#blamePutin continues to be the media’s dominant hashtag

by VT

Vladimir Putin finally confesses his entire responsibility for everything bad that has ever happened since the beginning of time

The decline of the falsely self-described “quality” media outlet The Guardian/Observer into a deranged fake news site pushing anti-Russian hate propaganda continues apace. Take a look at this gem:

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has accused prominent British businessman Bill Browder of being a “serial killer” – the latest extraordinary attempt by the Kremlin to frame one of its most high-profile public enemies.

But Putin has not been reported anywhere else as making any recent statement about Browder whatever, and the Observer article makes no further mention of Putin’s supposed utterance or the circumstances in which it was supposedly made.
As the rest of the article makes clear, the suspicions against Browder were actually voiced by Russian police investigators and not by Putin at all.
The Observer fabricated a direct quote from the Russian president for their propaganda purposes without any regard to basic journalistic standards. They wanted to blame Putin personally for the suspicions of some Russian investigators, so they just invented an imaginary statement from him so they could conveniently do so.
What is really going on here is the classic trope of demonisation propaganda in which the demonised leader is conflated with all officials of their government and with the targeted country itself, so as to simplify and personalise the narrative of the subsequent Two Minutes Hate to be unleashed against them.
When, as in this case, the required substitution of the demonised leader for their country can’t be wrung out of the facts even through the most vigorous twisting, a disreputable fake news site like The Guardian/Observer is free to simply make up new, alternative facts that better fit their disinformative agenda. Because facts aren’t at all sacred when the official propaganda line demands lies.
In the same article, the documents from Russian investigators naming Browder as a suspect in certain crimes are first “seen as” a frame-up (by the sympathetic chorus of completely anonymous observers yellow journalism can always call on when an unsupported claim needs a spurious bolstering) and then outright labelled as such (see quote above) as if this alleged frame-up is a proven fact. Which it isn’t.
No evidence is required down there in the Guardian/Observer journalistic gutter before unsupported claims against Russian officials can be treated as unquestionable pseudo-facts, just as opponents of Putin can commit no crime for the outlet’s hate-befuddled hacks.
The above falsifications were brought to the attention of the Observer’s so-called Readers Editor – the official at the Guardian/Observer responsible for “independently” defending the outlet’s misdeeds against outraged readers – who did nothing. By now the article has rolled off the site’s front page, rendering any possible future correction nugatory in any case.
Later in the same article Magnitsky is described as having been Browder’s “tax lawyer” a standard trope of the Western propaganda narrative about the case. Magnitsky was actually an accountant.
A trifecta of fakery in one article! That makes crystal clear what the Guardian meant in this article, published at precisely the same moment as the disinformation cited above, when it said:

“We know what you are doing,” Theresa May said of Russia. It’s not enough to know. We need to do something about it.

By “doing something about it” they mean they’re going to tell one hostile lie about Russia after another.

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From the ‘liberal’ Guardian/Observer wing of the rightwing bourgeois press, spot the differences with the article in the Mail on Sunday by Nick Robinson?


This thing seems to have been cobbled together by a guy called Nick Robinson. The same BBC Nick Robinson that hosts the Today Programme? I dunno, one feels really rather depressed at how low our media has sunk.


I think huge swathes of the media, in the eyes of many people, have never really recovered from the ghastly debacle that was their dreadful coverage of the reasons for the illegal attack on Iraq. The journalists want us to forget and move on, but many, many, people… still remember. Nothing happened afterwards. There was no tribunal to examine the media’s role in that massive international crime against humanity and things actually got worse post Iraq, which the attack on Libya and Syria illustrates.


Exactly: in my opinion there should be life sentences banning scribblers who printed lies and bloodthirsty kill, kill, kill articles from ever working again in the media.
Better still, make them go fight right now in Yemen.
Amazing how quickly truth will spread if journalists know they have a good chance of dying if they print lies and falsehoods…..


At a time when the ruling elite, across virtually the entire western world, is… losing it; it being, political legitimacy and the breakdown of any semblance of a social contract between the ruled and the rulers… the Guardian lurches even further to the political right…. amazing, though not really surprising. The Guardian’s role appears to be to ‘coral’ radical and leftist ideas and opinions and ‘groom’ the educated middle class into accepting their own subjugation.
The Guardian’s writers get so much, so wrong, so often… it’s staggering and nobody gets the boot, except for the people who allude to the incompetence at the heart of the Guardian. They fail dismally on Trump, Brexit and Corbyn and yet carry on as if everything is fine and dandy. Nothing to complain about here, mover along now.
I suppose it’s because they are actually media aristocrats living in a world of privilege, and they, as members of the ruling elite, look after one another regardless of how poorly they actually perform. This is typical of an elite that’s on the ropes and doomed. They choose to retreat from grubby reality into a parallel world where their own dogmas aren’t challenged and they begin to believe their propaganda is real and not an artificial contruct. This is incredibly dangerous for a ruling elite because society becomes brittle and weaker by the day as the ruling dogmas become hollow and ritualized, but without traction in reality and real purpose.
The Guardian is a bit like the Tory government, lost and without any real ideas or ideals. The slow strangulation of the CIF symbolizes the crisis of confidence at the Guardian. A strong and confident ruling class welcomes criticism and is ready to brush it all off with a smile and a shrug. When they start running scared and pretending there is no dissent or opposition, well, this is a sign of decadence and profound weakness. They are losing the battle of ideas and the battle of solutions to our problems. All that really stands between them and a social revolution is a thin veneer of ‘authority’ and status, and that’s really not enough anymore.
All our problems are pathetically and conviniently blamed on the Russians and their Demon King and his vast army of evil Trolls. It’s like a political version of the Lord of the Rings.


Don’t expect the Guardian to cover the biggest military build-up (NATO) on Russia’s borders since Hitler’s 1941 invasion.
John Pilger has described the “respectable” liberal press (Guardian, NYT etc) as the most effective component of the propaganda system, precisely BECAUSE it is respectable and trusted. As to why the Guardian is so insistent in demonising Russia, I would propose that is integrates them further with a Brexit-ridden Tory government. Its Blairite columnists prefer May over Corbyn any day.


The Guardian is now owned by Neocon Americans, that is why it is demonising Russia.
Simple as that.



Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

The Guardian is trying to rescue citizens from ‘dreadful dangers that we cannot see, or do not underdstand’ – in other words they play a central role in ‘the power of nightmares’


So Russians cannot do business in America but Americans must be protected to do business in Russia?
If you look at Ukraine and how US corporations are benefitting from the US-funded coup, you ask what the US did in Russia in the 1990s and the effect it had on US business and ordinary Russian people. Were the two consistent with a common US template of economic imperialism?
In particular, you ask what Bill Browder was doing, his links to US spying organisations etc etc. You ask if he supported the rape of Russian State assets, turned a blind eye to the millions of Russians dying in the 1990s courtesy of catastrophic economic conditions. If he was killing people to stay alive, he would not have been the only one. More important is whether him making $100m+ in Russia needed conditions where tens of millions of Russians were starving….and whether he saw that as acceptable collateral damage…..he made a proactive choice, after all, to go live in Moscow. It is not like he was born there and had no chance to leave…..
I do not know the trurh about Bill Browder, but one thing I do know: very powerful Americans are capable of organising mass genocide to become rich, so there is no possible basis for painting all American businessmen as philanthropists and all Russians as murdering savages…..


It’s perfectly possible, in fact the norm historically, for people to believe passionately in the existence of invisible threats to their well-being, which, when examined calmly from another era, resemble a form of mass-hysteria or collective madness. For example; the religious faith/dogma that Satan, demons and witches were all around us. An invisible, parallel, world, by the side of our own that really existed and we were ‘at war with.’ Satan was our adversary, the great trickster and disseminator of ‘fake news’ opposed to the ‘good news’ provided by the Gospels.
What’s remarkable, disturbing and frightening is how closely our media resemble a religious cult or the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. The journalists have taken on a role that’s close to that of a priesthood. They function as a ‘filtering’ layer between us and the world around us. They are, supposedly, uniquely qualified to understand the difference between truth and lies, or what’s right and wrong, real news and propaganda. The Guardian actually likes this role. They our the guardians of the truth in a chaotic world.
This reminds one of the role of the clergy. Their role was to stand between ordinary people and the ‘complexities’ of the Bible and seperate the Truths it containedf from wild and ‘fake’ interpretations, which could easily become dangerous and undermine the social order and fundamental power relationships.
The big challenge to the role of the Church happened when the printing press allowed the ordinary people to access the information themselves and worst still when the texts were translated into the common language and not just Latin. Suddenly people could access the texts, read and begin to interpret and understand for themselves. It’s hard to imagine that pepeople were actually burned alive in England for smuggling the Bible in english translation a few centuries ago. That’s how dangerous the State regarded such a ‘crime.’
One can compare the translation of the Bible and the challenge to the authority of the Church and the clergy as ‘guardians of the truth’ to what’s happeing today with the rise of the Internet and something like Wikileaks, where texts and infromation are made available uncensored and raw and the role of the traditional ‘media church’ and the journalist priesthood is challenged.
We’re seeing a kind of media counter-reformation. That’s why the Guardian turned on Assange so disgracefully and what Wikileaks represented.


A brilliant historical comparison. They’re now on the legal offensive in censoring the internet of course, because in truth the filter system is wholly vulnerable. Alternative media has been operating freely, yet the majority have continued to rely on MSM as if it’s their only source of (dis)information, utilising our vast internet age to the pettiness of social media and prank videos. Marx was right: capitalist society alienates people from their own humanity. We’re now aliens, deprived of our original being and floating in a vacuum of Darwinist competition and barbarism. And we wonder why climate change is happening?


Yes, as the guy below says this is a great simile. Wikileaks is like the first English translations of the bible! Fantastic!


above – not below


Apparently we are “living in disorientating times” according to Viner, she goes on to say that “championing the public interest is at the heart of the Guardian’s mission”.
Really? How is it possible for her to say that when many of the controversial articles which appear in the Guardian are not open for comment any more. They have adopted now a view that THEIR “opinion” should not be challenged, how is that in the public interest?
In the Observer on Sunday a piece also appeared smearing RT entitled:
“MPs defend fees of up to £1,000 an hour to appear on ‘Kremlin propaganda’ channel”
However they allowed comments which make interesting reading. Many commenter’s saw through their ruse and although the most vociferous critics of the Graun have been banished, but even the mild mannered ones which remain appear not the buy into the idea that RT is any different than other media outlets. With many expressing support for the news and op-ed outlet for giving voice to those who the MSM ignore – including former Guardian writers from time to time.
Why Viner’s words are so poisonous is that the Graun under her stewardship has become a agitprop outlet offering no balance. In the below linked cringe worthy article there is no mention of RT being under attack in the US and having to register itself and staff as foreign agents. NO DEFENCE OF ATTACKS ON FREEDOM OF THE PRESS by the US state is mentioned.
Surely this issue is at the heart of championing public interest?
The fact that it’s not shows clearly the fake Guardian/Observer claim and their real agenda.
WE ARE DEFINITELY LIVING IN DISORIENTATION TIMES and the Guardian/Observer are leading the charge.




For the political/media/business elites (I suppose you could call them ‘the Establishment’) in the US and UK, the main problem with RT seems to be that a lot of people are watching it. I wonder how long it will be before access is cut.
RT is launching a French-language channel next month. We are already being warned by the French MSM about how RT makes up fake news to further Putin’s evil propaganda aims (unlike said MSM, we are told).
Basically, elites just don’t trust the people (this is certainly a constant in French political life).


It’s not just that they don’t allow comments on many of their articles, but even on the articles where CiF is enabled, they ban any accounts that disagree with their narrative. The end result is that Guardianistas get the false impression everyone shares their view and that they are in the majority.
The Guardian moderators are like Scientology leaders who banish any outsiders for fear of influencing their cult members.


Everyone knows that Russia-gate is a feat of mass hypnosis, mesmerized from DNC financed lies. The Trump collusion myth is baseless and becoming dangerously hysterical: but conversely, the Clinton collusion scandal is not so easy to allay. Whilst it may turn out to be the greatest story never told: it looks substantive enough to me. HRC colluded with Russian oligarchy to the tune of $145m of “donations” into her slush fund. In return, Rosatom gained control of Uranium One.
A curious adjunct to this corruption: HRC opposed the Magnitsky Act in 2012. Given her subsequent rabid Russophobia: you’d have thought that if the Russians (as it has been spun) arrested a brave whistleblowing tax lawyer and murdered him in prison – she would have been quite vocal in her condemnation. No, she wanted to make Russia great again. It’s amazing how $145m can focus ones attention away from ones natural instinct.
[Browder and Magnitsky were as corrupt as each other: the story that the Russians took over Browder’s hedge fund and implicated them both in a $230m tax fraud and corruption scandal is as fantastical as the “Golden Shower” dossier. However, it seems to me Magnitsky’s death was preventable (he died from complications of pancreatitis, for which it seems he was initially refused treatment ) ]
So if we turn the clock back to 2010-2013, it sure looks to me as though we have a Russian collusion scandal: only it’s not one the Guardian will ever want to tell. Will it come out when the FBI ‘s “secret” informant (William D Cambell) testifies to Congress sometime this week? Not in the Guardian, because their precious Hillary Clinton is the real scandal here.


Browder is a spook.


Reblogged this on Susanna Panevin.

Eric Blair

This “tactic” – a bold or outrageous claim made in the headline or in the first few sentences of a piece that is proven false in the very same article – is becoming depressingly common in the legacy media.
In other words, the so-called respectable media knowingly prints outright lies for propaganda and clickbait purposes.


I dropped a line to a friend yesterday saying “only in a parallel universe would a businessman/shady dealer/tax evader such as Browder be described as an “anti-corruption campaigner.”” Those not familiar with the history of Browder’s grandfather, after whom a whole new “deviation” in leftist thinking was named, should look it up.

Eric Blair

Hey, MbS is also an “anti-corruption” campaigner! If the media says so it must be true!


Some months ago you saw tweets saying Russophobia had hit ridiculous levels. They hadn’t seen anything yet. It’s scary how easily people can be brainwashed.
The US are the masters of molesting other nations. It’s not even a secret what they’ve been up to. Look at their budgets or the size of the intelligence buildings. Most journalists know full well of their programs, including those on social media, which they even reported on a few years back. The Guardian run stories by the CIA created and US state funded RFE/RL & then tell us with a straight face that RT is state propaganda which is destroying our democracy.

A Petherbridge
A Petherbridge

Well said – interesting to know what the Guardian is paid to run these stories funded by this arm of US state propaganda.


The madness spreads: today The Canary has/had an article ‘proving’ that the ‘Russians’ were responsible for Brexit, Trump, etc etc.
Then there is the neo-liberal ‘President’ of the EU charging that the extreme right wing and Russophobic warmongers in the Polish government are in fact, like the President of the USA, in Putin’s pocket..
This outbreak is reaching the dimensions of the sort of mass hysteria that gave us St Vitus’ dance. Oh and the ‘sonic’ terrorism practised against US diplomats in Havana, in which crickets working for the evil one (who he?) appear to have been responsible for a breach in diplomatic relations.
It couldn’t have happened to a nicer empire.


The Canary is publishing mainstream russophobia?