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WATCH: ‘Vladimir Putin’s speechless speech’

One of our readers dropped this in our inbox. It’s been a pretty bad week for the planet as a whole, so why not just kick back for a minute this Sunday morning and smile


  1. Lois J Copeland MD says

    This is truly incredible and I do not quite know what it portends: Very strange behavior and reaction of the audience indeed. The audience seems to be critical, and he, not caring. Why, is the question……

  2. Big B says

    I’m waiting for the Guardian headline: “Putin Hacks UK Weather” to explain the snow coming our way from Siberia! 😉

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Russian ice hockey team shoved it right up the Western thugs of the IOC, WADA and the hate media, by singing their anthem at the Olympics. The talking dead-head scum of our local ABC sewer (now run by Murdochites)was LIVID with rage at their offense. We are for the high jump, make no mistake. The sheer volume of raw hatred, the Right’s existential fuel, being produced by the Imperial hate-mongers, is truly stupefying.

  3. Fair dinkum says

    Conspiracy theory #666:
    He’s gonna invade Texas, soon.
    (It’s all in those sneaky Rusky hand signals).
    Aaaagh !!!

  4. This video modestly pretends to be a parody but I do not think so; except insofar as these people parody themselves. All the video does is show the expressions on their faces, the tenseness, the fear of falling from high places, the insecurity of swimming with sharks and dancing with wolves. The ultra-realistic style of humour reminds me of George Grossmith’s immortal Mr.Pooter, in Diary of a Nobody. Mr. Pooter was content to be a nobody pottering around his little home. The people in this video are at the other end of the scale: they are somebodies, perched on high their faces express the fear of falling and becoming nobodies.

    “Sit we never so high, we can but sit on our own backside”. — Montaigne

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