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First group of militants surrender & leave East Ghouta

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RT reports:

The first group of militants have surrendered their arms and left East Ghouta as an increasing number of rebel fighters in Syria seek to disassociate themselves from Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, the Russian military has announced.

“Certain representatives of illegal armed groups have intensified attempts to get in touch with the Syrian government forces and the Russian Center for Reconciliation with the aim of discussing their separation from the banned terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra,” Major General Yury Yevtushenko, the head of the Reconciliation Center in Syria, said in a statement on Friday.

Efforts to separate the so-called moderate opposition fighters from jihadists continue in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta. The Syrian government established a humanitarian corridor which remains open to both civilians and militants who are willing to lay down their arms.

The first group of 13 militants used the gateway to leave the rebel-controlled Damascus suburb via Muhayam al-Wafideen corridor overnight. Video of the exodus under government watch shows fighters carrying their belongings and boarding vehicles to head to Idlib. Yevtushenko attributed the militant surrender to the “lengthy talks” held by the reconciliation center’s officers and jihadist groups.

No provocations followed the exit of militants, the general said, adding that those who have surrendered will be transported to Idlib, while negotiations continue regarding the surrender of other militants. The news of militants’ surrender coincided with a statement by the Jaysh Al-Islam group, which allegedly agreed to release Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) fighters from their prisons and send them towards Idlib as well.

The situation in East Ghouta remains tense, Yevtushenko said, stressing that terrorists continue shelling civilian areas of Damascus and targeting those who are trying to flee the terrorist enclave. “The attacks are carried out even during the humanitarian pauses,” the general said, noting that none of the civilians managed to safely exit the terrorist-controlled areas in the past day.

The situation is getting so dire that people are prepared to flee by bypassing the corridors which are targeted by the militants, Yevtushenko said, citing reports received through the Russian Centre’s hotline.

Despite tensions in East Ghouta, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation has ensured “safe and unimpeded delivery” of the United Nations-Syrian Arab Red Crescent humanitarian convoy on Friday. The convoy of 13 trucks delivered 74 tons of food and medical supplies to East Ghouta’s Douma, which lies just 10 km north-east of the center of Damascus. […]

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  1. Pat says

    The time has come (in my humble opinion), to renege on the “safe passage” deal for terrorists who lay down their arms. Yes, give them safe passage, but to a killing field somewhere and shoot them. Isn’t that is the normal punishment for spies?

    Giving them safe passage means they can then collect their seven pieces of silver, regroup, re-arm, and pop up somewhere else to kill maim and destroy. Without the hapless foot soldiers, the Saudis, the Zionists, and the US have no more power.

    • @Pat. Many Syrian patriots would agree with you. I know from reading SyrPer in the dark days of 2012-2013 that the good doctor received a lot of internal criticism for his humane policy of amnesty and reconciliation. The wisdom of Dr.Assad’s policy is now self evident: the bulk of his people remained loyal because they knew from before the NATZO cookie rebellion that cared for their lives; and now the cookie rebels are laying down their NATZO supplied weapons and returning home in droves because they trust his word. As for the 300,000 foreign mercenaries whom NATZO recruited from 80 of the poorest copntries in the world, with the promise of foreign travel, $10,000 dollars a year, a choice of brand new Humvee or Toyota, a smart phone, a Rambo automatic assault rifle plus all the women he can catch — what red blooded young man on $5 a day (on the days finds work) could resist such an offer? Half of those boys are now dead — didn’t even live long enough to collect their first annual salary. Dr.Assad is right; let them go to set up kebab restaurants in Australia or grocery stores in Britain or become auto workersmin Germany; let the hard core go and fight for NATZO in Afghanistan or Burma; but Syria has more constructive work to do than butchering a beaten enemy.

  2. From Syrper:
    The Tiger Forces, backed by HZB and other militias approved by the Syrian government, are poised to finish their work in the East Ghouta in a mere 5 days. Muhammad ‘Alloosh, the gangster-like boss of Jaysh Al-Islam, can see the writing on the wall. It is hard enough to keep his savages in a state of acceptable morale when the Ghouta has been cleft in twain, but much harder when Saudi money is not coming, tunnels are all destroyed, civilians are in open revolt and the Saraab 2 anti-anti-tank system has been working superbly.

  3. Canthama update 1/2hr ago on SyrPer. The “cancer” has now been split in 3. See the green areas on the time-lapse maps which I posted here on OG 7th March, courtesy of PetoLucem and South Front. Last map showed the NATZO cancer both shrunken and about to be cut in two. And today it was snippod into 3. The Republican Guards are waiting for NATZO’s last remaining terrorists in E.Ghouta to accept one of Dr.Assad’s famous “green bus” deals: Spare their hostages and receive safe passage; or else, “Up, Guards, and at ’em!”

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