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VIDEO: Eva Bartlett Exposes the Lies on Syria

In this episode, James Corbett is joined by Eva Bartlett of to discuss her reporting from Syria. They talk about the lies, propaganda and outright fabrications that have attempted to paint the terrorist insurgency as a “civil war” led by “moderate rebels,” including the use of children like Omran Daqneesh and Bana Alabed as unwitting icons for the fake narrative. They also discuss recommended sources for real information about what’s happening in Syria. Sources, links and show-notes can be found here.


  1. rehmat1 says

    In August 2016, the co-host of RT America’s “Watching the Hawk” Sean Ali Stone, interviewed Canadian writer and human rights activist Eva Bartlett (Watch below).

    In the interview she claims that there is no the so-called ‘civil war’ in Syria. The Syrian conflict is a PR war mounted by the western powers and their surrogates to topple Assad for his alliance with regime in Tehran. She also explains the real dynamics on the ground in Syria and also the western media lies and manipulations on Syria, especially with the current Battle for Aleppo.

    • Peter says

      Thanks for the link. The posts are really eye-opening. Maybe Mark Mason (see his comment below) could have a look, it might educate him a bit.

      This said, the war – mainly stirred up, run and manned by non-Syrians – has been (and continues to be) a tragedy for the country. The Western MSM have a lot to answer for. They’re disgusting.

  2. rtj1211 says

    All other things being equal, a journalist who does on-the-ground research has greater credibility than someone back home relying on ‘sources’.

    All other things being equal, an independent journalist has more credibility than one tied to US-UK propaganda machines (which means major US and UK media outlets).

    This does not prove Eva Bartlett is credible and true, it says that all other things being equal, she is more likely to be credible and true than a BBC mouthpiece.

    It is much simpler to report truthfully than to spin propaganda, because new propaganda needs to be consistent with old propaganda and ever higher levels of acting are required by propaganda spinners.

    Eva Bartlett comes across as open and honest.

    So the question to be answered is whether she is played by Syrians with an agenda or whether she tells inconvenient truths….

    And, of corse, whether the truths she chooses to highlight paint a picture different to that if other truths were also reported….

    My hunch is that she is trustworthy, but how many of us truly have the time to do due diligence on professional reporters??

  3. Mark Mason says

    James Corbett and Bartlett are idiots. Conspiracy theorists. OG is quickly losing it’s credibility.


    • Harry Stotle says

      You might disagree with Bartlett’s assessment of Syria (obviously you do) although to my ears she seems to speak with authority, but ‘idiot’, really ….. ?

      I mean calling somebody ‘idiot’ without justification reduces debate to the level of nah-nar-ne-nah-nar.
      As it stands it seems to be you that has the credibility problem.

    • Peter says

      How about some arguments, sources, links and so on, instead of insults, Mark? OG gives alternative viewpoints on major geopolitical issues. You may agree or disagree with them, but it’s posts like yours which have no credibility.

  4. Harry Stotle says

    Eva Bartlett’s take down of a churnalist (who works for conservative Norwegian news outlet, Aftenposten) is a thing of beauty, especially when it begins to dawn on the corporate stooge that the script in Syria is not quite what the string-pullers had led him to believe.


    • Martin says

      Ooops! Placed under wrong comment. Please ignore.

  5. Bartlett has done such sterling work, but recognition will never be given nor any well earned prizes so often given to the leeches and heels who call themselves journalists. Anyone who can battle against the establishment lies with the tenacity that she and Vanessa Beeley have done, truly deserve International Acclaim from prestigious organisations. What a shame those organisations are too pre-occupied currying favour with the war hawks and their sponsors.
    Many thanks to OffG for making their work available for those of us wishing for truth and integrity.

    • FYI
      Here some background information what happened recently in Saudi Arabia:
      With it long being known that Hillary Clinton was being secretly funded by the radical Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to continue the “remaking” of the Middle East, this report continues, her failure to win over President Trump has now pushed the entire world to the brink of war—and that is due to everyone knowing that Trump will never launch a war against Iran like the “Deep State” had planned to do—and that has now plunged the Saudi-Israeli Axis into such total turmoil over Iran’s growing power, Israel is now conducting the largest aerial drill in its entire history.

      This historic, and massive, Israeli aerial drill, this report explains, was timed to coincide with a supposed Lebanese Hezbollah “false flag” rocket attack upon Israel that would force President Trump into joining a war against both Lebanon and Syria—and that would, of course, involve Iran too—but that Trump was able to discover before it was carried out, and who secretly rushed his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to Saudi Arabia to warn Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about what was soon to occur.

      Upon being warned about this “Deep State” planned “false flag” event by President Trump, this report notes, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman immediately summoned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to the Saudi capital of Riyadh—and who upon arriving was bluntly told that what was being planned was “an act of war”—and thereafter, Crown Prince bin Salman then ordered Prime Minister Hariri to immediately go on Saudi television and resign, which he did, as he would have, most assuredly, never left Saudi Arabia alive.

      Less than 24 hours after Crown Prince bin Salman forced Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri to resign or be killed, this report grimly states, a “false flag” missile attack was launched against Riyadh’s international airport—which the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia immediately blamed on Iran in their attempt to incite war—but that Crown Prince bin Salman rapidly responded to by launching a “sweeping crackdown” against these Wahhabists by arresting them and their supporters—and that included the killing of Prince Mansour bin Muqrin (by helicopter shootdown) and Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd (by firefight) who had ordered the rocket attack on Riyadh’s airport.

      • Jen says

        Are you able to provide any sources or the links to the sources that gave this information? Thanks.

        • Big B says

          I’d like to read that report too. It is definitely built around the facts that we know. Adam Garrie at the Duran is the one I have been following the developing story with. It seems a bit speculative: the actual situation is a lot less clear than leruscino’s report makes out. A fact that the well informed Garrie makes clear.

          There are a couple of missing developments: the spurious Lebanese “declaration of war” on KSA; and the Israeli ambassadors memo – strengthening the Israel-Saudi alliance. It did look as though Israel was preparing the ground for another Lebanese war. A fact strengthened by the EU and US coming out in support of the lawful authorities in Lebanon – i.e. telling Israel to back down (my inference.) Marwa Osman is another good source.

          Interesting asides: didn’t we (the UK) have an [ex]-minister go off-piste to Israel, meet with Bibi off the record, and visit the Golan Heights? WTF was she up to???

          MBS has raised the siege of Yemen. According to Vanessa Beeley: the UK is actively seeking to re-establish a base in Aden. Priti Patel upped our ‘aid’ to Yemen to £100m – at the same time we sell £3bn of arms to the Saudis. Problem-crisis-solution???

          A number of the purged Princes are Podesta Group clients. If MBS’ palace coup is aimed against Wahhabi-Clinton-terrorist supporting elements – doesn’t he incur a severe risk of inter-tribal civil war among the 1,500 Princes? [Marwa Osman]

          There is definitely an orchestrated anti-Shia, anti-Hezbollah, anti-Iran Deep State play in motion. How it will play out? I haven’t a ‘Scoobie’: follow the Duran.

  6. Great respect to Eva Bartlett & her honest work as a real journalist among a World of amoral Fakes promoting murder.

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