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WATCH: Reality Check: No Sarin Gas Used by Assad in Syria?

Ben Swann looks at some of the less well known facts about the alleged sarin gas attacks


  1. transio says

    Mattis says “They‘ve used it in the past“ – what does he mean then?

    • Richard Wicks says

      What he means is that he’s willing to lie, and has lied in the past.

      You know, it’s bad enough to have a totally corrupt government, but it’s intolerable that they think I’m this freaking stupid.

      Sure, Assad who has a military and an airforce under his direct command decides to murder civilians for no strategic or military purpose, and despite being able to easily kill them with his military and airforce, decides to use the only weapon that invites the United States to attack Syria and none of his advisors try to stop him.

      Makes sense to me!! I BELIEVE IT.

  2. One has to either be a government troll or brain dead at this point to deny the reality of the non-stop manufacture of war propaganda by the West in order to justify our continued attempts to destroy those we’ve targeted for regime change in the Middle East. False flag gas attacks by “our jihadists” are one of the currently favored mechanisms, always of course blamed on Assad. “Our jihadist” can plan the attack, film the attack, film themselves ‘rescuing’ the victims, and send the video to Western media who will disseminate their war propaganda as fact without a second thought.

    Remember those “incubator babies” that it turned out didn’t exist in Iraq; or Gaddafi’s “viagra fueled rape camps” that it turned out didn’t exist; or the “WMD’s” that it turned out didn’t exist? As a trip down memory lane one can go all the way back to the fake “Gulf of Tonkin incident” used to justify the Vietnam War to see how such false flag events are used to justify war. Mindlessly repeating the latest such nonsense is a form of cowardice that typifies Western media, the government’s own hired web trolls and the seriously uninformed or willfully blind among the population. An examination of the history of the decades long “Operation Gladio” in Europe shows the West is hardly above killing its own people to create a useful political narrative. Nothing new here.

  3. In order to kill people, you don’t need Sarin Gas. Chlorin and/or mustard gases are more than enough and these are the gases that Assad is using.

    • Thomas Peterson says

      chlorine is almost useless for killing people. it’s not even toxic, just an irritant.

    • Francis Lee says

      ”In order to kill people, you don’t need Sarin Gas. Chlorin and/or mustard gases are more than enough and these are the gases that Assad is using.”

      Please present definitive proof when and where Assad has used poison chemical reagents against civilians. Unfortunately for the US military it was unable to cover up the battlefield use of Agent Orange, depleted uranium during its various illegal wars, and not forgetting ‘sanctions’ i.e., medieval siege warfare, against civilians which led to the deaths of some 500,000 Iraqi children between the two gulf wars. And, as I am sure that you are aware, US Secretary of State Madeline reckoned this moral outrage as being ‘worth it.

    • transio says

      Seems like gases went up to year head and destroyed your intelligence

      • transio says

        My comment was directed @seelistenunderstand

      • Is this is the subject that I discussed? It seems that you have no other/better way to justify the killing of Mr. Assad. Please be serious and answer to the point of killing people by gas. It is not human and you must support the ban of using any kind of killing means against people, and animals too, and especially your own people. If you do/support it, you are a murderer and this is the point that I want to transfer to you, ab\nd your friends and I wanted you to understand.
        In friendship

        • @ See nothing Hear nothing Understand nothing. You are an uneducated Israeli troll, wasting your time because you fool nobody here.

          • Thank you, Vexarb for your intelligent comment. Now I know what you think about Israel. You are one more person that instead of looking at the problem and add your valued contribution in order to solve the problem, you leave the problem and take sideways. Please think logically and look for real answers to my posts, as your answer, unfortunately, does not contribute to the discussion.
            I suggest you that you change/improve your vocabulary to more human/sufficient/fruitful ideas and you leave your current style.
            In friendship

        • Thomas Peterson says

          I don’t accept Assad is using gas. Why would he bother when has normal bombs which are far more effective and don’t attract US cruise missile raids.

          • Shalom Thomas
            Please read the reports of the UN official observers in Syria. Whatever they write, they write, very clearly, that Assad is using gas, is accepted by me. If not trusting these officials, then what are they doing there? Who needs them? Why pay all the money for their useless work/service? I have no answer to your question why he, Assad, is using gas instead of explosive bombs.
            In friendship

            • Amir: if you are at all serious about ending the gas attacks, you might want to do some in-depth research into who to attribute them to, instead of parroting partisan UN-NATO sources? The Indicter online magazine is a good place to start: and the various articles by Scott Ritter. Theodore Postol has produced detailed analysis of the two alleged sarin attacks: at Ghouta 2013 and Khan Sheikhoun. Even the UN-OPCW-JIM report contains anomalies worthy of consideration. The late great Robert Parry wrote an insightful article about information contained in Annex 2. The Russians produced detailed analysis of the impossibility of a jet “flip-tossing ” a sarin loaded munition into Khan Sheikhoun. All of this, and much more, is available online, in the public domain. If you cannot find it using search terms, I will provide links on request. Shalom.

            • Thomas Peterson says

              Ive read the reports. They are severely lacking in things like chain of custody and basic physics.

              For example a plane flying east to west cannot drop a bomb several kilometres to the north of its flightpath.

            • ‘Amir’, there are no independent observers allowed into ‘rebel controlled’ areas, they either get murdered or disappear. The sources that claim Assad is using chemical weapons are the White Helmets or terrorist based ‘activists’, both enemies of Assad. Assad’s chemical weapons were removed and destroyed and in any case the basic requirement of any investigation into chemical weapons is the chain of custody rules. Unfortunately for you, your constant communication serves as an information tool for those sceptics to the media rhetoric about Assad, so thanks.

    • Jen says

      I think the issue with using chemical gas weapons like chlorine gas, mustard gas and so on is that they are most effective in enclosed or restricted environments, or in situations where they can penetrate or soak into clothing that is supposed to be protective.

      Chlorine and mustard gases were effective killers in World War I due in part to the use of trench warfare. Trenches were narrow, crowded and restrictive spaces to be in, and I believe chlorine gas has a habit of sinking into spaces. Also soldiers in trenches were prone to diseases caused in part by damp and unsanitary conditions.

      Used in open areas where winds can blow them, poison gases aren’t effective and can even be blown back to whoever released them originally.

      That’s probably why historically poison-gas weapons so far haven’t been used much and why they’re actually easy to ban.

      BTW has Agent Orange ever been banned from use in warfare?

      • Thank you, Jen for your reply and comment.
        The gases that I mentioned are probably just partial from the range of Gases that Assad was/is using against his opponents. Anyway, the main point that I wanted to raise was the use of the baned gases against his own people. Gases are not worse than any other weapon for killing. All kinds of killing must be stopped immediately. This is the main aim of my posts. To stop the killing and start living. The life that God gave us on earth is, at any rate, too short.
        In friendship

        • Jennifer Hor says

          As far as is actually known, and even the US govt itself has had to admit, there is no solid evidence that the Syrian govt has used poison gases of any kind (sarin, mustard, chlorine) against civilians. Any official reports about CW use in jihadi-held areas, whether from the OPCW, the UN, Amnesty Intl, HRW, France or any other official body outside Syria, have to be treated with suspicion, especially if they rely on evidence or witnesses within the jihadi-held areas and these sources cannot be fact-checked independently.

          • Shalom Jennifer.
            Thank you for your comment.
            If we can’t rely on the UN and other international agencies testimony/observers, it is a waste of time and money. One of the questions that must be asked, if you are right, who is using the gas over there, or you claim that no gas was involved/used and all of it is just rumors. No, if you watch the photos of these, affected, people you can see that they have no arms wounds. Their wounds are of different type. The doctors say that they have blood flowing from their noses and they can’t breathe. The theory of gas attacks was coming from the uN doctors as well and also from Israeli hospital in the Golan Heights. I, maybe you don’t, fully trust the Israeli doctors. So, you stay with your doubts, and in the meantime, you don’t fight these barbaric gas attacks while I push more people to be aware of it in order to stop it. If there ware nom gas attacks, there is nothing to stop. But, if there were-I might, with my posts, ease the situation there. This is exactly what I row for. To stop fighting/wars/killing everywhere and especially in Syria.
            I hope that you got my point.
            Please stay in touch
            In friendship

            • Can you indicate the source for your information on the nature of the wounds. And can you address the specific point made to you previously about the absence of solid evidence. (don’t reply to me, reply to the poster who raised the point)

            • Jen says

              Right, so if as you say the reports of gas attacks are coming from doctors in an “Israeli hospital in the Golan Heights”, then you need to show the source of these reports and identify the hospital and the doctors, and their location in the Golan Heights. How is it that the victims of the gas attacks that supposedly take place in different parts of Syria end up in an “Israeli hospital” that has no right to exist in Syrian territory (the Golan Heights)? Who are these doctors who treat the victims? Are independent journalists able to interview these doctors? And who are the victims?

              And if these “doctors” say that blood is coming from the victims’ noses, then how do they know that NERVE gases like sarin cause this to happen?

  4. summitflyer says

    Ben Swann exposes the rhetoric and lies that most of us with eyes and ears open know.Thank you for making it a bit more mainstream Ben.

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