OffG: we are very understaffed atm

Just a quick heads up that we are seriously understaffed right now, with just one editor and an admin trying to cover everything.

That includes correspondence, submissions, social media (FB & Twitter) as well as daily posts.
If you are sending articles in or mailing us with enquiries expect some delay but we will get back.

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can you spare $1.00 a month to support independent media

OffGuardian does not accept advertising or sponsored content. We have no large financial backers. We are not funded by any government or NGO. Donations from our readers is our only means of income. Even the smallest amount of support is hugely appreciated.

Our Bitcoin JTR code is: 1JR1whUa3G24wXpDyqMKpieckMGGW2u2VX

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I am not with Pay Pal and never wish to be. But without “registering” with Pay Pal I cannot enter a money amount in the donation page. I do wish to donate but I am not going to be trapped into joining PayPal.


How about setting up bitcoin or other cryptocurrency donations, off-guardian?


We have been thinking about that