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Comment set Free on: “the Guardian View on Syria: the suffering grows and the world turns away”

Once again, the Guardian has a major article on Syria that isn’t open for comments BTL, and once again we are opening comments here instead on:

the Guardian View on Syria: the suffering grows and the world turns away

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Just note that in seven paragraphs of concern about Russia’s alleged preference for bombing over diplomacy, hypocrisy over the plight of refugees and handwaving concerns for US “mission creep”, this article entirely fails to mention:

  • who is actually fighting whom
  • the humanitarian relief efforts by Russia and other countries
  • the innocent civilians dying as a result of “rebel” action
  • the fact the “rebels” are al Nusra and ISIS terrorists
  • the fact the White Helmets are allies of al Nusra and ISIS
  • the fact the US is in Syria illegally without consent from the elected government
  • the fact Russia is in Syria legally, with the consent of the elected government
  • the fact the Sochi peace talks are being deliberately undermined by the US, its allies and terrorist assets
  • the fact the US’s illegal presence is putting us in danger of a major confrontation between nuclear powers.


  1. All of the points mentioned in the article which are not dwelled upon by the MSM are already well known by all those who have any interest in Middle East truth!

  2. Kavy says

    Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and anti-Russia sanctions: Interview with Alex Krainer

    A brilliant look into dark underworld of international crime and dark politics. Alex Krainer wrote his book, The killing of William Browder: Deconstructing Bill Bowder’s Dangerous Deception, because he was concerned that Russiagate and the constant Western anti Putin propaganda could bring about WW3. Alex Krainer says how William Browder and the maniacs of the Deep State feel that have a lot to gain from a confrontation with Russia, but this would catastrophic for the world.

  3. It might be helpful to recall that a.) Maidan Massacre and Ukraine coup were triggered during the closing days of the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014, b.) “Operation Protective Edge” began hours after the MH17 Korean airliner downing in Ukraine 2015, c.) U.S. forces killing over 100 Syrians coincided with (breakthrough?) peace talks in Sochi, and d.) hugely provocative, dangerous Israeli air attacks inside Syria near Damascus, based on unconfirmed Iran drone reports, are carried out – within hours of the Winter Olympics flame’s lighting in South Korea.

    • Eddie says

      Let us not forget the US / Israel sponsored Georgian invasion of South Ossetia during the 2008 China Summer Games. Russia quickly gave Saakashvili a proper spanking, after which He ate his necktie.

  4. Paul says

    The only Guardian articles I read now are those printed here. For 40 years or more I read it everyday! But that old Guardian, slightly left of Centre, generally pro peace and sober has gone for good. The only “alternative” is the chaotic Indie which seems to want to curry favour with all parties – but at least it still carries the two best ME journalists, Fisk and Cockburn. Compare them to Freedland and Cohen! Indeed the overwhelming rationale behind the Guardian’s narratives is to protect Israel – at all costs!

    • Captain Kemlo says

      Very true. I don’t believe enough people are aware of Freedland’s and Cohen’s fairly consistent support of the neo-con/Israel agenda.

  5. Kavy says

    People should watch this video. A young milenial looks at the rift between Cent Uygur and Jimmy Dore over Russiagate. This guy is right on the ball and expresses my concerns entirely. What’s happenned to the left, they’ve been taken over the neoliberals and the psychopathic ruling elite, but this could trigger WW3? It’s like the Invasion of the Bodysnathers where everywhere you go people who you thought you could trust have been taken over by the aliens. George Monbiot now, Owen Jones, and loads more.

    I go over a recent video from The Jimmy Dore Show in which Jimmy goes off on a certain “lefty media” outlet on the internet, a rant that comes soon after a different Aggressive Progressive video got pulled down off the TYT main channel where Jimmy made similar statements. Could a split with The Young Turks and Cenk Uygur be on the horizon? Does this feud really matter? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

  6. MichaelK says

    The fake concern really annoys me. Once one has mastered the art of faking sincerity… everything else is easy.

    The foundation premise; that there has been a ‘revolution’ and an uprising by large sections of the Syrian people, is never questioned. Have we watched a genuine ‘civil war’ in Syria unfolding… or something else, like a western-backed and Saudi-financed attack or invasion, with the ‘Syrian rebels’ really composed of foreign mercenaries and ‘Islamist riff-raff’ from every ghetto in Western Europe? None of this is ever examined or questioned in our media. It’s remarkable how closely our journalism echoes the government’s line on events in Syria.

    Then there’s the massive lie that the West hasn’t been deeply involved in events in Syria from the very beginning; supplying the ‘rebels’ with weapons, training, money and support, not least in our trained media.

    Our military, since Vietnam, have vowed never to allow free and independent journalists anywhere the frontline in our neo-imperialist wars. First they were ‘imbedded’ but now they’ve discovered a new and deadly trick. Allow and deliberately encourage our proxies and Islamic terrorist allies to murder any journalists who slip through the net and might be tempted to challenge the Western narrative. What this means is that the sources of stories is dramatically narrowed, down to the ‘rebels’ or state-sanctioned journalists who aren’t going to rock the boat or ask awkward questions, or give the impression they don’t ‘love their country’, or are critical of ‘national security.’

    Obviously, the Guardian cannot, or has chosen not to ask any of these explosive questions, because this would inevitably bring them into direct confrontation with the accepted, grand, western narrative about events in Syria. It would also quickly lead to journalists more-or-less accusing our politicians of blatant, international, war crimes, not least encouraging our pet terrorists to murder and kidnap journalists because it’s not in our interests to allow them access to the battlefield, unless they are under control. Control what they see and you control what they think and what they write, and what the public is allowed to see and hear.

  7. This is from the Corbett Report (which I highly recommend) specifically about the White Helmets and how dreadful the Guardian has become. It is well worth watching and specifically focuses on Olivia Solon and her bogus article (just showing how far down the Guardian has sunk!).

    • Harry Stotle says

      The Corbett Report fleshes out the entire stinking propaganda apparatus, and while the particulars in this case address events on the ground in Syria, the implications of Corbetts piece go far beyond the White Helmets to the way powerful vested political interests first manufacture a false reality before recruiting corrupt figures in the media (such as the Guardian) to control and dissmeninate the phony narrative.

      Of course the whole thing immediately falls apart because unlike reporters on the ground, or political analysts with knowledge of Syria light-weight hacks, like the Guardians Olivia Solon, can do no more than repeat lines fed to them rather than investigate (as journalists are meant to do) the links between the way the White Helmers are funded, who they are allies with, and why so many of them turn up on social media expounding the virtues of Sunni extremism.

      In a funny sort of way one can feel slight pity for Guardian moderators who nowadays are little more than figures of ridicule given their abject failure to accept complicity with the vast tapestry of lies they are employed to defend.

    • Manda says

      I must say I;m glad to see Corbett Report hosting Vanessa’s work and helping expose the war/regime change propaganda construct that is the White Helmets.

  8. Kavy says

    Find the truth here –

    Eva Bartlett speaks on North Korea & Syria (FULL)

  9. Maybe the Guardian editorials are just clickbait, a sort of trolling merely to get people to click on the page and thus increase advertising revenue.

  10. Harry Stotle says

    When it comes to Syria you can either accept media propaganda from the Guardian, or look for actual reporting by investigative journalists such as Vanessa Beeley or Eva Bartlett – is it really such a hard choice?

  11. Jen says

    The Guardian editorial is so vague that if Rip van Winkle were to wake up now and try to read it, he wouldn’t have the faintest idea that the writing is describing a war, let alone figure who is fighting whom.

    Not to mention the fact that no-one at The Guardian was game enough to put his/her name to the editorial. Perhaps it was written by a bot.

    • I tend to think that their anonymous editorials are sent in from government sources, as a way of communicating the “official position”.

  12. NowhereMan says

    I remember Guardian articles such as this would have been open for discussion, before the window of opportunity to comment grew narrower and the remorseless swing of the moderator’s scythe came down upon anyone who dared question the official narrative and the paper’s direction, until it was decided people could not be allowed to voice opinions at all.

    It shows how frail the official narratives of these events are when beneath them lie an all-consuming fear that Mr and Mrs. Average might rub two brain cells together and start reading other sources, seeing the bigger picture, and encouraging others to do so.

  13. BigB says

    Things you (probably) won’t read in a Guardian article about Syria:
    The IDF flying air cover for Daesh and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham – resulting in the downing of an F-16 (you’ll probably hear about the latter, only disassociated from the former?)
    The proxy war between NATO allies euphemistically known as “Olive Branch”?
    The SU-25 shot down with a US supplied MANPAD in a deconfliction zone?
    The “defensive” act of aggression and war crime of an occupying force, the US, directly targeting the sovereign forces of the SAA …inside another deconfliction zone: to prevent the SAA crossing the Euphrates?
    Plenty about barrel bombs, chlorine attacks, premature babies …nothing about mortars fired into schools coming from our beloved rebels in East Ghouta …definitely nothing about the probable recycling of children’s corpses for propaganda (as reported by Mother Agnes); or that some of the victims of Ghouta (2013) and Khan Sheikhoun were killed after being “saved” by our beloved White Helmets (as reported by Prof Tim Hayward {guest post by Professor Paul McKeigue }.)
    Nothing about the WH culpability in the Rashidin murder of innocents?

  14. George Cornell says

    All the news that fits their narrative, but who dictates that narrative? The neocon board?

  15. Should read:

    The Guardian View on Syria: the suffering of the readership grows and turns away”

    But they really are loosing the propaganda game as most don’t believe them. The bubble they exist in now is so far away from reality it is quite breath taking.

  16. “… and The World turns away”. Let us hope so, because the so called International Community has notched up 3.3 Million corpses in the ME alone. Thank God for Putin; if it had not been for Russian intervention in 2013 Syria would have suffered the same horrors of occupation and dismemberment by The World (Guardian euphemism for the A-Z-C) as Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Serbia and the Ukraina. As it is, Dr.Assad’s country has suffered the horrors of war but is emerging “bloody but unbowed”; with every hope of forging a more secure future in a more stable Middle East founded on The Arch of Stability that is being rebuilt before our eyes — right across the ME, from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq to Iran.

    NATZO and “our irresistible armed might” (to quote our Minister of War under the TB.Liar regime) is being kicked out of the ME, no wonder the Guardian is crying.

  17. One thing is certain, the Guardian is getting no money from me. They must be desperate because they have this big yellow streamer at the start asking for money, and then another one at the end asking again. Don’t they get it that they have lost their readers through the absolute garbage they are publishing, in the name of news!!! Why go to the Guardian, anyway, when you can get the same so-called ‘news’ from CNN or the BBC?

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