An Odd Terrorism

A van hit pedestrians in Barcelona ‘terror attack’ on July 18 causing fourteen dead and dozens of injured among the pedestrians in the area.

Maxim Bushmin writes in Novorossia Today:

The terrorist attack in Barcelona leads us to think that behind all of these attacks that we have observed for some years in Europe, there is a hidden “white” connection.
Judge for yourselves by dismissing everything told by the media…
Paris, Nice, Berlin, London, Barcelona… These are all iconic cities. The centers of European life. There are always a lot of people around. There are many places in those cities which attract high numbers of people. In such places the system of counter-terrorism is relatively weak.
Despite all these factors, the scope of the terrorist attacks in question is quite limited. The number of victims is relatively low, but the media impact is very large.
If one studies this phenomenon, we come to the conclusion that the organizers of these attacks did not intend to kill the maximum number of “infidels”. Quite the contrary, they have chosen processes that neither technically nor physically could cause mass death. Remember how things went in London? The vehicle ploughed through passers-by on a bridge. Then, the terrorist, armed with a knife, rushed to enter the parliament. His chances of succeeding equaled zero. The number of victims was minimal. Would anyone who really wants to fight for the caliphate in Europe act that way? No. Even the last of the idiots would have found a way to dispatch to the other world a much more massive number of idle Europeans and tourists. Believe my words, it is not the processes that are lacking. Even the ingredients are freely available for sale. But no matter, the topic is another…
By comparing each terrorist attack to the others, I have come to the conclusion that the organizers of all these terrorist attacks are, first, the same people. And secondly, they do not want mass killings. Making several dozens victims is alright, but not hundreds, or thousands. This means that we are not facing a war of some people against others. And that those who hold its helm are on the inside. Therefore, the organizers of all this are European whites who pursue only their own goals.
The motivations and objectives may vary. To start with, from increasing the police or the army budgets, to influencing the policies of multiculturalism in order to stop it completely before it leads Europe to a fatal ending. In all cases, it is increasingly difficult to believe the Islamic connection in the organization of these terrorist attacks.

(Translated from the French by Systematic.)

RamblasLas Ramblas, a warren of shops and food stalls in Barcelona, was the site of a fatal attack on Thursday. Photo Albert Gea / Reuters



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