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WATCH: Syrian delegate Bashar Jaafari at the UNSC after ceasefire resolution Feb 24

Dr Bashar Jaafari, Syrian representative at the UN, responding to the UNSC resolution calling for a ceasefire in Syria on February 24. His dignity, professionalism and intelligence may seem by many to be in stark contrast to the disgraceful and classless conduct of the UK and US delegates.


  1. Yonatan says

    The west doesn’t have diplomats. It has thugs who can only work from pre-determined conclusions, much like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland – sentence first, verdict afterwards.

  2. Brutally Remastered says

    Thank you for posting this excoriating reply from the Syrian representative at the Security Council. Great to see the British boy-rep’ bravely phone fiddling in the face of cold dignity and poise.

  3. Arthur Cadbury says

    I noticed how, immediately prior to Dr Jafaari’s address here, US ‘Ambassador’ (sic) Nikki Haley packed her papers and walked out of the room. You can all draw your own conclusions from her actions there. Also, Dr Jafaari makes a valid point in respect of the United Kingdom’s continued occupation of the Falkland Islands. I have often pondered how the UK government (sic) would respond if Argentinian forces invaded the Isle of Wight and claimed it as ‘their territory’. Many British citizens remain deluded as to the reality of this situation and continue to ‘celebrate’ the actions of the British Military under Thatcher in the last century. Furthermore, Dr Jafaari displays the greatest respect and restraint in the manner in which he clearly explains the duplicity of US and UK behaviour, particularly in respect of their disreputable foreign policy of ‘destabilisation’ which for decades now had been the rationale upon which they have furthered the private interests of corporations that produce the weaponry that brings suffering upon so many thousands of innocent people. Likewise, this coalition of ‘demonic intent’ having, without any justification whatsoever, made claims to having rid us of the black flag of Isis, have done no more than replace it with the white flag of fake humanitarianism, itself created, sponsored and perpetrated by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom. There is more I could say here, however, I would like to express my view, in the hope that I will not be attacked by any of you for so doing, that it does absolutely no service to the cause of justice here when those of you, fired by anger and emotionalism, engage in directing insulting remarks to those you dislike, for example Mr Monbiot. It would be far more effective, and far more dignified on your part, if you would direct your passion towards the deconstruction of the wrong-minded thinking underlying their argument and the palpable fallacy upon which they attempt to mislead and confuse others. In short, if you so admire the behaviour of Dr Jafaari, here, then why on earth can you not bring yourself to emulate it ?

    • Harry Stotle says

      I think the short answer Arthur is that the plight of Syrians has been made infinitely worse by the media’s role in spinning the geopolitical backdrop.

      The Guardian has been especially culpable in this respect because it has made no attempt to report the conflict from a Syrian perspective while censoring those BTL who dissent from pro-US/UK orthodoxy – the demonisation of Russia (and its role in Syria) is another example of extreme bias from this outlet.

      For reasons I stll can’t fathom commentators like Monbiot, Tisdall, and the enigmatic digital culture guru, Olivia Solon, have thrown their lot in with human rights abusers, ie US neocons and derranged Wahhabists.

      Middle Eastern geopolitics may be complex but in this instance it is simply a matter of right and wrong, and in my opinion Monbiot et al, have been exploiting an influential media platform to promote a demonstrably false narrative that in its own way has perpetuated the terrible suffering that has taken place.
      Presumably Monbiot and other pro-western commentators like Tisdall, Freedland, and the patsy in San Francisco fully understand that controlling the flow of information has always played a vital role in controlling the public mood.

      My guess, and its only a guess is that members of the public would be just as angry as I am if a few more of them obtained info from sites like Off-G, rather than being fed a constant stream of disinformation from virtually every wing of the British and US MSM.

      We at leat agree that the behaviour of Dr Jafaari is exemplary but I daresay if he read the sort of shit Monbiot et al have been spouting even he might become a little cross?

      • Harry Stotle says

        And right on cue we have the Guardians latest take on the situation in eastern Ghouta.

        Somebody called Kareem Shaheen (reporting from Turkey) promotes the usual anti-Assad narrative while alluding to the sinister presence of Russia and Iran. A rescue worker (? white helmet) is reported as saying “We are talking now about a green light for the Syrian regime and his Russian allies to destroy this society before the eyes of everyone.”

        Yet no mention of western backed extremist shelling and killing people in Damascus, nor previous attempts to offer these derranged extremists safe passage out of Ghouta.

        At what point did MSM journalists decide to sacrifice actual news reporting for partisan briefings from military sources?

        • Betrayedplanet says

          A disgrace in the name of peace and true democracy. I am ashamed to live in the UK and were it not for my children I would leave without hesitation.
          Every Tory voter [ whether they are aware or not] is responsible for the deaths of Syrian civilians, in the name of our current psychopathic government under The Honorable[ UK version] Theresa May and her band of sociopathic criminals, Johnson et al.

    • summitflyer says

      I truly wish she would pack her papers and vacate the scene for good. A wacko deluded individual if ever there was one.

  4. Harry Stotle says

    Perhaps somebody should post Bashar Jaafari’s address to Simon ‘will no one think of the children’ Tisdall, or George ‘head stuck up my arse’ Monbiot?

    Hell, even Olivia ‘champion of the white helmets’ Solon might learn something if she took the trouble to acquaint herself with both sides of the argument?

    What has it come to when a supposedly left of centre news outlet champions allied training and support of Wahhabi extremists, I mean imagine if a foreign power was arming terrorists to bomb British cities what would the likes of Tisdall, Monbiot, Solon and all the other Guardian war apologists have to say then, eh?

    • rtj1211 says

      Guardian is no longer left of centre. It was bailed out hy US neocons, so it toes their party line.

      There is no longer a left of centre broadsheet for semi-intellectual Uk liberals….

    • Yonatan says

      The journalists on the residual MSM outlets enjoy a very highly remunerated life. They toe the line or face penury as an independent.

      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair.

  5. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    A very low bar, as the UK and Thanatopia representatives are psychopaths, like all their colleagues in these death-worshiping dystopias’ elites.

  6. Paul says

    Thank you very much. Sites like this are a blast of fresh air.

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