If you don’t see that Washington is driving to war with Russia, you are a dumbshit American

by Stephen Lendman

In response to the Trump administration’s illegal seizure and search of Russian diplomatic properties in San Francisco, a total violation of diplomatic immunity, Vladimir Putin responded to a reporter’s question, saying “Trump is not my bride, and I am not his bride or groom.”
He and other Russian officials remain understandably furious. US government hostility toward Russia is unrelenting.
At the weekly press briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova commented on the deplorable action, mocking State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert’s explanation, including Nauert’s claim that Washington seeks normal relations with Moscow.
“How does the illegality that is happening on the territory of the Russian Federation building, which formerly housed the Russian General Consulate in San Francisco, contribute to normalizing the situation,” Zakharova asked?
“Why are agents of the US government whom we do not know and whom we have not invited violating our property for who knows what reason? Do these illegal intrusions also ‘contribute to the normalization of bilateral relations?’”
“Who sent them there? For what purpose? What are they doing there? Why do they feel like they can make themselves at home there? It is the property of the Russian Federation. What are US government agents doing there without permission from Russia’s head of mission?”
Washington’s action was unprecedented, a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.
“Diplomatic immunity and inviolability of diplomatic premises are enshrined in international law.” They remain unchanged even in times of “very acute crises,” Zakharova stressed.
“But how does one conduct a dialogue and build relations if Washington violates the agreements it has recognized?”
Host nations are legally obligated to respect and protect the diplomatic properties of other countries. Entering them for any reason requires consent from the head of mission. [Paul Craig Roberts note: this is why the British cannot enter the Ecuadoran Embassy in London and, on Washington’s orders, seize Julian Assange. By violating Russian diplomatic immunity, is Washington trying to establish a precedent that allows the British to violate Eucadoran diplomaic immunity?]
FBI agents stormed into Russian diplomatic property lawlessly and recklessly, threatening to break down entrances if kept locked, operating like a US Gestapo.
The FBI’s claim that they were looking for explosives equates Russia’s diplomatic staff with terrorists. Zakharova asked if FBI agents intended to “plant compromising materials” and pretend to find them.
“Special equipment and technology were brought in…Some kind of work went on. Washington did not inform us about it.”
“A new tonality of relations is being imposed on Russia, ongoing practically every day – going backwards, rejecting cooperation, including at the level of contacts between our peoples.”
The closure, seizure and search incidents weren’t the first times Washington “crudely violated international law.” Such behavior, Zakharova said, seriously harms bilateral relations.
“Unfortunately, it threatens to become a new American tradition. Washington not only destabilizes Russian-American relations, but the whole global international order.”
Tough comments from Zakharova reflect the views of the Kremlin. Russia/US relations are at knife point, worse than any time during the Cold War. Prospects for improvement are nil.
NOTE from PCR: The Russian Operational Command has already concluded that Washington is preparing a surpirse nuclear first strike against Russia. What do you think this latest Washington outrage, a first in diplomatic history that goes beyond even Adolf Hitler, tells the Russians?
The American people should be extremely concerned that “their” governmen is crazy off the scale. I mean really, we are confronting total insanity in Washington.
The insane government in Washington has the entire world on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

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James Williamson

To refer to Americans as dumb shits is being too kind. Seriously.

Michael McNulty
Michael McNulty

All agreements by the US are now worthless. I suspect it’s an attempt at revisionist government, in that had the neo-cons been the government at the time an agreement was made then that agreement would not have been made and therefore the neo-cons consider themselves not bound by it.
It’s as anti-democratic as it can be. It could sweep aside what any other US government has agreed, in effect making the neo-cons the only government the US has ever had…like a retrospective dictatorship making its laws. It will be telling to see how far they go back; it could be several centuries if they never liked something.


Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:
The US has gone full rogue in it’s unlawful assault on Vienna Conventions and flagrant abuse of Internationally reocgnised laws – which THEY signed up for. Washington is taking “poking the bear” to a new level in trying to provoke a Russian response in the hope that the US can label it “aggression” and actually make the accusation stick for once.


“But how does one conduct a dialogue and build relations if Washington violates the agreements it has recognized?” How does one not understand that the US (government and wider establishment) is a vicious, lawless entity? How? And, while I understand that officials of targetted groups, in this case Russian government spokespersons, have to react with this kind of language, meant for average people everywhere, I can’t help wondering whether that’s all it is. Really, If Russian just happened to be the world’s godfather, with a military bigger than all the others combined and a dedication to whatever terror and deceptions – on their own people and others – that it took to keep their domination of the world (which they too would call ‘leadership’), What would be different?
If you can’t unplug from the American designed, global capitalist system – and I know that the U.S. won’t allow it if it can prevent it – then you will never be safe or free. Leaders of entrapped countries will never be safe or free, whether that matters or not, and their peoples will never be safe or free, whether that matters or not. (Being a victim doesn’t automatically make you righteous.)


There are enough countries on earth who are not US lapdogs.
Let them all unite to refuse any trade with the USA. Give NATO nations 18 months to confront their master before imposing the same.
Oh, and make unrequested forced entry into the properties of Americans living abroad. Tell them they are acceptable collateral damage in a diplomatic spat.
Shut down all American schools and universities operating overseas.They are all fronts for spies, after all. Ensure American children overseas have their education trashed. It might make those pesky Americans go home…..
All I am suggesting is ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’, as the Americans love their bibles so much…..
If teaching Americans what the Christian Creed is serves as a pretext for war, we can laugh in hysterics the next time we hear a self-righteous US politician bible thumping…..

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking

“Hey Joe, err _ _ _ I mean Jim, my approval ratings are dropping again. What are you gonna do about it?’
“Well Mister President, Sir, Boss, we could start a war. That worked for Mister Bush for a while”
“War with who John?”
“Doesn’t really matter Mister President, as long as our buddies in the media are behind us”
“Make it happen Joel!”


I like Steve Lendman’s columns and respect his views on this topic. However, one has to remember that such diplomatic tit-for-tat were common during the 50-year Cold War but Washington and Moscow never attacked each other.
Both Trump and Putin are backers of Israel – therefore, they would rather attack anti-Israel countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Venezuela rather wasting their military muscles fighting each other.
On April 27, 2017, Chicago-born writer, author, and blogger Christopher Jon Bjerknes, who claims his Jewish family roots, posted an article, entitled, The Many Faces of the Putin Snake, in which he claims that Putin’s support for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Iran and Taliban is a smokescreen to cover his love for the Zionist entity. In order to prove his point, Bjerknes claims that Putin helped an anti-Muslim Donald Trump to occupy the White House.
“While positioning himself as the guardian of Muslim nations Syria and Iran, he put rabid Zionist and Muslim basher, Syria and Iran enemy Donald Trump in power in the USA and is worked to elect none other than Muslim-hater Marine Le Pen in France. While hosting parades in Russia to celebrate the bolshevik defeat of “fascism”, he sponsors neo-fascism in Europe and America and is seen as their hero, by design,” he said.

Reg Varney

Well there is absolutely no evidence for that whatsoever, in fact it was admitted higher up by someone only last week.


YES – the “higher up” source also happens to be a supporter of Donald Trump.


Reblogged this on Susanna Panevin.


It’s too easy to forget that there is a Power network of Democrats, Intelligence Agencies and Media devoted to the idea of American hegonomy that necessarily involves, at the very least, the disruption if not the breaking up of the Russian Federation. They plug into the old Cold War Speak effortlessly, only erasing “Communist” from the script. It’s a narrative designed for much the same patriotic audience as that Trump appeals to. Their media control of course spreads world wide. It’s an administrative coup and we’re invited to cheerlead for one faction?


US hegemony is not working any more. World-wide, people are not really believing the US propaganda via the media, and Russia will certainly not be disrupted, let alone broken up – of that I am pretty certain.


The nation’s rogue status has become reality. Now the backlash occurs. A country cannot expect to play with international law, supporting it when it is to its advantage and ignoring it in all other situations and not expect others to do the same thing. These actions on the part of the US are destroying international law and making a mockery of diplomatic rules that have served the World well over hundreds of years.


” These actions on the part of the US are destroying international law and making a mockery of diplomatic rules….”
I think you might be on to something there. If the US can’t bend Int’l Law to serve them, then why not smash them, then everything goes to hell in a teapot. It’s not as if the US abides by International Law anymore than Israel does, so what is the definition of it? Washington is rewriting it all for us.


The USA knows full well that a nuclear first-strike on Russia would be totally suicidal – Russia’s nuclear arsenal is enormous and its systems of delivery multiple and efficient. There also is the famous “Dead Hand” in Russia that has never been dismantled but upgraded constantly. So I doubt very much that there will be a nuclear war between the USA and Russia.


Phew! Thank you!

William Gruff

You are assuming that American behavior is rational and not bat shit insane. This is a flawed assumption and not supported by any empirical evidence. The world view of almost all Americans had decoupled from reality long ago and has drifted further into the realm of ludicrous delusion every year since.
This isn’t just about “I’m obese and beautiful, so stop body shaming me!” or “I can’t add integers, and don’t even know what integers are, but I am a genius in some other intelligence!” Americans really believe themselves to be bulletproof Rambos. Americans truly believe the military has huge frickin’ laser beams surrounding the country that will zap any nukes out of the sky if there is a nuclear attack or counterattack.
In other words, Americans all believe they are living in a Hollywood blockbuster movie, and of course they are the good guys, and they know the good guys always win because they have been programmed with that from birth in every piece of media they view. The good guys might get a scratch on a bicep or a bruise on a cheek, but they always win anyway because Americans believe good always triumphs over evil, and they cannot even begin to confront the reality that America is the Evil Empire. The more evil America does in the world, the more impossible it is for Americans to come to grips with reality and the more attractive delusion is for them.


So, you’ve interviewed every single American to come to that conclusion?
I don’t think so.

Big B
Big B

There is a specific classification of psychopathy that resists rationality and sanity. This group discards all qualitative and quantitative analysis that contradicts their mindset and (hegemonic) goals. In short, they are neither rational or sane actors. This group is commonly called neoconservative: and they control the war doctrine and foreign policy of America (plus quite a few, if not all, of their NATO allies). Also, there are bit part players – with undeclared, uninspected nuclear arsenals, outside the conventions of the ‘Pax Nuclearis’ (or MAD for short) – that are hardly sane and rational actors either (showing signs of increasing instability, in fact). I’m referring to Netanyahu, not Kim Jong-un – who, thanks to the Germans, has a Continuous At Sea Deterrence (or strike) capability. Not safe in the hands of a narcissistic megalomaniac whose country has declared the Samson Option, if all else fails and they don’t get their infantile way. Respectfully Veirotchka, it pays not to be complacent about the prospects of nuclear war. The only sane approach is the continued call for total disarmament; which has diminished from a roar to an inaudible whisper over my lifetime. Has the world got safer? Why haven’t millions taken to the streets? Do we trust our leaders now, any more than we distrusted them in the 60s, 70s, and 80s? Or have we just become compliant and complacent??? These are things I no longer understand.


Insane indeed. And not a word of protest, or any attempt to disassociate themselves, from any of the ‘allies.”
Does the UK go along with this behaviour? May Russia break into the Canadian Embassy and discover evidence of complicity in plots? Will France now invade the Embassy in Paris?
Clearly what is being done is intended to provoke Russia into breaking off diplomatic relations.
And what then?
Whose decision was this? And whose decision was it to make?

Reg Varney

You can bet your last penny the UK will go along with it without question, glumbucket would love nothing more.


They are both ZOG’s (along with China).
Getting tired of their pathetic games and the sheer greed of their military industrial complexes.


Am I to assume that my current down votes were made by 2 people who do not know what “ZOG” means?


I don’t think so, because people coming here are for the most part aware of the fact that neither Russia nor China are ZOGs, nor are they anti-Semites.