WATCH: the Dutch Foreign Minister in 2016 lying about Putin to inflame fears of Russian invasion

Halbe Zijlstra, Dutch Foreign Minister has confessed he has been lying for some time about an alleged personal encounter with Vladimir Putin – which, it turns out never actually happened. His completely bogus and dangerously warmongering narrative of hearing Putin describe a Hitleresque plan for a “greater Russia” (involving annexing Belarus, the Baltics, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) had been doing the rounds since 2016. Presumably Zjilstra felt it would enhance his career and reputation to have a narrative like this to share. Did he not also realise he was helping to create an atmosphere of fear and hysteria that could – and still could – ignite a global nuclear war?Just how cultist and brainwashed are Europe’s political class these days?

Here’s Zijlstra telling a captive audience his completely made-up story back in 2016, when everyone believed him:

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John Helmer has an interesting take:
“…..In Canada, Zijlstra’s counterpart as foreign minister is Chrystia Freeland . She too has been repeatedly lying in public about meeting Putin. Initially, her motive was the same as Zijlstra’s – to exaggerate her own importance and qualification to be foreign minister.
Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/programs/metromorning/freeland-trump-metro-morning-1.3934305
“In an interview with CBC News in Toronto on January 13, 2017, three days after her promotion to foreign minister, Freeland declared: “So I’ve spoken with the top guy [Putin] in Russia quite recently and we spoke in Russian and we had quite a long conversation.” This was a lie — Freeland had not met Putin. The story of the lie, and Freeland’s efforts to get the Canadian media to repeat it as if true, was first told here. This was published in April of 2017. Since then no Canadian medium has investigated the truth, or challenged Freeland to admit it.
“With the encouragement of reporters from the Canadian media, Freeland has continued to lie about her Russian meetings. Here, in May 2017, she was lying again: “I had quite a few productive conversations with Minister Lavrov, both last night over supper and today”. For the full story, read this. ”
He adds this interesting sidelight on the way that the Canadian media, (currently asking the government for hundreds of millions of dollars annually by way of subsidies) covered this interesting story:
“No Canadian newspaper has investigated Freeland’s lying, and she has expanded the lie to meetings with other Russian officials, which also did not happen. The Toronto Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen and the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) have also failed to report Zijlstra’s resignation for his Putin lie; their editors blocked the Reuters and Bloomberg wire reports, which have been running on Canadian newsroom screens, from appearing in print. ”
If you want the media in Canada to take up a story attribute it to that ‘crusading whistleblower’s site’ Bellingcat.

John A
John A

Apropos lying Freeland who claimed to have had a long conversation with the brilliant Lavrov, naturally she boasted it was in Russian. Lavrov’s pithy reply was to the effect that they had exchanged pleasantries in Russian, something they would not have been able to do in Ukraine, where the regime has banned the use of Russian, including for Ukrainian speakers of Russian.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

Freeland is an hereditary Ukronazi. Her grand-father, Mykhailo Khomiak was a Ukronazi propagandist and collaborator with the Nazis during WW2. She has inherited his fanatic Russophobic fanaticism, that is for certain, and is also a foam-flecked advocate for ‘regime change’ in Venezuela.


‘Here’s Zijlstra telling a captive audience his completely made-up story back in 2016, when everyone believed him’
Alternative version: … when nobody listened to him.
It took a long time before we found that Zijlstra lied, and the person who found was a Dutch MSM journalist.
I take comfort in the believe that only Dutch MSM journalists listen to Zijlstra et al type of fake news stories. Most other people just continue with their own life and do not pay any attention to Zijlstra et al.


When I first read about this the other day I thought if the whole “fake news/ media”, “Russian Hacking the media message” thing is a construct [you know, like the White Helmets], then clearly the MSM would pay little to no attention to this CLEAR piece of “FAKE NEWS”.
I was not wrong… NOTHING.
I thought even the fearlessly investigative Graun might feel obliged to report this.
Well not surprised there too, really…
So in the meantime I did some reading and realised a few articles which go deeply into the origins of this now quite obvious WMSM “Ruskie Scaremongering” construct and the real “fake news” memes we are being subjected to.
https://consortiumnews.com/2018/02/11/u-s-intelligence-crisis-poses-a-threat-to-the-world/ [2 parts to this]
https://www.alternet.org/grayzone-project/clint-watts-fake-russia-expert [also 2 parts]
All time well spent reading these I promise you.


What an idiot douchebag


I couldn’t play the video (message displayed: ‘The media could not be played’), unlike practically all other videos posted on Off-G.
I did see what I presume is the same extract on RT earlier this morning, however. It proved, once again, that you CAN make it up (and that – like the Dutch ex-FM – many do, when it serves their narrative).
Speaking of RT (and straying somewhat – but not completely – off the present subject) – they haven’t said much about the ‘Russian mercenaries’ the US-EU MSM are claiming were killed by US bombs and artillery a few days ago near Deir-Ezzor. If the claims are true, things could turn even nastier.


It’s an embed from Twitter, but it should play ok for you. Maybe you have an old browser?


There’s a chance that Shell Boy Zijlstra will be replaced by EMP Hans van Baalen, who received the Ukrainian Order of Merit from Chocolate Poroshenko for his contributions to Euromaidan.


MEP, not EMP.


another guy from Putins dactha ?

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

And these are the creatures supposedly ‘investigating’ MH 17!


From Mike in SyrPer:
“Dutch FM Admits He Lied About Putin’s ‘Greater Russia’ Plot. Halbe Zijlstra, Netherlands’ Foreign Minister, couple years ago claim having secretly overheard Russian President Putin talking about creating a “greater Russia.” He caused an even bigger stir 12 Feb. admitting he made whole thing up. Claimed during election campaigns had been hiding in Putin’s dacha and overheard Putin saying wanted to take over Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic states, Kazakhstan to create Greater Russia. Now Zijlistra admits he was never at the dacha.”
Mike leaves out this denial from the ex-Minister’s ex-employers Royal Dutch Shell according to Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant [The Peoples Daily]. On Monday, Zijlstra admitted to that newspaper he didn’t attend the meeting, adding he had borrowed the story to protect “the source” who was at the gathering. On Tuesday, De Volkskrant said that “source” was former Royal Dutch Shell Plc CEO Jeroen van der Veer, who told the newspaper Zijlstra had misinterpreted the comments.
Royal Dutch Shell — a Rothschild shell company, like British Petroleum, and The US Federal Reserve. Would’t they just love to get their hands on those lovely Russian Federal Reserves of gas, oil, gold, fresh water, timberland and farmland presently lying idle under non-GMO crops!