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What to Expect From BBC Panorama and Guardian’s Whitewash of UK Gov’t Funding Terrorists in Syria

by Vanessa Beeley on 21st Century Wire

The BBC will be carrying out a controlled journalistic “explosion” on their Panorama programme, airing tonight in the UK. Their report, dramatically titled, “Jihadis You Pay For” is about to expose UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for the funding of extremist and terrorist groups in Syria via their “Free Syrian Police” project set-up in ‘rebel-held’ areas of Syria since 2014.

To referee this virtual clash of the titans, The Guardian has been drafted-in to do the honours.

The report, Jihadis You Pay For, will claim that Foreign Office money paid to the FSP reached people with links to the extremist group al-Nusra Front. The Guardian

Mike Raddie of BSNEWS commented:

Is the Guardian’s Daniel Boffey attempting to whitewash the massive scandals of FCO and BBC funding and working with extremist groups in Syria? Why did he not ask Vanessa Beeley or Robert Stuart to explain how these UK institutions are working alongside al Qaeda / ISIS linked groups inside Syria?
Is it any wonder the Guardian has closed reader feedback on the story, less than 8 hours after it wasposted? “Comment is Free” so long as you don’t mention unsayable truths such as BBC’s Panorama and Boris Johnson’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office are both working with and financing al Qaeda in direct contravention of UK anti-terror legislation.

Boffey’s response to Raddie’s inquiry:

In other words, if you don’t adhere the mainstream media’s narrow narrative, then you must be a Russian agent.

Read full article on 21st Century Wire. And see here for more on the subject.

From OffG: Raddie is quite correct about the Graun hastily closing its comments after removing a large number of dissident voices. The Community Moderator claimed the comments had been “opened in error.” Oops. It looks like a bit of unfiltered opinion accidentally got under the wire at Comment Is Free HQ.


  1. Sav says

    Just watched the first 5 minutes and it’s quite obvious that far from implicating the UK govt, it’s claiming innocence for them. That they are sending the money with good intention and have been tricked. Total sham.

    • flybow says

      Indeed. Adam smith international are playing their role as fall guy.

  2. Frank says

    Summing the whole thing up we can simply say that the winners mete out ‘truth’ and ‘justice’ and also write the history books.

  3. It’s obvious that both Britain and the USA have been taken over by Zionists and Israelis who are using both nations as proxy armies to wage war in the ME for the benefit of Israel.

    Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”

    All made possible by the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, which sent the Zionist project to bust up the ME so that only Israel would be left, into high gear.

  4. Thanks for bringing this to the main page OffG.

    The whole issue around this highlights the odious nature of WMSM’s false narrative strategy. You see quite clearly when put in the spot Daniel Boffey has no arguments to offer Mike Raddie’s challenge. Resorting to name calling [snowing in Moscow – shit]… is the hallmark of a vacuous propagandist in collusion with a deeply duplicitous Government, its Foreign Office and Minister.

    COMMENTS OPENED IN ERROR should be seen for what it is a euphemism – a joke.

    How can anyone believe the the Graun’s now hackneyed catch phrase “Independent Journalism”?? If they ever could.

      • BigB says

        I heard a BBC reporter on Breakfast this morning, insinuating that Putin force fed all Russian athletes with performance enhancers ahead of the upcoming Winter Olympics. That’s not what he said: but he might as well have had. I thought “have you got kids?” …”do you even understand what you are saying?” …this madness could do for us all?

      • It continues to amaze me that so few seem to get it that Trump was placed in office by the same people who placed at the least all other presidents back to Reagen in that biggest and grandest of all punch n Judy tents, the White House. The Zionist elite you elude to, (though the Zionism itself is actually almost an irrelevancy), have every President decided long before any primaries, in the case of Obama even before anybody knew who he was. George Bush snr was of course always a trusted General and his son the compliant idiot who did what he was told, usually to go play golf. Trump was chosen because at this juncture in their strategy they need an unpredictable loose cannon. Somebody insane enough to use nukes and somebody that can be sent to the gallows if required to appease in the aftermath. I wish people would stop thinking Trump stole the election, or fairly won on the back of deluded white Americans. He got there because he was hand picked and for no other reason than the chaos he creates is part of a strategy.

  5. bevin says

    There is no doubt that the commitment, by NATO countries and by Gulf and other US satellite regimes, to the war in Syria has been enormous. Canada, for example, has been deeply involved but the details remain to be made public. France and the UK have not only sent troops and equipment to fight Syrians but have, as this story reminds us, spent millions on such enterprises as the White Helmets and the ‘Free Police.’ And these are minor players simply attempting to assist Uncle Sam in the hope of currying favour with the hegemon.
    One wonders what the clowns in Whitehall who came up with this means of squandering public funds- in preference to assisting quadriplegics or feeding some of the tens of thousands of hungry children or heating the homes of elderly people unable to afford to pay utility bills- imagine that the Free Syrian Police Force does? My guess is that its primary purpose is to ferret out supporters of the government, to identify and probably arrest, torture and kill, Christians, for example, and shia as well as sufis and others not properly committed to the victory of wahhabi militias.
    The nonsense that these monies are not fully committed to a brutal and sectarian war on behalf of Israel, the US and their Al Qaeda and ISIS agents is not something that public opinion should tolerate.
    The truth is that the UK is fully committed to this war, just as it was to those against Iraq and Libya and is to the genocidal assault on Yemen. That its role in disguised by crude propaganda and implemented deceitfully and shamefacedly, is not only a reminder of the slimy and evil nature of the ruling class but of the contempt in which they hold public opinion.
    Neither the UK government nor its allies in the Blairite majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party hesitates for a moment when choosing between the interests of the British people, and of humanity, or the demands of the regime in Washington.
    The sooner that Westminster is cleaned of these traitors the better.

    • If Canadians find out that the Canadian military was bombing civilians in Syria, the government will have some heavy explaining to do. Of course they will blame the Conservatives and Harper!

  6. Having just watched the program it is clear it is designed to create a diversionary smokescreen giving the impression it was a regretable combination of corruption and coercion behind enemy lines. Of course the truth is the UK taxpayer has been directly and implicitly funding all terrorist groups in the effort to remove Assad and that funding is the policy of the foreign office. It allows the BBC to state it uncovered this ‘problem’ proving it’s independence and that it makes every effort to hold the government to account. It is quite a clever piece of propaganda for those that only ever watch msm.
    As for Daniel Boffey I do hope one day he and his kind are held to account.

  7. rtj1211 says

    BBC is now rapidly becoming a US media organisation. Absolute disgrace. The Guardian was taken over by US Neocons, so it is already a US media organisation.

    Just sad.

  8. writerroddis says

    Heartening to see the bulk of the BTL comment on the Guardian piece scathing of the mainstream narrative in Syria. No wonder the comments were closed so auickly!


    There is hardly anything in the rag you are allowed to comment on , I’ve been banned for the last four months, for having the audacity of putting Israel in a bad light, then being called the usual ‘anti semite’ to which I responded to, and they obviously reported me.

    • Why did you bother to read that Anglo-Zio-Capitalist propaganda sheet? Didn’t you see recent piece in Off-Guardian — about the Guardian Trust being supported by Soros? I gave up years ago when, digging for the motive behind their unfailing support for the unbridled brigandage of BLiar,Brown&Straw, I found the Guardian Trustees included a permanent representative from House of Rothschild. The very name “Guardian Trust” now repels me; sounds like a title chosen by The Confidence Man.

      • G darcy says

        Well I have no argument for that, I read a few papers online , I think if you’re aware of what you’re reading you’re not going to be fools are you, there are things in there that may not be in others, but no, I agree it’s not what it makes itself out to be and I am aware of it.

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