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WATCH: The death of David Kelly: an open verdict

If David Kelly had died on March 4 this year, and had he been a Russian exile, we can be sure the media would be screaming that Putin murdered him, and the numerous inconsistencies in his alleged “suicide” would be front page news. But when Kelly actually died in 2005, the only country potentially implicated in his death was Britain. And so the UK media were silent .

Theresa May has, on the basis of no published evidence whatsoever, and without any adherence to the bare minimum of due process, declared Russia “culpable” for the alleged Skripal poisoning. The message in the media is that any other potential perpetrator is not even to be considered, even though the alleged toxin used – Novichok – would have been obtainable by other state actors and individuals, and even though other states would appear to have far more motive in creating this international incident at this time. Russian “guilt” is being established a priori by the implicit suggestion that only Russia indulges in political murder.

The Kelly case reminds us that it isn’t only Russians who die mysteriously on British soil. Here is a film by PressTV (banned from the UK as RT may well soon be) looking at some of the anomalies

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  1. Kent says

    Off course all reviews of Wormwood claim it is very boring, so boring, they would wouldn’t they? It really gets to the bottom of a government murder and cover up – it is not boring. From this film you see why they were so keen to make sure Kelly was not exhumed – Olsen was exhumed which is how the malfeasant was proven by one of the US’s top pathologists.

    • George Cornell says

      The mystery of Mrs Kelly’s silence and failure to be outraged had been said to be a result of the Blair gang telling her that David Kelly would be made a traitor in the public eye and his/her pension would be revoked, leaving her with no support. Nice.

  2. Kent says

    Wormwood the true story of Frank Olson germ warfare scientist — Killed 1953 by the US government. It parallels the Kelly case but Olson’s son Eric spent his whole life getting to the bottom of the case, lie on lie is peeled away. Olsen got an apology from President Ford and the head of the CIA, William Colby (also mysterious death). What we never find out in the Kelly case Eric Olsen reveals in his father’s case. What is first revealed turns out to be another level of cover up that even Seymour Hersh was duped by.

    The main reason for the murder appears to be to hide the use of germ warfare in Korea, Frank Olson like Kelly was unhappy with government lies and policy which he seemed ready to reveal.

    “Errol Morris’s Wormwood, which arrived on Netflix and in some movie theaters Friday, is a mind-boggling story involving LSD-spiked Cointreau, allegations of biological warfare against the U.S. government, Project MKUltra, mind control orchestrated by an allergist and a magician, and a son’s obsessive quest to find out why his father plummeted to his death from a 13th-floor Manhattan hotel room. So why is it frequently so stultifying and so claustrophobic? How can such a riveting real-life tale of CIA malfeasance be so turgid in execution, to the point where the camera spends 90-plus seconds in one episode simply watching an actor in military uniform mix a drink?”

  3. This post may be more apposite than Admin thought. Kelly had close ties with the top two scientists of the Soviet Biopreparat program: Vladimir Pasechnik and Kamovtjan Alibekov. No mention of Novichok: but the Soviet program was apparently developing bubonic plague to be sprayed at the West from low flying cruise missiles: if you can believe that? I can’t!

    Vladimir Pasechnik: was not only debriefed by Kelly, he was a close colleague at Porton Down – where Kelly helped him co-found Regma Biotechnologies, which had three year contract with the U.S. Navy for “the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of anthrax”.

    Kamovtjan Alibekov: set up Hadron Advanced Biosystems in America. Before his death, Kelly had been discreetly headhunted by two companies. One was Hadron Advanced Biosystems, which also had close ties to the Pentagon. [As claimed by Gordon Thomas: who was interviewing Kelly when he died – see Corbett’s “Requiem”.]

    The link would be that Pasechnik died in Salisbury in 2001. Now I am not trying to seed a conspiracy theory: that Kelly, the Skripals and Pasechnik are linked …but as for the Skripals and Pasechnik: the Times might be?

    Soviet doomsday plots; weaponised plague, ebola, smallpox; KGB assassins roaming Wiltshire in search of detectors and traitors to the Motherland; Novichok, a nefarious Soviet era super-toxin that doesn’t seem to kill …if there is a link here, it is a British lack of imagination to craft a decent sixties-styled mojo stealing spy thriller. Austin Powers: the spy who barely intrigued me? If the cultural thought leaders at the Times are going to revive the megalomaniac Soviet Dr Evil, and cast Putin in the role… they are going to need better screenwriters?

    • Mikalina says

      Probably go straight to DVD – can’t wait.

  4. George the Blot says

    I don’t think the no-fingerprints-on-the-knife story is true. The ultimate source seems to be a Mirror story from 2007, from where the Guardian, the Mail, and AP picked it up verbatim. It’s not in Baker’s book that I can see. I can’t find any FoIs at all from Goslett. I’ve searched for any successful FoI on the subject three times since I first heard the claim, without success. I can’t see any reference of Baker mentioning it since, and it wasn’t in Hutton – and, get real, it would have been. Now, I’d be delighted to be proven wrong, so if someone could find the actual FoI, post the link here and I’ll eat my words. But the Mirror doesn’t count.

  5. George Cornell says

    I very much like the David Kelly analogy. Open verdict was a euphemism for – it looks really bad, the spook-assassins screwed up. We have conned Mrs Kelly into believing this a national security crisis and she will keep mum, and we will be knighted for the coverup unless the cover is blown – Or something to that effect.

    It is essentially impossible to suicide by cutting your ulnar arteries, the pulse of which cannot be felt. Even more discerning is the fact that THERE WAS ALMOST NO BLOOD AT THE SITE. I learned this first hand from a paramedic, first at the scene. Medical groups have been unanimous about the impossibility of the official version. Despite this, the stitched up autopsy said he had bled to death. Open verdict ? Kim Kardashian’s backside! He was surely murdered and the sealing of the record for 75 years by Bliar is no casual action.

  6. mog says

    Gilligan’s statement that he could see no reason why the UK government would want Kelly dead, “because it would, and did, plunge them into a deep crisis”, is bizarre.
    Blair got his war, got re-elected, cashed in on retirement to the tune of 200million squids.
    Had to answer a few awkward questions but still gets to write in the national news as ‘veteran statesman’. Not too much of ‘a crisis’ then all things considered.

    • George Cornell says

      Kelly was a principled man and he was going to squeal on the fabrication of WMDs., is my guess.

  7. bevin says

    It occurs to me that the entire campaign of Russophobia is a production of British Intelligence (in the institutional sense.) In this I include the long US Election interference nonsense, which, increasingly, seems to have its origins in MI6 agents such as Steele and Miller and obvious contacts such as Downer and the various bit players ‘Professors’ et al featuring in the few contacts Trump’s campaign seems to have had, notionally, with anyone connected with Russia. And then there is the Ex Ambassador who gave McCain a copy of the Steele dossier and vouched for Steele’s probity. All in all everything leads back to London.
    And today, in Corbyn’s refusal to ban MPs (as if he could) from talking to RT we were reminded of what the Russia/Trump connection was all about: the need to preserve the duopoly model of bi-partisan foreign policy politics. The sad reality is that had nature taken its course in November 2016 and Hillary’s comprehensive defeat (comprehensive in the sense that almost all experts in psephology were amazed and frightened by it) been followed by a changing of the guard in the DNC, there would really have been nothing much to worry the neo-cons. Sanders is on side with AIPAC, so is Ellison. There would have been no change in foreign policy- the wars (to which there has been almost no Democratic opposition) would have gone on. As to domestic policy nothing challenging the eternal capitalist order was proposed. In fact, apart from the natural disappointment of investors in the Clinton Foundation, there would have been nothing much to worry about if Ellison and whoever had taken over the reins and hesitantly introduced a milquetoast programme of pseudo reform promises to be broken.
    In the UK however and therefore in Europe there is a very real fear, among the neo-cons, that the next Labour government will return to the course one Robin Cook (now deceased!) envisioned in dealing with Palestine in an evenhanded manner. Military Intelligence detests Corbyn and fears nothing so much as international peace- the rope of garlic that destroys all MI Vampires. Thus it is that the only discernible purpose of the murderous attacks on Mr Skripval and his innocent daughter is to bolster-according to the curious and idiotic reasoning of bozos who run MI- the fear that, once in office, Left Labour (which has never been close to power) will attempt to dampen down international tensions, switch capital from re-building the fleet that triumphed at Trafalgar to more profitable investments and put Mossad out of business by ceasing to give Israeli Fascism unconditional support.
    In other words it was not to save the Democratic Party from peaceniks-that is a long way from becoming a worry, although it wouldn’t be if Corbyn set an example- but to save the principle of duopoly in the leaders of the Five Eyes bloc.

    • bevin says

      I should add that the basis of the Blair New Labour Project was to transform the Labour Party into a clone of the Democrats. Such projects always carry the slight risk that, in the end, the blending of the two institutions might end up with the Democrats becoming like the Bevanites… the horror of McGovernism all over again.

  8. Paul says

    It’s a chilling reminder that nerve agent hysteria and invasions of sovereign countries seem to go hand in hand.

    • rwalker561 says

      This alleged nerve agent wasn’t even much cop seeing as the victims managed a tour of Salisbury before succumbing !

    • Frankly Speaking says

      The poor Syrians should get ready for this nerve agent to be sprayed over a large group of their citizens in the next few weeks by non-Russians, but of course the Assad and Putin will get the blame for it.

      Western world will condemn them, boycott the World Cup. NATO will start bombing Syria including Russian positions. Something will also kick off in Ukraine and probably Crimea. Iran too, probably the Israelis.

      There’s no way our leaders would go to such overt hysteria against Russia unless they’ve got something really significant in mind against Russia and it allies.

      I’d better start stocking up the cellar with supplies and an air filtration system pretty damn quickly.

  9. Betrayed planet says

    Not for one moment do I believe this was suicide. Never have, never will.

  10. bill says

    From Prof Haywards blog, Professors Paul Mckeigue and Piers Robinson confirm the Russian position that this stuff is widely obtainable.

    • We know the Americans filched whatever they could find from the old Soviet facility it was being developed in.
      From BBC coverage:….”
      “A group of American defence experts have arrived in Uzbekistan to start helping the Uzbeks dismantle and decontaminate one of the former Soviet Union’s largest chemical weapons testing facilities. US officials say the chemical research institute in western Uzbekistan was a major research site for a new generation of secret, highly lethal chemical weapons, known as Novichok…..US military scientists and intelligence experts have already visited the nearby island of Vozrozohdeniye in the Aral Sea, which was the Soviet Union’s main open air biological testing site and where hundreds of tons of the deadly anthrax bacteria are believed to have been buried…..”
      The thing to note is that Russia did not ever use it’s CW’s unlike the US who sprayed civilians and their own military with Agent Orange. The trouble with slinging mud at people is that soetimes that tactic comes back to bite you in the arse. ie. During WW2 Britain was also actively pursuing CW’s ,such as Anthrax, likely it still is. Once you start making accusations, the most inconvenient truths have a tendency to rear their head. Theresa May’s latest idiocy serves to distract from her party’s utter **** up of the economy, to aid the US in it’s war against Russia and to act up big and large and make her look like the tough guy she isn’t. She’s just even more weak and wobbly than before, definitely unstable and probably unhinged.

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