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A letter from Slovenia to Syria

by Katerina Vidner Ferkov, February 18, 2018, via Zdravo Slovenia

It is very hard to write a letter to a country where children, women, and men are being bombed by “the coalition for the greater good”, so they say in the corporate media. How to find words while you are looking for your sons and daughters in the fire, explosions and collapsed buildings? But a letter from Slovenia to Syria must be sent.

Dear Syria in Slovenia we have seen this before when Yugoslavia fell apart and a devastating carnage took place in a state where people used to sing about brotherhood and equality. We saw the refugees from ex Yugoslavia and felt their pain like we witnessed the suffering of many Syrian refugees.

Do you know that ex Yugoslavia was bombed in the NATO operation called the “Merciful Angel”? What kind of mercy is that? Those children in ex Yugoslavia till this day suffer because of depleted uranium in those bombs.

Our reality is Slovenia and in the South neighborhood countries is a direct consequence of that cruel war, where neo-imperial interests played a significant part. In ex Yugoslavia, they won. The vicious terminology is invented after us: to balkanize – divide (a region or body) into smaller mutually hostile states or groups. Balkan is their shopping mall now, ruled by the obedient government puppets, while many global corporations export their dirty industry into our countries and dictate our policies. That is precisely what they would like to do in Syria – to turn people against each other because of national, religious or political beliefs.

Been there done that. It is never worth it if people must die!

That is why they invented this “Assad must go” narrative because you should have a president that divides you, is a religious fanatic or an obedient puppet of neo-imperial masters. If not, they will invent brutal lies, trying to sell them as a heroic epic poem, like White helmets.

Dear people of Syria, do not be divided and stay strong. Many of us in Slovenia believe you are the true heroes of our times. You did not allow your beautiful country to be amputated and served as a feast to never-ending neo-imperialist appetites.

Oh, yes, some want to portray you as a “deranged” state that desperately needs a “lesson in democracy”. What a bloody joke! In Slovenia, we know and we contributed a massive body count in the 1st and 2nd World War that were monstrous affairs which both started in “the most civilized Christian” Europe.

Dear Syria, may you be blessed with peace and freedom. With respect, love, and admiration from Slovenia.

Photo: Hands Off Syria


  1. rtj1211 says

    What do you think would happen if 10 Rockerfellers, 10 Rotschilds, 10 VanderBilts, 10 of another 47 billionaire families were all murdered?

    500 very rich people dead.

    Should it matter when so many millions have been expendable in all the wars since 1946?

    The way to peace is making the billionaires know their bloodlines will finish unless they promote peace.

    When they know that THEY are acceptable collateral damage.

    Whether they are behind it or not is less relevant than what they will do with their influence to survive.

    Perhaps the geriatrics Soros and Kissinger should start the process? God clearly does not want them in heaven, they would have died peacefully long ago if he did…..

  2. BigB says

    I could well reply to this heartfelt letter of solidarity from Katerina , and the equally heartfelt comments for the suffering to end, with a letter to Democratic Socialists who think that imperialism will end under a future Labour government: capitalism cannot be reformed. The amount of the various capitals created by central bank collusion and interventionism: fictitious capital M-M’ self-maximising money flows; and highly leveraged debt cannot be contained within a single nation state. Capitalism demands globalism to valorise investment. The valorisation of capital demands protectionism to guarantee spatial temporal expansion: the vampire squid needs lebensraum to grow. Monopoly finance capitalism is imperialism: the two are indistinct. In the root cause analysis: to end imperialism, to end the wars, to truly show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Afrin, East Ghouta, Daraa, Suneitra, Dier ez-Zor and around the globe …there can be no false disconnect between the cause of imperial war and its embedment in capitalist roots? Pro-business is pro-imperial. There can be no blessings of peace under capitalism.

    • Arthur Cadbury says

      Just from reading this post I am assured that within this circus of anger and delusion that is entertaining the liberal elites with their farrago of frenzied death and destruction, there are right-minded, right-thinking people who could quite possibly contribute towards the salvation of our world in this most evil and corrupt age – Thank you all for the clear uncontaminated waters of your courage, your wisdom and your compassion. These evil demonic entities will not prevail. . . . .

      • Big B says

        Thankyou Arthur, I’m flattered and humbled. We can take it from either the dialectic or the Dao: just when a structure (capitalism) is at its zenith, and appears invulnerable and permanent …that is when it is most susceptible to change. It is in flux and ready to become its opposite (the Hegelian synthesis: a higher and emergent form of transcended capitalism and socialism). The old and matured become rigid and ossified (I can personally attest to that!) and thus vulnerable and prone to impermanence (check!) The Dao (true human nature is bio-centric) is the great corrective …in the end you have to follow its Way (Wu Wei; Magga; the Shining Path of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.) TINA (There Is No Alternative!)

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Which is why the belief in ‘democracy’ and ‘reform’ under capitalism is so bizarre. The fate of the Pink Tide in Latin America, now utterly destroyed, with the resumption of death-squad normality due very soon, is just the latest incontrovertible proof of that. I put the self-delusion down to fear of recognising that Evil monsters who serve Death, eg capitalists, Exceptionalists, Western supremacists etc, are in total command of humanity. To admit that humanity is, and always has been, doomed to destroy itself, is a hard truth to swallow.

  3. MichaelK says

    The BBC/Guardian and virtually the rest of the corporate/state media’s reaction to the rise of the Internet, hasn’t been to engage or reflect over why so many people no longer trust or are prepared to follow their lead, or to introduce much needed structural reforms; no, not a bit of it. Instead they’ve gone on the offensive along with the state, and have decided on a strategy based on banishment of critical or alternative viewpoints, undermining the legitimacy of alternative viewpoints by calling them ‘fake news’ and linking criticism of neo-conservative hegemony with the absurd idea that the Russians are behind it all.

  4. I salute you, the writer, Katerina, for initiating this letter. You are a peace woman and you know what you speak. It seems that you suffered a lot. You want to avoid it from others, inexperienced like you. Accept/agree/respect every/each word in this letter. It is a general call, although it was written to one man, to stop the wars. I am not sure how it will be accepted by the Syrians. They must know, I mean their leaders, that the war is not the solution for peace. So, Mr. Assad, the Arabs, The Muslims and the world’s leaders, please make everything necessary to stop wars. It is in ouר hand. You must put all your efforts in establishing peace everywhere. Life is not a joke. Life is what you want and like you we all want it. I hope that this letter and my application will, open the minds of some of the world’s leaders to make everything available to establish a comprehensive peace worldwide.

    • @See Listen Understand: “the Syrians, I mean their leaders, know that war is not the solution for peace. So, Mr. Assad, the Arabs, The Muslims and the world’s leaders, please make everything necessary to stop wars. It is in ouר hand.”

      See the word our in your last sentence has a Hebrew resh instead of Latin r.

      Listen you call by name only Dr.Assad, the Arabs, the Muslims to stop wars

      Understand which country has flown more bombing raids on its neighbours in the ME including 1000 bombing raids on Syria alone; which country has enough nuclear weapons to wipe out every major city in the ME and Europe; which country is calling on the world to make war on Iran; which country has ignored hundreds of UN resolutions about illegal occupation of territory, including Syrian territory in the Golan; which country’s Prime Minister went to the USA and swore on the Bible that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, thus encouraging an unjust war against Iraq which caused a million deaths; which country is helping Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen causing starvation and cholera.

      When you can See Listen Understand all this, and name the country, then you can write a letter to Ha’Aaretz calling for Mr.NetanYahu, the Israelis, the Jews and the world’s leaders to please make everything necessary to stop wars. It is in our hands.

      • Ricsi Vince says

        Well spotted and your comments are absolutely correct, hisbara commentators are usually flooding such articles in the MSM

      • Dear Mr. Vexarb.
        Yes, you are right. We must call the world, including Israel, to make peace. Please go to the history books and the newspapers, excluding the Arabs, and check why Israel was conquering the West Bank from Jordan, Why Israel conquered Sinai from Egypt and why Israel is still occupying the Golan heights The answer to these 3 questions is that all Israel conquer were the results of the wars that these 3 states, Jordan., Egypt, and Syria, declared on Israel. Israel managed to finish the wars with a lot of lands that the Arabs escaped from. Israel didn’t open any war with the Arabs. Look at all neutral history books. Even now, after the Arabs lost the wars they still want to fight. They don’t want peace. They want to see Israel drinking salt water in the sea. You should understand that it will never happen. You mentioned some weapons. I never saw it. I read about it in the newspapers. If this is right the Arabs must be stupid not to make peace. Not because of the arms that you mentioned. They are stupid not to use the Israeli know-how, and Israel’s readiness to cooperate and assist the Arabs in order to advance their people. If you need more info about Israel you can find it in Google and in my daily posts, as they are much more accurate than the bluffs/wrong info that you read in the Arab press.
        If you have more comment I am ready to answer all your doubts.
        In friendship

          • Yes. Palestinians and all other kinds of Arabs/Muslims. You must start thinking logically and positive. Killing is not ye way to solve problems. animals do it as they don’t have a common language and they do it for survival. we, people, can talk to each other and solve disputes, if there are any. The Quran times passed already many Years ago and the world is going in a different way that was dictated in the Quran. So, make a switch in your mind and start behaving in a modern style, not the Quranic way. Please, for your sack and the world. It’s time for this change.
            In friendship

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              The Talmud clearly states that killing civilians, even children and babies, is a mitzvah, or good deed.Attend to the faults in your own religion Amir, before you start lecturing others on theirs.

              • Shalom Mulga.I am a friend of everybody. I hate nobody. So, it is my privilege/option to final my posts with “In friendship”.
                Please mark the place that you find that to kill is a Mitzvah.
                whether you find it and you understood the written there it is very strictly forbidden in the Torah. If you are “Talmid Chaham” (clever pupil), you can find this restriction hundreds of times in the holy Torah.
                Awaiting your reply
                In friendship (Yes, in spite of your objection)

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Amir, EVERYTHING you say is a crude Zionazi hasbara lie, and any even half-informed observer knows so, so why do you creatures still bother?

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Your ‘friendship’ is simply hypocritical garbage. You only accept groveling submission to your racism and outright lies as a sign of ‘friendship’. Come back when you begin treating the Palestinians with human (you are only human, like the rest of us, despite your narcissistic delusions otherwise) decency, and I’ll be happy to be on friendly terms.

    • @Seelistenunderstand

      President Assad, Syria didn’t invaded nobody. Today Israel helping 7 different Terrorist groups bombing Damascus, civilians population, a school.. doing lots of damage to the city.

      • Dear Abyad
        Where did you get this info? Please let me have your source in which is written that Israel bombed Damascus lately. Last time Israel bombed Damascus was during the Yom Kipur war. If you have different info, from a reliable source, not Arab media that tell you lies-I would like to learn from it. In the meantime, you will do much better and get the info from me, as I don’t belong to any media’s groups.
        Please let me know that names of the 7 terrorist groups that Israel support That bomb Damascus. I need this info as I want to discuss it in my posts.
        In friendship

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Amir, he said that Zionazistan was supporting terrorist thugs who were bombing Damascus, not, yet, Zionazistan itself. Obviously English comprehension is not your strong suit, although you are quite fluent in race hatred, like all Zionazis.

          • Dear Mulga
            Thank you for your comment, especially concerning my English. The reason is that I was lucky to be born in the democracy of Israel and to be grown up in the Israel and study in the ancient language of the original bible. So, as such, I know more or less the history of Israel and the region, including the endless war, and I can write about it much more accurate than all of you do. So, instead of arguing I suggest that you learn the real facts and get your conclusion from serious history books instead of from the unreliable Arabic/Muslim/Islam and more Israel’s hater’s sources. Unfortunately, your comment does not clarify the situation that was in dispute. So, please, can I have, maybe from you, a real/true/objective and reliable comment the sources of the information that all Jews/Zionism haters get from? Please do.
            Awaiting your reply on the topic in dispute, after you read and learned the issue/matter not that much about the language
            In friendship

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Don’t ‘dear’ me, thank you. Israel is not a ‘democracy’-it is what is known as an ‘ethnocracy’ ie a state where political rights depend on race and religion, and where the ‘outsiders’, the Israeli Arabs, are second-class citizens, subject to sixty or so discriminatory laws and practises, and ethnic exclusion where they are kept in Arab only ghettos, away from areas of Jewish settlement. Your version of ‘history’ is crude and mendacious agit-prop, long refuted by real historians, Palestinian, foreign and the Jewish Israeli New Historians like Benny Morris, Ilan Pappe and others. And do spare us that typical Zionazi lie and smear that refuting Zionazi lies equates to hatred of Jews. I do hate many Jews, not a good response, but the type that I do loathe I despise for their racism, hypocrisy, cruelty and mendacity, as I despise goyim who display such sentiments and behaviour themselves. I rather despise the manifestations of those grave faults in my own behaviour, from time to time. Those Jews who are not like that I either admire and respect, or feel no antipathy for. You, I rather suspect, hate all Moslems, Arabs and Palestinians, but I could be wrong.

  5. Coincidence? Posted in SyrPer today:


    “And out of this, a whole new generation of critical thinkers is born, who are now well trained to pick up bullshit acutely like an eagle can pick up a rat from miles away.”

    Great stuff. It really cheered me up. If you think of Yugoslavia in those pre-internet days very few people knew what the hell was going on, so Clinton and Blair were able to get away with mass murder and wholesale destruction until a few brave people such as Diana Johnson and John Pilger awakened us to the truth. But we had to wait a few years. Not any more. Now we can follow every battle almost live, where every nuance is then analysed to the extent that people like me who read this site every day find that what I want to say is usually already covered. This is excellent. May there be many more eagles picking up rats from miles away.

  6. writerroddis says

    Timely. Thanks. The propaganda intensifies. Yesterday’s BBC radio coverage was a full-on attack, conflating real suffering with (a) fake allegations (“Assad targets civilians”), (b) glaring omissions (like asking WTF he would want to do that, and omitting – of course – the proven fact the west wanted Assad out long before 2011) and (c) nasty Russia (again) blocking UN ‘humanitarian’ proposal. Alas, many on the left will run for cover in direct proportion to the severity of this latest ideological onslaught.

    Not all though. Heartening to see stiff BTL resistence to Graun propaganda – Simon Tisdall (again) – and its (Wednesday editorial. Most comments give the ATL a good kicking. These few are representative, hence comments being closed so fast:

    “I would appreciate very much if The Guardian could mention the name, or names of the opposition group or groups that are fighting Syrian army in Eastern Ghouta.

    This unnamed opposition group has, to my knowledge, ruled in Eastern Ghouta for many years. Obviously it is strong as ISIS was in Mosul.

    What is the policy of the opposition group or groups and do we know any of their leaders names?”

    “Sure we do. May, Trump, Macron…”

    Sualdam PekkaRoivanen
    “The names of the main groups fighting the Syrian Army in East Ghouta are as follows:

    HTS: aka Al Nusra or Al Qaeda in Syria

    Jaish al Islam (the largest group): a Saudi financed and supported jihadist group which aims to impose a Saudi style theocracy on Syria.

    ISIS, mainly concentrated in the Yarmouk Palestinian camp in South Damascus

    Ahrar Al Sham, another jihadist group, the main ally of Al Qaeda ion Syria, founded by a close associate of Usamma Bin-Laden.

    There are a couple of other minor armed groups operating in the East Ghouta area but every single one of them are jihadist, Wahhabist, Islamist terrorists to the core.

    To read the western media, you would think that these Islamist terrorist groups did not exist and that the Syrian army was dropping bombs on women and children just for the hell of it.

    The truth will out in the end as was the case in Aleppo.”

    And last but not least:

    [quoting the Graun]’There are almost 400,000 people still trapped there’
    “Are these real people, or are they fake people like the 250,000 we were repeatedly told were trapped in Aleppo but who turned out not to exist?”

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