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Why no-one talks about how “nice” Hillary Clinton is…

Over 11 months after her (catastrophically bad) loss in the Presidential election, the Guardian is still gamely waving Hillary Clinton’s battle standard. Apparently Clinton is currently doing the press circuit in the UK to promote her book “What Happened”, culminating in a hard-hitting political interview….on the Graham Norton Show.

Zoe Williams, Guardian-columnist and leading candidate for shallowest person in the world, watched this interview and decided to ask the hard question:

Why does nobody mention that Hillary Clinton is perfectly nice?

The comments on said article went into great detail about how nice Clinton is. That’s why they were moderated to oblivion and closed after just a few hours. So, since The Guardian doesn’t want answers to Ms Williams’ question BTL, we’ll post them here, above the line. That’s what we’re for, after all.

In brief, no one talks about how nice Hillary Clinton is…because she isn’t. She’s a liar and a war criminal. That’s not a debate or an opinion, those are proven facts. But, while this answer is complete, it’s hardly a fair response to a column Ms Williams must have spent dozens of minutes writing. Maybe a more detailed reply would be…nicer.

Firstly, let’s address Clinton’s persona, what Ms Williams refers to as the:

pressing incongruity of her normality

Here the author goes on to try desperately hard to paint Clinton as relatable by mentioning her coffee and her surgical-boot.

She arrived on stage wearing a surgical boot which she explained in an anecdote neither interesting nor uninteresting, just ambiently pleasant to listen to, like cicadas. “I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand,”

“Wow”, we’re supposed to think, “she’s just like one of us. She’s so normal.” I’m unclear on whether Zoe Williams is a complete idiot…or just thinks her readers are.

Either way she’s displaying a remarkably bad understanding of the English language – even for a Guardian journalist. Seeming to have no notion of what “nice” and “normal” actually mean. Ms Williams would have us think it normal to lie…a lot…in order to further your own ambitions. It seems Ms Williams thinks of starting wars as the behaviour of “nice” people, and a military coup as “just one of those things”.

Graham Norton’s line of questioning was pretty bold: did she feel jinxed? You know, all geared up in 2008, then Obama came along. Then in 2016 Bernie Sanders came along (though he didn’t actually win)

My added emphasis shows up a lie. A sneaky lie by omission. Yes, technically, Bernie Sanders lost the primaries…but it’s also true that Clinton cheated. She was fed debate questions by DNC staff prior to debates, that’s a proven fact. The person responsible resigned in disgrace…only to be immediately hired by Clinton’s campaign team.

And then there’s the odd manner of “victory” for Clinton in some primaries – winning Iowa by 6 consecutive coin-toss wins, and winning Nevada on a high-card draw. Add to that her husband’s apparent breaking of electoral rules in Massachusetts, and the admission of certain Democrats that the DNC “rigged” the votes and you have a victory far beyond merely tainted, that to not mention the various controversies becomes a wilful act of deception.

But about her feelings, upon losing, she was perfectly plain: she felt terrible. She felt responsible.

My emphasis again. This is another lie, not of omission this time. It’s a simple denial of reality. Anyone even passingly familiar with the election knows that Hillary never once accepted her defeat as her own responsibility. She has blamed Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, James Comey, the DNC, the public and (of course) Vladimir Putin. But she has never blamed herself. Apologists in the press went so far as to claim that Clinton’s campaign was just “too smart”, rather than blame their chosen candidate. Zoe obviously hasn’t been paying attention.

Seriously, run through this one more time. How did a nation choose – over her – the guy who could only debate her with grim-faced, pantomime prowling?

There is no end to Ms Williams’ bafflement. She talks about “regret hanging in the air”, as if Clinton could have ushered a golden age of peace and prosperity. She never acknowledges the one word, more than anything else, that lost Clinton the election: War.

The war she supported in Iraq. The war she started in Libya. The war she wanted in Syria. The war she might have caused with Russia.

Whatever Trump has done and said since his election, he built his foreign policy platform on no war in Syria, and on cooperating with Russia to fight ISIS. Americans are sick of war, especially in the middle-east, and Hillary had helped build two and wanted a third.

None of this has any impact on Zoe’s opinion on Clinton’s “niceness”. It’s as if Zoe doesn’t realise wars exist.

…and here is where the penny drops – Zoe Williams doesn’t live in the real world. It all makes sense when you factor that in.

That’s why she doesn’t mention Clinton’s lies about Bosnia or money (or any of the others). It’s why she doesn’t mention the feeling of entitlement which people resented, or the mysterious illness people were unsettled by. It’s why she doesn’t acknowledge the rigged primaries, the sex scandals or inappropriate emotional reactions. It’s why the words “Libya” and “Honduras” can’t be found anywhere in her vapid apology of an article. She lives in a dream world, and has written a 2000 word request for our company.

In short, the reason no-one talks about how nice Clinton is, is that we all live in the real world, and remember real things that actually happened. Apparently, this is a burden Guardian journalists no longer have to bear.


  1. Christopher Barclay says

    For Zoe Williams and many other women, Hillary had the most important qualification possible to hold power: a vagina.

  2. Brup says

    Hillary Clinton is ONLY a cabalist.
    She is NOT simpatic.

  3. Jake O says

    One of my favourite media moments of the past 12 months is the ‘US president special’ held by radio four wimmins hour. It had had been trumpeted long in advance in anticipation of the elevation of the chief witch to the chief office. They had an interview with Hilary a couple of months before and were all in love with her.

    Following the Trumping of Hilary the hour long segment was a continuation of calling all trump followers stupid and liars and Zoe Williams herself almost crying into the microphone in outrage.

    Every time the one trump supporter allowed into the studio tried to make a point about hilary’s dishonesty she was put down and told the election was over whilst the others continued attacking trump for all his lies.

    It’s well worth listening to.

  4. Michael McNulty says

    This adoration of Hillary goes to prove just how fickle human nature can be. The people who support her now are the same kind of people who four hundred years ago would have burned her as a witch.

    • adriennehb says

      I’d be happy to burn her as a witch now.

      • Henry says

        In fact, her actually being a witch wouldn’t really be necessary.

  5. Rhisiart Gwilym says

    Of course Zoe Williams doesn’t live in the real world. She’s a corpohack; one of the spineless, incurably meretricious (in the archaic meaning of the word) tribe of stenographers to the powerful working in the corporate ‘news’ media. She lives her whole working life in those invertebrates’ mutual delusion bubble. Somewhere at the back of her mind she knows damn’ well – as they all do – that she’d bloody well better take care in her writing to stay resolutely in the bubble, or her precious career and her fat salary won’t last long.

    • mitch says

      Indeed, Zowie is a personification of a presstitute servicing the interests of the criminal elite crime families that own all mainstream media

  6. rtj1211 says

    ‘Woman whose writing makes me puke has revolting grannymance with woman I would like to shoot’ just about covers it…..

    Americans need to ask what their reaction would be to Putin standing for re-election on the platform of nuking America. World War III perhaps?

    Then they need to ask if President Putin showed restraint superior to theirs in handling the absolutely disgraceful- and unacceptable proclamations of a raving nutcase running for US President.

    Then they need to recalibrate US Presidential candidate requirements to eliminate the mentally ill….

  7. I would tend to suspect very, very strongly that the editor of the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland, is effectively a member of the power elite and knows that all the alleged “terror” events going on are staged. Nothing would surprise me from that paper now.

    This is an article by a “Faarah Adan”, allegedly a victim at Mogadishu and a “freelance journalist based in the UK and the US”.

    This is his twitter account set up just this month.

    Other than this article and twitter account there seems to be no evidence of this person and there is no photograph of him.

    There is not a single photo shown of the bombing that allegedly killed 500 people at Mogadishu that could not fit “staged event”. There is not a single photo that shows compromise to a person’s body but there is this photo showing a man with pigmentation problems who has supposedly been bandaged for bomb injuries – The bandaging is completely unconvincing (note: the power elite justify their hoaxery of us by TELLING us what they’re doing with clues, lack of realism and even over-the-top ridiculousness). I have seen photos from bombings I have no doubt about and they are horrific and disturbing. Of course, it is understandable that media avoids showing disturbing images but one does expect at least some images from an event such as this to fit only “real event” and not all be possible “staged event” photos.

    • Jake O says

      Mr Freedland also gets plenty of BBC airtime, he’s well inside the establishment.

  8. I would like to claim the coining of the term “power puff piece” (two concepts for the price of one) on this day to apply to mind-and-reality bending prose such as referred to in this highly entertaining article. I certainly hope I’m not displaying any of the presumption and grandiosity displayed by the subject of such prose.

  9. Simon Roberts says

    Hillary Clinton is the most contemptible, disgusting excuse for a human being I can think of. And a war criminal. Please send her to Nuremberg ASAP.

    It was imperative that she lost the election, after cheating Sanders out of his candidacy (who would have been a disaster anyway).

    The “inconvenient truth” is that Trump is a life long Democrat. Go figure.

    And now the Left has gone full retard – “socialist democrats” are now decloaking into actual Marxists. Antifa and their ilk are pushing full on Leninist Communism, as if Fascism and full on Communism don’t both end with the biggest cause of death in the C20th – Democide (death by government).

    Rather than go after the Tories (for example) for their massive power grabs – Psychoactive Drugs Act, Snooper’s Charter and much worse which they have planned, the Feminists and other insane Leftists are harassing anyone and everyone out of a job for lunatic “thought crimes”, like the recent example of a nice Polish lady who Tweeted that the women’s section of her computer game conference was for the “pretty” people (i.e. women) only to face a wave of insane Leftist hate from transgender developers of PoS video games like No Man’s Sky – imagine being sacked for such an offence. Imagine being ABLE to be sacked because some wankers have Twitter accounts. Imagine being able to be sacked because some f***ing WANKERS are offended that you decided to call, innocently, a women’s only event the PRETTY event. Christ.

    Them we have “death to all white males” (because we SO all tolerant), “toxic masculinity” and my favorite, if you are white YOU ARE RACIST. Oh, sorry, forgot that asking how someone is might be interpreted as a “micro-aggression”.

    I’m a normal person. Most people are normal people.

    If the above applies to you, you are mentally ill. Get help, because normal people don’t like what you stand for. The point of this? Obama and Clinton made this all possible.

    The only good thing about all this is that the Left always eats itself because they are the most disgusting, anti-civilization, anti-human, unwashed barbarians out there. I’m a true liberal – let everyone do what the fuck they want if they aren’t hurting (NOTE – NOT “offending” cry baby wankers) anyone else. Being offended isn’t a right. If you don’t like it then go to your safe space and fuck off, because for every one of you loud mouth losers there are ten thousand of us who hate you and everything you stand for.

    You are the racists, you are the losers and if you DARE accuse me of white privilege, you are almost certainly white as well and should be ashamed of yourself. Sure white people in the PAST did bad things. So did every other race. Did I benefit from it? No. My grandparents were refugees from Poland that escaped from concentration camps (losing 20+ family members who died to the Nazis) and my other grandparents were working class British people. Both grand father’s joined the army/RAF whilst the grand mother’s made bullets to fight the Nazis. I’m from working class stock and my grandparents, my parents and myself worked our arses off to get anywhere in life. Sure, we have TONS of white privilege. Assholes.

    • Simon Roberts says

      Thanks. for the thumbs ups people. I spent all day in my usual “I shitposted to the Internet, I’m an asshole” mode. I genuinely am SCARED of posting anything online these days.

      The bottom line is this. I subscribe to this site despite being basically a libertarian. To me that means being someone who is generally pro-capitalist, a liberal – and who doesn’t care if a policy is “from the left” or “from the right” IF it is intellectually, economically and common-sense sound.

      My belief is that common sense has to prevail in politics, and that neither “side” is ever right or wrong ideologically if their thinking is sound. Unfortunately, that almost never applies in politics.

      My rant is this: the Powers That Shouldn’t Be are trying to divide us by injecting race, gender and anything else they can to cause a sideshow that causes us to attack each other other than them – the assholes that start wars, maintain them and cause fear and panic in the general population.

      The Left, which is anti-war and who I used to be a part of, is the same as the pro-capitalist “right” which perhaps I am more attuned with now.

      When Obama commits eight years of war crimes, compared to maybe six of Bush/Blair – which I also oppose/opposed/protested against – we can align. But the Left has laid down it’s weapons because they don’t actually give a fuck about being anti-war if their guy is doing it. I do. And I will crucify Trump the moment he goes postal, as will the Left. But when Barry the “Peace Prize” winner did it, it was edgy and cool right? Which makes you lot hypocrites.

      End of message – we are all on the same team. If you hate white men, who gave you PCs, cell phones and the Internet to spread your hate, maybe we should all focus on the Bankers/Globalists/NWO/Neo”Conservatives” (who are all Marxists BTW).

      End of apology/rant.

      • I sense you are learning from your deep sense of dissonance. If we don’t wake under such a condition we are driven deeper into dissociation – which is the device of separating from or escape in denial and displacement.
        I am quite willing to be wrong – but I see that this dissonance is upwelling regardless of anything anyone may do – and so the issue is how honestly are we to align in the unfolding of what is – rather than persisting in whatever we invested in what we think or feel SHOULD be. If the ‘powers that should not be’ are breaking the rules of your world – then it is as if your world is breaking – but really it is the ‘rules’ – which are deeply held beliefs and definitions that are not true – or perhaps energetically to say, they are no longer serving you.
        Regardless of ‘thinking’ the energetic demands of a situation can be the recognition that responsibility is critical – and certain modes of behaviour are simply unaffordable IF your desire is to truly live. That is the underlying core safety – because the desire to truly live is the real you – where the alignment in identity AGAINST what you don’t want – or fear – is dividing you – not in true of being – but in your current awareness of your experience.

        Why not pause and feel what you are writing as you are writing – so as to more consciously align with the power of a unified expression of yourself or your being. A principle phishing trap is to bait by reaction into a self division that is masked or ‘captured’ by the hate or fear of ‘other’.
        Jesus spoke of freedom as a condition of truth – not of asserting or defending ‘truths’ but of opening to and then witnessing to an integrity – rather than reacting to a lack of integrity in others that has more to tell us about ourselves, power issues and deceits – if we don’t just react – and effectively feed the problem while believing we are right – because they or that is wrong!

        Sometimes in crisis the underlying guidance has been ‘dont think’ – because I need all focus present with what is going on – and the whole shebang of ‘thinking about’ is a quagmire of powers that shouldnt be.
        Not knowing is simply an honesty of being – and yet in that honesty or openness to know anew – life happens.

        I see so much on the Net as being as trigger to come out in hate, disgust, as a ‘righteousness’. THAT is how to lose freedom and gain a ‘world’ in powers that should not be. If you want a ‘repeat’ – join in hate. If you want to truly live – make sure you are on the right bus! That is – live your conscious choice as well you can in whatever way you can – and don’t take on what is not yours – or you neglect what is. That is how the ‘fear gets in’ and conflict and burden turn us to a fear-defined sense of isolation that reaches for power that should not need to be – but in struggle within our self we believe we need it and the rest – as they say is history – or an endlessly re-enacting past like a boot stamping on the face of the true presence. That image of Orwell’s is simply a variation on the theme of the crucifixion. Give unto ‘Caesar’ what is due unto ‘Caesar’ and give unto ‘God’ what is due unto ‘God’.
        These two represent power in the world and the power of Creation. These terms have become devalued or degraded by misuse – but Creation is not ‘out there’ apart from you but a false thinking makes it so.

        It’s easy to recognize false or conflicted thinking – it feels dissonant to persist in. But if it reinforces a sense of power that you believe you want or need – you persist through the dissonance and learn to mask it off so as to ‘survive’ in your terms. At some point it breaks down because it has no true foundation. Truth will out!

      • “Bankers/Globalists/NWO/Neo”Conservatives” (who are all Marxists BTW).”

        Nice! I mean the part about them being all Marxists. Because that is so true!

        • George says

          In what way are they Marxists? Are you assuming they have read Marx and are putting his ideas into practice? Are bankers revolutionaries? Are they all working to undermine the profit centred society? Is there any active Marxism at all anywhere on this planet today?

            • George says

              Oh thank God for that! The trouble with irony is that, as with so much else on the net, it’s hard to tell when you just have typed words on a screen.

                • George says

                  Perfect. I was thinking of Poe’s Law. That Wiki entry attributes it particularly to “internet culture” but I think the mechanism, though unnamed, long predates the internet. Randy Newman has a song called “Political Science” which ridicules gung-ho American militarism (“Let’s drop the big one and see what happens”). Newman said that when he sang the song back in the 70s, everyone laughed because they got the point. But in later years, the response was more along the lines of “Damn straight! Bomb the bastards!” Thus showing that there is always an inherent danger in irony and parody. If you’ew going to say the opposite of what you mean, it only serves you right if some take you at face value. Some of them may even be aware of your intentions but they will turn the tables on you by sincerely agreeing with the expressed sentiments.

        • Karl says

          “Nice! I mean the part about them being all Marxists. Because that is so true!”

          Glad to hear it! For I am an enemy of all those groups, and, as I wrote quite some time ago, “I at least am certainly no Marxist”…
          – KM from Trier

    • Simon Sir,

      It would help greatly if you stopped conflating the word ‘LEFT’ with Social Justice Warriors or PROGRESSIVE types who espouse causes they actually do not give a toss about, it just sounds good and does nothing to further equality within our society. In my neck of the woods, these type of ‘gobs on sticks’ are detested, if only because most who espouse said crud have zero idea of what they are actually espousing, looks good on a CV though, which says it all.

  10. She is the coldest, empathy-free politician I have ever shaken hands and briefly conversed with: One with Margaret Thatcher in having not an atom of humanity a condemnation I think George Galloway once said of Thatcher.

  11. My ears pricked up once Zowie’s article mentioned ‘high risk’ – was Williams turning her attention to the ratcheting up of tensions across MENA, or the political fall-out after the fraudulent Democratic leadership contest?

    No, apparently not – ‘high risk’ was merely a reference by Williams to the kind of psychodynamics that might have unfolded had Hilary dared share the Graham Norton sofa with her co-celebrities.

    Zowie’s extraordinary apologia might have been a new low for the Guardian had it not been for Freedland’s egregious claims about the death of Daphne Galizia somehow being emblematic of the great work going on at York Way!
    Unsurprisingly most commentators (BTL) had to gently explain to him the difference between a real journalist, willing to take serious risks in pursuit of important news, and corporate hacks who devote most of their energy keeping readers in the dark rather than keeping them informed.

    • I look at the link I find it funny how Freedland complains about people attacking the media, but at the same time uses the insult “Cobyrnite” to describe Cobyrn supporter. Freedland is such a hyprocrite. He is equalting criticism with murder than is low. He thinks that the media should be criticized and we should all take what the media says at face value. I don’t know much about British politics, sorry I am a Yank, but what I seen of Jeremy Cobyrn is that he seems to be one of the few politicians is geniuely driven to serve the people and is honest. the majority of politicians are driven by their ego and the pursuit of power, and Cobyrn is the opposite, and I find that refreshing.

  12. michaelk says

    Williams’ article, or declaration of ‘love’, illustrates how deeply flawed the Guardian brand really is; how tainted by dogma and partisanship. This stuff shows why the Guardian is dying institution, and deservedly so… because it’s truly, really, awful. The Guardian loves Clinton, in the same way it loves Obama and Blair. They are both really nice too, radiating a charm that lights up the room.

  13. Big B says

    It gets better. Jeff Sessions has lifted the NDA gag on an FBI informer who can testify about “the Obama administration after he witnessed the bribery, extortion and money laundering as money exchanged through briefcases and yellow envelopes.”

    BTW: as the Russian demonisation programme is bound to intensify as investigations proceed: Putin wasn’t President in 2009-10. [Dmitry Medvedev 2008-2012] There is no shielding of the treachery and treason of America’s elite. #LockHerUp

  14. mitch says

    Williams is a strident Blair apologist so no surprise she’s shilling for Killary

  15. But just think of all the money US taxpayers could of saved if Hillary had been anointed!

    She could of flown to meetings on her broom instead of using the fuel-guzzling Air Force One jet, saving a tremendous amount of money.

  16. Big B says

    Hillary: she’s so nice – she wouldn’t set out to destroy the lives of women (one of whom was only twelve at the time) who accused her husband of being a sexual predator? And laugh when she got the evidence dismissed? Ever the empathetic progressive feminist.

    People who project all their identitarian feminist hopes and attributes; and embody them in HRC (as I presume is the case here) as some sort of antidote to the patriarchal warrior caste – can’t grasp the fact that she has no compunction about sending other peoples children home in body bags for the profit of her sponsors on Wall St and in the MIC. Some (infanticidal) maternal instinct.

    I’m trying not to be too hopeful: but maybe the noose is tightening? A Watchdog has file an FEC complaint that the Democrats funded the Steele (“Golden Shower”) Dossier – in violation Federal Law. A judicious inquiry might uncover whether offshore funds from the Uranium One deal were also used to finance her campaign? Follow the “Money well spent”. [HRC’s response.]

    Elsewhere, Special Counsel Mueller has expanded the scope of his inquiry into the non-existent Trump Russia collusion ‘scandal’ – bringing his focus on the Podestas shilling for the Russian Sberbank. Tucker Carlson (Fox News) claims to have a former Podesta Group source – that claims that the Podesta’s were Paul Manafort’s main contacts (not Trump). This witness has been interviewed extensively by Mueller. This is also another angle on the Uranium One and Fusion GPS-Steele Dossier. Follow the money 2.0: perhaps it will lead to the real Russia collusion scandal – Hillary Clinton!

    • “Follow the money 2.0: perhaps it will lead to the real Russia collusion scandal – Hillary Clinton!”
      Looks pretty convincing. How ironic.

      It’s so interesting what the real truth is compared to the story. One of the items on the 9/11 checklist was hiding all the money pillaged from Russia after the Cold War.

      • Big B says

        @flaxgirl: “It’s so interesting what the real truth is compared to the story.”

        I don’t understand people like Zoe Williams (who, judging from her photo, doesn’t even have the fact of being a millennial to hide behind) – who ignore 35 years of well chronicled evidence to the contrary – to issue the blandishment “nice”. Nice: HRC is the very epitome of the psychopathogenic criminal cabal that controls America (and by extension – much of the rest of the world). (Acting as a Deep State conduit) her modus operandi has been that “all human suffering is a business model” [Ronald Bernard]. Nice: on what planet does Williams reside??? [At what point does complicity become criminal too???]

        And if on a book tour to promote the “Russian interference” Cold War reset perception management psyop – she gets (at least, partially) undone by being the fabricator of the “Golden Shower” dossier – I for one will be ROTF LMFAO!!!

        [I don’t know who this fellow is: he appeared in my ‘suggestions’ as Youtube thinks that I am a conservative this week.]

        [[It gets better: Congress is looking to fire the compromised Mueller – who is part of the same Bush-Clinton-Obama-Deep State crime nexus. I’m gonna need a wholesale supply of popcorn for this one!!!]]

  17. Within the conditional filters of anyone’s sense of self, may be found permission to be. The sense of freedom to be is felt as ‘love’ or appreciation and gratitude.
    Personal judgements operate a fixed and frozen set worthiness or unworthiness – as part of insecurity of the one making, passing on or accepting them.
    Those whose sense of self is conditioned to operate unconscious of its own filtering do not recognize their own participation in events and outcomes.
    The fragmentation of personality conflicts ‘plays out’ our world.

    So what if the ‘team Clinton’ are attempting damage control to ‘rehabilitate her’ so as to serve their agenda?
    Manipulative deceit is not worthy of an abiding focus within. Manipulative deceits depend upon these energetic conditions to run: Fear, guilt, hate, shame and lack – and of course all the progeny thereof.

    Competing illusions claim truth by virtue of the exposed sin in the other. That’s how it works. The use of ‘sin’ or guilt for power is giving worth-ship to the negative – and magnifying it by feeding upon it.

    In terms of my sense of Hilary – I notice that after being subordinated under Obama, her way of speaking became somewhat clone-like of his. The ‘cloning’ effect is noticeable in many other regards in the modern world – perhaps as a loss of self to an image. As for politics – does anyone still believe that USA political class – (how quaint to include the A) – are more than actors operating the theatre of diversion to policies long drawn up that they are required to ‘front out’ with the crowd? Perhaps the idea of ‘deep state’ (of inertial drift in frozen thinking)
    is a recognition of the hollowness of the so called political process? The transglobal corporate power – underpinned by global banking – and civil and military control of technological development all ‘naturally’ conspire to predate upon the food and energy source of ‘power’ that equates to debt, destruction and pharmed disease and degradation of consciousness as an ability to operate creatively as a relational cultural expression.

    To those who are sacrificed by their willingness to sacrifice others to the god of a false power – there will seem no real choice. Only an offer they’ cant refuse’. The nature of coercive power is blind and blinding. The more focus within it we give, the more acculturated and cloned we become to think and act in its terms.
    Sooner or later, everyone meets the true consequence of their choices – not as vengeance or punishment – but as the loss of the ability to defer, delay, avoid or evade knowing what you know. The recruiting deceit feeds self-specialness in its victim, while selecting on the basis of controllability – through weaknesses or compromising ‘secrets’ held ‘in trust’.

    The personality is a diversionary tactic for self-specialness – positively set up – or negatively brought down. This ‘spectacle’ fills the minds of the cloned opinionated identity assertion and passes off as if political or social commentary and discussion. You could look at any of the identities used for fronting the Presidency for their psyoperative ‘fit’ to the current gestalt and the ‘progress’ of the ‘power agenda’.

    Lastly, I feel that the power agenda may start out for advantage, gain dominance and capture necessary influence in passing law but also by lawless means – to grow such dominance and stifle or subvert and own any ‘rival’. The end result is destruction or undermining of the conditions for life and as such embodies a hatred of life that seeks to take from it what it feels denied or deprived of. This hatred is not only in the few who are presented as ‘leaders’ – but is pervasive but masked.

    Masking is the ability to pass off as who we are not or hide who we fear to openly be. Who do you get to feel the true freedom of being yourself with? Is that because no one meets your ‘conditions of acceptance’ or because you find their demands and expectations controlling, stifling or irritating? I suggest that our subtle communication draw active responses and that no one is in fact who we think and perceive them to be or who they think and present themselves to be. Everything is what it is as a outcome of relational interactions – but our persona is fitted or fits us to believe it is the free agent acting upon ‘other’ that it presumes to assign judgement to from its own personality fragments. If you understand that unresolved trauma dissociated and fragments the personality construct, then you also know that you can be ‘triggered’ to react ‘unmindfully’ when your ‘buttons are pushed’. The weaponising of personality fragmentation as a psyop asset for manipulating and manufacturing ‘outcomes’ is not altogether secret – but it plays on already observed applied ‘psychology’ in which the study of breaking and remaking people, social identities and society as a whole seeks only the further breakdown of any perceived ‘weakness’ as a blank from which to use it as a proxy.

    • I have heard a wise man say that the word “persona” refers to a mask. I wonder how the concept of mind control applies to no-mind. Ah well, never mind.

      • mind used to be a verb – and as a shortcut it became used as a noun. As if you have a mind. In fact it is the replacement for Soul – a much more embracing idea than the focus in desire. Minding or, to mind something, is to give attention, significance, meaning. The term mind control as a ‘scientific’ term likely came up with the idea of brainwashing and implanting suggestions, beliefs and commands into another – that they then act out as if their own. But in a broader sense operates propaganda, ‘public relations’ and social engineering – but goes back to hypnotism/mesmerism and the dark arts of deceit and manipulative persuasion. Mind-control includes false flag trickery. Mythically – that is as a wisdom tradition – the idea of mind-control is that of possession – of an alien evil or unloving will – getting in, hiding within and taking over – yet the very fear of such operates such, and the defences against it, operate the belief in it. At this level, mind-control, is a reaction to self-doubt or self-conflict that seems to have a life of its own because it is the result of unresolved contradictory desires where the desire to escape pain or fear remaps the conflict from a dissociated personification of masking – that separates from direct reliving exposure in the denied or negative feelings and thoughts by assigning them to NOT self and generally to some sense of hidden evil, hate, shame or unworthyness that becomes either unconscious by evasion or conscious but only as perceived and avoided or hated and attacked in the other – whose designation in fear of hate operates a secret sense of escape. That they may also be not in their right mind, and therefore dissociated in the acting out of unconscious inner conflict and therefore behaving insanely, is secondary to the use of another being as a dump for what in fact belongs to us.

        Humpty Dumpty is the fragmented personality and world experience. All the King’s horses and men are the mind control of attempt to operate as if a unity asserted and imposed upon the ‘chaos’ of conflicted needs. But in such times I invite the consideration that Humpty – whether he fell or was pushed – is a false flagged deceit-device.
        Divide and rule is frequently assigned despots but I see it is the basis of the human personality structure – and our subjective consciousness experience. But the division or compartmentalisation of polarised conflict is a mapping – and not a true terrain or presence received. In all the chatter and emotional expression of the state of the world – in whatever issue of the day – the core signal of a resolving or reintegrating desire and fulfilment, is drowned out by the noise of the mapping that inherently conflicts when purposed as self-evasion. So if we are attracted to a reintegrating desire and fulfilment, we will recognize that we need to become truly and currently conscious of our mapping mind – so as to use language for commun-ication rather than as the mapping and ‘survival’ of an evasive separation. Communication opens within – and extends out. If the human personality conflict was recognized as a communication breakdown of confusing the map with the terrain – then we would not play pass the parcel with such putrid and hateful guilt as if to get rid of it.
        Give only as you shall receive. To forego vengeance is to give up judgemapping to a true alignment. You don’t know it is your own heart’s forgiveness until you recognize your own release.

        • Mind control is magic. It can be used as positive suggestions to help – for the belief one can heal is self-fulfilling when it resonates or wakes the true willingness for healing. But ‘positive’ beliefs cannot be added or imposed to a negatively defined self – except as ways for such self to prove its own self-judgement true.

  18. How is anyone with a knowledge of World Events supposed to find any words that would imply by their usage that Hillary Clinton was ever “nice”. She wasn’t nice as a lawyer or as a politician – not in any way shape of form. She didn’t just lie for 13 minutes straight, she lied for most of her political life. Does anyone not remember Obama and Clinton’s 5 nations tour?

    • Kaiama says

      The Britsh Expression is “so crooked, she couldn’t lie straight in bed”.

  19. Paul says

    She has only achieved her status on the back of a real politician, husband Bill.

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