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Ukraine fires 120mm artillery on Donetsk People’s Republic positions breaking ceasefire and Minsk accords

Patrick Lancaster reporting from the DPR


      • LOL – shall we leave it there for comedy?

        BTW – we are hosting that video on another thread

        • flybow says

          Not comedy. The r key did not work. Sorry for any confusion caused.

  1. BigB says

    Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? …Well maybe not, unless you are an evil capitalist overlord? Soros has been promising “defensively lethal assistance” to the ukronazis for some time …he got his factotum McCain to include financial provision in the NDAA …and here we go, just in time for the elections (as TTIC said. ) I’ve been anticipating the NATO-EU “Pivot to Russia” for months: you don’t put $4.6bn in the pot unless you mean business. And that is just part of the US provision …next comes money for the Baltic states; new military hardware; and the intermediate range missile development programme.

    Meanwhile, back at home: both parties are committed to pay 2% GNI to NATO …while people die on trolleys and in ambulances for want of basic healthcare. Now we know where priorities lie and where the money will be going?

  2. Of course it’s the Russian Election season, so no surprise that the US is now supplying lethal weapons to the Regime in Kiev and cranking up the conflict.

    At the same time the EU turns a blind eye to this illegitimate government in Ukraine committing genocide by killing [what it claims itself] are its own people. They just want independence from persecution by the Benderites who seized power after the 22 Feb US enabled coup.

    This is the way the US interferes in elections by creating wars…

  3. Forgive an old man’s rambling, but here is all I know. When I was young there was a town West of the Dnieper called Lvov and it was in Poland; neither has that river moved, nor the town: but today it is called Lviv and in Ukraine. When I was a bit older I saw a memorable performance of The Cherry Orchard, starring Peggy Ashcroft and the young Judy Dench; especially I remember Barbara’s moving speech about doing a pilgrimage to hear the church bells in Russian towns: “I would tramp from one holy place to another, from Kiev to Moscow. I would tramp and tramp and tramp — wouldn’t that be splendid!”. The town of Kiev still stands where it stood then — on the Eastern side of the Dnieper – but today it is in Ukraine.

    Call it the rigidity of the aged, but I cannot help feeling that the present arrangement is unnatural; I would like the old arrangement back. Would also like to see Dame Judy young again, and Dame Peggy still alive.

    • After all, Kiev is the cradle of Russia, it is where Russia was born, as the Grand Princes of Kiev (my direct ancestors) amply demonstrated. 🙂

    • Matt says

      This is pure irredentism.

      There are countless places in Europe which, due to various events, found themselves in another country after a war or collapse of a nation. This website purpopts to be anti-war and thus, anti-imperialist. Yet, here is someone parroting Russian nationalist propaganda, about the “sad” fact that Ukraine is some sort of “artificial” country that should be broken up, with parts absorbed by Poland, Russia, etc. This is precisely what is said by Russian nationalists. Truly disgusting.

      This is obviously a result of browing too many fifth-columnist websites that parrot Russian propaganda. How strange to see Leftist Western media outlets sounding just like Russia’s Rightist media outlets.

      How good of a job has Russia has done, in order to make common Westerner “anti-imperialists” repeat slogans by their own far-right parties! This is how we know Russia has won the information war.

      • archie1954 says

        Your command of history needs some work. Russia is an entity that has been around for many, many centuries. Ukraine as a sovereign entity has not!

      • BigB says

        As you spend so much time on the net: search “PESCO”; “military Schengen”; “EU military unification”; “European Deterrence Initiative (not content with mere Reassurance)”; “lethal defensive assistance to Ukraine ” …you can find all the relevant information without once visiting a Russian site …none of this is irredentist or propagandist …it’s factual: the EU-NATO are mobilizing for a war you seem all in favour of – check it out? If you were genuine, you could use your research skills in the cause of peace and anti-imperialism …instead of resorting to denigrate those who do?

        • Arthur Cadbury says

          What would your view be if Russia was mobilising its forces on the periphery of the United States or if Russia was stirring up division and conflict in Mexico or Alaska for the purpose of establishing vassal states. The reality here is that the Military Industrial Complex is a huge money-making concern that seeks any available pretext to sell armaments to both sides of any potential flashpoint. Simple mathematics will inform you that just one airstrike wastes half a million dollars – when you multiply that by a factor of 15,000 this gives some idea of the obscene squandering of capital that has seen these countries reduced to more rubble than had they been hit by a thermo-nuclear device. With regard to ‘reconstruction’ the USA has allotted the ‘generous’ sum of 150 million dollars which will hardly improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who have lost their homes, their families and their livelihoods. Gaddafi was ‘removed’ because he refused to surrender to the hegemony of the Western Allied Forces particularly in respect of the fact that he was determined to retain the dinar as currency rather than be bullied into accepting the petro-dollar. Maybe he was a dictator, but at least he was a benevolent ‘despot’ who had the welfare and prosperity of his country in mind, as can be contrasted to this voracious monster that the USA has gradually become ever since Kennedy was assassinated for challenging the corruption and disingenuity of the status quo. Yet, should anyone show the temerity to present any cogent argument exposing this evil, inhumane and sociopathic tendency, they are branded as irredentist or propagandist by those who know not the sanctity of human life. Such will be the shame of Western civilisation as will be taught to our successors in centuries to come when mankind will have learned how to temper and restrain his barbaric proclivities.

            • Arthur Cadbury says

              We must stick together Archie and speak the truth ! And fortunately there are more and more of us who share a mind of real intelligence who can continue to challenge these delusional types and demolish their arguments with our wisdom and compassion !

  4. Arthur Cadbury says

    Yes – but what are YOU going to do about all this then ?

    • Spread the word, of course. The more people are aware of this the greater the chance to put a stop to it.

      • Arthur Cadbury says

        Yes, you are right to say that – I agree – but then maybe I should rephrase my question – HOW are you (not you personally but people generally) going to do anything about it. Talk is cheap – actions speak louder than words – most of what we read these days are chronicles of misery pushing a dystopian vision of the future – I ask you all again, how are you going to inspire others to bring a spirit of peaceful coexistence in an arena where so many people, steeped in their arrogance and anger, satisfy their emotional needs by criticising and undermining and eventually demonising others – please be assured that I ask these questions with the deepest respect to you.

        • BigB says

          On a personal level: practice meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, etc – whatever it takes to break down the self-imposed barriers between self and other …practice ahimsa (non-injury: non-harm) …become the change you want to effect in the world …become peace
          On a practical level: become informed and educated …study the root causes of interpersonal and interstate conflict …act morally and accordingly …engage …if possible, group with others of like mind …better still, form a broad based anti-capitalist, anti-war environmental group!
          This is not ‘my’ way: this is the way of satyagraha, or Magga – the path of the Buddha …it has little to do with religion, and more to do with the revolutionary praxis …the revolution will not start without or outwith us – it is us!

          • Arthur Cadbury says

            I am delighted to receive such a reply from you ! Your comments show that you are already on the path to perfect enlightenment – It was 34 years ago in 1984 that I accepted Buddhism as the supreme teaching for my life and every single day since then I have been practising Maka Shikan (Great Concentration and Insight) as expounded by the Great Teacher T’ien T’ai over two millennia ago. As you say it is the revolutionary praxis that underlies the transformation that can take place in the life of the individual. In this respect, we can attain that state of realisation that the answer does not lie in any revolution of either politics or economics – it lies in the Human Revolution, that transformation of the self which brings us to challenge our greed, anger and ignorance thus defeating the negative functions that bring misery to ourselves, to the lives of other living beings, and damages the environment within which we are inextricably connected. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said “be the change you want to see” and the most important lesson he taught us was that this can only be effected through adopting a policy of non-violence where, again, we evolve as beings who treasure the sanctity of all life and the dignity of all living beings. You say “the revolution will not start without or outwith us – it is us!” and I am in perfect accord with you on this point. It is when we awaken to this truth that we can then begin to share it with others who can then nurture the flowers of tolerance, understanding and compassion in their hearts and thus develop the capacity to embrace all people regardless of their politics or ontology. By achieving this ‘enlightened state of being’, here in this particular lifetime on this planet as human beings, we will gradually create a world where the hunger for conflict will be transformed into an earnest desire to create the conditions requisite for peaceful coexistence and no more will there be a perceived need for the rich resources of Gaia to be squandered on death and destruction, rather that the trillions of dollars that are spent ‘preparing for war’ will be spent on ‘preparing for peace’ by developing programmes of human development exploiting the genius we all share for innovation and creation for the benefit of every single living entity, with sentient and insentient, that inhabits this wonderful planet. Yes, this is no easy task and we will need to cultivate the virtues of patience and forbearance, but it is my belief that we can, and will, achieve this. So I will conclude by offering you my appreciation for the generosity and magnanimity you have displayed in your correspondence with me here. I need say no more other than ‘may your life be constantly adorned with the flowers of ‘eternity, happiness, true self and purity’. Thank You !

            • BigB says

              No, thank you for your inspirational words. The Western intellectual philosophical model is fatally flawed. Philosophy by itself cannot produce true insight (vippasana). Philosophy produces philosophy which becomes sophistry. The post-Enlightenment (post-modern) breakdown of self as a relativist, constructivist concept …leads to ever more relativist construction of self – unless it is concommitant with insight and habituation within the (deconstructed, non-relative) true Self. This can only come through meditational practice. The breakdown of allied concepts of identity, gender, family, ethics, etc. without (non-absolute) replacement values (I.e. socialised communal parenting ); investment in empathy capital and love capital; or a universal ethical and social framework (sila-parammita) …leads to fragmentation, confusion and strain on the social fabric …which suits only those who seek to monopolise capital and culture. It seems to me the Western approach is pretty good at negating old social structures: less good at reinventing socially beneficial new ones …precisely because it lacks the empathy capital of the true Self?

              • Arthur Cadbury says

                I haven’t the time right now to respond fully to your excellent observation other than to say that I feel gratitude and joy that people like you exist in this troubled world of ours. Thank you dear friend !

  5. Fair dinkum says

    “My weapon is bigger than yours”
    Teenagers in uniforms.

  6. I was expecting something like that ever since the US delivered lethal weapons to Poroshenko. I’m afraid that is just the beginning…

  7. bevin says

    There is every chance that the gun was fired by NATO troops. In particular Canadian or US forces, who may or may not be seconded to the Ukrainian fascist army.
    In any case these provocations are wholly consistent with US contempt for international agreements, the laws of warfare and peaceful compromise.

    • archie1954 says

      If we discover that such firing was in fact done by Canadian troops, we should force Trudeau or his Minister of Defense to defend it. I can’t imagine any rationale for breaking a ceasefire.

      • rtj1211 says

        The US rationale is provoking responses they deem sufficiently aggressive to merit bombing campaigns.

        THe US are addicted to genocide: their power players go into cold turkey if they cannot murder 50,000 a year directly or by proxy…..

    • Guest says

      I can’t imagine a Canuck doing it. They are kinda known for thinking before doing. The only thing to benefit from this episode is the outfit that made that shell.

  8. The Western powers should be required to defend their decision to send heavy artillery to Ukraine considering that it is not upholding its responsibilities under the Minsk Accords. The US can mark up another failed state that it destroyed over the last few years.

    • rtj1211 says

      It has not destroyed it, it has prepared it for vassal state status…..

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