Who are the US, UK and France trying to protect in Eastern Ghouta?

This is an extract from Eastern Ghouta in the shoes of Aleppo: the media propaganda again on BalkansPost.com

Eastern Gouta in the shoes of Aleppo: the media propaganda again | Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

Concern for civilians is just another charade in the Western powers’ effort to prolong the existence of terrorist groups as much as possible. We must ask the question which has been avoided and neglected by the corporate media: Who the US, UK and France trying to protect in Eastern Ghouta?

Jaish al-Islam

Notorious Jaish al-Islam is the biggest terrorist group in Eastern Ghouta where they hold their headquarters. They are considered as “moderate rebels” by the West. Just by looking at their name we must ask ourselves how “moderate” such group could be? They are following a Salafist ideology and they are extremely hated by the people of Damascus who see them as the primary cause of their suffering. Jaish al-Islam is a genocidal terrorist organization devoted to the extermination and enslavement of Syrian religious minorities.
Founded on September 29, 2013 as a product of merger of dozens of terrorist groups, the basic core was Liwa al-Islam, which existed two years prior. The founder of that faction was the infamous Zahran Alloush, son of the notorious Saudi backed Salafist scholar Abdullah Muhammad Alloush.
Jaish al-Islam committed horrific terror attacks across Damascus and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians. One of the worst crimes they committed was what is known as the Adra massacre, where dozens of civilians were brutally slaughtered, beheaded, and some of them even burned alive. Many civilians abducted from Adra were later paraded in cages in Eastern Ghouta on November 1, 2015. That act drew the utmost outrage of the people of Damascus.
Zahran Alloush was killed in an air strike on December 25, 2015, which was the best Christmas present the citizens of Damascus could receive.
For many years Jaish al-Islam was allied with the Syrian al-Qaeda branch, al-Nusra Front. But the alliance was broken due to their own petty reasons, like the distribution of the money they received from Gulf countries, or fighting over what they plundered and looted during their criminal activities.
Jaish al-Islam is recognized by the West as part of Syrian “moderate opposition”.

Hayat Tarir al-Sham (former al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda in Syria)

The very well known al-Qaeda affiliate has been present in Eastern Ghouta since late 2011. There is nothing much to say about this terrorist organization which is not already known. Founded in late 2011 and officially announced in January 2012, the organization is responsible for a huge amount of atrocities across Syria. Probably the most heinous attack on Damascus was in December 2016 when one of their members sent two of his daughters aged 7 and 9 to commit a suicide-bombing attack on the police station in Midan neighbourhood. The 7 year old girl, Islam, blew herself up at the station, while her sister Fatemah escaped, since she was unable to enter the station. This perfectly describes what kind of terrorist organization al-Nusra really is.
As the UNSC Resolution 2401 states, any group or individual that is affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is a legitimate target.

Faylaq al-Rahman

This terrorist organization operates exclusively in Damascus province. They were a recipients of BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missile systems, and are also considered as “moderate opposition” forces and part of the so called “Free Syrian Army”. In reality, they are no different from other terrorist groups. They are almost constantly allied with al-Nusra Front, except when they got into a dispute with that terrorist organization over who will lead Friday prayers.

Ahrar al-Sham

Probably the biggest terrorist group in Syria, the Salafist criminal organization Ahrar al-Sham, has a presence in Eastern Ghouta and it is now aligned with Jaish al-Islam. They were aligned with Faylaq al-Rahman until May 11, 2017, when they aligned themselves with Jaish al-Islam against al-Nusra Front, in the middle of infighting and war between terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta.
Ahrar al-Sham is probably the best example of idiocy and utter chaos in Eastern Ghouta, changing sides as it suits them. Today, they are fierce enemies of al-Nusra Front, also out of their own petty reasons. Their existence in Eastern Ghouta is entirely dependable on their relations with Jaish al-Islam.

* * *

All these factions share the same Takfiri ideology and financial support from Gulf countries. Some of them are directly supported by Western powers. All these factions are responsible for thousands of dead, and tens of thousands of wounded civilians in the city of Damascus. They all rain mortar shells and missiles on Damascus on daily basis and are considered by more than 7 million residents of greater Damascus as the worst terrorists, criminals who deserve to be eradicated with no empathy to terrorists whatsoever.

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Mar 1, 2018 12:49 AM

the leaders are connected and ruled by an ancient bloodline – the people of the world are no more than pawns in their game of destruction and renewal – influenced through the propoganda of manufactured consent – so keep voting – and keep paying your taxes….then go plug in to the next hellish installment of threat and fear – but it’s ok – you can go snuggle into some soothing shopping mall music and buy something useless to help you forget.

Mar 24, 2018 4:47 AM
Reply to  formby

We must stop Assad and Russia right now

Feb 27, 2018 7:44 PM

Sorry for wrong numberes i mwant 11.000 civilians were killed by the rockets and shells of al ghouta terrorists

Feb 27, 2018 7:33 PM

More over:
Ask your self befor just believeling all what you hear from the western media.. and the arabic media. There is no media who said the truth..
Why they didnt mention the 4 explosion that the terrorist made in damascus??
Why they didnt mention the 1000 civilian who were killed in damascus??
Why the us. Uk. Un. And france are defending on terrorist and making un conference for them???
Please ask you self??
When un wanted to attack isis in syria they attacked a syrian army position and killed a lot of them??
Why the un didnt do conference when any other US want to resolve its problems??
Why all that interest for such a small country like Syria.
All the country that had destroyed by war like IRAQ, LIBIA , SYRIA , ALJERI… Yemen all of them have GAZ , PETROL, STRONG ARMY, MONEY ….
There is a journalist from uk who is reporting the truth.. he is living in damascus now. Please check his profile on fb and sea the truth * Tom DUGGAN*
I am verry happy after all there is an independent journalist who witnessed what happend here, and record it.
Thank u for your time ..

Feb 27, 2018 7:09 PM

I am from damascus Syria.. and i live in damascus.. i am christian and i love Bashar Al Assad.
Thank you verry much for this article finally somebody saied the truth.
US, UK, France and UN had destroyed our counrtry, our dreams , our live.. by this facking war who had created to destroy Syria.
IN ghouta ther is : Jayesh el eslam , Al Qaida, Al nusra.. and alot of terrorist.
For 7 years those terrorists threw shells on civilians in damascus.. ( schools .. hospitals.. streets.. restaurant..) they killed more than 1000 from civilians just in damascus.. more than 40% are from children. My freind ‘s sister one of them. More than 20.000 injured from civillians my freind on of them.
It is a universal war on syria and the President Bashar Al assad.
There is no independent media all what you hear on your televisions is a propaganda against us.
Every single weapon with thoses terrorist is U.S made. It all because of the GAS LINE , PETROL , and ISREAL of course because the US wanna destroy evry single country who is against Isreal..
If i would say what thoses terrorist have done for us.. i would speak for weeks and cry for weeks.
Once in 2012 i traveled to spain i was shocked by the amount of fake ideas that people have about Bashar al Assad.
We love him and we wanna him as a president for Syria.
Again i am verry thanksfull because it is the first time that a west media said the truth

Feb 27, 2018 5:35 PM

The West continues to brutally pillage the planet as it has for 500+ years, but of course as usual this is all done – “for the good,” “to promote democracy,” for “humanitarian reasons,” “so dictators don’t harm their own people,” etc. etc. – just as it was once done to “save the souls” of the non-christians we encountered and to bring them the “virtues of Western Civilization.” The primary “virtue” apparently being our unlimited capacity for combining “both amoral psychopathic violence AND total moral hypocrisy” while loudly preaching about our generosity and benevolence.

Feb 27, 2018 12:49 PM

Boris Johnson is quoted in today’s Times as saying: ‘If Assad uses chemical weapons again, launch strikes’.
So it is pretty clear removing Assad is what it is about.
Has he actualy used them for the first time, yet?
Johnson has previous for being duped by dodgy intelligence: voting for war in Iraq after the Dodgy Dossier lied about WMD.
His ambition clearly indicates being duped again is not a problem….

Feb 28, 2018 11:36 PM
Reply to  rtj1211

Boris Johnson is an idiot clown . The UK should be ashamed of having him as spokesperson . I certainly would be.

Mar 1, 2018 12:10 AM
Reply to  summitflyer

On behalf of Great Britain, I would like to deeply apologise for our Foreign Secretary, Boris. Unfortunately, our parliamentary system is such that it is supported by powerful money/class structures who play a kind of chess. In agreeing to sacrifice Ca-moron and The Joker Osborne (both given lucrative jobs) and allow the May/Hammond/Fox cabal to take a turn, the Murdoch/PR/upper class ‘A’ team were promised the Foreign Secretary position for Boris Johnson (oh, and the return of little Govey). Service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Sadly, for Boris, of course, he just happens to be a Foreign Secretary at the same time as probably the best statesman the world has seen for a long time, Sergey Lavrov. The comparison reduces me to tears.

Feb 27, 2018 11:36 AM

Also the Guardian, and others, have understood that women are less than enamored with all these dreadful wars, so they’ve begun to ‘use’ more women in their coverage. Either as journalists, experts or people being interviewed. It’s very manipulative in my opinion. This could be why the White Helmets are always clutching babies in their arms and running with them so urgently and with purpose in their eyes.
The Guardian never actually tells us very much about the people they use in East Ghouta, how they select them, how they verify their credentials, ’cause it would be awful if the lastest ‘Dr’ from the last hospital wasn’t a ‘Dr’ at all, but a Islamist terrorist arme to the teeth. Whatever happened to skepticism and evidence to back up these stories?
Like the BBC just said that the ‘regime’ had said that shells had been fired from Ghouta towards Damascus, allegedly. But why doesn’t the BBC… know? Can it really be that difficult to find out? I mean their correspondents in Beirut ‘know’ when Ghouta has been ‘bombarded’, based on eye-witnesses, apparently; so why is the situation in Damascus so different, so much harder?

Feb 27, 2018 9:47 AM

The big problem about these Guardian stories… I don’t call them ‘reports’ because the Guardian’s journalists aren’t actually inside Syria witnessing things for themselves, (they seem to, understandably, prefer Beirut or London) is that they’ve handed over the ‘reporting’ at source, in Ghouta, to the… ‘rebels.’ So, one way or another, the ‘rebels’ control the stories, texts, pictures, testimony and information that ‘escapes’ from the enclave themselves. The ‘rebels’ decide what information is released to the western media. These are facts.
Obviously, given their situation, the rebels have interests and an agenda, a slant, and a story to tell that benefits them rather than the forces ranged against them… the Syrian ‘regime’ and their actions. They are clearly putting their stamp and version of events out, pleading and demanding that the ‘international community’ steps in to re-balance the conflict in their favour. This is normal and understandable and happens in all conflicts and on all sides.
The problem with the Guardian, as one example, is that they act and report as if these stories sourced exclusively from the rebels, aren’t propaganda designed to show them in a favourable light and the Russians and Syrian forces as murderous child-killers and Nazis on the rampage deliberately bombarding Ghouta and slaughtering as many helpless and innocent civilians as possible, simply because they are bloodthirsty monsters…
The Guardian’s coverage is completely unbalanced and obviously so, for the reasons I’ve outlined, they choose one source and ignore all others that might contradict the ‘rebel’ viewpoint or support the Syrian ‘regimes’ version of events.
Basically the Guardian is handing their coverage of the fighting over to the rebels and the Guardian takes what they are given and gives it their stamp of approval when they are unable or unwilling to verify or scrutinize any of the information they are receiving from Syria.
This is all highly problematic and questionable, taking sides in an incredibly complex conflict like this, yet, all the while, pretending that they aren’t on the side of the ‘rebels’, even though the rebels, the ‘opposition’ are overwhelmingly Islamist and the democratic fighters don’t really exist and arguably never have.
It’s all very disturbing and shameful, and, basically, nothing to do with real journalism or reporting anymore, but pure propaganda for those forces and interests that desire to see the Assad ‘regime’ fall and Syria destroyed.

Feb 27, 2018 9:28 PM
Reply to  MichaelK

I don’t think they are even in touch with any ‘rebels’. They use PR companies to write narratives and support these narratives with images gleaned from the internet or filmed themselves. These PR companies invent the doctors, experts, women’s rights advocates – characters in a play.
You are right about the women angle. We have foodbanks now in the UK as many people are falling into abject poverty, mainly due to inadequate benefits for employed and unemployed. One of the concerns is lack of adequate sanitary protection. Apparently, this is also an issue in some schools in disadvantaged areas. There has been a push at most political meetings recently to bring a contribution to alleviate this shortfall. The last sad story from Ghouta played beautifully into this discourse.

Feb 27, 2018 9:45 PM
Reply to  Mikalina

Dreadful situation. Totally shameful. In a country like Britain, such a rich country. That chooses to spend thousands of millions on doomsday weapons. And I’ve noticed that the homeless, people forced to live on the streets, are now termed… ‘rough-sleepers’ by BBC journalists! What’s wrong with the label – ‘homeless’ I wonder?

Feb 27, 2018 10:36 PM
Reply to  MichaelK

Cus someone would say:
“Homeless?! Why are they homeless? Give them a home!”
Then we’d have to say:
“A house is a profit-making commodity and they would ruin the system. Also we might have to lower prices on rented accommodation and a third of our MPs are landlords. Anyway, they should pull themselves up by their boot straps, get on their bikes and find a job. Trouble with people these days, they want everything handed to them on a plate.”
We are probably 5 years short of building workhouses. From workhouse to workhouse in three generations. Get in touch with your Pickpocket (sorry, hedgefund manager) and buy some shares – lots of money to be made in homelessness.

Feb 27, 2018 4:09 AM

The Guardian media propaganda on East Ghouta has gone into over-drive. With no focus/mention of the real story – the USA’s illegal occupation in the east of Syria and their attacks on Syrians. The US strategy is one of causing Russia and Syria as much pain as possible by interfering in any resolution to the remaining conflict.
For those who are constantly amazed at the mixed and confused messages insidiously pushed by the Guardian, last Saturday there was one which especially caught my eye.
A piece reminiscent of the touchy-feely women members of the Nazi Azov brigade in Ukraine, this story attempts to put a gloss on the head-chopping fanatics holed up in East Ghouta. But with a short look we can see the blatant contradictions of this contrived piece.
It claims that women are now running the show there, as there are no men left. However it is not clear how this claim is substantiated given the main video of a young teenager [new Bana?] contradicts the claims made by Zaina Erhaim a journalist living in exile as it depicts nearly all men. Her claims are that mostly men appear in videos, which is the case in the one presented and somehow that has changed. The video is of course staged but does not show women in significant roles, as you would expect among deeply sectarian, misogynistic groups on the ground there. Also the thrust of the piece is that the women left in east Ghouta have rejected the hard line of the head-chopping factions. Well no evidence of that.
To support this line there is a link to the work of Dr Amani Ballour filmed it says days before the recent bombing. You will notice from this video that the hospital is well equipped, calm and organised. Not the dire situation depicted by the writer and her sources. This video helps bulk up the piece by being hyper-linked twice.
So we will see if this seemingly contrived piece proves to be true, for if it is then with the start of Russia’s humanitarian corridors today we should see a stream of women and children making their way out of East Ghouta.
I am not holding my breath

Feb 26, 2018 11:00 PM

Reblogged this on Adam's Dream Studio & News.

Feb 26, 2018 9:53 PM

No mention of an American presence? Surely that’s what the UN pantomime was about?

Feb 26, 2018 10:16 PM
Reply to  Mikalina

The US are occupying a portion of eastern Syria. They aren’t in Ghouta.

Feb 27, 2018 9:41 PM
Reply to  Catte

I didn’t mean US ‘troops’. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘advisors’. Reading around the internet, I picked up a thread that the US were pushing for humanitarian corridors in order to link up with a supply route from a refugee camp (can’t remember name) – presumably for arms? I assumed that this level of strategy might need some ‘input’ linking SA money with arms suppliers, etc. If there is an american advisory presence in Ghouta, it could be one explanation for the near hysterical reaction of the US to shelling from Syrian Government troops.

Feb 28, 2018 4:45 PM
Reply to  Mikalina

@Mikalina. The refugee camp you mentioned was probably Yarmouk, most of the ISIS families displaced the Palestinian refugees there. From Wiki:(somewhat accurate)
“On 1 April 2015, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters entered the camp from the Hajar al-Aswad district, sparking clashes with Aknaf Beit al-Maqdis and the Free Syrian Army – reportedly with the collaboration of Jabhat al-Nusra fighters in the camp, with whom they were then locally allied.[10] ISIL initially took over much of the camp, but was later pushed back from some areas, before eventually regaining control. On April 2, it was reported that ISIL was in control of the entirety of the Yarmouk camp.[11] The situation in the camp came to the attention of the UN Security Council, leading to discussions about the situation of some 18,000 residents of the occupied camp.[6] It has been reported that many civilian Palestinians have been killed during the fighting.[12] In July 2015, the UN quietly removed Yarmouk from its list of besieged areas in Syria, despite not having been able to deliver aid there for four months, and declined to explain why it had done so.[13]
By April 2016, there are only between 7,000 and 8,000 residents left in the camp due to militant fighting within the camp, conscription by the regime and the use of wide area effect weapons such as barrel bombs. Former residents are displaced to other areas of Syria or have fled outside, including Lebanon and Europe.[14]….”
The reason the UN took it off their list, despite not being able to deliver aid to it, was because it was occupied by IS(they just declined to give a reason why).

Wolfe tone
Wolfe tone
Feb 28, 2018 3:18 PM
Reply to  Catte

I would bet my car that the US and other western countries have operatives in Gouta. You know, to advise and steer them in their attempt to overthrow Assad etc? Come to think of it, I’d hazard a guess and say that is why they are making a big deal out of this ceasefire collapse. They badly need to extract certain people.

Feb 28, 2018 11:46 PM
Reply to  Wolfe tone

I happen to think the same .They are squealing like hurt banshees .There must be western operatives inside East Ghouta.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle
Feb 26, 2018 9:16 PM

Perception management is at the heart of MSM reporting of Syria, not to mention other proxy conflicts orchestrated by the US and its suppine allies.
I was taken to task today for having a pop at Monbiot and his side-kicks at the Guardian (ie the likes of Tisdall, Freedland, Solon, and the increasingly derranged Nick Cohen) and while I have no problem accepting gentle criticism from a blogger I respect it still doesn’t mean I was wrong to express disgust at Monbiots crocodile tears (and not just Monbiot of course).
A proper inventory of Salafist crimes is never mentioned in the Guardian’s coverage, especially details of which super-power is training or funding these violent gangsters – without such context the vast majority of reporting becomes more or less meaningless.
In fact haven’t we entered the realms of fantasy where reports (so called) now consist of dialogue and imagery that would not seem out of place in a shitty Hollywood blockbuster?
It used to be politicians like Blair were seen as lowlifes, well too many from the MSM have joined him for my liking, and perhaps we shouldn’t be entirely surprising when books like ‘Bought journalists’ are quietly swept under the carpet outside of Germany; the price to be paid for those who dare break ranks?

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Feb 26, 2018 10:03 PM
Reply to  Harry Stotle

The Austfailian ABC’s resident liar in the region declared today, on radio, that there are only a few jihadists in Eastern Ghouta. The rest, of course, are ‘rebels’. The level of sheer, impudent, lying is reaching new lows, something that over and over again, appeared impossible, but not for these swine.

Feb 26, 2018 9:02 PM

My God, Assad must win the war so Syria escapes this nest of vipers.