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The West Just Might Be Giving Up On Syrian Regime Change At Last


In the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, sieged by ISIS, residents watch a speech by president Assad projected on a wall.

Caitlin Johnstone in Medium:

The Guardian has published a new article titled “Victory for Assad looks increasingly likely as world loses interest in Syria”, which is just as significant for what it says as for who is saying it. The Guardian has long been one of the most virulent promulgators of establishment lies about the Syrian government, giving extensive coverage to the transparent Bana Alabed psy-op, the western-instituted propaganda outlet known as the White Helmets, as well as advancing establishment narratives about Aleppo and Assad and many other blatant falsehoods.

And indeed the article itself does a good job of retaining that vintage Guardian propaganda feel, portraying the failure to unseat Bashar al-Assad as something unfortunate and talking about poor refugees who are afraid to return home now that regime change is looking unlikely. But it also describes how the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and other nations have been coming to terms with the reality that they probably won’t get the result they’ve been salivating over in Syria.

The article begins as follows:

“In recent months, as supplies of aid, money and weapons to Syria’s opposition have dwindled, it had clung to the hope that ongoing international political support would prevent an outright victory for Bashar al-Assad and his backers. Not any more.

An announcement earlier this week by Jordan — one of the opposition’s most robust supporters — that ‘bilateral ties with Damascus are going in the right direction’ has, for many, marked a death knell for the opposition cause.”

When the waters are muddied with the smoke and mirrors of propaganda, the behavior of establishment media outlets can often tell you a more about what’s happening than the actual data in their reports. The way I see it, the behavior we’re seeing here can only mean one of two things: (1) the agenda that The Guardian has been deceitfully and manipulatively advancing has been deprioritized, or (2) the propagandists just want people to think it has been deprioritized for some reason. The latter could certainly be possible; the propaganda campaign launched against the Assad government has been arguably the most complex and expansive in the history of the world, so there’s no way to know what they’re up to for sure. But the possibility of the former fills me with hope.

Conspicuously absent from the Guardian report is any mention of Israel, which has remained a very aggressive opponent of the Syrian government and its allies, particularly with regard to Iranian presence there. But even this may not be completely hopeless; according to an inside source speaking to award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry, the Trump administration may have evolved a spine when it comes to Israel and Syria and actually be opposing Netanyahu’s obscene hawkishness in this particular respect. With Russia’s warnings and without Washington’s support, Israel may have to give up on Assad as well, at least for now.

Which would of course be fantastic. Syria is a sovereign nation and none of these other countries have any right to involve themselves in its affairs whatsoever. It’s absolutely insane that so many military forces (including those of my own country Australia) have flown halfway around the world to apply deadly force within the borders of a nation they have no business entering in the first place. Syria happens to occupy a key strategic location in the world’s resource wars, which serve only to generate profits which do not benefit ordinary citizens and to shore up geopolitical dominance for power structures that none of us give a shit about. We should all get out of there and let the nation rebuild itself.

And rebuild it will. As the Syrian government and its allies reclaim more and more territory from the terrorist factions who’ve been ravaging the country for years with the help of western interventionism, Syrians are coming back to the recaptured territories and picking up the pieces. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people have returned to Assad-controlled areas should dispel all doubt from your mind that you have been lied to about Syria by your government and by western media outlets like The Guardian. If Assad were really the child-gassing, civilian-bombing depraved bloodthirsty sadist the western media has been insisting that he is, people wouldn’t be scrambling back to him as soon as the other side suffers a defeat. You were lied to, and the return of the Syrian people proves that irrefutably.

None of this was meant to happen. The propaganda machine was supposed to succeed in manufacturing support for more western interventionism in Syria, Putin wasn’t meant to become directly involved in the conflict in support of Assad, and Clinton was meant to win the election and cripple the Syrian air force with a no-fly zone. None of this went as planned, and the imperialist power establishment that is loosely centralized in the United States appears to have suffered a major loss.

Could this loss be an early sign that the imperialist power establishment is on its way out the door? There are a number of reasons to believe that it is. Whatever happens I hope nations like Venezuela, Afghanistan, and North Korea are also able to escape the fate that was intended for Syria.


Bashar Assad said that the Syrian army’s victories made some foreign countries stop financing “terrorists” in the country, thus, changing their stance on the conflict.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said that victories of the Syrian army and its allies over terrorists have resulted in several states giving up their support for “terrorists” in the country.

“Several countries have changed their positions in relation to the victories of the Syrian Army and its allies. Most importantly, several countries have taken measures aiming to suppress the financing of terrorists remaining in Syria,” Assad at a meeting with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari, as quoted by the presidential press service.[…]

Read in full Several states halted financing terrorists after Syrian Army’s victories: Assad

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  1. I don’t know about you but lately when I get up in the morning my steps are more gingerly than usual……obvious why….

  2. Paul says

    The French are still determined to re-establish their Empire in the ME.

  3. writerroddis says

    Also worth a read in this very same context is Aidan O’Brien’s CounterPunch piece yesterday, <a href=” target=”_blank”> replicated here

    • I’m a little dubious about the end of the regime change project in Syria, there are too many lose ends. By lose ends I mean potential excuses for the US to ramp it up again.

      We know that Trump is now merely a puppet, with Bannon gone (like him or not) the soft coup of the MIC Generals is now complete.

      The declaration of more WAR in Afghanistan and the revival of the meme that Iran is the target in the war on terror, all indicates that US styled jihadism is not going to be allowed to die.

      Other indicators:

      Reuters claiming the UN intercepted a North Korean shipment of chemicals to Syria, fake news along the lines of other stories pushed by them on Ukraine in the past. Story echoed across a number of other news outlets.

      The video and photos showing Syrian insurgents teaching school children how to act like chemical weapons victims.

      The pearly whites of Nikki Haley, saying that the US “will shoot first and ask questions later if any chemical weapons are used in Syria”.

      The Junta Generals know that they need to attack soon to savage their collapsing mid-eat policy per se.

      And of course Bibi’s trip to Moscow to Putin saying he would prefer for ISIS to win in Syria also Iran and would attack Syria to enable that happening.

  4. As pro-government forces will soon conquer all territories still held by IS, along with various pockets held by other rebels, the big question will be what will happen to Rojava. The US has 10 military bases in Northern Syria, and there are signs that it is planning on staying there for a while. The US will likely to spur the Kurds on to declare some sort of independence, either total or within a bogus, unilaterally declared federation. Similarly, Iraqi Kurds are holding their own independence referendum on September 25th.

    In the worst case scenario, the Syrian war could transform into a Kurdish independence war, with a Syrian-Turkish-Iraqi-Iranian coalition (backed or tacitly approved by Russia) fighting against a US-Kurdish-(Israeli) coalition.

  5. Arthur Cadbury says

    The contaminant agents of interventionism, and the cabals that spawn them, need to ponder the immutable reality that ‘the curses will return to the originators’ – for those simpletons that voted Trump in as POTUS this translates as ‘the chickens will always come home to roost’ – when America wakes up to the fact that it can no longer claim pre-eminence in terms of setting the ‘standard’ for the rest of humanity, it just might have the chance of being led to salvation by those few who have the capacity to make it a great nation – and as long as the idiot-savant is further manipulated by the coalition of the greedy, vain and ignorant, there can be no outcome other than its decline and fall. We are in uncharted waters and there are plenty of outcrops upon which the great ship can founder. The cautious mind will never be whipped into hysteria.

  6. Sav says

    I’m hoping but I fear they will continue running terrorist bombings in Syria to try and continue the chaos. Look at the heat they have on Venezuela. For the West to not lose face is paramount.

    What really hacks me off about the frauds at the Guardian et al was their later pretend concern for the people, like they were neutral and just wanted the war to stop. Yet as soon as areas were recovered by the government and people tried to return to normality and rebuild they cried that their ‘rebels’ were no longer and needed more support. Sick lying two faced bastards.

    • Systematic says

      Sorry about that… Try reading the original linked article.

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