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Photo: Aleppo today

To those who worry that East Ghouta might become 2nd Aleppo*, this is the liberated Aleppo. The central park (yesterday [Thursday March 1]) is alive and full of people: Happy, safe & free after the defeat of terrorism.
*As it happened in Aleppo, the jihadi groups controlling the eastern party of Ghouta city, in order to prevent civilians from leaving, are shelling the humanitarian corridor opened by the Syrian Army.



  1. This is my last clip on the theme, As Aleppo yesterday so E.Ghouta today; as Aleppo today so E.Ghouta tomorrow. From Bundy in SyrPer 4hr ago: “40% Ghouta has been taken thus far. Max areas have been ceded by Jaish Al Islam . JAI have abandoned their dead and wounded on the field.”

  2. [Apologies for hogging this space, but Syria is our neighbour — about 2 hours drive from where I live — so their wellbeing is our wellbeing. No country is an island]

    Apparently there are many US citizens who do not regard Syria as the most pressing problem of the POTUS — and one of them is Donald Trump. A long post from Muslim Dude in SyrPer 1hr ago:

  3. Manda says

    Wonderful photo and just fantastic to see Aleppo residents free from the boot of western Corporatism’s military and terrorist mercenary wings. A long road of rebuilding and healing ahead but there is hope now.

  4. Postman here. From Canthama on SyrPer 1/2hr ago:
    “… terrorist collapse in the eastern front was a mess; when key defensive lines were broken, the terrorists fled in a very disorganized way, abandoning place they actually did not need to leave but that is what a collapse means, panic mode.

    The real map of the ops is basically impossible to be known right now, too many actions in many places, the fact on the ground is, the midlands are gone for the terrorists, either under the control of the SAA or fire control. The following villages were either liberated or being wiped clean from traps and mines: Ar Rayhan, HawshAshari, HawshQubaybat, BaytNaim, Muhamadiyah, Shifuniyah and About two dozen farms in the mid lands. All the villages above will be confirmed liberated once they are swiped clean from mines and IEDs.

    Right now the battles are on the outskirts of Mesraba, Beyt Sawa and Hamouriyah, besides the importance of these towns on the whole East Ghouta pocket, it also the last open road connecting south to Douma.

    Heavy artillery and air attacks on the villages, meaning the fight is not inside the towns yet but soon.;363791656;335224705;166511;353048;312852;344823;312852;282593;208139;0;0;16815

    • Manda says

      ““… terrorist collapse in the eastern front was a mess; when key defensive lines were broken, the terrorists fled in a very disorganized way, abandoning place they actually did not need to leave but that is what a collapse means, panic mode.”

      I was reading yesterday (sorry not sure whose twitter feed it was now) that terrorist communications had been disrupted, I wonder if could be part of the reason for panicked withdrawal?.

      • More likely, according to Homer, the work of two minor divinities, both sons of Ares God of War: Panic and Rout (Greek, DEIMOS and PHOBOS). Bred from the same primaeval stock as Aggression: the old Fight or Flight? reflex.

  5. Compare the fate of Raqqa, a town liberated by NATZO. Aleppo thriving, Raqqa still in ruins. The only common factor: in both cases, NATZO took pains to ferry its expensively trained Daesh mercenaries “to fresh fields and pastures new”. From the Syrian Arab News Agency:

    • Manda says

      The ‘humanitarian democracy of death and destruction’ brought to you by the ‘free’ western world led imperial forces and their mercenary death squads.

      Lest we forget what they did to Mosul and no doubt hoping to make huge profits from rebuilding what they destroyed. I see the humanitarian west was not helping clear up the carnage they instigated. Murad Gazdiev reporting from last August 2017.

      So called western values are sick, sick, sick in the real world

  6. General comment by SyrPer blogger PacificNorthWest [note the provenance, either a Canuck or a Ussie]:
    What an impressive military operation this has been. The Syrian Arab Army is a lean & mean mobilized fighting force that has just smashed its way through these highly fortified defensive lines built at great cost [with NATZO equipment] over 6 years, and is now rapidly crushing the mercenary armies occupying this area of Syria. Green bus time…soon.
    [to save lives, instead of fighting to wipe out the last terrorist, Dr.Assad supplies green buses which ferry NATZO’s mercs “to fresh fields and pastures new” — to anywhere, so long as they are out of Syria].

    [denotes a vexarb comment]

  7. As with Aleppo today, so will it be with East Ghoutah tomorrow. Canthama reported 3hr ago in SyrPer:
    “… most of the Syrian midlands are now under the Syrian Tiger Forces & Iranian Republican Guards; the collapse of the many terrorists factions in East Ghouta at the eastern side of the front was utter and complete. We may hear tomorrow that the TFs are pressing Mesraba and Beit Sawa, this is what is left before linking up to Harasta.

    This phase of the operations was expected to be fast, and it has been fast. Now comes the urban warfare; though our heroes will approach from the east where the enemy have fewer defensive lines, it is still an urban area and very dangerous.

    Douma, once encircled, will be a better place to fight than Zamalka, Ain Terma, Jobar etc… Douma is a large city with some roads wide enough for tanks and armoured vehicles; once Douma is encircled, the terrorist army will seek a diplomatic way out via pressure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

  8. Does this not mean MARCH 1st? It would be good to know that this is really the current situation in Aleppo, showing the retreat of terrorist groups westwards is final. and that what is happening in Afrin is not causing new tensions in Aleppo. Perhaps someone could send Al Issa a tweet….

    • From what I’ve read at various sites and seen (on YouTube) the current tension in Aleppo is in Aleppo province, not in the city. The Turkish army had an “observation post” there but that may have changed since the NDF deployed to the Afrin region to help he YPG/YPG to repel the Turks.

      Last I heard the Kurdish/Syrian alliance was taking quite a beating from the NATO equipped Turks and their “FSA” jihadi allies. How accurate these reports are is difficult to say and the situation on the ground can change quickly.

  9. DiD says

    When considering the Aleppo liberation in light of the tide of bulldust loosed by western media – the graun natch in the vanguard, it is worth perusing the notorious “Norman minute’. This insight into the workings of the FukUSi cartel was drafted by Benjamin Norman, ME specialist at the UK embassy in DC.
    Thus far it has only been available in its French version, but Pat Lang has published a somewhat literal translation into english of an article by Richard Labévière, which includes the minute itself.
    You will find it here. I am no fan of ‘colonel’ Lang and his exceptionalist policies but he does lift the lid on the inner workings of the repulsive machine from time to time, even if it is for entirely the wrong reasons.

    • DiD says

      The Norman minute outlines the media strategy to be used in UK, France & and the US, a sugary sweet confectionery of deceit and deflection. In addition, the end game of reducing Syria to a zone of continual war and violence is touted as the most desirable outcome. These people claim to be human beings yet their humanity was cast aside a long time ago in favour of ‘good careers’.
      Scum who deserve nothing less than being blindfolded with their backs to the wall at dawn.

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