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Putin’s message couldn’t be clearer: The West needs to stop provoking a war we don’t want & which no one can win

Does anyone in the West understand what the real point of Putin’s comments about Russia’s new weaponry?

The Guardian’s coverage (“Putin threatens US arms race with new missiles declaration”) shows us their masters see this as just another chance to cast Russia as a dangerous rogue state. The Times takes a similar line (“Putin unveils his super weapons to defy the West”). Elsewhere Putin’s speech is not only misinterpreted it’s also relegated to sidebars in favour of photos of snow (Telegraph), or dropped into the tiny print at the bottom of the page (New York Times).

The western press has basically opted out of analysing this, so let’s do it for them. Why is Putin talking about the new generation of weapons? What does he hope to achieve?

First and foremost what Putin’s speech – just as all his previous warnings – is ultimately intended to do is avert a pending worldwide catastrophe. The US political class is too fluoridated, too driven by ideologues, too crazy to understand MAD any more. And its current policy, in concert with the EU and NATO, is one of continued unremitting provocation toward Russia, presented through the subservient and frankly stupid corporate media as “responding” to Russian “aggression”.

Since the “aggression” in question is no more than Russia exercising its lawful rights as a sovereign nation, what the US/EU/NATO nexus is actually doing is demanding Russia return to the client status it occupied in the 1990s or face continued threats to its security both physical and financial. They are trying to wear Russia down, convinced that sooner or later, if pressure increases enough, Putin will fold, withdraw from Syria, agree to “co-operate” with Western interests and generally get in line.

This policy only makes (very limited) sense if there is a possibility Russia will agree to these demands. But even a cursory understanding of the situation makes it obvious Russia literally can’t agree to what amounts to assisted suicide. It can’t.

The US/EU/NATO are making threats with no prospect of success. The only rational thing to do is realise this and back off. But instead they apparently think the best thing to do is increase the threat and increase and increase it – in the vain and stupid hope that some day it will work, and with no thought being given to what they will do if it doesn’t.

Despite some claims in alt news outlets, the US have no intention of starting a direct confrontation with Russia. Even they know this will be the end of life on earth.

Their real delusion is not that they can win a nuclear war, but that they can continue to do what the are doing and avoid one.

What Putin is trying to do is wake them up to this reality. To make them see that if things don’t change nuclear war is a near certainty some time pretty soon. Not because anyone is actively seeking it, but because the road they are walking leads nowhere else.

In this he is essentially a man playing poker with an idiot. For the past few years he has has been saying to Uncle Sam, smirking over his useless cards – “look, you are fatally misjudging, we won’t fold because we can’t. Stop bluffing before you bluff yourself into starting a fight no one can win.” Remember this address to the press in 2016?

We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. Your people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me.

How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction, while they pretend that nothing’s going on? I don’t know how to get through to you anymore

He didn’t get through to them. They listened, or pretended to and went home and continue to tell the same stupid unnecessary lies. In fact it only gets worse. The US continues to up the ante with hysterical fact-lite allegations. US intelligence officals compete to be the most delusional and insane, claiming the United States has been “attacked”. US warships gather in the Black Sea. US troops occupy Syria in defiance of the law, and bring themselves into direct opposition to the Russian forces legally deployed there. New rounds of US sanctions against Russia and its people proliferate, and an atmosphere of hate and fear is being deliberately fostered in which even a suggestion of compromise is regarded as treason. Now most corporate journalists actually believe only “bots” would suggest Russia’s POV is a legitimate consideration. This is a level of demonisation and indoctrination unheard of outside a time of war.

There is no acknowledgement of the historical realities. No awareness of the fact that in this present and completely manufactured “confrontation” with the US/EU/NATO, Russia is being completely reactive. No real discussion of the fact this new generation of weaponry unveiled is nothing but a direct response to the US’s stupid move in quitting the ABM treaty in 2002 and its subsequent development of the Aegis “missile defence system”,currently being deployed in Japan, Eastern Europe and on US warships, and which threatens Russia’s cities in the guise of “defence”.

Russia warned at the time the US abandoned the ABM treaty that this was dangerous and destabilising and would potentially tip the world into war. It told the US years ago it would feel the need to respond to any deployment of Aegis and its ilk. It begged the US to reconsider. But they were deaf and blind.

In that sense the ceremonial unveiling of the new weaponry is a sign the bluff is finally being called. If you think this is good news you’re really not paying attention.

“Nobody wanted to discuss the fundamental problems with us”, Putin said today. “Nobody listened to us. Now you will have to listen!”

To those who for the last 15 years have been trying to provoke an arms race, achieve one-sided superiority over Russia, impose illegal sanctions…I will say this: You now have to acknowledge reality, realise that everything I said is no bluff. Take some time to consider. Stop jeopardising this ship we all sail in – which is called planet Earth.

Is anyone going to listen this time? Is anyone even able to hear? Judging by the zombified corporate media coverage so far – the answer is no.


    • Catte says

      Helmer has a lot of respect from people, but he sounds increasingly ‘off’ in the last few years. A petty form of Kremlin insider politics seem to dominate more and more of his thinking. Who’s making a power grab, who’s on who’s side. Even Putin’s speech he sees 90% in terms of what factions Helmer thinks VVP was appeasing. Seriously? This is the main issue? And his analysis of the Mueller indictment was not great. He seems to dislike Peskov, or he has a source who does whose insight he fails to question adequately. He’s such a US press corps man at heart.

      • bevin says

        You may well be right about Helmer. I love the way that he persecutes the odious Krysta Freeland.
        But so far as this matter of the “succession” is concerned, in my view this is the big question. And the reason for the current outbreak of Russophobia whose purpose is to apply leverage to get the Yeltsin friendly oligarchy back into the driving seat. From the Central Banker through to Medvedev and others the Wall St Fifth Column still has plenty of power in the Kremlin- the hope in Washington is that if Putin is cold shouldered a little more, and the economy squeezed further between the sanctions and the Central Bank (interfering with measures designed to counter them) the public, suffering shortages, will reject him. And his sovereigntist eastern inclined policies.
        Helmer seems to believe that Putin is about to move against the Fifth Columnists and out of the obsessive (Smithian) belief in the free market.
        This doesn’t mean that he is returning to socialism, merely that he has realised that capitalism in theory never can exist and never did, while capitalism in practice allows considerable government intervention. Including expropriation of the proceeds of crime-
        which means just about all the oligarchy.

    • vera says

      Helmer understands the real Russia and that Putin is destroying it for his own ends.

      • milosevic says

        Sure, the “real Russia”, whose sacred destiny is to be a third-world colony for US/EU multinational corporations, as under the glorious Yeltsin regime in the 1990s. Everything was going so well, at least for the foreign corporations and the local traitors, if not the Russian population. And then Evil Vladimir Putin came along, and reasserted Russian national sovereignty, and wrecked all that neoliberal, Chicago-school, gangster-capitalist paradise. And as if saving Russia from the Anglo-Zionist Empire wasn’t already enough, then he went and viciously saved Syria from the drooling Wahabi psychopaths that the Empire had so generously armed, trained, and funded. Evil, evil Vladimir Putin. Who could ever forgive him?

        What’s the matter, troll? Did you run out of penis jokes?

  1. The resource wars aspects as The world hits the energy CLiff are very pertinent to creating an economics and political economy that does not end in a winner takes all mentality regarding the transition from legacy energy to future energy sources. The transfer inevitably challenges Dollar Hegenomy and that petrodollar aspect has provided the US Establishment with many problems since the Nixon Oil Shock in the early 80’s.

    • Phibbs says

      The Jews don’t like Russia because it assists Iran and the Syrian government. And we know who owns the Congress and the media in America!

      • “The Jews” are not a political entity. You mean Israel, presumably, or the Washington neocons. They no more represent “the Jews” than Theresa May represents “caucasian Christians.” Racist reductionism is unhelpful and alienating.

        • Arthur Cadbury says

          An appropriate response to an inappropriate comment !

          • George Cornell says

            Surely it would take a systematic study to determine if there is as much, or more, or less harmony of opinion among white Christians than among Jews, and it might well be issue-specific. We all have our own empirical views on such fact-poor matters but do you have data or are you just expressing what you would like to be, or wish to be, true or are you just value or virtue signalling?

        • milosevic says

          “The Jews” are not a political entity. You mean Israel, presumably, or the Washington neocons.

          That’s right, it’s only the 97% or 98% of self-identified “Jews” who instinctively cheer for the fascist terror state of Israel, and all its apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes, that are a political entity. The 2% minority of non-fascist, non-racist “Jews”, only cling to that label because of sentimental or family reasons, despite the distress of being constantly mistaken for zionazis. One wonders why they bother, whether it’s really worth it.

          • There are numerous groups and organisations of Jewish people, including large numbers of orthodox Jews, who oppose Zionism and Israel’s persecution of the Palestinian people. Nothing is gained by reductionism and racial stereotyping.

    • George Cornell says

      And your evidence for that is?

  2. For those who are interested to know a little more about new Russian weapons, just posted a Putin’s speech on new military developments with some additional comments:

    In last few years V. Putin hundreds of times said that Russia wants to talk, Russia is ready to talk, Russia knows how to talk (i.e. readiness not only to listen, but also to hear partners), but… with whom to talk? By and large, there are no negotiating partners. Well, yes, maybe there are several normal adequate politicians (first of all, Western), but they either are afraid to boldly express and defend their position, or simply do not decide anything cuz they have no influence. European countries are in fact in the position of vassals in relation to the United States. Someone more, someone less. And the Asian countries, too – Japan, South Korea etc. Vassals. The presence of foreign troops on your territory already means you have no sovereignty in the full sense. For example, South Korea – In peacetime, the Korean general commands the troops, but in case of an armed conflict all power passes to the Americans! Americans will give orders and decide what to do. Koreans will not even have the opportunity to defend themselves, based on their ideas and goals. What kind of sovereignty can there be? Pseudo-sovereignty. Same thing with Europeans, unfortunately. Where are the new Napoleons, De Gaulles or von Bismarcks?

    Those ones who have influence and make real decisions simply not listening. They are either deaf, or stupid, or arrogant. Or all at once, as in the case of the Americans. Nobody listens. Nobody cares. Once it can lead to very sad consequences.

    • John says

      The US Intel did not know because they are too busy spying on Americans

      • milosevic says

        — and making up lies about Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, and other countries which urgently require pretexts for being bombed and invaded.

        When the time finally comes to attack Iran, Russia, and China, then the US intelligence agencies will know whatever they need to know, to make that decision seem both necessary and inevitable, whether or not that knowledge has the slightest basis in objective reality.

        The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

  3. Thomas Peterson says

    “The American people are victims, hardly beneficiaries, of Pax Americana.”

    And we have to recognise that most ordinary Americans have no interest in attacking other countries.

    • George Cornell says

      The ordinary American has almost no say in what happens. And they still swallow the steady diet of BS about international affairs fed them by their MSM.

      • Mikalina says

        I’ve read or heard a couple of people talking today about the power of the words, “we, the American people”. They seem to be used a lot in the US. Hypnotic, inclusive, empowering, motivating, life-affirming, protecting (wagons in a circle) purpose defining? Perhaps, sadly, exceptionalism? I guess the MSM feeds into this.

      • The American citizen doesn’t know what happens. He is an “intellectal” when if he can show the US on a map. That’s the sole thing that counts ; the US and the flag.

    • Jim says

      Really? No benefits from the Military Industrial Complex and the manufacturing of war materials and weapons? The US is on a permanent war footing and the people benefit immensely with good paying jobs from all those firms who participate in the criminality. The American people, (and I am one) have a responsibility to guard over and hold their government responsible for it’s actions abroad. The people here are for the most part completely on board and even eager to allow their military any latitude it wants, as long as there are enough volunteers to keep their own sons and daughters from being forced into the Empire’s wars. They happily cheer it on, worshiping every character who wears a uniform and turning on anyone who would dare speak the truth about the war crimes their beloved sons and daughters have participated in over the last twenty years. You must be talking about some other place in “America” than the United States.

    • milosevic says

      we have to recognise that most ordinary Americans have no interest in attacking other countries.

      In that case, maybe they should stop waving their shitty plastic flags and robotically chanting “USA! We’re number one!” and “Support our troops!” every f***ing time it happens.

      Because eventually, if that kind of thing keeps going on, the rest of the world might get the wrong impression, and start thinking about solutions to the problem that take no account of the interests of the supposed majority of Americans that are just too stupid and ignorant to realize that they don’t actually support what they can’t stop themselves from cheering for.

      If one didn’t already know that Vladimir Putin is The New Hitler(TM), one might mistakenly get the impression that he was trying to say something sort of like that.

  4. No More Neos says

    The US isn’t the real EMPIRE, it’s just the geographical location where “the vultures” have made their latest nest. The world needs to address this predatory virtual nation of banking and transnational thieves that only migrates to the next unfortunate nation-state…

    Full Spectrum Domino on March 01, 2018 · at 9:14 pm UTC

    Exactly. America is a nation sublimated by an alien organism called Empire that roosts atop it. The military, even the currency, is in service to the organism. In many respects, America has the most unanswerable institutions on Earth.

    It’s also more accurate to think of Empire not as a succession of discreet rises-and-falls, but rather as a vulture that descends and alights on one people after another. Think of Daniel’s statue, a constituent construction that is identifiable as a recognizable human form nonetheless.

    The vulture grows on the power of usury. That’s why we call it International Capital, a transnational agglomeration of ever-increasing wealth and power. The underlying nation (which is allowed to enjoy the status and cache of being the Empire-of-the-moment) is never enriched by the vulture’s stay, but rather is picked unto fiscal collapse. I believe Catherine Austin Fitts uses a tapeworm analogy. That works.

    The American people are victims, hardly beneficiaries, of Pax Americana. As recompense they are allowed to glory in the prowess of ‘their nation’. They are hopelessly nourished on Clint Eastwood military industrial false-consciousness-producing movies (our era’s Leni Riefenstahl.)

    Poor bastards, all in all.

    • writerroddis says

      You make a good point, No More Neos. So do Thomas and George – vital to think in terms of class not country – but yours points to a burning need for new theory on relations between state and capital. Those relations have not been severed by a globalised imperialist world order, but HAVE changed in ways that leave internationalists struggling to keep up.

  5. Reblogged this on and commented:

    The Russians are no saints – but they are being demonised. Many are wondering where this will end. I wonder what Arthur Ransome the Lake District’s famous Russophile (buried at Rusland) would have made of this turgid climate of hate. This article hits a chord.

  6. MichaelK says

    I spend a lot of time reacting in something close to stunned disbelief at the infantile and crass level of what is laughingly called ‘analysis’ in the Guardian these days. Every time I think things cannot get worse, that the rot has to stop somewhere, they surprise me, continually. Do they seriously believe that Putin is bluffing about these weapons, their destructive capabilities and how they make the West’s preparations for war with Russia totally obsolete? And they choose to personalize and demonize Putin like it’s all a kind of reality show or soap, where we get to vote for the characters we like or don’t. Staggering really. It doesn’t matter whether we like Putin or not. That’s irrelevant in the extreme. The Guardian chooses to turn an ultra-serious issue… nuclear war with Russia, into something really trivial and stupid, because they can’t deal with harsh realities and the consequences of our policies… confrontation with Russia that’s putting us on a path towards war, and a war which ends civilization and could, according to some experts wipe out most lifeforms on the planet.

  7. “In that sense the ceremonial unveiling of the new weaponry is a sign the bluff is finally being called.
    If you think this is good news you’re really not paying attention.”

    When will the crazies be sent back into the basement?

    Or have all adults in DC gone mad as well?

    • Jim says

      I think you know the answer to that question. Who there is not crazy? Yes, they have certainly gone completely mad.

  8. Harold Smith says

    I think the madness of the corrupt “West” cannot be properly understood from a “worldly” perspective. Trump and his handlers and enablers are what the Bible would describe as “demon-possessed”, IMO; they are also devil-worshipers (they willingly and calculatingly “give worth to evil” in return for worldly gain).
    And speaking of the Bible, I believe we are witnessing the fulfillment of “end-times” prophecy.
    The “beast” (first beast of Rev 13 aka fourth beat of Daniel 7) is at a “now or never” moment in its hopeless pursuit of establishing Satan’s kingdom on earth (as per Isaiah 14:13,14).
    In order to accomplish its goal, the beast, which is Satan’s agent in the physical realm, must wipe out “goodness” everywhere on earth and replace it with corruption and depravity.
    And Russia being not only a powerful country but a Christian nation undergoing a spiritual revival, is an example of “good” that must be eliminated at all costs.
    Evil hates a good example because if there were no such thing as “good” there would be no such thing as “evil” by comparison, “evil” would then rule, and Satan’s kingdom on earth will have been established.
    But the beast will fail and its “hammer” (aka “Mystery Babylon”) will be destroyed.

    • milosevic says

      And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

      With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

      So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

      And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


      And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

      The Book of Revelations


    Thanks for some accurate observations.

    Your anti-namesake, The Guardian, is busy running the most blatantly ignorant propaganda today on the subject, both an editorial and an article.

    Here was my comment on the article. Its outrageous editorial permitted no comments:

    i’m sorry, but I follow these matters closely, and this author is offering something unrecognizable to any informed person.

    Putin is on record, a number of times, saying Russia will enter no arms race.

    But he would be an irresponsible leader were he to neglect Russia’s ability to deter aggression, and he most certainly has not done that.

    The President made it clear in his words what these announcements represent.

    The author either did not read him or ignored him.

    Context is everything in this vital matter.

    America’s just-announced changes in its nuclear weapons posture plus America’s known efforts to develop “more usable.” yield-adjustable nuclear weapons plus its efforts to ring Russia with anti-missile missiles plus its highly aggressive activities in Europe plus its treatment of the INF Treaty are without question unnecessarily frightening, destabilizing, and threatening.

    America is launching a new Cold War, but one this time where the rest of the world does not see the dark threatening shadow of a Stalin. Instead we see a peaceful modern articulate Russia willing and ready to cooperate and to do business with everyone. No, this Cold War has only one truly dark presence, and that is a Pentagon-security agency complex, bloated with money and dedicated to the malignant principle of “full-spectrum dominance everywhere.”

    And this threat comes from a United States which has spent the last 15 years terrorizing and bombing and setting fire to the Middle East, acts which tell us that It means business.

    It has shed not a tear for the two million or more souls that it has killed there. Nor for the many millions it has reduced to hopeless refugees. Nor for de-stabilizing Europe with those same refugees, which it ignores and for which it even expresses contempt. Nor for the previously well-ordered societies it has reduced to chaos.

    America’s new nuclear posture and its demonstrated hostile attitude towards Russia must be seen in light of such a determined march of terror. Washington’s belligerence and threats must be taken very seriously indeed.

    And thank God from all the rational people of this earth Mr. Putin has told them he does take it very seriously.

    • Let us know if that comment is taken down. Maybe take a screen cap of it just in case.

  10. Anon says

    There are 2 ways of looking at this.

    In 1991 when the cold war ended we immediately had the gulf war and the US managed to keep its defence budget.

    Then after a failed attempt in the late 90’s we had 911 and the US needed to have the war on terror.

    This had calmed down by 2008 and with the economic crisis, a new enemy was needed hence the Georgian war. Russia at that point started to re-arm seriously.

    It was not enough so in 2014 along with the homophobic campaign in the middle of the Sochi Olympics the crisis in Ukraine kicked off with snipers shooting into both sides. Neo Nazis became part of the new government and the expectation from the West was that Russia would invade Ukraine. Instead, it took back Crimea peacefully and helped some of Ukraine fight a guerilla war.

    Both the Georgian war and Ukraine were blamed on Russia when it was obvious that Russia had no benefit from either, but both helped sell US weapon systems to eastern Europe.

    Now we are back to full scale cold war and the US defence budget is safe, hopefully they will now stop trying to provoke WW3.

    The other way is that the US wants to conquer Russia and did not bother doing it in the 90’s or 2000′ and is now looking for a first strike capability, whilst pussy footing around North Korea and pointing out correctly that war in Korea would be madness.

    I hope it is just the US provoking Russia to keep its military budget, and that the US has not become insane. However, when you look at the rest of the news and the actions by the US you have to worry.

  11. Theo says

    Good article thanks.Putin has brought Russia back on the world stage again.The Russians love him for that.

  12. MichaelK says

    Putin is, really only stating the obvious, that the idea that the West is creating a ‘missile defence shield’ that will protect it during a war with Russia, thereby allowing the West to wipe Russia off the map whilst the West remains unscathed, which means the West ‘wins’ the titanic nuclear struggle… is nonsense and incredibly dangerous, delusional, suicidal nonsense, which is actually bringing war closer because forces in the West seem to believe it. That their ‘shield’ will work destroying the enemy’s ‘spears and arrows’ whilst ours hit their targets and victory is ensured.

    What’s shocking and disturbing is that the mainstream media in the West is now now appears to be under total and virtually absolute control and any opposition or criticism of our aggressive posture towards Russia is banished from public debate, completely ignored and exiled.

    Putin is trying to wake the West up, before it’s too late. Only our media blocking his serious and deadly message, refusing to convey it to the public in a fashion that mirrors a fully totalitarian state responsible to no one and with no opposition allowed anymore.

    Putin is saying, you can’t attack and destroy us with impunity, we will react and destroy you too, so don’t do it, don’t think about it, because your ‘shield’ is phony and won’t protect you. That any attempt to destroy us, will automatically lead to your own destruction and civilization will end with and for both of us.

    Our media, of course, don’t like this particular story because it’s way too serious and disturbing and challenging, for a media that is wedded to selling people the easy lie that we’re all here to indulge our craving for consumer goods, tech, games and entertainment, rather than reflect and wonder where all this is leading us.

    • Francis Lee says

      ”Putin is, really only stating the obvious, that the idea that the West is creating a ‘missile defence shield’ that will protect it during a war with Russia, thereby allowing the West to wipe Russia off the map whilst the West remains unscathed, which means the West ‘wins’ the titanic nuclear struggle… is nonsense and incredibly dangerous, delusional, suicidal nonsense, which is actually bringing war closer because forces in the West seem to believe it.”

      Any war between the Russian Federation and the United States would be terminal for both and the rest of the world. INFORMED and SANE American experts on the subject write:

      ” … in a nuclear war with an ICBM attack of one or two sorties, an air defence system that shoots down 10% of the attackers is catastrophically inadequate. To be effective against an ICBM attack, a defensive system must exact attrition rates well in excess of 90% – the first time! No historical data supports contentions such attrition rates could be achieved by any defensive system in real combat situations … ”

      (My Journey at the Nuclear Brink – William J Perry, US Secretary for Defence, 1994-1997)

      The inevitable Counter measures to ABMs would include increasing the number of MIRVd warheads per ICBM and also use dummy warheads to confuse ABM systems and which would multiply by factors ranging from 5 to 10 extra targets US ABM would have to eliminate. Thus BMD systems would not increase the viability of the US ABMs since the deployment of American ground based BMD would simply stimulate Russia and China to build more decoys and IBMs.

      ”… nuclear weapons unleashed in a large scale attack, bring sure destruction, one so massive as to rule out any successful defence … In a nuclear war, the long standing ”norm’ on reliance on defence has become a self-deception, a most human and understandable one and one that is rooted into an aversion of the new reality.” (Op.cit – Perry)

      Consider finally: The National Interest. MARCH 2015

      ”Defending the United States against a major Russian or Chinese ballistic missile attack is currently not feasible. A reliable and affordable defense that could protect America against a Russian ICBM and SLBM force that could launch some 1,500 ballistic missile warheads simply does not exist. While the Chinese force is much smaller, numbering several dozen ICBMs, it probably includes countermeasures that would seriously complicate disruption by missile defense systems. Fourth, for the foreseeable future, offense wins the offense-defense relationship. Offensive ballistic missile technology is far more mature than that of missile defense, and cost considerations favor the offense. Adding fourteen more GMD interceptors by 2017 will require the Pentagon to spend about $1 billion. The Russians and Chinese can each add fourteen more warheads to their strategic offensive forces at considerably less cost. One reason that the Russians are building a replacement for their heavy SS-18 ICBM is to have a missile that can carry ten-fifteen warheads as a means of overwhelming a future American missile defense.

      It is important to remember that the other side may not sit passively as the U.S. military develops missile defenses. Other nuclear powers may choose to build up their strategic offensive forces in response, increasing the number of nuclear weapons targeted at the United States (China, in particular, comes to mind). Indeed, it was concern that the ABM systems of the 1960s would spark an uncontrollable strategic offensive arms race that led to negotiation of the 1972 ABM Treaty. None of this is to say that a future technological breakthrough might not produce a change in the offense-defense equation. Some new technology could be developed that would make defense against ballistic missiles far more lethal, cost-effective and attractive, tilting the equation to favor defense instead of offense. But that breakthrough does not appear to be on the horizon, at least not for the next fifteen-twenty years. And a key lesson of the past thirty-two years is that technology in the missile defense area often does not deliver on its potential—at least not as rapidly, or as inexpensively, as originally thought.”

      Steven Pifer directs the Brookings Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative.

      So, there we are. I have deliberately quoted highly reputable American sources which cannot be denounced as ‘useful idiots’ or ‘Putinbots’. I have also left out of consideration the little matter of a certain nuclear winter which follow such a nuclear exchange, and in all likelihood would also be terminal. Maybe the American war-mongers are not rational, crazy even. I don’t buy that, however. I think they want the Russians TO THINK that they are crazy enough to launch a nuclear attack and that this being the case the rational will surrender to the crazy. But, this seems a pretty transparent ploy on the part of the US in this game of bluff and counter-bluff. The historical record shows that Russia has never surrendered before and I don’t think she will this time around either. In short I think its all a bluff; a dangerous bluff, but a bluff nonetheless. After all neo-cons and liberals incinerate just like anyone else.

  13. You do not know what is worse, war or to live/slow dying under the psychopaths sick and tyrannic control. Yesterday, have read: UK police can issue an arrest warning for trowing snowballs. Could you imagine this???!!! What is the next, will they issue an arrest warning for breathing too much air…

    • mog says

      ‘they’re gonna privatise the air,
      suck it in like a millionaire’

  14. Michael Leigh says

    I have lived and worked for a considerable period in the USA for an North American Stock exchange favourite, but honestly I could not like the majority of my business colleagues, because they were totally inflexible in their self-belief ; just like the majority of the worlds religious zionists who believe they are a separate race of humanity. Sure there are a few exceptions to my forgoing generalisations. And I have never found a so self-ignorant peoples elsewhere in the wide world of travel and in the social moments and human intercourse iwith peoples of the majority of the Globe’s Self-defined National populations.

    And that’s why I share the fears of the majority of the commentators who have expressed an option reflecting the authors logical conclusions !

  15. It would be wise if our craven media with its current obsession with ‘The beast from the east’ realised that in Russia the weather that elicits ‘red alerts’ here in the UK is the norm in winter months throughout much of Russia. That must have a powerful effect on the character.

    In the last world war, Russia lost 27 million lives, military and civilian and lost what JF Kennedy said was the equivalent of the economy of the entire US from Chicago to the eastern seaboard. Despite such catastrophic losses Russia then fought Germany all the way from Stalingrad to Berlin. Russians will never forget the sacrifices that they made in order to destroy their fascist enemies. Indeed, they relive their war experiences every year with words, ‘no one is forgotten’. They are determined that anyone provoking another war with them will pay a very heavy price. Our craven media may well put the most trivial gloss on Vladimir Putin’s recent speech, but be assured that our military and the US military knows what the price would be of war with Russia. Increasingly I find people here who say that of all politicians they admire Putin. As for our own, psychopaths may happily send others to their deaths but can be relied upon to fear losing their own.

    Russia knows that all too well.

    • lucdevincke says

      “US military knows what the price would be of war with Russia.” Do you really, really believe this? Not me, they are so stupid as the rest of the Americans.

  16. Great article Catte, as usual. The history goes a bit further back to Reagan’s “Star Wars” program. At the time the Russians contemplated imitating the US, and for a while may have had such a program, but Gorbachev consulted two great physicists of the Soviet era – Velikhov and Sagdeev:

    who pointed out that countering these anti-ballistic missile defence systems was always going to be easier and cheaper than building their own ABM system. When the US started to deploy such systems in Eastern Europe, the Russian response was always going to be this. No-one in the West can say that they weren’t warned. The article I cited makes interesting reading.

  17. Excellent post Catte. The lack of critical thinking by Western populations in these times is quite stunning I must say. At least during the Cuban Missile Crisis the world knew enough to be appropriately terrified of WWIII starting. Today no one seems to notice how dangerous the U.S. led Western war mongering has made the world situation.

    If Putin tomorrow pointed out that – “the sky is blue”- Western MSM pundits would immediatly begin busily formulating counter-arguements and suggesting nefarious intentions for Putin’s observation – despite a bright blue sky – reality be damned. Thinking for oneself appears to be a lost art. Too dangerous perhaps – someone could “unfriend” you I suppose, or refuse to “like” one’s comment. There seems to be a real lack of courage today to actually read, think, weigh evidence and form one’s own conclusions. So much easier to simply “consume our opinions” ready made for us, just like any other “product.”

  18. The timing of this may in part be influenced by the upcoming election in a little over two weeks. However my hunch is this announcement is pretty much what Putin told Netanyahu a few weeks ago. As one of the top tier in the Zionist mafia that controls the NATO arms, oil and drugs racket that destroys country after country in it’s insane rampage through recent history, Netanyahu would have been told that it was time to cease and desist. Of course this has been ignored just bluntly as every other warning. This public disclosure of capability can thus be viewed as a final warnìng. Russia can give no further warnings. I understand Putin has had no choice, save returning his homeland to the lawless depravity of the Yeltsin era, but this is the scariest moment in my 50+ years of awareness. The doomsday clock is seconds from midnight.

    • Your observation may well be true as there were no press releases from the recent meeting between Putin and Netanyahu.

      • Peter says

        Agreed, tutisicecream – Ben the Butcher’s visit to Russia was extremely discreet. What did he and Putin talk about? Syria, certainly. (Putin: ‘Don’t go too far or too often, and don’t attack anything Russian…’ But what did Netanyahu have to say?)

        Did they talk about Iran? (Given Israel’s apparent keenness to bomb the country.) Iraq, the Kurds, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia? Apart from the lowest common denominator of a vague ‘two-state solution’, Russia’s fundamental position on the Palestinian issue remains somewhat of a mystery. (N.B., for what it’s worth – The largest Jewish immigrant group in Israel is from Russia, and they’re often the most fascist and racist in their attitudes towards the Palestinians and in their aims for an expanded Israel.)

        What is unfortunate is that the media – whether Western or Russian (RT) – did not show much interest in, or curiosity about, the meeting. I thought it was their job to ferret out important information and tell the public.

        Last point – the MSM here in France are being very predictable in their reactions to Putin’s speech yesterday. They just haven’t listened to what he actually said (so to that extent Putin’s statement ‘you’ll have to listen to us now’ has literally fallen on deaf ears).

        It is very difficult here to express publicly even the mildest divergence from mainstream views about practically anything, especially geopolitical: Syria, Russia, Crimea, Israel-Palestine, Venezuela, the EU, NATO, Putin, Trump, Obama, etc. If you do, you’re a conspiracy theorist. Public debate is, to all intents and purposes, non-existent. Macron is the perfect example of how braindead French mainstream discourse has become. The media message from Macron this morning is that France and the United States ‘will not tolerate’ the use of chemical weapons in Syria. It would take too long to analyse what this piece of barefaced, blustering hypocrisy really implies and signifies, and I think most Off-G readers can do it themselves.

        • Oh ya and on top of that, even the North Koreans are supposedly sending chemicals to Syria for use as weapons. What a laugh.

  19. Vera says

    Anyone wonder how Catte knows what Putin really means? She is outing herself as his spokesperson disguised as a British journo/writer. She reports straight to Vladimir Vladimirovitch and gets her orders from him. Ask her if she has ever met him. Ask her how well she knows him.

    • Anton says

      Please, just stop and think.

      Take the time to look objectively what’s happening in the world, and stop your trolling

    • George Cornell says

      Excepting that she is bang on,
      The MSM continues to erode its limited spent credibility. It will be once again all about Israel?

    • rtj1211 says

      You must be a jolly good friend of Putin to consider it appropriate to call him Vladimir Vladimirovitch…..

    • Francis Lee says

      ”She reports straight to Vladimir Vladimirovitch and gets her orders from him. Ask her if she has ever met him. Ask her how well she knows him.”

      And precisely how are you privy to this information? What are/were your sources? When and where did these secret liaisons take place? Just asking for some corroboration. Is this too much to ask – yep, I guess it is. Have you any idea how foolish you sound.

      Your methodological approach could have come straight out of the playbook of Andrei Vyshinsky, Stalin’s chief prosecutor at the infamous show trials and purges of the 1930s.

      • milosevic says

        Your methodological approach could have come straight out of the playbook of Andrei Vyshinsky, Stalin’s chief prosecutor at the infamous show trials and purges of the 1930s.

        “We have transcended bourgeois conceptions of guilt and innocence.”

        So there.

    • FC says

      I would guess that she knows by actually listening/reading what he said. Unlike most people in the West. It’s not like Putin is being too metaphorical and hard to grasp here. Could it be that he just means exactly what he says?

    • George Cornell says

      Who was it that said a fanatic is a person who cannot change his, or in your case, her mind, or the topic of conversation – must have been WC.

    • Peter says

      Catte has broken the First Rule of Responsible Journalism, Vera: NEVER Say Anything Positive About Vladimir Putin. Ever.

      Catte would not get a job at the Guardian, where the First Rule is scrupulously respected. Or in any other MSM outlet in the Free World, where The Truth Is Always Spoken.

      I’m now looking forward to the buildup to the soccer World Cup in summer. Bets are on for:

      A ‘chemical attack’ in Syria killing a large number of people, or East Ghouta’s last hospital / school / orphanage destroyed by aerial bombing on a number of occasions (i.e., until enough people believe it must be true)
      An airliner shot down somewhere around the Russian periphery, with lots of TV footage of teddy bears and dolls scattered among the debris
      The assassination of an opposition politician, preferably somewhere like Red Square
      Terrorist bombings / mass food poisoning / riots in one or more Russian WC venues (N.B., bombs are best)
      A hot war breaking out in the Donbass
      A worldwide attack by ‘Russian-linked hackers’ shutting down the Internet
      The entire Russian soccer team testing positive for doping
      Feel free to contribute your own scenario if you have better ideas

      P.S. – I’m not joking

      • Jen says

        You forgot more Russian ambassadors in their 50s or 60s dying of heart attacks around the world.

      • Admin says

        As of today the first of the pre-World Cup scenarios could well be rolling out.

  20. summitflyer says

    “The US political class is too fluoridated”
    Probably the best way to put it .Delusional no longer applies.They are playing a very dangerous game and we might all lose.Is this what they call the Samson ?

      • rtj1211 says

        Depends if they have passes to the bunkers and submarines the elite will have built to survive a nuclear winter…..

        • MLS says

          considering the world they would emerge into after their confinement you could almost hope their bunkers would protect them, but sadly they probably wouldn’t. Not even they will live to see the nightmare after effects of a nuclear apocalypse.

        • And how long do you reckon they could survive in these bunkers and submarines? They would have to come out sooner rather than later, having run out of food and water, and they would come out to a largely dead world in which they wouldn’t be able to really survive – the soil, air and water being completely contaminated with radioactivity.

        • Francis Lee says

          Trouble is a nuclear winter lasts for years. What happens in the fall-out shelter when the food/water runs out. Cannibals R’ Us. And what do these elite personages do, after having never done a stroke of work in their lives, when they finally emerge from the bunkers and attempt to survive in stone-age conditions ?

          • Mikalina says

            I taught a brilliant book many years ago called Children of the Dust. It is about three generations who survive a nuclear winter mutating into a new people called Homo Superior. They are telekinetic and telepathic, live in community and believe weapons to be evil.

            Five decades later, people who have gone the bunker route have to leave as it decays.

            The two peoples choose to live together and use the technological knowledge of the bunker crew to help develop their society. Not a good decision on behalf of Homo Superior, I always thought.

            Could be one way ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’.

    • padre says

      In the end, only rusty weapons will remain as reminder of who won, but there wil be no one to remind!

  21. The Elite are not totally stupid BUT they rely on the sheep to be really dumb & they, in the most part, are!

    The Elite know they lost the next War before it starts so they see it as an opportunity to profit from the sheep with Russophobic rants to drum up Taxpayer Cash from compliant sheep so they can profiteer beyond any normal way of making money for weapons that don’t even need to work – eg F-35 Joint Strike Fighter AKA ‘The Turkey’.

    In the near future the ‘Money’ will hop the hedge & Elite will become Chinamen or whatever suits leaving 300 Million Americans & 500 Million Europeans destitute !

    • I hope you will forgive me but this talk of sheep is demeaning. I was my my barbers recently and he told me, ‘you’ve got to realise, we’re not the good guys anymore.’ That sort of talk is commonplace nowadays, but since very few of us have much by way of answers on how to deal with the problems of the world we live in, it strikes me as very much a cop out accusing others who may well be no more confused than the rest of us.

      • I hear some of this from my more discerning friends, in the light of a lot of recent pop-cultural expressions of what seems to be the dawning general realisation of this. The problem I find here is that there seems to be a defeatist acceptance of this and even a slide into moral relativism in an attempt to live with the inevitable dissonance and demoralisation this causes. G K Chesterton’s quote “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” becomes very apt here if you substitute in “people” and “their highest ideals” at the relevant places.

    • Knowing that these ‘Elites’ are the same which forced opium upon the Chinese people in the Great Humiliation, I think they’ll find the Middle Kingdom will be doing very well without them. I’ll be happy if these proud people don’t respond officially in kind. Given the surge in black-market opioids I hear of from old Cathay to fuel the crisis in the West, those avoiding the chase of the Dragon and its wicked tail may escape the revenge of the unsanctioned Sons of Heaven at least.

  22. kayaboosha says

    There was never any possibility of any other response nor should any other response be attempted. The alternative would have been US corporate control of the planet and all the resources. Also democracy in any form. Let us hope the puppet masters behind US policy are not stupid enough to provoke any more.

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