Video: In Syria, Deir ez-Zor civilians celebrate imminent lifting of IS blockade (updated)


RT reports:

Encouraged by reports that the lifting of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) blockade of Deir ez-Zor was days away, defenders of the city celebrated the news on Sunday night, as footage from inside the city shows.
The video was reportedly shot in the Jura district of the city, which has been besieged by the Islamic State terrorist group since 2014.Syrian government forces are advancing from several directions to break the blockade of the provincial capital, with the Russian Air Force supporting the offensive from the air.


Mohammed Ibrahim Samra, the governor of Deir ez-Zor has stated that the Syrian Arab Army is 24 to 48 hours away from storming the gates of Deir ez-Zor city which for years has been besieged by ISIS.
Furthermore, Deir ez-Zor has subsumed the role as the major ISIS stronghold in Syria as fighters continue to flee the self-proclaimed ISIS capital of Raqqa.
While the United States and its Kurdish proxies who lead the SDF are struggling to break into Raqqa city, which is being held by approximately 2,000 ISIS terrorist fighters, Deir ez-Zor is now home to upwards of 20,000 terrorists who have arrived from liberated regions of both Iraq and Syria. […]

Read in full Syria days away from annihilating ISIS on the battlefield: Here’s what comes next  in The Duran

Update from Al Masdar News:

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:05 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), propelled by Russian airstrikes, has just secured a key area northwest of Deir Ezzor city, bringing it to within visual range of its besieged comrades at the 137th Brigade Base.
Minutes ago, reports came in saying that the Syrian Army secured Deir Ezzor’s local asphalt mine to the northwest of the main city area.
The securing of this area now puts relentlessly-assaulting SAA relief forces just three kilometers to the nearest army positions around the 137th Brigade Base.
Sources are saying that the lifting of the Deir Ezzor siege can be expected before the day is out.

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Hehe, yup, of course, anyone opposing the scums must be an Russian Troll, yeah, and their claims, backed by obscure narratives as automatic directed ddos like attacks and that this must come from One or few other “Russian” sources, to use assumptions in this way, is the equivalence of AGWs cargo-cult pimpers use of Arctics and Ice, where ugh…… few humans are in any given time, so we have no idea of what, if anything is true.
To me, this is nonsense, period, used to just blame Russia for anything, no matter how obscure it is.
I have my own things with Russia I dont like, and I am afraid it will be an problem when this Syrian war goes into the next Phase, Kurdistan, and this war, will not happen, since Israel and Russia agrees upon the creation of an 100% fake people history and slam em straight into an country where others live, to somehow make them Native while the rest is from where, huh, Marshal Islands, anyone, just got to Syria the last week, right, “Kurds”.
But for the Syrians, so far looks good, but I dont trust Russia, sorry to pop the bobble, but Gaddafy rings in my ears where He was thrown under the buss, for oil and gas, the same goes to Israel where Russians is working with Israel to get more oil and gas, this time from occupied territories like Gaza.
Why dont anyone do anything, nope because of oil and gas.
The second, witch is more remarkable is how deep goes the reality we are denied in the western MSM.
Do you have any idea, when I have used the word, slack jawed, more figuratively than anything true, but this video, where the truth is coming out, did make my jaw drop, because its true, but the propaganda and the total control of our MSM will never show you this, never.
This, is ugly, nothing but ugly.
Sweden and cultural enrichment.

wake up, Sweden
The Norse, muhaha, still rigorously denies everything, even when its been in the open, they denies it all and we have an so called Right-winged Gov. muhahaha and people are stupid anuf to believe the right/left bullshit, well, the facts are not like that at all.
But like Sweden and Norway/Finland, and to the wars like the one in Syria, the ISIS is still heroes, and “rebels” of course, everything is controlled and instigated thru and by the MSM, whom runs our politics.
Take an wile gess.
For Syrians.
Its never the less an good day, we need a bit of light, in this dark days.
They have my deepest respect and blessings.


Nothing in the Graun about Deir Ez-Zor or Syria today. Things aren’t going in the right direction, I suppose, and you can’t have the dastardly Russians coming across as good guys. Fortunately, there is this important story, under the headline “West failing to tackle Russian hacking and fake news, says Latvia” (byline: Patrick Wintour, “Diplomatic” (sic) Editor, but they forgot to credit MI6 or whoever it was that actually wrote it):
The west is failing to get to grips with Russian hacking and fake news, the Latvian foreign minister, Edgars Rinkēvičs, has said.
Speaking on a visit to London, Rinkēvičs said there was increasing evidence that Russia was automating disinformation on social media. Pointing to new Nato-sponsored research showing more than five times the number of Russian language tweets sent in Latvia concerning Nato came from bots, instead of from individuals. The figure in Estonia was nine times as many. He described the tactic as ”very systematic and a new way to spread propaganda amongst young people”.
He urged US Congress to press ahead with its inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 US election, saying “it is essential for all US allies to understand the mechanics of how you combine cyber attack and then use it as [an] information weapon to influence people’s opinions”.
Rinkēvičs said: “If you have hacking, fake news with a purpose, it is very difficult to react. We can find out what happened, but it is very difficult to prove. The whole law in this area needs addressing.”
The above is a copy-and-paste extract; the article itself drones on a bit in the same vein. Do the people at the Graun actually believe what they publish, or do they know they’re having us on? Do many Graun website readers believe it?
It’d be laughable if it weren’t for the sentence about the need for “addressing” the law, i.e. internet censorship.


Internet censorship is roaring ahead in the UK MSM. Much of it is automated and much is political as non-violent sex-free comments using moderate non-profane language gets cut, even if NUKE KOREA AND MURDER MILLIONS!! gets through on the nod.
Neither the UK nor the US has a leg to stand on where internet censorship is concerned. We do not have a Free Press, Free Markets are long gone and as for privacy, so passe!!


@Peter: there is a reasonably balanced piece (by Guardian standards) by Agence France-Presse up now. Compare and contrast to the recent blunt trauma assault on the truth (still pushing the long debunked Caesar dossier among other crimes against real journalism) by Nicola Kutcher.


@Peter ….
CIA, FBI, Democrats, and the Organized Jewry have all accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of using every dirty trick to get Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. on the other hand, some Western political gurus have claimed that it’s Israel and not Russia, to blame for Hillary’s defeat.
According to some sources Washington had interfered in 81 foreign elections in addition to regime changes in over a dozen countries including Iran (2009), Pakistan (1971 and 2007), Lebanon, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine (2006), Venezuela, Australia (1975), etc.
However, very few Americans know that Britain and Islamic Republic of Iran, too interfered in US elections by funny ways. Thomas E. Mahl in 1998 book, “Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United states, 1939-1944” – claims that hoping for help against Nazi Germany, the British promoted an anti-German Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie, a lawyer and businessman (he made Time magazine’s cover page) against Democrat president Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1940. However, looking at FDR’s anti-German record, the book doesn’t make any sense.

Verity Pink
Verity Pink

Attempted to send this third party article for consideration (assuming that the author agrees to your reprinting it…) https://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/20937#UEgga8qWMkAxZE66.99


I read about a third of your rubbish VerityPink. There are so many false statements, dodgy facts and claims that I couldn’t even begin relating them – it would take all day. Take your Salfist nonsense and bury it in a big pit.


The phrase “Islamic State” is as much insult to Muslims as calling Israel, “Jewish State” to the followers of “Moses Law”.
Last month, Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad head Yossi Cohen claimed that the defeat of ISIS in Syria was in fact a victory for Iran.
Ronen Solomon, Israeli military analyst in his recent research report for Israel Occupation Force (IOF) has also agreed with the country’s serial liar Netanyahu.
Netanyahu told Russian president Vladimir Putin about Solomon’s research which didn’t convince Putin during their recent meeting in Sochi.
Franklin Lamb, PhD, US-Christian academic, writer and author of 1983 book, Sabra-Shatilla Massacre, based on his wife’s Janet Lee Stephen’s (died 1983) testimony on what the Israeli army and its Lebanese Christian ally Fhalangist militants did inside those two Palestinian refugee camps on September 15-18, 1982. The 1,700 refugees butchered by the anti-Muslim bastard were mainly children and women.
Lamb has lived in Lebanon since 1980s. After the US-Israeli insurgency in Syria, he has been living in Damascus. He works with Christian charity, Meal for Syrian Refugee Children, Lebanon. He is also a visiting professor at Oxford Universities Middle East Center, St Anthony’s College, UK.
Last month Dr. Lamb in a talk he held at Oxford University said that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has succeeded in securing his authority for the time-being – thanks to Iranian and Hizbullah help.


The British have withdrawn their soldiers from southern Syria although you wouldn’t know it if you rely on British media sources other than the Telegraph.


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But the US Power Elite is trying to poison the Region!
“Uranium Coated Ammunition: US Military Did it Again!”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2017/09/03/uranium-coated-ammunition-us-military-did-it-again-uranummantelte-munition-us-militaer-hat-es-wieder-getan/


Using DU coated bombs is standard practice of US/?NATO for over 2-3 decades. Iraq poisoned in first Gulf war. John Pilge’rs film is heart breaking, shaming and enraging. “Killing the children of Iraq” I highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


As I have said many time, the US people need to experience what they inflict on others….they are the worlds biggest crybabies and wussies….

Eric Blair

I share the sentiment that Americans particularly (and Westerners generally) are clueless, or simply do not care, about the horrors inflicted on the people of countries being “liberated” by bombs, sanctions, invasions and “moderate rebels.”
The murderous actions carried out by NATO, the US/UK and their assorted allies and lackeys are consequence free for the citizens of New York, Los Angeles and London. War is talked about like it is an abstract concept not the wholesale taking of lives and destruction of entire countries.
If or when the citizens in warmongering NATO countries suffer serious consequences for the death and destruction delivered in their name to millions of people worldwide…perhaps then they will think twice about casually supporting indefensible “humanitarian wars” against people and places they never see.


Bury them deep !