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Syria: Makeshift chemical weapons lab discovered in East Ghouta by Syrian Army

Text and pictures by Sharmine Narwani

Photo from series below.

Was in #EastGhouta today, 25 meters from a battlefront btwn Shifouniyeh & Misraba, areas recently liberated from militants. Western journalists flock to humanitarian corridor in north, but not a single one visited this makeshift chemical lab discovered by the SAA yesterday.

With the US threatening direct attacks on #Syria because of alleged chemical weapons use, and the Russians & Syrians claiming militants are using CWs to provoke a US attack…you would think western journalists would be all over this terrorist-run lab – even if to debunk it.
I couldn’t even hazard a guess at what was cooking in this terrorist-run lab in #EastGhouta. This stuff needs to be tested by independent experts, but the int’l community isn’t interested. You’d think they’d want a look before Trump starts a war over fake WMDs.

SAA says they tested these canisters immediately & found traces of chlorine. Chlorine weapons were first used in Aleppo around 2013. At the time, western-backed terrorists had taken control of #Syria‘s only chlorine manufacturing plant, based in E. Aleppo and co-owned by Saudis.

Without a doubt, something was being manufactured in this terrorist-held lab. The SAA only just liberated this area in the past days – couldn’t have moved in this much diverse equipment, much of it coated in a thick layer of untouched dust.

Whatever chemicals were being manufactured in this lab, were likely created for use in warfare. To be delivered in these? There were several piles of these projectiles dumped in corners of the facility. #EastGhouta

So this is interesting. Hard to miss the one new-ish piece of equipment inside the terrorist lab – it’s a US-made air or gas compressor of some sort. A cursory Google search immediately pulled up several tenders for this device to Saudi Arabia in 2015. 1/2

The Saudis, btw, are the main sponsors of Jaysh al-Islam – one of the main terrorist groups inside #EastGhouta, and per the photo below, the likely occupants of the lab. Saudis have been caught shipping foreign-bought equipment/arms to Syrian terrorists during this war.

Another notable discovery during my #EastGhouta trip was the acres upon acres of crops available for the picking. Starvation siege? Not when you can trip over wheat, chickpeas, fool beans, green peas, olive trees, etc every few steps:


  1. Rev. Spooner says

    vierotchka, don’t be rossy, it’s disgerarded.

    • LOL!

      Why, thanks for the compliment. I have no intention of changing!

      inexplicable. Describes a woman who is bitchy, mean, rude, and stuck up, yet, beautiful, smart, sexy, exotic, unique, caring, funny, and loveable, all at the same time. She is an object of desire, lust, and adoration by all men (and even some women), and that of envy, jealousy, and hate by most women. She is amazing in all aspects of the word.

  2. Theo says

    I think we’ll never find out the truth.All participants in this tragedy have reasons for disinformation and hiding the truth.

    • It is simple. Assad and Russia try to secure compact secular Syria. All others – west, Gulf, NATO.. try the opposite, try to cut Syria in the peaces and make sharia islam state.

  3. I am not sure you can prove that a Saudi ITT proves they shipped that equipment into East Ghouta. They may have done, but you would need serial numbers from the equipment and a delivery note to Saudis with the same serial numbers to prove it. Or confirmation from supplier of that serial number going to Saudis….I would be surprised if only two had been sold worldwide the past three years, after all. They would certainly be on a longlist of suspects, however….

    Might be worth asking Boris Johnson if this were proof enough for him of Saudi guilt?

    Would be a bit surprising if he suddenly came over all rigorous. Well known for lack of attention to detail, our Foreign Secretary……

  4. Perhaps it’s a sign of success when comment-is-free on the Off Guardian gets trolled, but it’s still a wretched distraction. this is the same technique currently favoured in Western seats of power, as they seek to distract attention from what is being exposed in Ghouta, and from the collapse of the Russian-Trump collusion case – quietly and very briefly announced two days ago at the bottom of page 19.
    But these things were themselves efforts to distract attention from the real crimes – shipping weapons from Benghazi, cooperating with Islamic State, staging lethal attacks, and of course, shooting down passenger liners. A crime which cannot remain unpunished.
    Many thanks Sharmine, for your brave and true journalism. Take care.

  5. The desperation in the Anglo-American empire is almost palpable. Lying, bat-shit crazy, created out of thin air Western war propaganda is now simply a daily event, so of course, no, the West will not want to examine the evidence of what their “moderate terrorists” are doing to kill civilians in Syria. Off narrative so of no interest whatsoever to the vigilant guardians of nonsense in the Western news media.

  6. Matt says

    Hi everybody, long time no see.

    I have some breaking news:


    Turns out that he’s a convicted FRAUDSTER and was paid by RT to lie! He admits this and court documents helped RFE/RL track him down.

    This is, perhaps, the most widespread and successful disinformation campaign since The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were released.

    No matter how hard you try, reality always hits you hard in the face, eventually.

    Will Russia, RT, and all the so-called “alternative” media outlets apologize and retract the false claims based off of the lies told by this man?

    Never. And this is why Russia is winning the information war: gullible, naive conspiracy theorists.

    I hope that next time, anyone who uses the line “the evil CIA invented the word ‘conspiracy'” as a dumb rebuttal against a claim thinks twice. Conspiracy theories are used by governments like Russia to brainwash our Most Gullible.

    • is an Ukrainian neo-Nazi and anti-Russian website, so I call absolute bullshit!

      • Matt says

        Cursing, and cheap Nazis/Soros smears do nothing to rebut any of the claims made.

    • Also, we all know that “Radio Free Europe”, and especially RFE/RL’s Radio Svoboda (the mouthpiece of neo-Nazi Svoboda party and American-financed broadcaster closely linked to George Soros), are purveyors of totally fake news and rabid anti-Russia and anti-Putin hatred.

    • archie1954 says

      Nonsense! This is not a conspiracy theory. All anyone who suspects the truth isn’t being told should do, is follow the money. Just who benefits from doing the dirty deed? The only party that benefited here was Kiev, and hugely so!

      • Matt says

        Saying “Nonsense!” doesn’t change the reality that many here were duped by such an obvious lie.

    • @ Matt.This is your evidence?
      “…..Sanchez also made some more sensational claims: He said that he had received “a lot of money, very large sums, from transfers that came from Russia.” He claimed that he had been “told what I had to write” on his Twitter account. He also claimed that he had received wire transfers from RT “a lot earlier” than his May 2014 interview with the network’s Spanish-language channel, and that the alleged transfers were compensation for “what I was writing.” Sanchez claimed to have received a total of $48,000 from Russian sources as payment for his turn as “Carlos the Spanish Air-Traffic Controller.” RT denied ever making such payments. “RT has never authorized any payments to this individual and accordingly has no record of such,” Belkina, the network’s spokeswoman, told us in an e-mail.
      HE NEVER DID…..”

      He was a conman and an inveterate liar and wanted payment up front. When he isn’t going to see any money up front he realizes his con isn’t going to work(because he cannot produce any evidence) and you think this is proof?
      How far are you into conspiracy theories? and; Just how gullible are YOU?

      • Matt says

        Not quite, considering it is precisely his conmanship that led him to work for RT and be paid by RT to lie.

        The way the RFE/RL journalists found him was incredible. This reporting deserves a Pulitzer.

        Meanwhile, the pathetic Western MSM, known for its cheap tabloid coverage of world events, has hardly covered this breaking news story. Wonderful.

        • The only conmanship is those claims and your posts. It is not a story, it is a fabrication.

          • Matt says

            Mindlessly repeating the above statement is pointless. Read the article and criticize specific points. If you don’t have specific criticism, and you have to resort to robotically chanting “Soros/Nazi/lies!”, then you know as well as I that you are defending the indefensible.

            I know it’s hard to accept this, especially because you so readily swallowed the propaganda. But it’s reality. Again, the reporting and the way the journalists tracked ‘Carlos’ down is worthy of a Pulitzer.

            I am so happy that this lie has been exposed, once and for all. As for those who refuse to believe it: it’s arrogance and stubbornness. People hate admitting that they’re wrong, especially self-proclaimed “anti-imperalists”. Take away the raison d’etre of an anti-imperialist, and it goes insane trying to believe lies.

              • Matt says

                Kek. If this was an attempt at appearing smug, then you failed miserably. This is perhaps the best response I could have gotten.

                Let us recap: RFE/RL tracked down ‘Carlos’ via court documents, photographs, and even called him. It’s been proven that he is a serial liar who defrauded people. Userperson ‘vierotchka’ responds thusly:

       is an Ukrainian neo-Nazi and anti-Russian website, so I call absolute bullshit!

                Also, we all know that “Radio Free Europe”, and especially RFE/RL’s Radio Svoboda (the mouthpiece of neo-Nazi Svoboda party and American-financed broadcaster closely linked to George Soros), are purveyors of totally fake news and rabid anti-Russia and anti-Putin hatred.

                …They are neither smears nor cheap. The claims are lies.

                …The only obvious lies are those claims and what you posted.

                …The only conmanship is those claims and your posts. It is not a story, it is a fabrication.

                In other words, zero specific criticism of any of the information. Nothing but generic ad hominem. Finally, she tops it off with a pair of memes.

                Everyone reading this thread: do you now see what I mean? Most “anti-imperialists” and readers of “alternative media” are really just gullible people prone to believing conspiracy theories. Debunk a conspiracy theory, as above, and they begin acting like children, refusing to admit that they’re wrong.

                I’m saving this thread and emailing it to various people, as well as posting it on Reddit. Should make for some hilarious entertainment.

                • You are of course entirely entitled to entertaining your delusions, but you’re not fooling anyone.

                  Anyway, this video is all about you:

                  • Matt says

                    Troll accusations? I suppose the Nazi and Soros accusations against RFE/RL weren’t enough, so you had to resort to calling me a troll. It’s a good technique. If you’re unable to prove someone wrong, just call them a troll and move on.

                    Other than ad hominem and cheap insults, using memes and YouTube videos, do you have any specific criticism about the article or not? Because from the behaviour I’ve seen, you are the only one trolling, attempting to elicit an emotional response from me by by posting memes and videos. In other words, the very definition of trolling.

                    Anyway, going back to the original point: I think the methodology used by the RFE/RL reporters is extremely sound. The use of court documents, photographs, asking various people who met the man and showing them the uncensored RT interview photo, voice analysis, etc. All very good techniques.

                    Only two questions remain: what were the man’s motivations? Another one: will the Russian media, and fake news websites retract the allegations?

  7. Mikalina says

    Vanessa Beeley said on UKColumn today that she understood that there was an installation in Ghouta at the chemical site with cannisters and holes in a wall. She thought it sounded like a gas chamber. I think we are about to see some things that the UK Government DO NOT want us to see.

      • Mikalina says

        Oh, wow – I’ve never been trolled before! Fame, at last.

        • Big B says

          If it does turn out to be a gas chamber: could it be the one used for the Ghouta 2013 ‘attack’? This would vindicate Professor McKeigue’s assessment – that the most likely hypothesis (based on Bayesian Calculus) was that the victims were gassed locally. Surely the UN-OPCW-JIM should be rushing to this site: to prove once and for all, who is behind the chemical attacks in Syria. Or will it be immediately memory-holed because it does conform to agenda. You don’t need to be a Turing to see that my H2 hypothesis will be the one favoured.

          • Mikalina says

            White Helmets Director: We need a dead baby for this scene. Quick, gas one.

            I continued to be stunned each day by the evil that is being revealed.

            • I believe that Ghouta ’13 and Khan Sheikhoun conceal the sinister truth about our propagandising constructs in Syria. The UK alone has funded the “opposition” with £2.5bn of tax payers money – in part, to murder civilians for propaganda. I would include the murder of children at Rashidin. If the OPCW was anything other than part of the propaganda construct itself: they should be in Ghouta now taking samples and investigating Jaysh al-Islam for war crimes. They won’t.

          • Meurig Davies says

            The equipment was shipped in 2015, the US UK allies the saudis supplied the chemicals/Machines. Thefriendly terrorist pals who the UK trained + paid for, are UK allies. How does that work when UK support war crimes involving WMD then suddenly, some other WMD are deployed in UK, just as the war crimes are exposed?
            Any suggestions on a postcard…..or MSM.

  8. I heard about it on FB a day or two ago. When were these photos taken, and by whom? There is no indication as to who posted this article.

    I’m sharing it, of course.

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