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Five days after Putin’s warning about the dangers of western warmongering & this is where we are

Less than 24 hours after alleged former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, have allegedly been found in a collapsed state on a park bench in Salisbury, with no official claims of foul play and no announcement of likely cause, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is already announcing what he plans to do “If things turn out to be, as many members on both sides of the House suspect they are.”

If it turns out the “malign and disruptive” (Johnson’s own words) Kremlin poisoned them (which is what Johnson all but told the House of Commons he believed to be the case), then there are going to be more sanctions against Russia and possibly a UK boycott of the World Cup.

Speedy response is it not? Almost as if he were ready on the starting blocks for this latest tragedy to unfold.

The media of course are rolling in it like dogs in ordure. The Guardian has three front page stories going at the time of writing.

The Telegraph has two:

The Daily Mail has this going on:

And the Independent is bannering this:

Meanwhile the BBC, not content with pumping out the required xenophobic hysteria on the front page:

also takes its own tabloid track in the sub pages, with a story suggesting Putin may also have had a hand in murdering his former boss Anatoly Sobchak. This is the grimy hit piece in question:

…suddenly, just as Putin was running for president for the first time, his old friend Anatoly Sobchak died…The autopsy said it was cardiac arrest but can’t find any trace of a heart attack. Sobchak’s widow suspected foul play and had her own autopsy done.

Her name is Lyudmila Narusova. I met her recently and asked her if she thought her husband had been murdered. She paused long enough to say “Yes” 10 times over, and then replied: “I don’t know.”

Some have suggested Putin may have had a hand in his death. Did Sobchak have something on him?

Evidence presented? Zero.

Gabriel Gatehouse, Newsnight’s “Foreign correspondent” is forced to leave a gaping hole in his story where the slightest hint of genuine suspicion should be. He accepts by elision that all available sources show Putin was loyal to Sobchak and probably personally fond of him. He even admits Sobchak’s widow “dismisses out of hand” any suggestion Putin was involved. He admits Putin helped Anatoly Aleksandrovich flee Russia in 1996 when he was about to be arrested by factions loyal to Yeltsin, and – yes – even has to acknowledge Putin’s obvious grief at Sobchak’s funeral:

I went back and looked at the footage of the funeral.

Putin really is distraught. His eyes are red, he seems to struggle to swallow as he embraces Lyudmila Narusova. Putin is not an actor. Nor is he prone to public displays of emotion.

A lot of people would have had the respect to leave this particular non-story right there and find another way of working up the Russia hate. But not Gatehouse. He continues (our emphasis):

So it’s reasonable to assume that he is struggling with some genuine grief. Or is it something else. Guilt?

Well, what’s a bit of human decency when you have a narrative to sell?

Just five days after Putin’s plea for an end to the warmongering that endangers all life on earth – and this is where we are.

This is far from good.


  1. fremo.remo. says

    Bill BROWDER gets a breathless and uncontested 5 minutes on BBCNN 5-eyes ‘plug-in’ RADIO NZ this morning. Browder directly accuses President Putin of attempted murder.

    The odds on this being psyop just went through the roof.

  2. Big B says

    Dianne Abbot: on pushing the Buzzfeed (“a major journalistic investigation?”) into the “14 suspicious deaths” (another dodgy dossier?) …”but we can’t allow London and the Home Counties to become a killing field for the Russian state.” It has already become a killing ground for the truth: murdered by cross-party collusional fear-mongering and unsubstantiatable reified racism ..a.k.a. Russophobia. We are in an undeclared elite driven ideological and cultural war with Russia. Next comes the further justification of an economic, currency, and trade war (which I am predicting that this ‘incident’ will be the means toward that end); then, after that …?
    Russia is not our enemy: Whitehall, Parliament, and the fully complicit Fourth Estate are.


    • rtj1211 says

      Dianne Abbott’s reputation for not being on top of her brief probably renders this irrelevant….

  3. Thomas Peterson says

    If someone had sprayed the pair with an unknown substance, why would they just go and quietly sit on a bench making no attempt to contact anyone or otherwise raise the alarm?

  4. Meanwhile…

    A brand new BIG interview (actually a solid documental film – over 90 minutes) with V. Putin:

    I just watched it a few hours ago.
    A nice one, interesting.

    Sure English version will be available soon (or maybe already?).
    I was gonna try to make Eng. subtitles, but it’s seems too big – over 90min.! Damn, a lot of work. Needs a lot of time.
    Though, looks like film has a ‘subtitles’ option, so…

        • Not on the video that is posted here, at least not for me. However, Russia Insight (which is Russia Insider’s handle on YouTube has posted short excerpts with proper English subtitles and announced that they will soon upload the whole film with English subtitles.

          YouTube’s auto-translator for subtitles sucks, it is ridiculous!

      • I don’t think it’s the same interview. The one at your link says it was added two years ago.

          • It’s a useful link anyhow, so we’d like to keep it if that’s ok with you.

  5. Mikalina says

    Tony (who posts here?) makes an interesting observation on Craig Murray’s blog (as posted by BigB) that it is a hoax. Ex Russian spy and daughter given loads of money presumably and re-located to somewhere nice. Both die, no-one sees bodies, 10 in pub not affected. As he says, it’s much easier to arrange a hoax than to actually kill someone. Guess that explains the strange CCTV pictures we’ve been getting and the jolly hockey sticks attitude of all involved.

    • Big B says

      Mikalina: actually, Tony has a point. What we have seen so far is mummery and am-dram; with a lot of conflicting evidence. Which is to be expected when a fully-state-integral media does the ‘investigation’/propagandising. Not that the state institutions are any more trustworthy. There is some corroborating ‘evidence’ (assuming everyone is telling the truth is too much of an assumption to make). The couple walking passed the gym at 15.47 have been claimed to be the Skripals by some of the media. The ‘witness’ calling herself Freya Church has identified the couple in the photo as “100%” the couple she saw acting erratically on the bench [Daily Heil]. Only they are NOT the Skripals: even the Guardian says this (though one can see it for oneself – the man is too thin, the woman blonde). So, who were the couple on the bench?

      The Sun said the “spooks believe” that the Skripals were poisoned by thalium in the Mill pub. That can be ruled out by the so-called ‘nerve agent’ confirmation. And by the fact it was in the Sun.

      [BTW: I don’t want to make out like I’m a serious investigator. I work in the building trade and get all the loo roll rags bought for me every day. Comparing them gives me something to do at tea breaks!]

      The BBC produced a witness last night that seemed (to me at least) to by giving the impression that the couple were already showing signs of poisoning (alcohol or otherwise) in Zizzis restaurant. The very next segue was an ‘expert’ who said that nerve agents are fast acting and debilitating: which undermined the previous impression they were trying to give. All of this is anecdotal: but the merest application of critical thinking atomises the emergent narrative into self-contradictory droplets of factlets (any of which could be fabricated or attention seeking) from which we are being led (by the state-dependent media) to coalesce round the belief that Russia did it. Did what? Got two people drunk?

      [Incidentally, talking of droplets: at least some of the sweep for forensics was done in the rain. So do they have any forensics?]

      I await the state-sanctioned ‘official narrative’ with eager anticipation – it will probably read like a (technically dense and obfuscationally worded 3,000 page) comic – that we are supposed to thoughtlessly accept as coming from authority? So far I am not even convinced a crime has been committed? Apart from crimes against the truth: commited by a class-collaborationist media? We could just as easily be watching a glorified episode of ‘Silent Witness’; or Series 2.0 of McMafia? What is fact and what is fiction? What the state, through its fully-dependent fourth estate tells us? We are in a post-truth world were the mere suggestion of an “assassination” is enough for the state to act: because the state says so, on the basis of its own self-verifying truth. And if we claim otherwise we need to be silenced. Room 101 awaits?

  6. Big B says

    Ladies and Gentlemen: the fix is in. It will surprise no one to know that Porton Down has been able to confirm the the Skripals (plus the first attending Police officer) were intentionally poisoned by a “nerve agent”. Now we proceed to the VX versus sarin debate for tomorrow? Previous affirmations by Porton Down include the exact strain of sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun (a sarin attack that did not happen): ditto East Ghouta 2013 (another false flag); the exact strain of Iraqi WMDs (modified from lactose powder); and the exact strain of the Ames Anthrax used in the AMERITHRAX attacks (that turned out to have NOT come Dr Bruce Ivins flask). So it was definitely a nerve agent then?

    It must have been: because everyone’s favourite CW expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon said so. Now we proceed to the “it was too sophistacated to produce, except in a state lab (Porton Down seem to have all the right samples?); not even ISIL could produce this …” Scroll down two paragraphs to get to Litvinenko’s radioactive cup of tea …Stop me when this gets boring, but haven’t we been here before?

    Since you’re here …
    … The Guardian’s independent, investigative propaganda takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce …

  7. Thomas Peterson says

    Seems they had seafood for lunch.

    “They ordered from the menu, choosing the 600 calorie risotto pesce with king prawns, mussels and squid rings in a tomato, chilli and white wine sauce.”

  8. Another small point. Should Luke Harding be renamed here as Spook Harding? He is always there first when it comes to defecating on Russia. Does he not know that Russian LNPG gas is keeping us ‘free’? there are three ships currently steaming towards the UK loaded with the stuff, with one being unloaded in Wales as we speak.

    • Thomas Peterson says

      Interestingly our Luke was interviewing Christopher Steele BEFORE it came out that he was behind the ‘pee dossier’.

      • Mikalina says

        Mr Steele was also behind the research into Litvinenko.

        As for Intelligence Office Harding, if I was him and had read Pilger’s scathing remarks about myself, I would do the honourable thing and fall on my sword.

      • Jen says

        Luke da Spook(ed) might have to interview Christopher Steele again about this, ah, former employee of his, Pablo Miller, and Sergei Skripal.

  9. Thanks for your scrutiny on the instant cacophony in parliament when very little was known, or was it?

    lest recoup, we had Gavin Williamson pledge to join war with Russia China and North korea in Washington a week or two back. Then cam the magic new nuclear missile wand, which, after the Black sea debacle some years back, had the west gyrating for a response to this ‘new cold war’.
    Then comes the bad news that our ‘moderate’ terrorists in Syria are not really coping with Assad’s defending his country, even the well paid Sandhurst led white Helmets could not make the abject failure go away.

    Given these three facts, in whose interest was it to provide us with a juicy big stick to beat Russia with? Was this a home grown action by our well staffed and paid MI’s?

    The loud response from the same old right wingers in Parliament, almost instant before any facts have been investigated or gathered, seem to have resulted in a planned crescendo in the House. How come they were so well prepared for this? did they have prior knowledge of it happening? was it the ’empire gene’ within them? the yearning for the good ol days when Britain was competing with the Russian empire?

    whatever it was the stench will take some time to remove.
    If UK footballers are banned from travelling to Russia by de Pelfer Johnson unloading another barrel into both feet, the damage to his nose does not come from a shotgun, then this will merely be recognised as drawing up another brexit anker from the shallow North sea, ready to sail west towards chlorine shores anew.

  10. George Cornell says

    “Well she paused long enough to say yes ten times over”.
    That is enough to declare a verdict? What we have come to expect from the Fraud. Then she said she did not know.

  11. Piers Morgan tried to lecture a former Kremlin advisor today, when the advisor tried to point out the UK spooks had previous for lying I.e a WMD’s in Iraq. Morgan countered that he was wasting his time going down that road with him as his record about that time was well known(he lost his job because of his ‘opposition’ to the war). Alas the Russian guy matter a factedly pointed out that Morgan was ‘rewarded for something’ when he lost his job. Morgan hastily deflected and moved on, the controlled opposition that he is.

  12. Putin pardoned Skripal: then waited four years to try and publicly assassinate him in order to boost his chances in the forthcoming Presidential elections? This is the sort of tortured logic being presented, or subliminally suggested, when the known facts are that two people collapsed in Salisbury. The fact that this was even suspicious is a mere suggestion at the moment. Yet we are already planning our retaliatory response? The fact that this has allowed the traitor Browder (now a British citizen) to advance his agenda (the Magnitsky Justice Campaign ): and allow Thornberry to push a further cross party collusional “Magnitsky Ammendment” to be tabled seals it for me: cui bono – the British Establishment Deep State.

      • Mikalina says

        As I am no longer able to send an “outraged from Tunbridge Wells” letter to the Guardian, I have written to Jonathan Fisher QC who drew up the amendment at the request/payment of the Magnitsky campaign.

        I drew his attention to the factually incorrect content of his clause in that Mr Magnitsky was not a lawyer. I also attached the book by Alex Kraimer called The Death of William Browden.

        I copied it to my MP and also to the Labour Party.

        I have no doubt that this action will have absolutely no effect on anything.

        • Big B says

          Kudos for trying though. It’s not your fault that totalitarian democracy does not work the way we (the people) think it should. But it does function exactly as intended. We are upholding all the ‘wrong’ ideals, and we have been shown our place?

    • Thomas Peterson says

      Putin is a funny one. He cherishes the lives of traitors like Litvinenko and Skirpal while they are in Russia, making sure no harm comes to them.

      Then years later he inexplicably bumps them off in bizarre and gruesome fashion.

      He only seems to do this in Britain for some reason.

  13. It’s pretty amazing how the Graun and the rest of the MSM had so much copy ready to go for what is supposed to be a developing story. A story in progress as we are led to believe. Their narrative may not surprisingly be directly in line with that of the FCO.

    At the Graun Harding has already the opening chapter of his next novel up and running and is also part of the three-legged hack street team, racing to repeat as many anti-Russian memes as possible in 1000 words. So much so you might be forgiven for thinking GCHQ has adopted piece work payment scales.

    But if for a moment you compare this narrative with say how the Manchester bombing was reported we can see a stark difference. The fact that many innocent people’s lives were lost and news that had a real back story which needed opening up. But in the event the whole thing was quickly closed down. With only the briefest of mention of links to a GCHQ/MI6 asset and his son gone rogue and their links with the British Government’s covert operations in destabilising and destroying Libya. In this we can start to see how the media really works or doesn’t work. And in whose benefit.

    Quite honestly this story seems on the face of it to have little or limited public interest, but a significant one in regard to the Bad-Russia narrative which has become the mainstay of an ailing mass-media. And of course the masters of spin who manage such increasingly fantastic psyops story lines…

    • Thomas Peterson says

      Yep, the Guardian seems to be quick off the mark, filling its pages with bollocks.

  14. Francis Lee says

    Talking of political assassinations, British imperialism has form in that respect. I remember as a kid how we used to celebrate Empire Day. We waved little mini Union Jacks on lollipop sticks celebrating our glorious empire. As I got a little older I can remember particularly nasty little wars in the Empire on which the sun never sets. This was during the 1950s. Let me see, there was Cyprus, Kenya, Malaya, Palestine, Aden, and before that South Africa and not forgetting of course the long-running show in Ireland.

    One particular incident encapsulated the whole history of the blood soaked regime was the assassination of Patrick Finucane a solicitor from Belfast, a nationalist, and republican activist during the most recent ‘Troubles’ who dealt with legal issues affecting the republican/nationalist community in the British puppet state of Northern Ireland. Finucane was gunned down in his own house in front of his family by Loyalist terrorists. The story emerged that the British security forces were working hand in glove with loyalist gunmen.

    ”The leader of the team who targeted Finucane in 1989 was “one Eric McKee”, so called “military commander” of the Ulster Freedom Fighters, – a loyalist death squad -according to a draft report. McKee reportedly said, around six weeks before the killing: “I have been told by someone … ‘Get Finucane. He is the brains behind the IRA. Forget about [Gerry] Adams’.”

    This intelligence has emerged from Brian Nelson, a member of the loyalist gangs at the time, who says the remark was made to him. Mr Nelson was not what he seemed. He was an agent infiltrated into the murder gangs by the British army’s most secret intelligence outfit, the force research unit. Hitherto concealed FRU records reveal who the “someone” was who passed the word on about the solicitor: “It had been Spence who had suggested they attack Finucane.” This referred to Jim Spence, a member of the umbrella Ulster Defence Association.”

    When this information came to light there was the usual ‘Inquiry’ – yes the British are very good at ‘Inquiries’ – which of course led nowhere. I could also mention the atrocities which took place in Camp Hola against native internees during the Kenyan emergency, including Obama’s grandfather. But hey, I am not writing a book. All of which goes to show that the UK political establishment is not shy when murdering its own opponents particularly in the far fringes of empire.

    • Thankyou for this comment. I will “rage, rage, against the dying of the light” to see Thatcher in the dock for the murder of Pat Finucane. And Hilda Murrell. Not sure I can hang on another 90 years though.

    • The Finucane case was even more blatant. Weeks before the killing a Tory MP gave a nod and a wink(prepared the public for this outrage?) by stating some solicitors were unduly sympathetic to irish republicans. Put simply some solicitors were doing their job and defending folk against state repression. Outrageous indeed!
      Meanwhile after the dirty deed was done the spooks managed to remove lose ends by silencing and indeed killing some of the unknowing pawns in their game for eg William Stobie(loyalist death squad member) was killed in a ‘feud’ just when he appeared that he was willing to disclose, officially, what he knew about the case. Before he was killed he admitted that he had supplied the guns to the killers but before and after he did that, he had informed his special branch handlers of what was about go down!
      The evidence against UK dirty deeds is mountain high concerning political assassinations compared to the evidence alleged against Russia. The Russians should use n.ireland as a means of ‘go compare’ when dealing with UK smears I.e the British public would be shocked themselves at the lies they were told about the conflict in n.ireland.

      • Mikalina says

        Forgive me Wilfe. The word ‘conflict’ is being used a lot at the moment. It means to come into a disagreement with someone.

        Northern Ireland was a deliberate oppression and subjugation through violent and treacherous means by a State on a sector of its own people.

        The other ‘conflict’ in Palestine is a colonial overthrow of a land and the genocide of its people.

        • Well there’s a very real argument that n.ireland problems stems from colonialism and an overthrow of land too.

          • Mikalina says

            Sorry – history fell down the memory hole.

    • rtj1211 says

      I think the security services were hand in glove with gunmen on both sides….they had certainly infiltrated the IRA as well….

  15. rtj1211 says

    Why doesn’t Johnson make a sacrifice himself, like not sending his kids to private school, as Eton pupils were taken to Russia to meet Putin himself? Clearly private schools are Russias friends, so no way can his children go to them….

    Seen the story about N. Korea bumping someone off in Malaysia too?

    If the poison story in Uk is false, Johnson must go to prison and having lied to the House about murder, he can never be an MP again. Ever.

    He has an undistinguished track tecord of being credulous, the worst possible attribute for an Mp in the Foreign Office.

    There can be no pussyfooting by journalists, Any hint of MI5/6 story fabrication and the top 200 MI5/6 names are released to the world with an invitation to the world to come and kill them…..along with Boris Johnson…..who will thus hide happily in prison to avoid a worse fate on the outside…

    I assume Johnson and MI5/6 are liars until proven otherwise as their habitually criminal lies over the years renders that approach cautious and prudent…..

  16. MichaelK says

    Considering how almost every square centimetre of the UK’s public space is covered by cctv cameras, spraying anyone with a chemical poison, would be a highly risky operation for any half-competent, foreign, assassin. Unless the assassin knew they weren’t in any danger from the authorities. Conspiracy theories, don’t you just luv ’em?

  17. MichaelK says

    The Guardian… just look at it today, seems obsessed with the Russian menace. It’s both sick and incredibly boring, day after day. The Russians are dastardly and dumb at the same time, apparently. This must be a Russian trait I suppose? The great bear is dangerous and clumsy, my apologies to real Russian bears!

    Think, the Russians keep handing propaganda weapons to the UK on a shiny silver platter over and over again, and they are so inept that they leave a glowing trail of radioactive breadcrumbs for the super brits to follow right up to the doors of the Kremlin!

    Gosh, they must really, really, want to kill these people and see them as credible threats to Russia, to risk the awful backlash and damage that would follow if their actions were ever uncovered by the UK and its fearless media, typified by the courageous Guardian led by the intrepid Luke, the spook, Harding. It’s just a shame and lucky for us, that the Russians don’t have a fraction of Harding’s brain power and abilities, then they’d be really a force to taken seriously.

    • Mikalina says

      Luke the spook – that’s a keeper.

  18. Oh Dear, the ANGLO-ZIONIST are desperate.
    UNO: The Russians ate my lunch narrative has been debunked by four secret service agencies from England ,France Germany ,Spain and I might add another one the Italian one which makes it five in total
    DUE: The famous Steele readers digest novella has been called out for what it is not a Dossier but a readers digest piece which has just recently been increased to its fake news category by the recent piece written by the New Yorker’s 15000 word piece that has more wholes in it that swiss cheese
    TRE: Their ASSAD HAS GASSED HIS OWN PEOPLE TO SAVE GHOUTA campaign is falling apart as we speak . One of the districts that has been liberated are all telling a real story of how horrific it has been under those freedom loving head chopping takfiri’s. The Syrian Republican flag is now flying in these LIBERATED DISTRICTS
    QAUTTRO: Not withstanding the fraudulent indictments by WADA that would never stand in any court of justice with the dubious evidence they presented against the Russian sporting federation. Fell on its derriere The Russians did better than expected in the olympics bagging a Gold in Ice Hockey and thrashing pax-americana.
    CINQUE: The Koreans want peace not war so another theater of deception foiled.
    SEI?DOCIUS IN FUNDEM last but not least: Putin just TRUMPED THE MIC/WASHINGTON CONSENSUS/ANGLO-ZIONIST with the latest in missile technology Mach1 and Mach 2 speed makes anything these vile western entities have as defence pretty much redundant. With a pinch of warning to whom ever wants to listen ANY ESTABLISHED ALLY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION IE:(CHINA,SYRIA and IRAN ) threatened or attacked will be met with force/military.

    SO The Russians /Putin administration has lost its patience will keep diplomatic channels open but no more appeasement . SO one big middle finger to the dying western establishment class.
    POST SCRIPTUM: I really hope the anglo-zionist pull their FCKING Football team out and seeing the Italians did not make it it mught allow the AZZURRI to get back in via the back door

  19. Forgive me for skipping comment on the ridiculous, even desperate, efforts of MSM to tar Russia with another assassination by toxin event directly and focus on what links Livinenko, Yassar Arafat and Rafsanjani. Well it’s not much of a quiz I know but in case you don’t know all were poisoned with Polonium. Arafat and Rafsanjani both were targets of Mossad and Litvinenko became ill directly following his return from Israel on an aeroplane found to be contaminated with Polonium and prior to his meeting with the two Russians the UK shoehorned into culpability. It is clear that it is Mossad who loves a poisoning.

  20. banjo says

    I also find it laughable that amid the pure xenophobic hysteria throughout the establishment there is an extremely quite caveat at the end of all the faux outrage;

    lets wait for the toxicology report before passing judgement………………….

    Like the ‘results’ of such tests will be independent of the state. The toxicology results where probably entered into the system a week or two ago. Its a complete fraud.

  21. The absolute soul numbing criminality of the West is on full display for anyone who might still have a couple of functioning neurons to rub together. One can predict these hand-ringing events almost like clockwork. Yes the Russians will be blamed for this death, yes they will be blamed for interfering in each and every upcoming Western election sans any evidence whatsoever, yes the Western supported jihadists in Syria will stage a false flag chemical or gas attack and blame Assad, and yes the Western media will repeat their lies over and over and over, and in mock outrage will valiantly call for “regime change” as they are paid to do. But not until the population has been totally propagandized to the point of brain death.

    If our “collective reality” can be defined as being somehow related to “events that actually occur in the physical world” – then we are currently dealing with an elite assault on said “reality” that is every bit as irrational, bizarre and absurd as when Mother Church and Crow began blaming and burning – “witches” – for death of the neighbor’s cow and all manner of “ills” effecting the populace. The vaunted “reason” and “rationality” of the West has now melted into the grandiose, narcissistic, psychopathic war-babble of the idiots running the planet.

    Once blaming and burning witches was a way to use fear and scapegoating to rally some solidarity into internally fragmenting Western societies as feudalism gave way to the early capital accumulation of Mercantilism. Today blaming Putin & Russia fills the equivalent purpose. Western societies are disintegrating by the day. We are now so totally corrupt that the five wealthiest men on the planet own as much wealth as the entire bottom half of all of earth’s human population – producing of course unimaginable human and planetary suffering and ecological devastation. And this AFTER the end of Colonialism! Who would have thought? Go figure. Yet miraculously one would never know this because, well, as the press faithfully tells us daily: “Putin!” “Russia!” “Witches!” “Communists!” “Terrorists!” – oh my! You really couldn’t make this up.

    • I do however take some degree of comfort in the fact that I have noticed a steadily growing number of people who have woken up – I see it in comments on a number of social media and among my friends and acquaintances. Hopefully, this growth will reach and even surpass a critical mass.

  22. banjo says

    I do fear for what is in the pipeline for the Russian World Cup. I fear we will witness carnage on a grand and continuous scale to a point where the tournament itself will be abandoned.

    I found the set of events that surrounded the US team not qualifying for the finals deeply suspicious. The last round of matches, the US lost a match heavily favored to win, while Panama won by a 2/3 goal margin in a parallel match that they were favorites to lose. Panama took the slot.

    Now England seem to have manufactured a reason not to travel.

    England and US teams and their supporters will not be in Russia for the world cup. What do their governments know about the future mere mortals do not?

      • Mikalina says

        If I recall, the narrative has already been written; at the European Games the ferocity and viciousness of the Russian ‘fans’ was well reported (staged and photographed). The ‘fans’ were obviously a paid right wing group, I assumed Ukranian (forgive me if I’m wrong). The REAL official fan group was turned back from attending and I think deported.

        I think Banjo has read the situation right.

  23. This stinks: no, it really stinks. It’s more contrived than the inculcatainment masquerading as a well spent licence fee – McMafia – to which comparisons have already been drawn in the House. On the day before Bill Browder testifies to the Commons Select Committee on “Fake News”; and Thornberry proposes a cross party “Magnitsky” ammendment to the (Russian) Sanctions and Money Laundering Bill: former GRU Colonel and British double agent – involved in the “Anna Chapman” spy swap – and his daughter are found slumped on a bench outside Zizzi’s restaurant in Salisbury. Add in that his wife, Liudmilla Skripal died (of cancer) in 2012: and his son died in St Petersburg last year. Release a CCTV “Spy Vid” of a couple looking directly into the camera (as you do every time you poison a couple in the open?) Let Browder grandstand and say “the first operating assumption” should be assassination. Caveat everything with “it’s too early to tell, but …” and print in articles peppered with deathbed shots of Alexander Litvinenko. Yvette Cooper brings up the other 14 suspicious deaths of Russians on British soil (another Buzzfeed dossier) and we’re just about done. This might read like the tawdry script to Series 2 of McMafia: but this is the state of British parapolitics in 2018. If it weren’t that the shadow of the mushroom cloud falls on me too: I’d say the Establishment were deserving of their fate?

  24. MichaelK says

    It’s rather miserable to see how truly awful the UK media has become. The decline in basic journalistic standards, the lurch towards dreadful sensationalism and the most stupid forms of patriotism and cold-war rhetoric… is obvious and everywhere, with, and this is the really depressing part – barely a voice raised in opposition or criticism of the media hysteria, the witch-hunt surrounding Russia.

  25. Alan says

    The socio-paths who believe they speak for us used the corrupted IOC to try and humiliate Russian athletes, it follows they will find any excuse or corruptible body to damage the world cup. How they have the nerve to claim they represent Britain is beyond belief.

  26. Kaiama says

    This is all about Syria and the world cup.
    Skripal was the useful expendable pawn.
    I’ve seen plenty of bullshit and precious little evidence.

    • Kaiama says

      …oops – forgot the presidential election.

      • MinutebisMitternacht says

        I’d like to think that those Russian double agents out there taking “safe” refuge with their new paymasters in the Ango-Zion are now really shi**ng themselves…Every one of them including members of their family can be used as collateral damage in the escalating “Putin did it” psy ops.

  27. Betrayed planet says

    My initial thought when I heard this story was Johnson, it was an immediate reaction. This has the current corrupted, incompetent Westminster regime mark all over it.
    I have always said since many years that Boris de dickhead Johnson is a lethal weapon, capable of anything. The next few days should be endlessly frustrating as we listen to the bullshit narrative from the MSM that are realistically almost as twisted and malign as the government they support, without question.

  28. Francis Lee says

    Right on cue the Liberal class and its allies and pals in the media have already decided the whole issue beyond any doubt: it is axiomatic that Putin ordered it. So there! Their unanimity is quite breathtaking as they gear up for yet another two minutes hate in tomorrow’s news stories. It bears comparison to the Nemtsov assassination a while back when the said gentlemen was murdered – as it turned out by two Chechen gunmen – right outside the Kremlin. A very odd place to commit an assassination, too good in fact. As with the demise of the present unfortunate person, it seems to good to be true as propaganda descends like manna from heaven. In these types of situations I always ask myself – cui bono? Who gains? And this is crucial in an information war. If Russia had anything to do with it, it would represent the most stupid act of self-flagellation imaginable: right on the eve of the World Cup and the ongoing war in Syria and possible (probable) war in the Ukraine. I don’t think the Russians are this stupid.

    The complexities and possibilities of this unfortunate episode are yet to be made clear and may result in a reasoned and rational explanation, although this may be wishful thinking on my part.

    Not for the Liberal class media types however. Expect a ‘two minutes hate’ on steriods, with Putin as Emmanuel Goldstein guilty by definition and the howling mob of the ‘outer party’ political and media hacks pumped up on their own paranoid bullshit. A demonstration just how far mass psychosis, hate and hysteria have permeated the social order by the very people who were once held up to be the critical conscience of society – truly an avant garde leading from the rear.

    • George Cornell says

      But what about the other ten people made ill at the same pub?

  29. Terry Washington says

    Cui bono- who stands to gain- is a traditional way of seeing who should be the most likely suspect in a murder investigation. If a defector from the Soviet or Russian intelligence services dies under unexplained or mysterious circumstances, then common sense suggests that his former employers are to blame!(Pace Litvinenko, Khokhlov).

    • Kaiama says

      He’s had a house bought under his own name for the last 8 years and he gets it justefore the world cup?
      It’s not like he was hiding away is it?

      • Terry Washington says

        Personally I am inclined to suspect Kremlin involvement unless I see compelling evidence to the contrary!
        Several of the posters on this forum seem to take anything and everything said by Putin as the equivalent of Holy Writ-ignoring the demonstratable fact that as a veteran KGB operative, dissimulation and deceit is second nature to him!

        • eagle eye says

          off course you are. Thoughtful, observant people, not so much.

        • argonut says

          Washington by name and by nature. My commiserations

        • Francis Lee says

          ”Personally I am inclined to suspect Kremlin involvement unless I see compelling evidence to the contrary.”

          Really! presumption of guilt (rather than innocence) – guilty until proved innocent, is that it. What a strange universe you inhabit. Believe it or not this is not the way the law is supposed to work old chap. It should be the other way around: presumption of innocence, and this is even if it gets to trial. It is incumbent on the accusers not on the accused to determine guilt (possible or actual).

          This is a good example of the thought processes of the MSM. It is startling and they are not even aware of it!

        • Jen says

          I think even if Terry Washington were to see compelling evidence that Moscow had no hand in Skripal’s predicament, he would not be convinced.

          The Fraudian article linked to above admits that before Skripal and his “daughter” were found in a state of collapse on a park bench, they had been drinking at a pub. Being very drunk, alcohol poisoning or mixing alcohol with other drugs could put a person in that state.

          If dissimulation and deceit are second nature to former KGB operatives (though I doubt Terry Washington knows what Putin had been up to in the Dresden office of the KGB in the former East Germany), then these qualities should be second nature to MI6 and foreign intel agencies generally, and we should not trust anything they say until more information about Skripal’s state is known.

          • Francis Lee says

            Personally I think Papua New Guinea was behind it, unless I receive evidence to the contrary.

            • Jen says

              Yes, there was an earthquake in PNG the other day and the PNG government wished to cover up the lack of preparedness and the inadequate emergency measures the disaster exposed so it carried out this hoax assassination attempt to deflect attention away from its own mismanagement.

              Look over there! Don’t look over here!


    • That reading of cui bono doesn’t make any sense, actually. The only ones who actually benefit from such an interpretation are not, say, Litvinenko’s former employers but precisely those who want us to believe they did it. Similarly, Nemtsov’s assassination, carried out within sight of the Kremlin, was also and quite obviously meant to lead us to believe the Russian government had something to do with it. The cui bono approach asks us to think who’d benefit from such a staging of the assassination and from the ensuing evidence-free insinuation in the Western media that Putin had ordered it.

    • Jay Q says

      Your post doesn’t actually make sense. Cui bon? How does Russia/Putin stand to benefit from the death of a double-agent? In light of the Russian election? Or the imposition of yet more sanctions against the country? Think you are looking in the wrong place for your answer.

    • Robert Maher says

      Almost daily we are told that various events taking place in the world are Russian or Putin instigated. These are never presented with any evidence, except that “everyone knows”. It strikes me that people wishing to reinforce these accusations have more to benefit, than the state of Russia. If Russia wanted to retaliate, why did they wait until now?

    • Seamus Padraig says

      What exactly do the Russians stand to gain from killing Skripal? He was sentenced to prison for espionage in Russia back in 2006, and released 4 years later in a prisoner-swap for Anna Chapman. So any secret information he had was at least 12 years out of date. And if he were that valuable to the Russians anyway, they wouldn’t have let him go to begin with.

      It’s pretty clear, on the other hand, what NATO stands to gain: a new reason to boycott the World Cup, now that the ‘Russiagate’ farce has fizzled out rather anticlimactically.

  30. RJ Vela says

    Very quick indeed to announce retaliation. The strategy almost works, “Quick, lets shelve anyone who we don’t like, and blame it on the Russians. Think about how many people we can put down!” Lets remember what’s happened since Vitaly Churkin’s mysterious death one morning at the UN. Officials of the city of New York ordered the autopsy not be released.

    edited for typos by Admin

    • George Cornell says

      You can bet if the results could be spun to implicate the Russians , the good burghers of NY would have released them.

  31. MichaelK says

    ‘Pawns’ like this man Skripal and his daughter, don’t have much real ‘value’ once their ‘usefulness’ ends; except as expendables that can be sacrificed on the chessboard of a far, far, bigger game.

    • 0use4msm says

      It’s uncanny that these incidents always seem to happen in the UK, never in other countries.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Oh, yeah? They shot our president to death in broad daylight back in 1963 … and his brother 5 years later … and MLK. Believe me: it happens here, too.

  32. Paul says

    His idea we should boycott the World Cup in July isn’t going down well. He forgets he’s in England.

    • On the light side: if the England team do not travel to the World Cup – it will save the customary national embarrassment and humiliation of having to return at the end of the group stage!

      • George Cornell says

        But England has nicer uniforms.

      • Thomas Peterson says

        Indeed, no embarrassing penalty shootouts where our goalie invariably jumps the wrong way!

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