English Translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s “Bought Journalists” Suppressed?

James Tracy

cover of the English language edition of Udo Ulfkotte’s book

The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe.

On May 15, 2017 Next Revelation Press, an imprint of US-Canadian-based publisher Tayen Lane, released the English version of Bought Journalists, under the title, Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News.

Tayen Lane has since removed any reference to the title from its website. Correspondingly Amazon.com indicates the title is “currently unavailable,” with opportunities to purchase from independent sellers offering used copies for no less than $1309.09.

[note from OffG- we also checked on Amazon UK, as of January 7 2018 the book is unavailable there too]

The book’s subject matter and unexplained disappearance from the marketplace suggest how powerful forces are seeking to prevent its circulation.

Gekaufte Journalisten was almost completely ignored by mainstream German news media following its release in 2014. Ulfkotte observed:

No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about [my] book…Otherwise he or she will be sacked. So we have a bestseller now that no German journalist is allowed to write or talk about.[1]

Along these lines, publication of the English translation was repeatedly delayed. When this author contacted Ulfkotte in early December 2015 to inquire on the book’s pending translation, he responded,

Please find the link to the English edition here http://www.tayenlane.com/bought-journalists

The above address, once providing the book’s description and anticipated publication date, now leads to an empty page.[2]

Tayen Lane has not responded to emails or telephone calls requesting an explanation for the title’s disappearance.

When a book publisher determines that it has acquired a politically volatile or otherwise “troublesome” title it may embark on a process recognized in the industry as “privishing.”

“Privishing is a portmanteau meaning to privately publish, as opposed to true publishing that is open to the public,” writes investigative journalist Gerald Colby.

It is usually employed in the following context: “We privished the book so that it sank without a trace.” The mechanism used is simple: cut off the book’s life-support system by reducing the initial print run so that the book “cannot price profitably according to any conceivable formula,” refuse to do reprints, drastically slash the book’s advertising budget, and all but cancel the promotional tour.”[3]

Privishing often takes place without the author knowing, simply because it involves breach of contract and potential liability.

Tayen Lane will likely not face any legal challenge in this instance, however. Ulfkotte died of a heart attack on January 13, 2017, at age 56.[4]

Udo Ulfkotte was a prominent European journalist, social scientist, and immigration reform activist. Upon writing Gekaufte Journalisten and becoming one of the most significant media industry and deep state whistleblowers in recent history, Ulfkotte complained of repeated home searches by German state police and expressed fear for his own life. He also admitted previous health complications stemming from witnessing a 1988 poisoned gas attack in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Ulfkotte’s testimony of how intelligence agencies figure centrally in Western journalism is especially compelling because he for many years functioned in the higher echelons of mainstream newsworkers.

The German journalist explains how he was recruited during the 1980s to work in espionage. This began through an invitation proffered by his graduate school advisor for an all-expense-paid trip to attend a two-week seminar on the Cold War conflict in Bonn.

After Ulfkotte obtained his doctorate he was given a job as a reporter at “the leading conservative German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, oddly appointed despite no journalistic training and hundreds of other applicants.

Serving as a correspondent throughout the Middle East, Ulfkotte eventually became acquainted with agents from the CIA, German intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Britain’s MI6, and Israel’s Mossad, all of whom valued his ability to travel freely in countries largely closed to the West. His editors readily collaborated in such intelligence gathering operations,”[5] for which journalist possess “non-official cover” by virtue of their profession.

“Non-official cover” occurs when a journalist is essentially working for the CIA, but it’s not in an official capacity,” Ulfkotte explains.

This allows both parties to reap the rewards of the partnership, while at the same time giving both sides plausible deniability. The CIA will find young journalists and mentor them. Suddenly doors will open up, rewards will be given, and before you know it, you owe your entire career to them. That’s essentially how it works.[6]

He likewise ruefully admits to

publishing articles under my own name written by agents of the CIA and other intelligence services, especially the German secret service.[7]

Ulfkotte’s insider knowledge of the relationship between mainstream media and the intelligence community has special relevance in terms of informing the CIA’s antipathy toward Wikileaks, as well as the media campaign centering on the Trump administration’s alleged “ties to Russia,” while also lending credence to Trump’s frequent claims of the US media’s political biases and deep state ties. Indeed, Ulfkotte “Tweeted” about these very subjects just two days before he passed.

Ulfkotte’s explosive revelations still have the potential to further intensify the much-deserved scrutiny corporate news media presently face. In a society that pays more than lip service to freedom of thought and expression Journalists for Hire would be required reading for college students—and particularly those studying in journalism programs intending to seek employment in the media industries.

In fact, journalism professors, some of whom have migrated to the academy following long careers at renowned news outlets, possess similar insider knowledge of the relationships Ulfkotte readily explains. As both journalists and educators they have a twofold burden of responsibility. This is the case more so than ever because the entire professional and intellectual enterprise they are engaged in (and one directly linked to the nation’s accelerating civic deterioration) has been made a farce.

Journalists for Hire’s suppression suggests how Ulfkotte’s posthumous censors refuse for this important examination and cleansing to proceed.

UPDATE: We received this from a followers on Twitter. He ordered Journalists for Hire in January 2017, four months before it was due to be published. He never received a copy and was eventually informed that publication had been cancelled. He has copies of the notifications he received which show his order was cancelled in August 2017


[1] Ralph Lopez, “Editor of Major German Newspaper Says He Planted Stories for CIA,” Reader Supported News, February 1, 2015.

[2] Udo Ulfkotte to James Tracy, email correspondence, December 6, 2015. In author’s possession.

[3] Gerard Colby, “The Price of Liberty,” in Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press, Kristina Borjesson, ed., Amherst NY: Prometheus Books, 2002, 15-16.

[4] Former US military intelligence officer L. Fletcher Prouty relates a similar experience of how publication of his book, The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, was greeted in 1972:

“Then one day a business associate in Seattle called to tell me that the bookstore next to his office building had had a window full of books the day before, and none the day of his call. They claimed they had never had the book. I called other associates around the country. I got the same story from all over the country. The paperback had vanished. At the same time I learned that Mr. Ballantine had sold his company. I traveled to New York to visit the new ‘Ballantine Books’ president. He professed to know nothing about me, and my book … The campaign to to kill the book was nationwide and worldwide. It was removed from the Library of Congress and from College libraries as letters I received attested all too frequently.” Prouty, The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, New York: SkyHorse Publishing, 2008, xii.

[5] Ronald L. Ray, “Reporter Admits Most Media Work for CIA, MI6, Mossad,” American Free Press, October 26, 2014. See also Tyler Durden, “German Journalist Blows Whistle on How CIA Controls the Media,” Zerohedge, October 9, 2014; Udo Ulfkotte, “German Politicians Are US Puppets,” Center for Research on Globalization, November 9., 2014.

[6] Durden, op. cit.

[7] Lopez, op. cit.

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The rather obvious suppression of the English version of what was a “best seller” in Germany suggests that the Western system of thought manipulation and consent manufacture sees itself as weaker and more vulnerable than one might at first imagine. We can see from a year+ of “Russiagate” that Western media is a clown-show, much of so called “alternative media” included. My guess is that this book is just too dangerous to allow it to become part of the debate on “fake news” and “Russiagate.” Of course now the CIA doesn’t even have to exclusively – “own”- journalists as fronts when ex-CIA heads are being hired outright by MSM as pundits. I just wish someone with access would post an English language PDF version online. It would be a real contribution to free thought and free speech to do so.


” I just wish someone with access would post an English language PDF version online.”
You and many others , myself included.It certainly would provide much eye opening for many ,at least for the ones sitting on the fence ,so to speak, open to new information.Too many are comfortable believing the lies and don’t want to be disturbed.

Google Talpiot Program
Google Talpiot Program

Just like “200 years together” by Solzhenitsyn which was never officially published in English despite Andrei having authored many works which were big sellers.
Just an example of other private business and corporations are often fully responsible for pro-establishment censorship.


Matt wins IMO. Just the fact that the book is widely available in Germany, albeit in German, means that it is not being suppressed. It isn’t as if German is a secret code. Why the English version is unavailable no one is saying yet. Could be the CIA got to the sellers but why would they not also hide the German versions? You fought well, Matt.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

The treatment of the book aroused suspicion because of its content – ie supine news outlets forever dancing to the tune of western military imperitives.
Ongoing support for illegal wars tell us that the MSM has hardly been at the forefront of informing readers why war criminals like Hilary and Obama keep getting away with it.
In fact Obama, just like Kissinger was awarded a peace prize – so obviously something has gone very wrong somewhere.
It may be, although it seems unlikely that the mis-handling of an important theme like this is simply due to oversight by the publisher (as Matt claims) but neither is it beyond the realms of possibility that somebody has had a word with someone in the publishing world, perhaps because they are not overly keen on the fact Udo Ulfkotte has deviated from the media’s mono-narrative about why it is necessary for the US to destabilise countries and kill so many of their citizens.
Lets face it – it would be harder for the pattern to be maintained if the MSM was not so afraid of telling the truth, or at least be more willing to hold to account politicians as the consequences of their disastrous policies unfold for all to see.
Maybe you want to have a go at answering the obvious question begged by such self evident truths – why are the MSM usually lying?


You mean because it isn’t suppressed in Germany it isn’t suppressed anywhere else – even if it is, in fact, being suppressed?


“Yeah, because if it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, and it talks like a duck, well, it just might be an elephant, I mean how do we really know until we do DNA testing right?” This nonsense argument seems to be the response of some posting here who find facing reality either a bit too challenging, or who perhaps have a paid opinion that renders common sense verboten.
Of course this book is being suppressed in English. What publisher is going to refuse to print and distribute a best seller that addresses media bias and manipulation issues at a time when trust in MSM is at an all time low – then when asked about it – refuse to communicate whatsoever with those of us inquiring of that publisher when/if/why the books hasn’t been released? The book has been relegated to Orwell’s “memory hole.”


Thanks for the support! I thought folks here would use their common sense. After all, if the book became a bestseller in Germany, a country the so-called “alternative media” tells us is a “vassal” of the U.S., then it means there is no suppression ocurring.
I made a lengthy post here with direct links to the author’s posts from 2010 and onwards, explaining that he lied frequently and made wild, baseless claims. But the post, along with others, mysteriously dissapeared, hence, I lost my motivation to make additional posts. Now imagine if I began accusing off-G of censoring me? It would be a false accusation, as a glitch probbaly caused my posts to dissapear. It’s the same with the author’s book not being available in North America.


The book was never published in English. It was advertised, and then withdrawn. That is suppression. It doesn’t matter if Ulfkotte believed in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Aryan Supremacy or Creationism. His. Book. Was. Suppressed. That is never a good thing.


You assume it was surpressed, but first, one must address the numerous counter-arguments that involve normal, non-malicious reasons causing the book to not be in stock anywhere. And secondly, one must prove that the statements in the book warranted surpression. They are false statements.
And it does matter if “Ulfkotte believed in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Aryan Supremacy or Creationism.” Why, you ask? Because everything written in the book relies on his word, with zero corrborating evidence. Considering his wild statements made in the past, including about Muslims in Europe waging a “fecal jihad” by pooping in fields, this makes the case that he is a liar.
The current environment makes many assume the worse. It seems that one can write whatever one wants about the U.S. government and its associated organisations, without evidence, and most folks relying on the so-called “alternative” media will believe them. But if one dares to accuse Russia of, say, lying about MH17 and spreading disinformation to obscure what really happened, then these same folks become Olympian logicians, demanding the highest standard of evidence. The irony is great. This is why I don’t rely on either the MSM or alt media. It’s better to choose specific authors, like academics, and follow their rigid thinking.


The English version of Ulfkotte’s book was prepped for publication, up to and including jacket design. It was then pulled without being issued. If you think this is even likely to be because of questions of accuracy you clearly haven’t worked in modern publishing.
The publishers have been contacted to ask for an explanation but none has been forthcoming.

Mr B J Mann

The Russian press is supposedly censored, you can’t say anything against Putin, dare to and you die……………
But apparently lots of people publish lots of things against Putin, and lots of media, and get away with it.
Just not in any mainstream media.
There’s a big difference publishing in German (are there even any former colonies where it is spoken?!) and in English, the international language, as well as being the national language of the main Western powers!


What a load of bull!
I am from Russia and i have an pdf in english, by the way, how do i load them here?
Cheers to the free world!😝


If the PDF is not too lengthy ,you could copy and paste same as long as there are no infringements on the author of same .If you do please copy me , as in reply to this post to you and it will be sent directly to my email server .
Thank you.


Have to confess that i read it a year ago or so and forgot that i have it in .fb2 aaaannddddd…in russian.. Sorry for false hopes.. nevertheless, still can send that, better than nothing, huh?☺️


i speak ,French,English and some Spanish .Unfortunately no Russian.
Thanks anyway.

Michael McNulty
Michael McNulty

Somebody said banning books is the modern form of book burning, and like Heinrich Heine said two centuries ago, “Where they burn books, in the end, they start burning people.”
Western elites realize what they could have, what they could do and what they could get away with, but only if they reinvent the political system Hitler created. If they defeat every enemy abroad who might stop them, next they’ll do to their own people what the Nazis did to those they didn’t want alive. If enough water sources are lost to fracking, and enough food sources lost through poisoned seas and forest fires, many people will go to their camps as refuge but few will survive them. This ecological destruction is for future population reduction.
In the US they use newspeak to say what the Nazis described with more honesty. Their master race became the indispensable nation, their world domination became full spectrum dominance, and Totalerkrieg became the global war on terror. There will be others.


Farzad Basoft anyone ? Journos have long been pliant enablers for Intel agencies. It’s strange how Dr. Ulfkotte’s revelations have been taken as some signifier of further Western moral decay/decadence.


My laptop shows that I have liked the above comment. I didn’t upvote it.


Maybe I am taking what you wrote out of context but I don’t find it strange at all .It is just that someone , Udo, on the inside has become a whistle blower , and confirmed what most suspected .The establishment can’t have that.
See John Swinton on the independence of the press at http://constitution.org/pub/swinton_press.htm


As the economy growth has this so-called invisible hand, journalism also has an ‘invisible pen’.
One of the questions that need an answer: how come feminists are so anti-Putin and anti-Russia?
Easy to connect to dots?

George Cornell
George Cornell

What is your evidence that they are?

Mr B J Mann

Are Pussy Riot anti-feminists?
Are the women protesting in Iran anti feminists?
You don’t see much of that kind of thing in African countries even though Putin is a feminist gay lover in comparison?!


I pre-ordered the paperback version of the English translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s book from Amazon at the beginning of 2017. By June 2017, Amazon had posted a notice that the item was unavailable. It’s remained unavailable ever since.
I don’t know (of) anyone who’s managed to obtain a copy of the paperback English translation either.


I am sorry for making additional posts about this, but I made some comments yesterday and none have appeared.


you have no comments pending
added: if you want to continue a discussion about Ulfkotte’s alleged lies you need to be more specific. Find some actual quotes from the man and put that alongside some evidence of refutation. Try to limit it to one or two links that TRULY illustrate your point. Otherwise you are just cluttering the site with massive collections of links many of which do not support your claims. People react poorly to this as it seems like trolling.
If you continue to ignore these suggestions I can’t help you.


The real story here, which the media pretends not to notice, is that if Intelligence services and corporations did not finance newspapers they would cease to exist. The old business model whereby newspapers covered their costs by selling advertising and paid circulation is finished.
Under that model there were, to an extent, incentives for the publisher to preserve a modicum of credibility in order to keep readership, as well as reasons to publish sensational stories to beat competition.
Those days are gone: none of the newspapers make financial profits, they now exist because they have patrons. They always did, of course, but now they have nothing else- the advertisers have left and circulation is diminishing rapidly.
The days that Ulfkotte recalled were times when it took lots of money and careful preparation to put spooks into the newsroom, nowadays the papers are only too happy to publish the CIA’s PR and very grateful if the government pays their journalists’ salaries.
As to competition that is restricted to publishers competing to demonstrate their loyalty to the government and their ingenuity in candy coating its propaganda.
Anyone doubt that Luke Harding will be in the running for a Pulitzer? Or perhaps even the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Serge Lubomudrov

For those whose German is not good enough (like me, unfortunately), but know Russian, there’s a Russian translation: https://www.litres.ru/udo-ulfkotte/prodazhnye-zhurnalisty-lubaya-pravda-za-vashi-dengi/


Reply to candideschmyles:
“Your signature is a good fit. Multiple IP addresses from vpn networks. Plethora of meaningless and useless links to distract, confuse and divert others from discussing and making more relevant investigations. Constant claims that cannot be substantiated including ad hominems on those not present to defend themselves……Pattern of posting during set ” working” hours. Claims of expertise on every subject engaged in, ie were you even born in 1984? Long winded posts full of nothing that are put together on script sheets by the “employer”. And more.”
Every single statement here is false. And don’t try and weasel out by saying you were “merely floating possibilities”. These are indeed accusations, all of which are easily debunked, and which the Admin can confirm.
First, as I already told Admin a few weeks ago, I post from multiple I.P. addresses because I post while at home, work, school, etc. Each network has a unique I.P. address. Again, I had a lengthy discussion about this last time with Admin.
Secondly, none of my links are useless or meant to distract. I pointed out that the MSM did cover this topic which the author claims was surpressed.
Thirdly, how is it “ad hominem” when I simply repeat claims made by Ulfkotte? “Fecal Jihad” – that’s a thing, according to the author of the book.
Fourthly, if you have to know, none of my posts are during “set working hours.” This is so false that it’s funny, considering you don’t even know which timezone I’m in! Most of my posts are either when I get home, after 5:30 PM, or very early in the morning. Again, Admin can confirm this.
“Claims of expertise on every subject engaged in”
When did I every claim this?
“ie were you even born in 1984?”
Of course not. But why would I have to be born before 1984 in order to link articles from then to disprove the lies by Ulfkotte? Bizarre.
“Long winded posts full of nothing that are put together on script sheets by the “employer””
Really, and who is my “employer”? Is it the Israeli government, according to you, our sooper-dooper smart “expert” who can spot Israeli shills with their eyes closed? When I read that part of your post, it sounded so ludicrous that I burst out laughing.
So lemme humour you again: I’m paid 100 shekels per post by the Israeli government. I also work for Soros, as well as the banksters, reptillians, and extraterrestrial beings.
How did you ever figure me out?


I have said my piece. If you are not being paid to hijack, waste people’s time and otherwise subvert the conversation here then that is even sadder.
As for the relevance of 1984, if you had been alive then – and if you had any understanding of how news works always, then you would know that reporting can be done without it entering mainstream conciousness by a variety of tactical reporting methods. I was aware of the reporting in 1984 but only because I trawled the news to find it a story that was killed as soon as it was published. Finding links, as you do, that lead nowhere are a meaningless deception, no more.


For what it’s worth, I skimmed through this very long link by Matt, and could find no mention of poison gas — certainly no denunciation — just horrific conventional arms :
Der Spiegel 1984: http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/d-13508659.html
Also for what it’s worth, the German publisher’s blurb which I got Google to translate above, says there is much more to the book than old Soddem: the author names names and points to organizations.
Now, without any evidence, based only on my faulty memory and highly biased interpretation of events strung together on a timeline, here is my conspiracy story about a very nice country called Iraq and a very nasty Iraqi called Saddam who came to a very nasty end at the hands of his much more nasty friends, who first gave him a boost and then put in the boot.
!914 Great Britain invades Iraq and BP takes over the Iraqi oilfields.
1968 Iraqi govt member under Yaya wants to nationalize the oil. CIA coup replaces Yaya with Saddam as a safe pair of hands.
1970 Saddam the dirty dog does the dirty on the friends who put him in power; he nationalizes Iraqi oil. And nationalizes Iraqi banks. From now on Saddam is a dead man walking. Like Mossadeq in Iran whom the US-UK replaced with the Shah
1978 But in Iran the Shah is replaced by the Islamic Socialist Republic — who again nationalize Iranian oil. Saddam’s friends now face a dilemma: kill him first, or kill the Ayatollah’s first? They decide to first go for the Ayatollahs — with Saddam’s help.
1980 Saddam invades Iran with help from US and Germany — including, strangely enough, generous supplies of poison gas.
1984-1989 Saddam’s invasion of Iran flops. Reports about use of poison gas by Saddam begin to emerge, first in German newspapers then even debated US govt.
1990 Saddam thinks he has restored credit with the US & Germany by using their weapons against Iran, and now has the green light to invade another country. Finds out his mistake in the Gulf War. He is once again, a dead man walking. So is his country.
2001 Saddam is accused of harbouring Islamic terrorists who knocked down 3 skyscrapers by flying 2 passenger planes into them. The idea of Secular Baathist Saddam in league with religious fanatics is ridiculous, but what the heck it’s a story.
2003 Saddam hanged for, inter alia, use of chemical weapons; likewise his minister whom the MSM have a field day comically calling “Chemical” Ali.
2017 Who’s next? The Ayatollahs, of course. And anyone else who dares to nationalize “our” oil. Or “our” banks.

George Cornell
George Cornell

That is more than plausible
Unfortunately. Hard not to sympathize with the Iraqis and feel shame for what has been done in the name of the US and UK
Rotten to the core, and sanctimonious to boot.


FAO this Matt character who keep spamming links which he claims support his allegations when they don’t (see Admin’s post below), and who is also trying to make out that Ulfkotte’s book is not being suppressed by his publisher – Ulfkotte’s name is not mentioned anywhere on the publisher’s site:
If his book is just out of print there still should be pics and text about the book in multiple places on the site. Why has it been totally wiped from the site? And why didn’t the publishers get back when asked about it?


To understand how journalism is bought, go analyse the output of the Uk’s Daily Telegraph. They literally sell space to lobbyists and for several years outraged BTL comment would tear the articles to shreds.
The whole UK Press prostitutes itself whenever there is a US war on i.e. all the time.
It really is about time the CIA were unmasked – they do not serve our interests, they serve only their own….


The Guardian sells space to lobbyists too. Not ad space – article space. It’s literally hiring itself out to whomever wants to buy the right to publish an article under its name.


Re evidence I too would like to see the CIA chits and memos; also hear their recorded conversations. Re English trans, I copy/pasted the publisher’s puff from Alun’s link above, and Google’s machine produced this in no time (Please don’t shoot our pianist, he’s doing his best):
The journalist Udo Ulfkotte is ashamed today for having worked for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for 17 years. Before the author reveals the secret networks of power, he consistently practices self-criticism. Here he documents for the first time how he was lubricated for his reporting in the FAZ and how corruption was promoted. And he reveals why opinion leaders report tendentiously and how the extended arm of the NATO Press Office prepares wars medially. As a matter of course, the author was included in the networks of American elite organizations, in return for positive coverage in the US even received a honorary citizenship certificate.
In this book you will find out which lobby organizations are represented by which journalists. The author mentions hundreds of names and also looks behind the scenes of those organizations that influence our media unilaterally propagandistic, such as: Atlantic Bridge, Trilateral Commission, German Marshall Fund, American Council on Germany, American Academy, Aspen Institute and Institute for European Policy. It also reveals the intelligence behind lobbying groups, the propaganda techniques and the forms that can be used, for example, to obtain funding from the US Embassy for projects aimed at influencing public opinion in Germany.
Der Journalist Udo Ulfkotte schämt sich heute dafür, dass er 17 Jahre für die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung gearbeitet hat. Bevor der Autor die geheimen Netzwerke der Macht enthüllt, übt er konsequent Selbstkritik. Er dokumentiert hier zum ersten Mal, wie er für seine Berichterstattung in der FAZ geschmiert und die Korruption gefördert wurde. Und er enthüllt, warum Meinungsführer tendenziös berichten und wie der verlängerte Arm der NATO-Pressestelle Kriege medial vorbereitet. Wie selbstverständlich wurde auch der Autor in die Netzwerke amerikanischer Eliteorganisationen aufgenommen, erhielt im Gegenzug für positive Berichterstattung in den USA sogar eine Ehrenbürgerurkunde.
In diesem Buch erfahren Sie, in welchen Lobbyorganisationen welche Journalisten vertreten sind. Der Autor nennt Hunderte Namen und blickt auch hinter die Kulissen jener Organisationen, welche unsere Medien propagandistisch einseitig beeinflussen, etwa: Atlantik-Brücke, Trilaterale Kommission, German Marshall Fund, American Council on Germany, American Academy, Aspen Institute und Institut für Europäische Politik. Enthüllt werden zudem die geheimdienstlichen Hintergründe zu Lobbygruppen, die Propagandatechniken und die Formulare, mit denen man etwa bei der US-Botschaft Fördergelder für Projekte zur gezielten Beeinflussung der öffentlichen Meinung in Deutschland abrufen kann.


Your system is creating an echo in replies as I am getting 12 -20 replies all at one time…………..


I this still happening? Can you be more specific, is it the same reply repeatedly or is a large volume of comments being delivered at once?


I do believe that it because the conversation is so hot that I am getting so many e-mails .
No worries .
It is just that I have never seen so many posts . Glad to see that Udo has so many supporters.

Brian Steere

Well one things stands out in bold and that is the fear that such a revelation is associated with.
‘Broad spectrum dominance’ of a central intelligent agency is a reversal of the wholeness of being expressing through all its parts.
Fake intelligence is basically made up to serve a believed goal.
The terrorism of fear generates the goal of a self-protection that sells true relationship to ‘save itself’.
This goes deep into what we take to be our mind. The mind that thinks it is in control by controlling what it thinks.
If I can observe this in myself at will, is it any surprise I can see it in our world?
What is the fear that most deeply motivates or drives the human agenda?
I do not ask this of our superficial thinking, but of a core self-honesty that cannot be ‘killed’ but only covered over with a thinking-complex.
And is it insane or unreal to be moved by love?
We are creatures of choice and beneath all masking, we are also the creator of choice.
But the true creative is not framed into a choosing between, but feeling one call as the movement of it.
When the ‘intelligence’ of a masking narrative no longer serves, be the willingness for what you no longer claim to have, and open to being moved from within.


I am so tired of the simmering fury that lives inside me. This bubbling cauldron brim full of egregious truths, images and accounts accumulated over nearly 40 years of looking behind the headlines. I disagree that the usurpation of journalists and media organisations is in any way a recent phenomena. It certainly predates my emergent mind. And even the most lauded of anti-establishment hacks and film makers self-censored to some degree. True, the blatant in your face propaganda and thought control agenda has accelerated, but it was always there. I do not believe Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Pilger and their like could have done much more than they have, that is to guide us in a direction counter to the official narrative. And to insinuate they are gatekeepers, when our heads never stretch above the parapet, is really just a reflection of our own frustration that despite their work the only change remains for the worse.
Yet I fear worse is to come. Our safe bitching in glorious anonymity has been all that we have had as solace to the angst that pervades us, the other 1%. But the the thumbscrew is tightening. We may be as little as months away from any dissent being entirely removed from the internet by AI algorithms. I have already been receiving warnings on several sites anyone here would call legitimate that have had their security certificates removed and the statement that the site may contain malicious code etc. How prepared are we for blackout?

Serge Lubomudrov

The publisher even removed the 2 year old news announcement about the book! Though the twit is still there. Probably, overlooked.

Jerry Alatalo

For any man or woman author/journalist already possessing (or willing to spend $1,309.09 for a used copy) the late Udo Ulfkotte’s censored book, “Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News”, there are ways to overcome the censors and get Mr. Ulfkotte’s important messages out to the (in particular, English-speaking) world.
Take the most explosive, important and relevant parts of the original book’s manuscript and isolate them in a distillation process down to, say, 10,000-30,000 words, translate the distilled manuscript into English, then a) publish as a long-form stand-alone article, and/or b) as manuscript content in a new book, with or without optional commentaries by interested academics such as James Tracy, Mark Crispin Miller, Paul Craig Roberts, etc., (either self-published or with the help of a truth-loyal publisher) – dedicated to the memory of Mr. Udo Ulfkotte.


A foundation should be set up in remembrance of Udo and sponsored by all true journalists and truth seekers. Maybe some day there will be a Udo Ulfkotte award to the bravest journalist of the year .Wouldn’t that be something .Udo’s work would not have been in vain . That would throw a monkey wrench into orgs like the Guardian and their ilk .Just dreaming out loud maybe , but with good intentions.