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VIDEO: Eva Bartlett – Gaza, Syria and North Korea: The Truth Behind The Lies

Eva Bartlett talks in detail about some of the current flashpoints around the globe, and the routine misrepresentations in the MSM. Extensive show notes can be found on the Youtube page.


  1. There’s gas in those waters: the Gaza Marine field. According to Nafeez Ahmed, the IDF have invaded Gaza twice to gain control of it.

    The idea of any sort of independent Palestine, with it’s own gas revenue, inshore fishing, own port, trade with Turkey and the rest of the world …would not be acceptable to Netanyahu’s Likudnik Zionists. Kushner’s upcoming “peace” deal will no doubt put paid to that?

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      • @BigB. Thank you for that link to The Ecologist. I have forwarded it to a young Israeli woman, fresh out of the army and intent on a career in ecology and improving the environment.

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        • Big B says

          Nafeez wrote several articles about the gas reserves for the Guardian …he lost his job for it. This was an updated version: after he got the sack. Couldn’t have the Guardian going against Zionism could we?

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  2. I am no lawyer but I think Eva Bartlett must be right: surely it is against the law of the sea to prevent a nation from sailing in their own waters and exporting from their own port? Gaza used to be a famous port. When the British invaded Palestine under Wavell in 1917 Gaza was exporting barley to Manchester. Wavell noted that Gaza has water (he filled up there for his troops) and when the Israelis took over Gaza they set up greenhouses; so the land must still be productive. Under what law are Gazans not allowed to export their own produce from their own port?

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