Syria: Six year long war in 4 East Ghouta suburbs ends

ghoutaA bombing raid by the Syrian Army in a terrorist-held Ghouta suburb near Damascus. Photo Ammar Suleiman/AFP

Al Masdar News reports:

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:55 P.M.) – For years, the battle in the Jobar suburb of the East Ghouta has been one of the bloodiest battles in Syria.
The Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard and their allies from the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) and National Defense Forces (NDF) had repeatedly tried to retake Jobar, but all attempts would ultimately fail, as the Islamist militants were deeply embedded in this East Ghouta suburb.
The battle for Jobar would be costly, as a large number of military personnel and equipment were lost during the countless offensives to seize this suburb from the militant forces.
However, as of today, it appears that long battle for Jobar and its neighboring suburbs is finally over after an agreement was put in place with the primary militant groups there.
According to a military report from Damascus, the Syrian Army and Faylaq Al-Rahman have agreed to peace terms in four East Ghouta suburbs, with the latter agreeing to leave to Idlib.
Based on the agreement, Faylaq Al-Rahman will surrender all of their weapons, except for their small arms; they will release all Syrian Army prisoners from their jails; they will inform the government of all explosives they placed around the suburbs of Zamalka, Jobar, ‘Ayn Tarma, and Arbin; and agree to exit these suburbs on Saturday.
The militants are now scheduled to leave these four East Ghouta suburbs by noon tomorrow.


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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Canthama comments in SyrPer 25March:
Another perspective of the importance of East Ghouta, beyond the already known importance of safety for Damascus, the rescue of hundreds of thousands civilians held hostages to NATO terrorists etc…
East Ghouta was the most important production area for vegetables, fruits and other crops to Damascus and many other cities. East Ghouta has plenty of water for irrigation, it is a very rich arable land.
The liberation of Eats Ghouta will mean prices for vegetables and fruits will drop significantly in Damascus and abroad since the production aimed to Damascus in the past years will be redirected to other areas in Syria, bringing food inflation down and even deflation for food goods.
Another consequence is the return of chicken production near Damascus and other liberated areas, this is a very important cheap protein component to the Syrians.
All in one, East Ghotua free of terrorists will bring cheaper food in 2018 (yep spring is there and harvests ahead), and that combined to 18-20MM m3 of gas production (power and heat), the lives of millions in Syria will return to a bit of normal. Hope is back.


Tom in Syrper writes: “Inspiring article in Off Guardian about Syrians returning home to rebuild their country, and the west doesn’t like it.

Harry Law
Harry Law

One must marvel at the first few paragraphs of Amnesty International’s recent press release:
“The international community’s catastrophic failure to take concrete action to protect the people of Syria has allowed parties to the conflict, most notably the Syrian government, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with complete impunity, often with assistance of outside powers, particularly Russia. Every year we think it is just not possible for parties to the conflict to inflict more suffering on civilians, and yet, every year, they prove us wrong…” https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/03/23/100699/
What Amnesty International are saying is the West must breach International law and go in, to effect regime change, smash the Assad Government [ he who protects all the minorities in Syria and has close to 80% support of all the Syrian people. Such a scenario would empower and enable the takeover of Syria by the Head choppers of Islamic State and Al Nusra, and put in peril the lives of 80% of Syrians. By their own admissions these wahhabi groups have said, change your religions and convert to ours, or you will die. When it comes to a humanitarian intervention, again Amnesty want the rules of International Law breached. All 5 veto wielding powers need to agree before that concept is invoked. Clearly Amnesty International have jumped into bed with the West and for political gain [to hell with the majority of Syrians]. The Syrians and Russians have International Law on their side [for what that’s worth] and they have the moral high ground, let the people of Syria decide who leads them, not have ‘the West and Saudi Arabia/Israel’ decide for them.


Writes Tom at Syrper: “The Western coalition ceases for an indefinite period the flights of combat aircraft over Syria in connection with the deployment by the Russian military of new air defense and EW systems. Google translated.”
A number of information resources and websites specializing in Syrian military topics report that this decision was made in connection with the “activation of the new Russian military air defense systems and electronic warfare”.


General Sir Nick Carter – Chief of the UK General Staff:
This is what we call Anti Access Area Denial and we have seen this in Syria with their capacity to seal airspace over significant distances.
“anti access area denial – only the English………

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

Presumably the Saalafists have slunk out of East Ghouta in order to regroup with Turkish allies so they can rain down on the Kurds – a bit like watching street dealers vacate one stairwell to set up on another?
Good news for Damascus though, and of course East Ghouta itself.


No, they have been transferred by bus to Idlib with their personal weapons, families and others who won’t renounce violence. Once in Idlib, they will no doubt take part in some heavy takfiri versus takfiri disputes leading to fewer takfiris.


The poison vermin are finally cornered, and ready to be exterminated, but what happens in this Syrian scenario?
The diseased rats and their filthy families are courteously ushered onto coaches and transportated to another place within THE SAME country!
As this bizarre scenario keeps occuring with defeated terrorists in Syria, one can only conclude that the government is also in the Pest Control business, chasing the cockroaches from one place to another, ensuring repeat business in the future.


They won’t leave otherwise. The Syrian govt is saving countless Syrian lives this way.


This OffGuardian article indicates the price to free East Ghouta has already been high. Syria does not have unlimited manpower resources and the recent obituaries of many martyrs from highly trained and experienced divisions is testament to the difficulties faced. This particular solution is putting off the eventual collision course but for those trapped in East Ghouta, the government policy could well save their lives. There is also the infrastructure to consider. Syria is already facing a huge financial cost to rebuild, not helped by US protectionism East of the Euphrates. Your quip about ‘ensuring repeat business’ is an insult. The already proven aim of the Syrian government is to bring about peace for all its people. This tactic is to reduce the killing in hope of a more reasoned opposition to deal with in the future. Only the US, UK, Israel, Saudi and Turkey aspire to ‘repeat business’, along with their drug fuelled mercenaries who falsely claim Islamic connections.


Canthama reported last night: As mentioned earlier today at Syrper, the terrorists in Zamalka,Jobar,Irbeen & AIn Terma accepted the terms and will start evac Saturday. This is the area where 90% of the mortars were fired into Damascus, it will guarantee the safety of this vital and large Syrian city for good.
Douma remains a pain in the neck, the place where dozens of NATO Special Operatives are embedded, and where Jaish Al Islam is loyal to Israel/KSA/UK/France/USA. This area is by far the highest risk for CW false flag, but the locals are on guard to leak any CW attempt from NATO.
As a side note, Ain Terma city was totally liberated today, which shows the terrorists inside that pocket are suffering can not hold ground as before. Now both Ain Terma and Jobar are terrorist free, so far a great day for Syria.


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* Attention a proverb in Hellas says: ‘whatever shines is not gold’ !!! … more>


@7e7. Do you mean to let us know that a magazine called Hello is trying to stir Hellenic Resistance against Turkey by invoking aid from an imaginary Russian Super Base in Serbia? Is Greece than ready to quit Mono Lithic Monster NATZO and join Putin’s Multipolar World? Or what?


With disinfo trolls, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. The low-rent ones aren’t even literate. One wonders what purpose their controllers imagine is being served.


Finally .After so many lives lost and for what ….Israel’s desires .Now the SAA and allies can replenish their energy and then move on to other areas of Syria that need to be cleansed of the rats.