to subvert the movement of being. That is what it ‘is and does’; as narrative overlay upon – at at cost of felt intimacy within the movement of being. Narrative overlay is also known as ‘thinking’, believed and acted upon – or indeed ‘thought control’.

                    • Hi Binra.
                      I read your response to Norm and was reminded of something I witnessed a few years ago. I shall not recount the details as it refers to something most people cannot relate to.
                      We see what we want to see and if the vision shakes our founded belief we can contrive all manner of justification even if presented with evidence to the contrary by an outside party. Human beings have long since lost what was once probably quite innate, it’s called instinct. We learned instead to communicate via a language and in doing so learned to fail miserably in basic and honest communication such as might be observed in an infant.
                      All of us have been conditioned since birth, some of us can re-evaluate our core beliefs and even question them and a few can wade through the words people use to affirm their beliefs and find the truth. They can only succeed when the words refer to the present since historical narratives can distort beyond recognition the original truths and those who wrote the history all did so from their own viewpoint.
                      How then, do we begin to evaluate words given without being able to see with our own eyes, listen with our own ears and “sense” with what is left of our once innate instinct?
                      We can change perspective on matters where truth and facts have been denied, but how do we view events as they unfold, without being influenced by our own mental thought processes already being heavily influenced?
                      You obviously understand well enough the human condition of lying to itself, but in plain words, how do we begin, or where do we start, on viewing events unfolding using your critical eye?
                      I think I’m cheating, trying to get where I want to be without having to do all the hard graft and headache of applying my meager intellect to something that is probably beyond it’s capacity to assimilate. I often wish I could see the world through Norman’s eyes or st. Aug, even BigB and of course, yourself. What is it you all possess that allows you to cut through the fog of disinformation when it isn’t obvious?
                      If only my lurcher could read, I often wonder if I wouldn’t be better off seeing the world through Gracie’s eyes, unencumbered by intelligence(however limited) and living life with thoughts about when my mum will feed me, take me walkies and whether I can get a cuddle from her being the sole concerns worrying my brain.
                      No wonder so many content themselves with lies and disinformation rather than trying to disseminate the truth from the lies.
                      ” I sense a Major Reset underway – and that to me calls for making sure I am aligned in what I resonate and hold true. I never could make anyone else’s choice and lost my true awareness to the belief that I needed to.”
                      What I resonate with and hold true may not be what I think it is, so how do I align myself?

                    • What we are not the willingness to see or accept now will not be seen recognized, for defences operate as the acceptance instead of a process or a set of conditions to interject and put time and distance between seeking and finding.

                      Rather than look from a sense of lack as an expression of a need to ‘get’, why not grow what you have/are by living it with more conscious appreciation? I don’t regard my writing as intellectual analysis or a result of taking thought – so much as willingness to listen and give form to the current movement as I resonate in, recognize and accept myself to be. Is this not simply living the relational moment at hand? The key is receiving instead of self-assertion or self-presentation.

                      Fear’s ‘mind operates a censoring defence, such that one’s thought system is protected as ‘me’ and anything coming in is scanned for threat, or for ammunition or support or resource and translated into terms of that meaning structure for that purpose of ‘getting’ or blocked from entering without even being actually heard or seen.

                      The mind can manufacture private reality distortions of invested identity upon Existence – that filter, limit and block awareness of being by engaging the ‘experience’ of our thought bubble sense of meanings as personal and collective identity reinforcement. It matters because I mind. Why do I mind? What is moving me?

                      I come to social/political awareness from a different perspective than politically defined identity struggle. My comments always invite bridging to awakening responsibility for thought – instead of assigning responsibility as blame to behaviours and assigning judgement and calling for ‘punishment’.

                      If fear is alright to fully feel – and breathe into and trust through to uncover perspective in being – then dissociation as ‘mind’ defined in problem does not occur in the same way – there is free awareness in which to notice, that is otherwise suppressed when engaged in struggle or flight. If fear is not alright to feel, the mind will invoke and align as a diversionary device along with running unnoticed. This operates a way to ‘look away’, evade and mitigate fear by any number of strategies. You see these operating in the world and in others and begin to uncover them in yourself. When you ask and don’t find – is it because hidden vested interests ensure such an outcome?

                    • Hi Binra,
                      “When you ask and don’t find – is it because hidden vested interests ensure such an outcome?”
                      Trust me to start from the last first, but the answer I believe is no. To encompass some of your earlier comments, I do not actually have a political stand, everything I judge is from the viewpoint of whether what is being done to others is something I would have done to me – just as Jesus taught. When I read of alternative narratives (as this article clearly states), I only have what I previously suspected in mind which had completely overlooked the possibility of Bushmin’s research, so I would say that I am open to alternative thinking.
                      What I find a little disturbing is the willfulness of some people to “jump on the bandwagon” without heed to or consideration of contradictory opinion or facts. I sometimes sit on the fence because no-one has offered a solution or proofs or even well reasoned and even handed argument in favour or against a stated point of view.
                      I simply don’t have the tools to dissect argument from the Occam’s Razor beginnings to determine where I staand and it annoys me.
                      I’m only an opinioniated jumped up little madam when I’m sure of where I stand on an argument where I believe to the best of my knowledge, I have all the facts and it’s not coloured by any preferential outcome based on personal preference but on how it relates to those it harms. Oh I don’t know, I try to remain honest and “righteous”, but it can only ever be my best shot(when I’m not being downright contentious).
                      Thanks anyway for the response, I’ll re-read it(again) after I’ve walked the dogs.
                      🙂 Susan

                    • The nature of the ‘conundrum’ is that IF we were aware of it – it would no longer operate. Hence the belief that we make free choices when those choices are framed and to some extent predetermined by narrative reality – which is what is accepted true by being acted from as ‘real’. Hence the desire to persist illusion defends against interruption or violation of its chosen focus.

                      What if new ‘information’ was not in the form of ‘thinking’ – alternative or otherwise? But as a recognition of fresh expanded and joy-aligned perspective upon what is no longer seen as a state of disconnection and subjection?

                      A presumption or demand that the ‘answer’ must be ‘thinking’ filters out (blocks conscious awareness of) intuitive insight.
                      ‘The Bridegroom cometh (fulfilment) when ye thinketh not’.
                      This is known within scientific and creative endeavour – that upon the release of effort (that set intention in active desire) something ‘comes through’ of itself that cannot be forced or made the result of process or technique – because it is inherent to being – to what you are – and not a result of what you/we do.

                      Investment in thinking ‘sees’ everything in terms of thinking. But thinking from thinking is a derivative currency – whereas that which rises in awareness to a receptive willingness is from (felt within) being.

                      Asking and answer are a native channel of being – but the channel is ‘blocked’ by a complex of limiting rules and conditions – including the assertion of statements masking in the form of questions. We inhabit the world our minding makes – in thought – and often without a thought – or rather without conscious awareness of what we are accepting and using as currency of meaning. One definition of insanity could be where the inner model is so at odds with the outer relations, that function breaks down and self-destructive results runs unrecognized – because it is assigned to something else. This is the same as seeking to eradicate symptoms without addressing cause. It masks them in more layers of magical denial. Magical because it changes the form and distribution of a psychic-emotional conflict without owning the conflict and uncovering and addressing the true desire beneath it.

                      If asking or wanting is persistent and loud there is no space for answer to be received. Communication is not so much a matter of impactful force as of timing. No one can reach you when you are not listening nor you them – and this principle points to the acceptance of the receptive as the true basis for the active or projective.

                      The ego of self is the belief we are ‘alone’ that drives the attempt to do it all by our/my self. The pause or rest of that sense of driven thinking allows or spontaneously aligns what the ego sense then takes credit for – as a narrative overlay of self-commentary. Relating to others as like your self releases the focus in a sense of separate and conflicting or competing purpose. Joining in shared purpose opens a recognition of the other as oneself instead of others as unworthy disappointments, rivals, something to get from, or enemies to defend and deny.

                      So the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you – holds true as long as your perception of your self is true – for self-blame always operates to block ones good and attract confirmations of itself – and this self is then ‘assigned to or assumed in everyone’. Which operates the reversal of the rule and generates the world we make so automatically as to seem a simple self evident and unchallengeable reality.

                      I write to illuminate a territory beneath the issues of the world we make unknowing – and so I come from discerning what – for example, terrorism is within consciousness. Fear hijacks the mind or is a hijacking of attention by assigning power outside oneself from an accepted sense of powerlessness – cut off, abandoned, rejected, denied, betrayed, failed, invalid, enraged, trapped… alone. (the human conditioning).

                      Do we seek power to become more comfortably numb to the pains of living in such a ‘world’ or align in the power to recognize true by release of the investment in its phished identity theft – enacted by psychic-emotional targeting of our often masked or hidden fears and desires?

                      How do we offset pain and conflict but by seeking ‘identity that ‘outsources’ it in fantasy accepted real?
                      Our corporate organisations ‘profit’ while poisoning – and profit by seeding and farming fear and sickness. This is a fantasy profit given currency by acceptance and support. But who willingly foregoes that which they believe gives power and protection in a world of fear and division?

                      I appreciate that attention alights in what resonates to who and where you are now. That is the only ‘step’ to be one with. The idea we must understand everything all at once is again the attempt of the limited sense of self to become , regain or take over the function of the whole. Re-integrating within a wholeness of being is the release of ‘divide and rule’. First in one’s self and by extension to each other – as the discovering of Life on Earth – as a Felt quality of consciousness within being. No one can ‘see’ this catching on or changing anyone anytime soon – and that is the reward of the choice to persist in an insanity that will ‘love’ only when everyone else does. And yet while self-invalidations and fears operate the withholding your presence – no one can find you – hence the dis-appointment – alone in need of re-invention in cover stories of self justifiction, played out for real.

                    • I’ve never been one to follow the guy in front or assent to that which I either disagreed with or didn’t know enough to agree or disagree, but I will not wander aimlessly through life blithely ignoring what someone else has noticed for convenience sake. That leaves me with the option of observing with indifference or relying on my own wit and wisdom – neither of which appeals to me since my wit is apparently not all it could be.
                      I’ve survived this long without a grand intellect and will no doubt plough on trying to fathom what is real and what is not relying on others to point out to me what I have failed to observe. That, after all, was what the article under consideration by Bushmin, brought to light. I may not be able to grasp immediately the well hidden nuances, but fortunately, there are people who can and do see what I have overlooked as an innocent castaway remark, which in fact was anything but and simply accept that my abysmal observational skills will and do fail me.
                      I don’t think I’m a disaster, just fallible and I can live with that – I don’t know anyone who isn’t. Wishing for genius and understanding is futile, rather like hoping for divine inspiration – it’s been too many years since I spoke to God or believed in him, so it’s never going to happen. The terrorist activities, if that’s what they truly were (as opposed to individualist murder sprees) have never made any sense to me. I just assumed it was because my mind doesn’t work that way but it seems that my mind, limited as it is by various constraints I am unable to shut down, prevented me from seeing a bigger picture or using an imagination I do not have, despite my attempts at introspection. That leaves me with the stark choice of relying on others to point me in the right direction or at least in a direction I find equitable or acceptable within my own bias.
                      I don’t hold out much hope for improvement any time soon.
                      🙂 Susan

                    • You can opt for accepting usage a true ‘light-bringer’ or a false light.
                      Or a dissociated and removed mythic curiosity of only academic import.

                      Lucifer may be historically associated with various historical or mythic memory sources and equated with or assigned to power or to the corruption of power, Perhaps this is apt – because Lucifer is associated with deceits of seeming knowledge, power or ability that usurps true; as the projection of Power OUT from Heaven or God/Creation to a ‘backwards’ reversal in ‘evil’.

                      What is hidden guilt but forceful denial of the hated and feared IN oneself – that then projects like a shaped explosive charge as the outpicturing of guilt upon the hated Other. Here is hatred of life that would remake it in its OWN image. Here is hatred of Man (humanity) but specifically of the feminine (receptive and creative desire) – indeed here is the root of all rage as the covering over of terror – that enacts the very thing its ‘image’ provides ‘protection from’ – the false self.

                      To the false identity pact – the ‘devil we know’ demands a necessary sacrifice to protect against the feared ‘unknown’ – yet not unknown – because we assign to this our greater fear of re-living the experience the ‘mind’ was made to deny and mask-from as defence against direct exposure. ‘Someone must pay’ – and thus the predator class uses the underclass as ‘sin-eaters’ so as to persist in illusion of freedom from consequence. But every thought, word and act has consequence according to its purpose regardless its stated or masking ‘intent’ – and we ARE the freedom to ‘mind’ or attend the thoughts and meanings however we may confine our thought to made-up meanings accepted ‘true’.

                      Modern scientific research uncovers no basis for a ‘separate’ mind or self – apart from and acting upon life – but within an externalised model – that runs within whatever consciousness and the awareness that pervades such focus, Is. And so even in the ‘exclusive’ or ‘objective’ examination of the ‘world’ is the recognition that nothing really LEAVES the being of which its is integrally expressing. But in the mind-mapped matrix of a reversal-consciousness the ‘mind’ or ‘self’ not only leaves but is expelled, rejected – ATTACKED – and upon such a modelling – operates ATTACK as its ‘self and survival’ – but masking in forms that SEEM justified, forced upon it, unavoidable and the result of the actions of Others or externally imposed conditions.

                      War on Life – in the name of life as a fake life gratified and engaged in by the sacrifice of Life. Is this not the nature of self-hate defended against as true?
                      Is this not the logical result of identifying in a self-inflating image of illusion that then interprets true witness in being as lack of due recognition, support and an act of treachery or enmity – calling for vengeance!

                      Our past may hold extra dimensional experience of Sirius interventions and Cosmic realignments that set awe in terror as a fear flagged power over Life, but our present is the opportunity and freedom to awaken to the nature of our error by its fruit or consequence AS our current conception, perception and responsive ‘experience’ of the Only Thing Going On – which cannot be directly conceived, perceived but is ‘made manifest’ by the nature of our acceptance and extension in thought, word and deed – as true.
                      “Through a glass darkly” – is a distorted, filtering and limiting focus of the wish to rule out Wholeness of being – as if the part itself the whole usurps.
                      A true part-whole relationship is the field AND its focus – as a unified and unifying expression of fulfilment – sowing and reaping in like kind.
                      The belief in loss of wholeness (being)- and subsequent threat of wholeness as ‘death’ of survival (self-power) within fragmentation (personae of conflicted or split purpose) runs the minding that ‘knows not what it does” because the basis for interpretation of experience is in error.

                    • Binra.
                      I see through different eyes than most. I have long studied zoology and the evolution of both this planet and it’s flora/fauna and can be quite brutal in my views. As a prey animal is being torn to pieces by it’s predator, it is difficult not to sympathize with the prey’s predicament as it is eaten alive by it’s predator, but neither is the predator to be denied it’s prize. All life has a right to survive and through survival of the fittest a balance is usually achieved. Sometimes the evolution takes the form of natural selection, sometimes adaptation, as a consequence, certain extinctions are inevitable either because they were not fit to survive, or they simply could not adapt to a changing environment. At it’s most rudimentary necessity, life itself becomes irrelevant since death is unnoticed and essential to survival – it has always been so. It’s the reason I angered St. Aug, because I accept this reasoning as does the prey victim and the predator who starves, dependent on their success. I have long believed that man will be the destruction of itself and this planet’s current flora/fauna. I am earthbound and human, as such I view my own death as a certainty and a necessity(I believe we are born to die and that that is the natural order of things). It may seem as though I am cruel and jaded and without compassion, but it is precisely because I am human that I have the mind to be aware of life and death, more so than the animals, but compassion is not solely owned by mankind any more than altruism, animals possess these qualities too, their problem is how to comprehend it beyond the immediate and obvious reality. In the words of a wise man, the bird freezing to death on a branch does not feel pity for it’s plight, it simply accepts and falls to the ground dead. Only myself as witness to the bird’s demise have the capacity to mourn it’s passing, because I can relate it’s passing with my own frail existence, which in essence is no different from the bird – we all die alone. My point being that all thoughts are processed through our own existence, our mortality and disposition to others and our ability or inability to relate to others and their thinking. Most of which is communicated through language intended to express our thoughts, prejudices, perceptions and experiences and always projected from this bias. Understanding language and the way it can be used with innuendo and nuances is where a “mind” can make adjustments, but the mind will always be prey to contradictions and bias because in essence it is a sponge for absorbing data out of which the bias must be filtered or adjusted. The human mind was never intended to be a closed construct, rather an evolving entity by which mankind could elevate himself above the animals, but in the end, the sponge can never be squeezed dry of bias and witness, it would be a desiccated dead organ, so the best anyone can do is absorb as much information as possible and disseminate and extrapolate, that which an individual can relate to being mindful, as far as possible, of the inherent bias etc. Removing the fear of death is the most difficult to achieve, it is damage control only, since our instinct for survival is as strong in humans as it is in animals, fears are what alerts us (and the animals) to dangers, regardless of whether they are clear and present, reducing us to fight or flight mode whether we like it or not, the best we can probably aim for is limiting the fears and allowing us to better function.
                      All this and I haven’t even touched on competitiveness, which is a powerful innate element of our psyche, just as powerful an instinct, if not more, since we have a greater awareness than the genetic variations of complex lifeforms we share this planet with. Yet it too, is a bias to be acknowledged and mastered if we are to view the world and all the “information” assailing us daily, with any degree of “knowing”.
                      I first threw myself into palaeozoology some 45 years ago and I’m still learning, the mind is a prism by which myriad visions can be viewed but whilst I may have based much of my perception of the facets representing good and evil (and they are legion) from reading the King James, I never really accepted it as being representative of either, since first and foremost, I found science standing squarely in the way. God and Satan (Lucifer) are not, at least for me, the paradigms representing the shades of gray from darkness (which is merely the lack of light) to lightness (the utter consumption of darkness).
                      I know I’m an oddball for believing that life is and should be a struggle between birth and death and the journey can be a short or long one dependent on circumstances but is nonetheless the natural order of things, I believe strongly in the natural order, but just as animals can show compassion and at times rational thinking, so can I, the difference being that the animals are not encumbered with notions of the self – that is the true human condition.
                      I don’t know if I have made any sense because I am not very good at saying what I’m trying to get across and the way I have worded this response may be extremely contentious to you, I ask only that you trust my intended view towards and of people, from any walk of life, do for the most part, receive the same qualitative compassion.
                      Perhaps you and others view me with disdain for what could essentially be called an over simplification of the human existence – so be it.

                    • “All life has a right to survive” – How so?
                      Nature is NOT cruel but Man can be and so can assign ‘cruelty’ to predators or comets or unexpected outcomes.
                      Survival of the fitting in-est? If you did not fit in you would not exist. The idea that life is got at the cost of death is the core separation belief by which to blank out the gift of Life with driven and fearful conflict.
                      Life – while alive – is a balancing of functions – but human ideas of balance may in fact be a fixed concept – which is death. Life is dynamic expansive and transformative and perceived chaotic from the framing in self-concept.
                      Born to die is not purposed as the goal or meaning of life – which is Truly Living – but simply acceptance of the temporal as the ever changing – and no fixed abode (or definition).
                      I cannot reach through belief that rules out all but itself, alone, frail and against impossible odds. This is the ‘mind’ equated with the body – rather than ‘minding’ that recognizes and aligns itself within the movement of being – and so is made new. Concept-self seeks narrative continuity but self recognition of timeless meaning within temporal forms opens the basis from which to release investment in story. Fear of death is fear of loss of self, loss of story and of the thinking that runs the story of define, predict and control within an Infinite Imagination. The rules we set by believing become the world we are conformed to think within – unless they are changed from world-reality to ‘belief’. Belief can be recognized untrue, unhelpful and meaningless. But ‘reality’ can only be suffered and ‘fought over’.

                      The self you accept is the self you give or assign and ‘see’ in others – in your world.
                      Self-image or concept is not a living extension of the gift of Existence/Creation. And so a false light in love of form rules out the extension and embrace of unconditional compassion – and however ‘shaded’or graded, is a loveless world.

                      Human knowing in feeling being is eclipsed or masked over by human thinking and experience in social personality construct – and it reflected reality-experience. The personality level is the mask OF personae – not only for the ‘self’ but as the casting of the ‘selves’ in all.

                      Any set of thoughts about our existence is a working or current model or definition by which to open and explore perspective. If it ‘works’ for who you feel and accept yourself to be now – then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – and you will open to new perspectives as a result of willingness to learn through this step as part of your unfolding or discovery of your Self. I am not living your life – you are! But in view of the sense of mis-identifcation in personality – we may say we are lived by one Life – each as unique perspectives within a greater whole.

                      Science predicated exclusively out and away from Consciousness – as the study (and manipulation) of the external world – is part of the mind of define, predict and control that is form-defined and Spirit blind.
                      But love or truth and the willingness to uncover the already true is aligned with the movement of being – which is to know itself and be truly known. This Intimacy is (in) Being – but is reflected in experience. To be truly known is not being judged – excepting such judgement were of the meaning :” This is my Beloved Whom is my joy”.
                      That Holy Spirit recognition is not pertaining to a person – but it takes one to know one; You can only ‘see’ or meet that which you are the vibration of. This is never a judgement of blame – but the prompting to release what is not aligned true of you for what is. Embrace of where we are is what allows – and spontaneously induces – growth or shift to freshly aligned perspective – that you consciously appreciate the being of.

                      More presence of joy is a shifting of our collective vibration from fear-bound thinking which is joyless no matter how it seeks joy in substitution for real relationship.

                    • Binra.
                      We are poles apart on our acceptance of the gift of life and how and why it exists, so on this particular view, we will have to agree to disagree. You see life through your own perspective but not from the non existence of consciousness – this planet has none, neither does the natural world and I no longer seek to find an answer as to the existence of existence aside from the values we as humans put on it. In the grand scheme of things, others can be left to look for the answer rather than accept what is and try to either shape it or destroy it where it does not fit in with our own desires as a fellow inhabitant of this planet. The planet doesn’t care, the non humans are not aware, only humans require that life should represent some cosmic meaning. Mankind imposes itself on an orb within a galaxy of quarks which evolved four and a half billion years ago and evaluates everything on it’s own tragic pursuit of entitlement, never realizing that in the cosmos, we have none. Mankind believes that we are the ultimate achievement for the planet’s inception, the reason it was created. I don’t, I consider that arrogance. The planet could be hit by a huge asteroid tomorrow and be obliterated, it would be nothing more than a small ripple in a vast space, of no significance, but life elsewhere, somewhere, would be succeeding and would not require our presence to bear witness in order to validate it. The “Right” and “Wrong” humans prescribe to, are the result of a brain capable of self awareness, functioning on many levels and in response to innumerable stimuli generally not in harmony with very much. Anyone who cannot accept death as an inevitability is bound to their own fears of mortality. My concern regarding my own death is how much suffering I must endure before I succumb to that which I believe is the natural order of things. I fear the demise of others before my own – that hurts, even though I accept the inevitability, the most catastrophic of which is the young dying, That one is the most difficult to accept, but so too, is needless and heedless killing, something some human beings are predisposed to. You would have me hold my anger and grief in check and I will not. I will judge those responsible and if possible I will seek revenge – that is the human default, that is what humans must let go of – eventually – so that life can resume in it’s disordered fashion of natural order.
                      Sorry Binra, but on this occasion we are at odds, the human condition does that to people.

                    • Consciousness is not a ‘possession’ excepting the mind presumes to have grasped or gained control of it. Yet this is the state of ‘possession’ by such a purpose that runs the matrix or school of ‘power struggle’.
                      What you would ‘DO’ to life, you are done by – even when your ‘doing’ is unmindful, unwitting or unconscious. Those who ‘know not what they do’ are dissociated from the creative level in assigning it to the unmindful.

                      The attempt to avoid consequence is the intent to evade true consciousness – for the splitting off in denial is not an actual split so much as a ‘mapped out’ division by which to ‘rule’ the fragments of ‘survival’. But it is the ‘rule’ accepted as true that operates power and not the props and puppets that embody such a ‘Law’.

                      Responsibility and freedom are falsely substituted by blame and sacrifice. Blame God for a loveless creation and you ‘meet’ a ‘Soul-less’ experience of the Only Existence. If you get this you see that Creation is not apart from or other to Creator and that time only comes into it as support for the freedom to use of your mind to interject actuality and recognition. The quality of re-cognition is the knowing of what is already true – and not a process in time by which to make or convince or enforce ‘true’. But within our human experience – we interpret within our current dimensional framework – whilst that framework is in fact being reconfigured from within. (Although it seems from ‘without’.
                      What is denied consciousness seeks ‘coming back’ into acceptance with all the force of its denial. Re-cognition frees us from projections of fear, hated and killed… over and over again. False flag operates the attempt and intent to maintain the denial under a sense of self-protection and power against feared, perceived and imagined threat – and has all the power fear gives it along with all of the inventions of the mind in necessity.
                      If you assign fear the power to guide and protect – then the past reboots its stamp upon the present into a forever Self-aborting future running as ‘self’ against or as ‘subject to’.

                    • Binra:
                      I should have worded the claim as “All life born, has a right to survive”. Or I could have said all life born of this earth has a right to survive.

                    • What then of the event we call death – by whatever apparent means?
                      Where then is the right?
                      Where is the court to claim restitution or compensation?

                      Human rights are made in the image of their source as the Law.
                      But an adulterated source gives false ‘rights’ – such as the right not to be offended.

                      As for your uncaring Universe… it is the logical outcome to a divorced sense of mind – as of a cut off ‘consciousness’ of meat-brain ‘reality’.

                      Consciousness does not ‘care or not care’ about anything it embraces – for its very nature is total embrace. The Sun shines on the just and the unjust – but the mind of the wish for judging good and evil would shine only upon the support for its judgement – and this SEEMS to make a love and a hate out of an Indivisible – and individable.

                      The point cannot embrace the circle of its extension nor the circle the sphere – and expansion doesn’t stop there.
                      “My Kingdom is not of this world” – does not mean another world, so much as the release of the mind or self that ‘sees’ the world as OUTSIDE because it believes itself OUTSIDE – and has no basis from which to question or challenge its ‘reality-experience’ until that ‘reality’ breaks down to reveal the true poverty of self-illusion held in fear.

                      Of course if your reality-experience is ‘working’ a sense of freedom from exposure – then you ‘live out’ its destiny as freedom from the feared-true within something that blocks or delays the inevitable. But Life – or the true nature of being – leaks or breaks though the ‘narrative continuity control’ that CANNOT really change what is – but only make a mind about it and enforce it upon itself.

                      Making a mind is the power of mutual agreement in definition.
                      Where two or more gather to deny me – must I knock on their door in secret…as if I actually WAS outside.
                      You are the right to accept into your mind – what is already in it – and while ‘your mind’ may operate an exclusion zone – Your Mind is Infinite – and contains Infinite Expressions of unique experience. Is it not perfect to be you – in true acceptance of being – that extends the same to all being? And is it not disturbing and challenging to be a sense of yourself deprived or denied being – by the identification within mentally (and emotionally) assigned ‘reality’? But is it the True of You? You are the right to Ask and receive true Answer – but not from a mind of deceits by which to hide under a cover story.

                    • Russia had a political revolution, but one that failed to translate into a necessary social revolution that would have consolidated the Bolshevik’s initial rise to power. The ranks of working class, which were collectively the social basis of the Communist Party’s legitimacy, were decimated in the civil war and military invasions of Russia that ensued upon the termination of WWI. Once the soviets had been liquidated by circumstances of their social content, so to speak, everything that ensued was a counter revolutionary process the ultimately resulted in 1991 and the eventual entrenchment of capital in both social and political terms in Russia. Thus if Russia is as much capitalist as the U.S. of A., it is as much in need of revolution as the latter.

                      This isn’t to suggest that there aren’t or can’t be qualitative differences between the two — I think there are — but one doesn’t have to choose between the one and the other in order to rightly reject and condemn the criminality of the one or the other (– or even of both). As you put it, “I don’t have to defend Russia – but I do see that anyone anywhere has a call to defend against corruption that works destruction.”

                      Being more familiar with the unspeakably nauseating history of the American establishment(s) crimes, and being of the opinion that America is at this moment in history demonstrably more imperialistic and militarily unhinged than Russia, I opt to be more preoccupied with the sins of the former, given that rightly or wrongly I esteem it to be the greater danger.

                      As for “Israel” being a foreign element having undue influence over American foreign policy — what of it?

                      The infiltration is mutual and, at any rate, perfectly legitimate under the current system of de facto governance, given the rule of oligarchy, by which only inordinate wealth translates into effective political and economic power. While some capitals (i.e., networks of large moneyed interests) are circumscribed to (or rooted narrowly in) a national soil or territory, others, the more powerful and geopolitically consequential, are transnational in scope. And given the European origins of both the American and Israeli oligarchs as well as their mutual and long standing interests in the Middle East, it is only natural that there be apparent and mutual political penetration of the one “nation” by the other.

                      On the whole, I think we are on the same wave length . . .

                    • I appreciate your posts – and your humanity.
                      When I recognize a caring connection in anyone – I share the ‘waveband’ – whether or not there is full ‘agreement’.
                      If you do something because it is the true of you to do it – then it isn’t done seeking reinforcement or to be justified in its effects – but it does offer true witness – and this serves a cultural support of a shared sense of worth.

                      Who were the Bolsheviks and whence came their funding?
                      What was – (is) – international Jewish power? ‘Israel’? Really??
                      Or a tool within a very specific identity-manipulation that operates the same upon us all?
                      The agencies of the ‘personae’ of conflict are not the powers they seem to be.
                      If an influence was specific to US foreign policy that would be mutual political alliance and influence – but the nature of ‘mind-capture’ is the working of a higher principality. You can deduce by what you are not allowed to speak of as to where power is feared to reside.

                      Every mind has some complicity in deceit and manipulation, but fusing wealth (all the cartels of control that appropriate it) to such ‘applied intelligence’ is the operation of power within the world. Not as seems to occur in general historical narrative – but as set up, and intended to occur as a consolidation of power in ever fewer hands.

                      The ability to manipulate one’s consciousness becomes the ability to be manipulatable – and fear of true (exposure) is revealed in aggressive defence of narrative assertions of ‘self’ in which truth is the first casualty.

                      I write from a different context than political critique because such thinking runs on the basis of its founding definitions and we are rarely aware of where we ‘believe’ reality, rather than share in it. I also don’t seek to ‘change the ‘world’ – so much as identify manipulative attempts to change the world and re-evaluate their foundation. For many seek to fit the world to their emotionally driven demands – without ever really revisiting the origin and nature of such conditioning.

                      The more coercive intent applied to ‘change the world’ the more polarized in division it reflects.
                      Do I want the fulfilment I have assigned to achieving such conditions without having to wait on or war on changing other people?

                      As for Russia, and the US of ‘where exactly?’ and all the various polarities of power struggle – I look to lift the veil of the distortion of blame in hate so as to read the signs and recognise the call beneath the mind-capture. Of course I feel the hateful and the tragic nature – of an insanity that is all to easy to assign to symptoms and then make war on. But I feel that is a deceit and that checking the rot is needful – and that has to start with me and my involvement with the nature of deceit. I see that every true movement is like a Christed child and every subversion or abortive denial is the ‘Herod’ of power in the world. remaining true the movement is a receptive alignment but the making of personal and institutional identity in specialness or superiority becomes the narrative continuity of institutional or ideological survival. A divided house cannot stand – and for all it appearances of grandiosity its stands for its is an insanity of self-illusion.

        • IK
          You write:”I thought is strange that such a website is focused on planting the seed of doubt in the hearts and minds of Westerners. Certainly, it serves the interests of the Kremlin of Westerners start believing all terror attacks are “false flags”.”

          Utterly wrong. It serves to keep those who might demand that the US stop meddling and accuse them of being the root of the problems affecting countries at the receiving end of terrorism, whether or not the terrorism is real or convenient fallacy.

          It serves the global enterprise that is CIA/MIC and HomeSec organized disinformation and provides them with an alternative “enemy”. It has absolutely nothing to do with Russia or Putin.

          The greatest Imperialist nations are the US/UK and France as demonstrated by their willingness to destroy nations states like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

          I have witnessed your many Russophobic and anti Putin comments on other sites I visit. Your hatred of Putin and the Russian people has blinded your ability to rationally critique what the “owned” msm would tell us, the sheeple.

          Failure to acknowledge the strange phenomena currently sweeping the globe in the form of supposed terrorist attacks all being blamed on Islamic extremism where only innuendo formulated on impossible probability based vaguely on some remote connection by way of birthright or suggested religious leanings to be just a tad spurious.

          Who, in their right mind, familiar with the gross misrepresentations and outright lies and deceptions of the MSM would ever take their “news”, which it most certainly is not, at face value?

          Others have offered alternatives that have much more credibility than any nuanced observations by the corrupt MSM and given that we already know of the US propensity for false flags demonstrating absolute disregard for human life or suffering, as recounted to us by numerous ex CIA, Generals and Pentagon staff, why would anyone make a spurious connect to the Russia of the last twenty years?

          Who aside from Putin and Lavrov, have put in so much effort to promote diplomacy wherever there is conflict – usually instigated and promoted by US interests, from the ME to Korea to the Philippines and Venezuela? Even China has encouraged diplomacy rather than “let’s nuke ’em” threats. Do you think the scurrilous and reprehensible Modhi of India, Clown Prince of SA or toxic Tony Blair and Israel’s Net the Nut or US Psychotics Samantha Powers and John McCain, not forgetting the neo nazi Poroshenko and the deranged Saakashvili would ever elect diplomacy over killing and in contravention of International Law?

          Much as you might like to, whatever is going on with these odd “terrorist” acts, you cannot in all good conscience try and flog a dead horse by blaming them on Russia’s Putin and the Russian people or a very small minority desire to promote Russian expansionism.

          That’s just plain, unambiguous, bigotry.

          • I.K. says


            You are putting words into my mouth. I never said Western imperialism is OK or anything. I merely said that pro-Kremlin websites are trying to plant the seed of doubt, regarding terrorist attacks. Wouldn’t you be uncomfortable with a website advocating for the expansion of U.S. territory into, say Mexico, claiming that recent terror attacks in Russia were “false flags”? I certainly would find that suspicious, as I do with this.

            “I have witnessed your many Russophobic and anti Putin comments on other sites I visit. Your hatred of Putin and the Russian people has blinded your ability to rationally critique what the “owned” msm would tell us, the sheeple.”

            You may have confused me with someone else. I have only ever commented with this username on this website and nowhere else. I believe I last had a conversation with you 1-2 months ago, regarding free speech in Russia. Have you forgotten that I am a Russian?

            “you cannot in all good conscience try and flog a dead horse by blaming them on Russia’s Putin and the Russian people”

            Once again, I never said or implied the above. With all due respect, much of your post is a strawman, in which you discuss Western imperialism and pretend I endorse or ignore it. I never denied Western imperialism or said it is any better/worse than Russian imperialism. I made one simple comment regarding the motivations of the website called “Novorussia Today”.

            • I haven’t forgotten IK.
              You claim you are not Russophobic because you are Russian yourself.
              You claim you are not a supporter of Navalny because you claim you voted for Putin.
              You claim the people who do not paint Russia as liars are naive but never put out any links to US/UK/EU lies.
              You spend your time denouncing your own country(according to your claim of being Russian)and countrymen without any acknowledgement of the western lies and disinformation.
              Do you also remember my response and that of St. Aug? – It still stands. What I thought then is as valid now.

    • Roger says

      Your final disconnected off-topic paragraph makes the rest of what you say utterly valueless.

      • I.K. says

        That would be a fallacy. If my last sentence was indeed “disconnected”, then it has no relation or impact on the validity on the content before it and therefore, you can not say that content is “valueless” based upon a “disconnected” sentence after it. You thus contradict your own logic.

        • When truths are used to mask a falsehood – the purpose is different and taken out of their original context – truths are used to lie. That truths are used to lie is the nature of false flag deceit. Satan quoted Scripture – but the intent behind it was to use the form to mask as the reality so as to deny or block reality from interfering with a ‘love of form’ at expense of living context. Logic merely proceeds from whatever definitions and values are accepted.

          To take things apart and judge some of them true is simply to set oneself as the judge of reality. Everything is already in a living relational context – but mind (as narrative control) operates ‘identity’ of assertion in defence against the living context that identifies truly because we recognize ‘already true’ rather than construct a model, call it truth and sacrifice the true to its idols – as a result of a mis-identity investment/habit to feed.

        • IK. On the contrary, Roger had the right of it. Your comment in response relied only on the fact that there was a paragraph space between what you had written and the last entry. In a very real sense the last comment reveals very much about your perception and on what your thinking is based from, so although there was a physical disconnect, it revealed a “relation” between the paragraphs.

  7. Alan says

    Given the majority of western European political, financial and intelligence elites; as they appear to be referred as, could be reasonably assumed with the label ‘white’, leads one to no other conclusion than that offered by the author. The usage of colour labelling distracts from the ‘coincidental’ similarities that run thematically. We should focus upon who benefits, concurrent with the author it certainly isn’t those who the media would have us believe.

    • Who benefits is one layer – where there is a money trail, a leverage to go to war of make new law or divert from something more important to keep dark.

      At a general level I feel that fear and conflict operate as means for maintaining darkness, ignorance or unconsciousness of true or whole – as a result of baited or triggered reaction and identification from framing narratives in shock or threat terms – as well as feeding and using an ongoing ‘identity’ in defence or offensive terms.

      Darkness can be what you fail to notice or recognize because you are attending something. Or because you are focusing on a part of something and accepting meanings of a different context to the whole, because you have a strong fearful desire for something NOT to be true and refuse to see by distortion or fabrication in place of actual. I feel we could all pause, enquire within and come out with a whole long list of psychic-emotional defences, or we could look up ‘psychological defences’ and read through the ways the mind works to NOT know what it knows but keeps hidden behind every kind of masking assertion and obfuscation.

      These are uncovered as ‘psychological’ information from the presumed objective observation of people exhibiting such behaviour – often in context of a mutual willingness to resolve life issues that often exhibit health dysfunction that cause a desire to address what is really going on – because the ‘patient’ is too identified in the script of their own thinking and narrative emotional reactions to uncover to themselves what they already know because in some way fear operates the attempt to solve life issues magically. If I don’t look or shut my eyes – it will go away. If I assign the fear and its cause to events or acts of people I cant control then I am not responsible – but though this mitigates personal guilt – it takes a step away from freedom to see the situation differently and leads to the attempt to make other people change or make sure situations do not recur by manipulative assertions upon oneself and others.

      All of us are involved in deceitful manipulative behaviour all the time – but generally – or at least publicly within norms of mutual acceptability – and so we don’t assign it an evil malevolence. We live in a masked and coded version of the world that is a kind of conditioned and adaptive subjectivity to highly complex sets of often tacitly held mutual agreements or definition and beliefs as to ‘The world’ or the situation of a particular event we participate in at one level or another. It may be obvious that we have personal and collective agreements and that if the personal is not aligned with the mass core agreement – such a one is either considered insane – or cannot participate in the human society.

      Back to the connection with assertion of deceits by which to capture and set the narrative of a collective or social reality agreement… Those who study and learn the art of deceit for assuming power by inducing powerlessness in the other are teaching and learning powerlessness under the belief that they are powerful and others are weak and worth less. As long as the conditions of powerlessness are presented in terms that seem meaningful as a promise of power and self-protection, they are blindly but willingly accepted. But when there is a weak allegiance – or even challenge – to the installed narrative of socially accepted and endorsed belief, then something of the power struggle is revealed as the outer masking wears thin. To this the presumption of power then terrorizes conformity of behaviour by show of power in brazenly using deceits that do not even try to pass muster against investigation because the mind-capture is of such a pervasive social compliance as to make true witness a social aberration, attracting penalty of career, status and reputation, whether criminal under state laws passed or used to deny freedom – or via mob hate – which can also be set up or set off by media manipulation.

      Just as lower class or caste learned and were trained NOT to look at the overlords, so are we trained not to look or speak of what is pointed out as instruction to follow – or else we become marked out for negative attention.
      Insofar as openly tyrannous overlords would openly kill a few to terrorize the many, the mind-capture subverts its own opposition so as to use it as a means of plausible deniability – within controlled parameters. For identity in conflict is the darkness of a false creation or fake world. Who or what exactly uses the power we give our fears and guilts to maintain our own ‘self-protected’ bubble? Because that which operates in the shadow is never the asset or agent of its use. I see that the hate driven desire for vengeance and the fear-driven flight or hiding are within us all – and inextricably two facets of one condition. Mind-capture.

      The nature of deceit is that it does the thing it accuses of.
      Seeing this in the other is not so hidden – but owning or recognizing in ourself is often very strongly defended against – such that anything and everything will be misused to facilitate NOT knowing what we fear to be exposed in and NOT owning that such fear even exists in us. I note here that the setting of of such defence was not a conscious act of a verbal mental articulating overview. And the revisiting and releasing of its insanity is not the result of a mental process of understanding or mapping and manipulating. But where there is a shared willingness, there is a communication medium through which in-sight moves and knows itself as a witness for a wholeness of being – that translates to serve the reintegration of a fragmented and conflicted sense of self.

      Without such willingness – there is no way for a whole or healing perspective to illuminate practical steps in a direction away from deceit and destruction – as a result of directly seeing you do not want it. No one SAYS they want it – but their acts speak of beliefs that run counter to their word. The surface masking releases when an inner relation and recognition of being finds its balance within all that it is. The mind-capture is the masking of struggle to force ‘balance’ upon a ‘reality’ of displacement – where it can never be resolved – and that is the original intent. War on (true) is inherent to a persona of self-specialness, as a-tempting of self-specialness is inherent to the lack of appreciation of uniqueness as ourself and in others – and as in each instant where ‘behold I make all things new’.

  8. People-like sheep–are easier to control if you keep them saturated with fear 24/7, fear that comes out of nowhere and is inexplicable, at least to the people, the sheep can see the wolf.

    People cringing in fear are easy to manipulate, why they can even be made to believe that Nazis have taken over the USG and we must riot, even tear down the USA in order to save it.
    After all, the precious Bill of Rights is the product of slave-owners, so lets tear that up and start again….with something the Antifa people have up their sleeves and it isn’t a republic.

    • Dear Greg. You certainly nailed it with this comment: “People cringing in fear are easy to manipulate”, I’m just not too sure you realized how astute the comment was. When people live in an orchestrated fear of something (and most of the current examples are directing us, as they were intended to do, towards fear of an emerging militant Muslim) then said acts of “terrorism” whether terrorists or joy riding exuberant and mindless useful idiots, does indeed breed exactly the kind of climate for manipulation by fear. Those fears may not be premised on any actual or factual truth – the accepting plebs just have to believe what they are told without questioning the behind the scenes possible scenarios being played out. Next we will be required to accept that a rastafarian, meth head who’s got a mate who is linked to a might be Muslim extremist would mow down people in the street and thus qualify for the esteemed title of “terrorist” when in fact he’s just a rastafarian meth head on a bender in a car. I used the term rastafarian element to give credence (where none is in fact due, since not all rastafarians are druggies – apologies to said individuals, but it’s easy to convince people of the label of druggies).

      Since time began, likely mankind has been asking the question “Why”? No doubt that is how religion got off the ground. But if in asking the question, you accept only the answer that suits your own pre determined thinking, without critical analysis, when so many alternative answers are offered in response, what was the purpose of asking the question in the first place?

      The question must be asked many times of many people in order to gain any perspective on the possible answers, but if the mind resists answers which can be proven, in favour of that which is stated but not proven, then the question itself was rhetorical in essence and only serves to bolster an already existing thinking.

      Maxim Bushmin asks us to take a step back and share in his/her observations regarding the “Oddness” of the “terrorist” attacks. That the oddness even exists should be a reason to question further the validity of the claims to/of terrorism being made. How convenient then, that the supposed “terrorists” are being murdered before any truths might be revealed. Dead men don’t talk indeed. How convenient too, if the use of the label of terrorist, entitles the execution of the “supposed” terrorist and also from being entitled to any legal representation, even if it is not terrorism – very useful that trick. I’m a very skeptical person, especially of “conspiracy theorists” and their sites, which is why, after following Flaxgirl’s links, I am now aware of an alternative narrative, but remain unconvinced, but it must be noted, however, that many “conspiracy theories” have now been proven true – much to the chagrin of those who perpetuated the lies and deceptions.

      As for the “precious Bill of Rights” – in case you hadn’t noticed, that is being eroded piecemeal to serve the interests of those it would be in the way of.

      As for Nazis – both the US and Britain did indeed give sanctuary to Nazis and the US did in effect deliver neo Nazis back into power in Europe. Something a great many of us are mightily pissed off about.


  9. rehmat1 says

    I must say Mr. Bushmin is trying to cover-up some Big Fish by blaming the White racist groups like Alt-Right which all support Israel. Barcelona’s chief rabbi just exposed the entity which benefits from such terrorist even. He has advised Spanish Jews to immigrate to Israel.

    A White van was driven into a crowd of pedestrians close to one of Barcelona’s Jewish deli – killing 13 people and injuring another 80.

    Even before the local police call it a terrorist act – Richard Verber, senior vice-president of the Board of Jewish Deputies, said: “We utterly condemn this brutal attack by terrorists intent on murdering and maiming innocent pedestrians in Barcelona. People of all faiths and none must come together to defeat this evil.”

    The Jewish media had reported that Barcelona attacker took hostages in a nearby Turkish restaurant, however, the claim was dismissed by the local police.

    As expected, ISIS, a US-Israeli creation, took responsibility for the attack – just like Charlie Hebdo, Paris terrorist attacks, and all the recent terrorist attacks in London.

    Pity, ISIS didn’t exist in 2004 to take blame for the Madrid bombing which had Israeli Mossad fingerprints all over. The train bombings occurred one year after one million Spaniards joined up to 30 million other people around the world in protesting the imminent Iraq invasion, an Israel’s proxy war, and in the context of the Spanish people’s overwhelming rejection of the presence of Spanish troops in Iraq.

    Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old man born in Morocco, whose passport was found near the kosher deli surrendered himself to police. He denied being present in the area during the accident and said he reported his passport being stolen to police station last week. British daily Guardian reported on Thursday that Oukabir was not driving the white van involved in the killing.

    Mossad agents are famous for stealing foreigners’ passports.

  10. Rhisiart Gwilym says

    Flaxgirl, you have a strange idea of ABSOLUTE, 100% INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF. Forensic scientists would call your evidence interesting, suggestive; but ‘absolute’? The scientific method doesn’t even claim such religious categories.

    That said, I suspect strongly that all these attacks, right back to 11/9/01 are indeed deliberately-organised false-flags, ultimately to be laid at the door of Western gics (gangsters-in-charge) and their deliberately set-on patsies/proxies/manipulated-suckers. The truth about 11/9 has taken a lot of careful work to establish, but there’s no longer much doubt (amongst those who are actually honestly familiar with the evidence; big if!) that it was indeed an inside job perpetrated by a clique within the US ruling establishment – the imperial gics – very probably assisted/steered/lead-by-the-nose by a clique within the zionist gics running the zioentity-in-Palestine (the ziP); and with a fair sprinkling also of those weird mongrels who maintain dual nationality in both states. By now, it’s even possible to draw up a list of prime suspects who – in an honest democracy – would be investigated and eventually tried for their treasonous crimes; not by courageous and principled volunteers, but by the official public bodies that are supposed to do this work.

    We need similar painstaking volunteer-truth-seeker work, as with the truth-seeking community around 11/9, to establish evidence-bodies about the other equivocal atrocities since then; evidence that would convince a jury (in an actually-honest court) “beyond reasonable doubt”.

    I expect that to all the truth about these atrocities to come out eventually. When this whole time has slipped into history, and all the original gic perpetrators of these crimes are dead, the truth will be acknowledged… eventually, in one of those fairly striking re-interpretations of history that happen now and then, when the times are ready for them…

    • OK, I was extreme in my statement but it’s fairly conclusive – and all you have to do is add it to all the other evidence. The thing to do is to not take the media story as the default but to start with the statement: there is a claim that blah happened. What is the evidence for and what against? When you put it like that there you will find there is never any convincing evidence that the event actually happened as stated.

      That 9/11 was a false-flag is not really so complicated although all the work done is extremely helpful. Who did what is another matter, however, if a proper investigation was done I’m sure that evidence (at least a large part of it) would not be too difficult to determine either. I have done a 10-point Occam’s Razor exercise on the collapse of WTC-7 that no one who supports the official story has challenged.

      The point about all this staged terror is that the evidence of it is in PLAIN SIGHT. That’s how they work. They don’t try to do Hollywood productions and they even volunteer a lot of clues such as the shoes and simply unbelievable things … that people still believe nevertheless. They rely on the Hitlerian Lie, the power of propaganda, people simply “not wanting to know” and other factors.

  11. BigB says

    Would anyone who really wants to fight for the caliphate in Europe wear a fake suicide belt? I think not, ergo – synthetic terror campaign. At least we got a twist on the de rigeur dropped ID this time … otherwise it is becoming a predictable and pitiful indictment of the degeneration and breakdown of European society. The worrying trend for me is that there would seem to be, at the very least, a common agenda: at most, a supranational intra-intel-community cooperation – building for the European CIA???

  12. What is it with the “white” perpetrator thing, as if the color of the skin of the likely criminals behind these events was in some sense revelatory or revealing? An incongruous (if minor) element in otherwise cogent piece of analysis.

  13. OK, folks, now this is ABSOLUTE, 100% INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF that the event was staged.
    You will see in this video, footage of a guy sitting on the pavement drinking from a bottle with his feet in his shoes looking perfectly fine. But then in other footage guess what? He’s not so fine. He’s lying down, with one foot out and resting on its shoe at an angle suggesting a problem and his sock is bloody.
    (Shoes off are massive in these events – check out this photo at Charlottesville –

    These two bits of footage are IMPOSSIBLE for a real event.

    • Surely, it depends in which order the films were taken, rather than in which order they were shown on u-tube as ‘incontrovertible proof’ .

      • No it doesn’t. Both pieces have to be AFTER the attack in which case the bloody foot has to come after the other one. The chances of someone having video taken of them sitting on the pavement with someone standing by them as if attending BEFORE the attack are infinitesimal.

        And what do you know? The video has already been shut down.

        • I mean, sure there are other possible explanations – the guy just happened to be sitting on the pavement with someone standing beside him looking as though they’re attending to him when the van comes along and injures him (or something else happens to injure him) and that video was taken before and after the injury. But seriously what are the odds? If you were offered a $1,000 to choose the correct answer or a lose a $1,000 for the wrong answer, would you: decline to answer, choose “staged”, choose “real”?

    • Of course, it is, in fact, a false-flag hoax operation run at the behest of the Zionist-led power elite, an operation that ironically includes the Muslim patsies (assuming they are really Muslim) and, we might say in a very distant but still significant way, other Muslims such as Nafeez Ahmed, who lament Islamophobia but will not point the finger at the real perpetrators.

      I have emailed Nafeez Ahmed twice about his co-authored article about Manchester being blowback In my first email I asked for a response to my 10-point Occam’s Razor exercise on Manchester that shows quite clearly that the event was staged No response. In my second email I referred to Nafeez’s article about the liberal gatekeeping of the Guardian in their termination of his blog contract in response to his post on Israel and Gaza’s gas and asked if he, too, was not a gatekeeper in his lack of response to my Occam’s Razor exercise. I asked what I should infer about him if he did not reply for the second time. He didn’t.

      A journalist writes an article. Surely, if someone writes something containing material that in some way contradicts the article, written in a perfectly lucid and reasonable way, that person deserves a response.

  14. Good article as was the one written by Michel Chossudovsky on Global Research.
    My own theory will have hit a few nerves, but I voiced it anyway.
    I imagine if we ever learn the real truth, what will emerge is the clever tactic of certain men duping a youngster into stealing his brother’s ID in order to impress them. The man in the passenger seat may well have objected to the way the cars were used and was knifed by the real murderous thugs in this escapade.
    What this charade and very dodgy account by the police and the corrupt western msm shows is that any person who is Muslim, in any country, who has his ID or bank cards stolen or is a friend of such a victim of theft, is now in danger of being shot dead by police if that ID is found at a crime scene.
    Whether or not any of these disaffected men had any connection whatsoever to ISIS is up for grabs and ISIS will be desperately claiming any deaths as their going to inflate their image in order to feed their egos. Not that they need worry – the msm will do it for them. ISIS is a construct and represents a title for any terrorist activity, but it has no more claim to membership than someone saying they are a Christian who denounces abortion murdering doctors performing abortions.
    Christians have murdered plenty in their evolution, as have Muslims, it is wrong to attribute extremist and murderous ideology to a religion, when those expounding such fanaticism are so far removed from the religion they purport to be an adherent of.
    Islamic State is nothing but an ugly ideology being promoted by Fanatical Anti Religious Thugs(or Terrorists). Rather than refer to them as ISIS I would sooner use the term FARTs….and yes, I am deliberately mocking them and reducing their status to what it is. If the msm used this acronym to refer to claims made by the so-called Isl.State, they wouldn’t be so keen to see themselves in the news. Ergo: 9pm. ISIS speaks out would be rendered as FARTs bray, thus: “

    “FARTs claim responsibility for the attack.

    Using the group’s Amaq news agency, FART claims the perpetrators of the attack are “soldiers of the FART State”

    If you think that antagonizing them is foolhardy then you’ve totally missed the point of their campaign – that of instilling terror. Stop being terrified and start being angry and don’t refer to them as militants because in their lucid moments between being doped up to the eyeballs(to give them courage) they are hiding in hospital basements and behind women’s skirts like pathetic cowardly worms, not military at all. When the msm are not promoting propaganda they are scaremongering – it sells(they hope).
    I might also have added that the msm scaremongering serves to fuel the hate, just as it serves to manufacture Islamaphobia, which is a crude currency in the fight against unity among the plebs and socialist ideology. If the powerful elites see merit in paying certain patsies to do unspeakable things in order to promote self interest (which is their default ethos), it would be beyond naive to dismiss such suggestions as unreasonable.

    • rehmat1 says

      Harvard historian professor Niall Ferguson in his highly praised 2006 book, The War of the World, claimed that some of the greatest mass murderers of modern times were Jewish. Ferguson’s research, however, centered on the Bolshevik revolution and the Lenin and Stalin era during which Jewish elites in the Russian government and Bolshevik terrorist organs like Cheka, GPU, NKVD and KGB, sent over 100 million Christian and Muslim communities to death camps or rooted out of their native homelands.

      Some other books on this subject include ‘Behind Communism’ by Frank Britton, ‘Stalin’s willing Executioners’ by Yuri Slezkine, ‘The Rulers of Russia’ by Rev. Denis Fahey, and ‘The Secret Behind Communism’, by David Duke Ph.D.

  15. Paul says

    It seems to me this is indeed a war of the old fashioned sort. We bomb them and they bomb us. We are simply fortunate the enemy lacks resources to kill anything like the numbers we manage to inflict.

    • Hi Paul
      When can you say that such ‘war’ occurred in documented history – exactly?

  16. sabelmouse says

    it’s an economical way to keep the war on terror going, and it clearly works.

    • (This is to the article but just picking up on your well worn phrase)

      It may be becoming obvious to some but when the terms ‘War on are used – the is propagated and protected from resolution. Can anyone come up with an example that refutes this?
      So the more apt description is war of terror – not in the terms of them and us – for ‘they’ receive arms and training and backup from us and or our allies via many shadowy routes. More importantly they receive massive media coverage.
      What does fear ‘work’ to do?
      It activates the sympathetic nervous system – which is a kind of martial law in biological terms of shutting down and diverting resource from the function of wholeness, to the fight and flight of the primitive survival response.
      By keeping this persistently on, the parasympathetic system is worn down or toxified by the stress and damage of the fight and flight chemistry – such as to become degraded, dysfunctional and dead.

      When identity investment in the fight and flight economy sees threat in terms of a restoration of Sanity and the recognition of better way to live – its only recourse is to attempt to abort or shut down or delay the new information/intelligence – and this is the hitting on the terror button, over and over as a drip drip poison.

      But it is not about power in any positive or true sense – but of giving power of Life to fear – which is the ‘religion of sacrifice to a god of terror by which it is appeased from demanding or necessitating total loss. This protects the fear and hate under guise of limiting its expression – and mitigating its cost by projection of blame and punishment onto ‘others’ and clever psycho-emotional instruments of the same kind as used by financial deceit to mask toxic debt into ‘investment opportunities’.

      The downside – from the point of view of the attempt to keep power in the dark – is that the protection racket ‘works’ upon the promise to protect from (awareness of) fear – and so when fear rises to permeate the surface perceptions of the focus in the ‘world’ of the collective narrative reality – the insanity and sickness of that ‘world’ calls forth a willingness to question its very foundations – including the terror or fear that operates a set of conditioning over our true desire – from infancy and culturally running down the generations as the ‘human conditioning’ that the mind is predicated to evade, deny and cover over or map out.

      So one way of another fear rises through the masking by which it seemed to be kept at bay, kept away and made somewhat manageable, Our mind is predicated on fear framing and results in fear-confirming and reinforcing outcomes – masked in an overlay of attempt to mitigate and present a kind, loving or helpful face – because we are not without some memory of love – even in a world that holds love lost.

      Perfect love casts out fear – and perfect in this sense means unadulterated or not interfered with. Receive it directly from the well of being rather than making story and expecting or demanding life (or others) meet you conditions.

      Insanity does not need to be ‘understood’ so much as relinquished, but if we find that we bring our ‘shadow’ with us we need to understand what we think we get from masked or unconsciously held ideas and beliefs and check that it is true. Because the focus on what we don’t want – is costing us the fruit of focusing in what we wholly want.

      Mind-capture doesn’t just apply to the masses – but to the ‘elites’ as well. It is a pervasive blindness and blocking off from being. Being? How can I talk about being when there is a war on and a need to unite against threats – or deceits? But the attempt to unite in hate – that is unite over and against ‘threat’ is no true union and breaks up the moment the threat is lifted. Life cannot be itself under a fear-based tyrannous thinking. But Life is itself – regardless of narrative conceits – or the degrading of consciousness to run them on.

      Whatever the media are induced to give focus to as a unified account – is about reinforcement of a directed narrative. Thus we know it is not the truth, for truth can withstand scrutiny. Why call it terrorism when it is murder or madness. Why in so many cases are the perpetrators on psycho-pharma drugs known to disintegrate identity and erupt in violence? What facts suggest that these acts are not what they seem or present themselves to be – and call up questions to be investigated and answered? To not speak out becomes complicit – and compromised by giving power to fear. One doesn’t have to speak everything openly to pose questioning that invokes thought and discussion rather than competing for narrative control – where of course there is no power to effect change unless co-opted by such as a gatekeeper of an illusion of credible ‘democracy’.

      Truly positive change rises from being as a wholeness of being and not as a result of a war among its parts. But often war is used to shift the ‘world’ without consciousness – such as to inherit the aftermath under amnesia. The ‘Allies’ did not win WW2 – but the bankers and corporate cartels that funded and fuelled it – and reset the historical narrative as a the basis of a new world order. Perhaps to a world of self-illusion it seems rational to impose corporate utility – but even that operates counter to the organic richness of the destruction of the micro economy to bear hollow and toxic fruit as a Soul-less world of managed and imposed illusions.

      Mind is the tool of illusion when divorced from Source nature. What is this Nature but what rises as recognisably being when the divorce is no longer enacted? Conflicted self and thought are the result and the basis of a reversal in Consciousness – in which everything is backwards. The mind has no power OVER Life but the belief it has makes it subject to its own measure as the world into which we are ‘born and adapt to and die from. Where would such a belief arise but from an attack on Creation (speaking of the Universal here) by which love is lost or made weak to terror and guilt. And what can such a belief hide in but fig leaves of its own ‘justifictions’ – that contain the persistence of the enactment of the wish to be independent of being – in its own power.

      Every attack harks back to the origin of a split-mind. As a re-conditioning of the mind. Lest it heal.

      • The html parsing removed a part of my comment in angle brackets!

        the first para reads:

        It may be becoming obvious to some but when the terms War on (whatever) are used – the (whatever) is propagated and protected from resolution. Can anyone come up with an example that refutes this?

  17. John Le carre said something to effect that “All terrorism is theatremanufactured by the State”. Quite so.

    The “Cui Bono?” question answers itself. What good has ANY “Islamic terrorism” done for Muslims or anything we might discern as “their cause”. Answer. None. Muslim terrorism may take some white lives but it universally harms Muslim interests, principally by providing a pretext for attacks on Muslim countries by OUR military forces but also by creating anti-Muslim hatred in white communities allowing the institutions of State (that really led the carnage) to take the moral high ground and condemn such anti-Muslim bigotry in their own people, like they are proper holy fair-minded and forgiving Christians.

    Thus we can observe Luciferianism in action.

    We are fools if we do not continue (or begin, perhaps) to DEMAND/FORCE fair debate on 9/11 and all other terrorist issues into the public domain.

    As Jesus said to the leaders of His own society 2000 years ago, “Ye are LIARS! of SATAN!!”

    • True Luciferians would be offended by your conflation. Real Luciferians (they DO exist) are not opposites of Christians. You can be forgiven for not knowing this however, as Christians use Lucifer as their scapegoat – Lucifer is a ROMAN god, not a JEWISH or even MUSLIM god.


      • But that is beside the point.
        Symbols can be used differently for different purposes and meanings. Do you infer the meanings assigned to Lucifer in the comment?
        Its fine to be offended. I find a world of lies ‘offensive’ but I don’t use it to cultivate hurt feelings. But that doesn’t mean the cost of lies is not tragic for all who suffer them.
        There is a general sense that Luciferism is a ‘cultic’ hidden facet of members of secret power seeking societies. This may have more to do with breaking any residual moral restraint in aligning obedience to ‘power’ in the world – but it may be a hate and death cult in any case because hate of moral integrity and of life seen worthless – apart from the power to self-gratify upon its subjection and self-prove by destruction and death.

        I see a lot going on that looks like power play of global agenda over human subjection – but also a lot more that speaks of hatred for Humanity and for Life on Earth – seeking its/our destruction. This could be assigned to deeply held guilt – and guilt can be seen as the usurping of the true by a mind of self-invalidations that are then hidden or covered over with vengeance to attack the hateful in OTHERS that truly resides in the mind of the beholder as a deeply denied sense of self-hate. So for me ‘Lucifer’ symbols for SelfHate operating in denial and running a masked agenda

        Why mask your true intentions – are you ashamed or afraid of what they may be exposed to be seen as – and hated or rejected for? Once you lose trust within your Self – you see everyone else as treacherous – and unworthy of true appreciation and communication.

        Was Lucifer as the god of the Morning Star not Venus? Is not the reference to the fate of a mighty king brought to nothing compared to the fate of Venus/Lucifer in the Bible? I suggest to you that the Planets were associated with terror and awe in antiquity and that a collective amnesia operates as the steady state Universe where change occurs over billions of years or billions of light years away.

        You can check out Velikovsky and note that the treatment he received is an indicator of the establishment closing ranks and not a scientific or even honest hearing. The Electric Universe idea is aligned in recognition of Planets and comets (everything) as operating in a charged Universe – where the capacitance between charged bodies can find a route of discharge through alignments such as operate through the fly-killing gadget that ‘zaps’ anything between the plates.

        The interaction of charge is a basis for psychic emotional polarities. Note that when charge builds up (or is built up) it can be used as a power source. Hence the oppression of certain facets of society will generate a reaction that can be coopted to run a ‘new set of clothes’ for the Emperor or a proxy force to fund and aim at destabilising a rival or obstacle to power.

        If I were Jesus by the way – I might be offended by ‘Christians’ – but on the other cheek, if I were Jesus I would pluck out the grievance and put it behind me. You cannot make other people’s choices for them without losing your own – excepting when we accept a legitimate charge of responsibility for another who is not able to make their own choices – such as your child or certain kinds of handicap that never develop the mental ability to operate in society without support and advocacy. But even there we do so on behalf of the choices they do have and the growing of consciousness that can share in.

        If religion works for you – live and share in the fruits thereof and not a pusher of one at expense of another’s path. That’s an identity assertion and not an alignment in being. Unified purpose is joy – and if you truly align in joy you won’t need to steal it from others to then pretend that you have it.

      • wardropper says

        Lucifer is older than the Roman epoch of civilization. He – or his influence – was known in the ancient East long before that. “Lucifer” is just Latin for his name, “Light-bringer”, if you prefer.
        It’s a complex subject, but highly interesting.
        Like the Prometheus story, the basic idea is that he deliberately brought light – or wisdom – to mankind before mankind was mature enough to grasp it properly.

        • If you can find older references than the Morning Star (Venus) please point me to them. Venus – as now named was in many cultures not realised to also be the Evening Star.

          Note that Prometheus had two facets; the stealing of the light and a terrible (endless?) punishment. Answer: stop stealing the light and recognize you cant and haventdone this – but the belief you have is the guilt that attracts and demands punishment.

          So it is a variation on the same theme as the stealing of knowledge by Adam and the punishment (this place of recycling sin, sickness, struggle and death!

          Saturn was our ‘old Sun’ or the best Sun as recorded by many of antiquity. That order was offset and displaced by Jupiter. Saturn/Satan (Chronos) became associated with child sacrifice – or seeming to eat (occlude) its children (Neptune and Uranus). Its a long story – and various cults emulate(d) this sacrifice in magical appeals to Saturn to return – along with the Saturnalian golden age of beauty, abundance and order that Jupiter effected the end of, with the displacement/fall of Venus/Lucifer that passed through various phases of comet like appearance, and Solar disorder before a realignment around Sol with Venus our Sunward neighbour.

          Oh I know its much easier to ascribe everything our forbears describe as imagination and superstition and assign a model to the Universe that maintains a very effective lid over psychic-emotional chaos that the thin crust of a surface rationality can claim to be the apex of evolution.

          I associate Satan (our psychic archetype) with attachment to form and the refusal or opposition to the release of identity in form to align in Spirit. This oppositional mind is counter to the movement of life unfolding or an ‘evil’ operating as denied denials of hidden fears projected/accused in the Other. It may be that the Lucifer/Venus trauma elicited the Satanic (fear and deceit and war) psyche/era that we may be now the waking from.

          Regarding the stealing light/life from God/Gods: to take ANY power unto oneself is to present the seeming of having it over the true of sharing in it – for all comes from and never leaves Source Nature. Except in narrative of mythologic mind-spin. This recognition undoes the wishful but false sense of temporary self in image/form and its attendant undercurrent shadow-self of guilted fear, defensive deceits and hatred of the world of form to meet its fantasy expectations.

          The attempt to enact or invoke fantasy fulfilment (magic) is using the sacrifice (denial and exploitation) of the living to get and maintain private gratification. If you look, you see this is pervasive or systemic to the layer of psyche that we generally presume to be our mind but which operates against or as the blocking of true Mind – and in a sense no blame because it was born of a terrible sense of loss to a world its attempt to get, possess, control, dominate as if to regain – brought (Brings) only further conflict and pain, loss and degradation.

          Its a prodigal wasteland and what we thought to have been our age of power is never coming back. But true power is not denied the willingness to share it – and there’s the rub – because that means the true willing extension of apresence restored from opening to receive life instead of the attempt to enslave it.

        • Seamus Padraig says

          No. The name ‘Lucifer’ had to do with the fact that he was associated with the Star of Sirius, also known as the Morning Star or the Dog Star. It was also sometimes associated (as someone pointed out above) with the planet Venus.

        • If people want to give Satan, aka Devi, aka Gog, the name “Lucifer,” which they’ve done, then fine. But it is not a scripturally (Christian Bible, both main sections) given name for Satan. It is used in Jerome’s Latin Vulgate and with that it makes its way into some versions of the Christian Bible.

          Lucifer was never a name. It was a description given to the kings of Babylon and it was meant to be derogatory, for Babylon was arrogant and hostile to Jehovah and his earthly representatives.

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