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Edward Curtin: False Flag Operations Will Start New War

Professor of Sociology Edward Curtin discusses the attempts by the US, Britain, NATO and Israel to create false pretexts for an invasion of Syria and war with Russia. He discusses how the Deep State has concocted RussiaGate and how media and propaganda make it difficult to tell fact from fiction.

Show Notes

Triggering War. A Manufactured “Catalytic Event” Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again?

Further Signs of More War: A Most Dangerous Game

The Coming Wars to End All Wars

Denying the Obvious: Leftists and Crimestop

Podcast intro music is from the song “The Queens Jig” by “Musicke & Mirth” from their album “Music for Two Lyra Viols”: (available on iTunes or Amazon)

Educated in the classics, philosophy, literature, theology, and sociology, Edward Curtin teaches sociology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. His writing on varied topics has appeared widely over many years. He writes as a public intellectual for the general public, not as a specialist for a narrow readership. Edward believes a non-committal sociology is an impossibility and therefore sees all his work as an effort to enhance human freedom through understanding. His website is


  1. kouldb says

    If the British, American, European & Australian public allow their governments to drag them into a war with Russia, in order to divert attention away from their woeful management of our economies, the dangers of Islam & their corruption, then we deserve what we get.

  2. Terry Washington says

    Were I a Muslim rather than a Catholic would you feel so free to slag of my religious beliefs- I think not( esp given the propensity of sections of the Left- such as the Socialist Workers Party- to suck up to Islamists)!

    • MichaelK says

      The article does illustrate just how far the Guardian has lurched to the right politically. They’ve become so patriotic and determined to show how much they love their country. It’s also a real tragedy that Luke Harding’s stamp in on everything they write about Russia these days. It’s sad and really dangerous, because he is a raving anti- Russian zealot on the warpath.

  3. Francis Lee says

    The ascendancy of neo-conservative ideology in the west marks the most virulent, aggregate human pathology yet known; and that includes Attila the Hun and Adolf Hitler. Has there ever been such a global death cult as these guys? Ironically they mostly resemble their jihadi allies – fanatics, only suicide bombers with nukes.

    They are quite literally insane and apparently labour under the delusion that they are somehow immortal, impervious to 750 kiloton Russian nukes. The only other immortals I can think of were the elite Persian units which were thrown into battle by Xerxes against the 300 Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae, but got roundly slaughtered.

    But no matter, Samantha Power, Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol and the rest of the anti-human gang will survive any conflict, or so they seem to think. The power-fantasies of the neo-cons have a number of salient characteristics. I am going to use Orwell, again.

    ”Every nationalist (neo-con) is haunted by the belief that the past can be altered. He spends part of his time in a fantasy world in which things happen as they should – in which for example the Spanish Armada was a success, or the Russian revolution was crushed in 1918. Much of the propagandist writing of our own time is little more than plain forgery. Material facts are suppressed, dates altered, quotations removed from their context and/or doctored to change their meaning. Events, which it is felt, ought not to have happened are conveniently left unmentioned and ultimately denied … the nationalist (neo-con) not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not hearing about them …”

    ”Moreover, although endlessly brooding on power, victory, defeat, revenge, the nationalist (neo-con) is actually uninterested in what is actually happening in the real world. What he wants is to FEEL that his own unit is getting the better of some other unit, and he can more easily do this by scoring off an adversary than by examining the facts to see whether they support him. All nationalist (neo-con) controversy is at the debating society level. It is entirely inconclusive, since each contestant believes himself to have won the victory. Some nationalists (neo-cons) are not far from clinical schizophrenia” something of an understatement perhaps? ”living quite happilly amid dreams of power and conquest which have no connexion with the physical world.”

    ”Indifference to reality. All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts.” Thus Crimea was annexed but Kosovo wasn’t. At least they had a referendum in the Crimea.

    ”Actions are good or bad not on their merits but according to who commits them. And there is almost no kind of outrage – torture (rendition?), use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassinations, bombing of civilians – which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side.”

    (G.Orwell Notes on Nationalism – 1945)

    Yes, bombing of civilians – area bombing – was in fact a British invention whose architect was Sir Arthur (Bomber) Harris who sent his Lancasters to fire-bomb Hamburg and later Dresden resulting in aggregate 62000 German civilian deaths. Not to be outdone, chief of the USAAF Curtis Le May fire-bombed Tokyo in 1945 killing 100,000 Japanese civilians. All of which was apparently okay, and even repeated in Ramadi, Mosul, Fallujah, Kobani and Raqqa. It only becomes a detestable crime against humanity when carried out against Aleppo. But there you go.

    So here we are. The totalitarian habit of mind is a ubiquitous malignant tumour on the consciousness of mankind. Whether we survive must be in the balance. As for the neo-cons, like the rest of us, they can run, but they can’t hide, even if they think they can.


    Orwell is here using the term ‘nationalism’ very loosely. As he explains.

    ”By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Secondly, and this is much more important, I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good or evil and recognising no other duty from that of advancing its interests.”

    • I wonder if anyone uttered those immortal words “Lessons will be learned” in the days that Orwell is referring to. Presumably if they did, they were ignored as they are today. Perhaps May and Johnson will coin the phrase “Lessons will be learned robustly” in the not too distant future. We can hope so, but I’m neither holding my breath nor prepared to give it any credence.

    • MICHAEL LEIGH says

      In fact, FRANCISLEE I think the area bombing by the early Royal Air force in what was the 1930’s Irak – of ‘Un-armed Arabs’ and their settlements by the British armed forces, long preceeds the latter, Mass Genocidal bombing of the German population, by Sir W Churchill favourite Air Commander !

  4. Fair dinkum says

    The US economy is approaching breaking point. Most other western economies go down with the Mothership.
    War is good for the American and British economies, it also galvanises the government’s standing in the eyes of the sheeple.
    One question though: How will Europe keep warm without Russian gas?

  5. Terry Washington says

    I would rather “parrot what the jew Guardian and the jew Economist” said(FYI neither publication is owned or edited by Jews) than what comes out of Russia Today and TASS(not to mention the “troll factory” of Putin’s hometown of St Petersburg)!

    • Perhaps you are Jewish and sensitive in some degree to the increasing antipathy toward Israel and Zionist hegemony throughout western government, media, banking and business? As someone who has not a cell in his body, not a flickering thought of anything resembling anti Semitic yet who is vehemently outspoken on the Zionist power base responsible for the deaths of millions, including ordinary Jews I would implore you to not continue with such an absurd and tired effort of tarring. If you care about Jews and Jewishness then your fight is not with anti Zionists and their efforts to put a stop to further global destabilization. There are many thousands of Jews who understand the peril they face by letting their ancestry and choice of dogma be usurped by people who would and have shown no hesitation in sacrificing Jews to the slaughter in the pursuit of power. I should make it clear I would be in favour of an Israel that got it’s statehood through negotiation and compromise. But I will never be in favour of the overtly fascist state it has become under the control of Likudist psychopaths.

    • @Terry. I dont who owns the Economist but the Fraudian Trust had a permanent representative from Rothschild in my day, and is now funded by Rothschild’s right hand man in the USA — Gyorgi Soros — as revealed here inOffG. That explains why the Fraudian has consistently cheered every Resource War since the 2003 rape of Iraq.

    • frank says

      Terrifying article you’ve linked to. I can’t get very far reading such material before my blood starts to boil and a sense of hopeless overwhelms me.

      It’s demonic, Satanic. Other words no longer seem to fit.

  6. Doug Colwell says

    In response to Terry Washington I have something to say.
    Some of us are conservative in our view of legal proceedings. There used to be something called presumption of innocence, do you remember that? Also, evidence was once required to prosecute a case. Well, I suppose us older folks need to get up to speed and dump such archaic notions. Foreword! Who needs laws when we can have….colour of law.

    • In the eyes of a significant proportion of the (British) population, and the whole of the government and its media mouthpieces, you don’t need evidence to declare someone guilty. Just a small dose of xenophobia is sufficient. That’s a democratic, diverse and all-embracing society for you.

      • milosevic says

        An equally small, or perhaps even smaller, dose of identity-politics feminism is also sufficient, if the person requiring a frameup happens to be a non-elite male.

  7. robjira says

    I appreciate the mention of Michael Hastings; his death was way too convenient to be an accident. Word has it he was working on a book about the NSA at the time.

    • Mikalina says

      I think he had done ‘enough’ with his work on McCrystal….

  8. Ryan says

    Scary stuff. Anyone who REALLY wants to know whats going on should definitely check this out, its a pretty scary warning from a history and religion professor. Pretty damn eye opening:

  9. This is beginning to resemble an international intelligence coup: not just against Trump, but against humanity. Now 22 countries have overcome their initial reticence, to cooperate in the biggest mass expulsion of Russian diplomats in history. In America, the reign of the military junta of the Generals seemlessly segues into the installation of the War Cabinet: with the ascension of Bolton, Pompeo, and “Torture Girl” Gina Haspel …with the fielding of the CIA Democrats yet to come in the mid-terms.

    Functioning under the pretence of an ideo-cultural and economic war against the Russian Federation: this is in fact the continuation of the ideo-cultural and economic Cold War against the former Soviet Union …the same incriminations and anti-communist diabolisation have been revitalised, rebranded and reapplied. And to the same ends: the years l’entre-deux-guerres; the interegnum between Cold Wars revealed the endgame …the unregulated, rapine and unconscionable plunder of Soviet, sorry, Russian state assets. In the West’s mind: only one man stands against them; the man who pissed on their party and took Russia back into Russian hands in the early years of this century …Vladimir Putin. Make no mistake: this is personal …really personal.

    The one man incarnation of greed interrupted and revenge personified is William F Browder. That he was the catalyst of the Russian sanctions regime on one side of the Atlantic: only to be on hand to push the same Magnitsky sanctions agenda here …as Russiagate 1.0 seemlessly segues into Russiagate 2.0 – the UK sequel …is not coincidence. Nor is the transatlantic role of Christopher Steele and his business partners at Orbis/Fusion GPS. But these are only the water carrier and mercenaries of the CIA/MI6 nexus and intelligence Old Boy network … in the service of supra-national power and capital.

    What we have is the in plain sight development of the Westernised supra-society: which is once again coalescing around the anti-communism equivalent of Russophobia. It is as if Alexander Zinoviev was writing again today: instead of in the “Apogee of Betrayal” Yeltsin years. This elevated parasitic society is a superstructure vertically integrated into the material wealth of the nation states below. It has its own state apparatus, economy, and ideology that are sovereign above the national level. It is self-legislating; self-administering; unaccountable and post-democratic. It is not just an overclass: but the whole self-maximising system of class perpetuation and preservation. What we are seeing is the breaking of cover. Whilst we focus at the national level: the supra-societal tier converges above. The CIA/MI6 nexus are the fixers and enforcers: the lower echelons of the above which indicates the demarcation between them and us. Now we can clearly see where the apartheid segregational boundary lies.

  10. MichaelK says

    The Saker isn’t particularly optimistic about the path we’re now on, which seems to lead in one direction only, towards war with Russia and probably the final war. The war that not only ends all wars, but probably civilization as well… along with most life on the planet, and for what exactly, what could possibly be worth fighting for leading to such a terrible outcome? Maybe we’re just the kind of species that ‘needs’ wars?

  11. Today’s announcement of the expulsion of some 100 Russian diplomatic staff under the pretext of solidarity with the UK over the Skripal affair is not just unprecedented in diplomacy but is raising tensions to a level not seen since the Cuban missile crisis. Given the theatre caught on camera in Salisbury, this event failed to be responded to according to standard practice in response to such an event for starters, there is no conclusion to be reached except this is a false flag event designed specifically to hide in the media storm Western complicity and culpability in the chemical weapons program funded and supplied by the UK/US alliance with Islamic terrorists in Syria. The 40 tons of chlorine and other chemical agents at weapons factories operated by UK funded terrorists in East Ghouta has gone unmentioned by MSM. And the fall of East Ghouta itself will have been enough to enrage The Likudist Terrorist State of Israel enough for Netanyahu to stage this event, as is it is his speciality, and given his subservient minions, May, Trump, Macron and others the script to stick to. It is no coincidence that Corbin is again smeared with anti Semitic nonsense and no coincidence that Russia, amongst others, floated the country Israel as being possibly responsible. To my knowledge this is the first time Russia has directly fingered Israel for anything substantial and it is important. East Ghouta is important in that Israeli strikes on Damascus have only really been possible with East Ghouta in “friendly Islamic hands”. The Russian supply of anti aircraft weapons and support of the Syrian Army in ridding the enclave of Al Zion is a major setback to the the Israelli goal of a Greater Israel. The question is though will the Zionist Empire attempt to engage Russia on its borders to reverse it current trend of losses?

    • Just a minor aside, my brother (we are both middle aged, to put this in context) is not a ‘historian’ by profession but has been a sponge for world (real, as opposed to fabricated) history (back to the year dot), economics and politics for as long as I can remember. Within, I would say, 4 days of the Salisbury incident he said to me that the M.O. and the question of possible motive had all the hallmarks of Mossad.

      • Then your brother and I have the same grasp of history. I am 53 and though always a searcher and truthseeker repelled by ideology in all guises it took me decades and the vast library of the internet to begin to understand the deeper realities behind world events. Undeŕstanding the totality is a venture into a complex organisation that has fabricated so many fictions you begin to appear certifiable in documenting them. Especially as they have created the ability to conjure the demon of anti Semitic and holocaust denial on anyone who dares finger them. Which is patently absurd considering they have caused the deaths of more Jews than anybody.

  12. Kathy says

    The U.K is a disgusting bloated psychopathic power crazed nation.They and the U.S salivate over the earth and her treasures. History shows how the talons of empire have marked the world and left it and its peoples raped and destitute. The U.K appeared to pass the baton to the U.S { though with this latest wave of false flagged warmongering it seems to have returned to the U.K}. All this is going on as they take some deranged lamentably schizophrenic moral high ground. From the ivory tower they look out upon a land soaked in the blood and tears of the minions that lie beneath them and they plot and they scheme for their next bloody move all the time acting as if they are with out sin. God help us all.

    • MICHAEL LEIGH says

      I think you KATHY will shortly discover the whole truth of who the real plotters to falsely, accuse the Russia Federation of responsibility for the ‘ Salisbury Nerve Agent Murder Attempts ‘ will be no other than the ” Drama Queens of the CIA “.

      Indeed , at even the basic plot level the ludicrious planning is a typical hallmark – of the CIA special operations teams downstairs at Langley in room C4 – the good old boys and Gals who even failed to take out the late Cuban President, Snr Fidel Castro on the 105th attempt, with poisoned cigars !

      • Kathy says

        I think they are all part of the same power crazed psychotic team. I think their fingers spread throughout the world. I believe the C.I.A and the British {dis}intelligence work together.I am not sure that the U.K ever quite gave up their sovereignty of the U.S. The U.K hides behind America but America is the child the U.K nurtured. It is debatable as to where this all stems from as they all work together for their own ends i am not sure it makes much difference who carried the match or who lit it. They are all culpable.The puppet states of the western power cartel do as they are told or else. Any one who chooses freedom over them is a target to them.

        • Kathy says

          I would also like to ask you please. Why the you, and why the capitals for my name. It seems a bit personal! and a little threatening. Just sayin.

          • Kathy says

            Apologies for this last comment. Probably got a bit paranoid. Walls have ears and all that.

  13. billyjunker says

    In order to discount the idea that neither Russiagate (in the US) nor the Skripal affair (in the UK) could have been false flags, one has to pretend that Operations Gladio and Northwoods never actually happened. The less transparent the US and UK are about the supposed “evidence” implicating Russia in these events, the more likely it becomes that both events were designed in advance to manipulate and organize the masses against a new external threat to the state, thereby protecting its economic power structures against internal democratic critique.

    The Sanders’s candidacy in the US and the Brexit vote in the UK are proof of a remarkable weakening of the state’s ability through the national and corporate media to define the acceptable range of mainstream political movements.

    The recent anti-Russia campaigns in the US and the UK are the means by which the state and its official media channels are to regain control of the narrative. It is working quite well.

  14. Published on 26 Mar 2018

    The A-234 nerve agent — this particular substance is used in the Novichok system. For the last few weeks, London has been claiming that it was Russia that produced this substance. However, as you can see, anyone can purchase the detailed instructions for 28 dollars.

  15. bevin says

    Propaganda designed to prepare public opinion for war-including False Flag operations lose their importance when the major opposition to warmongers comes not from domestic opponents but from the designated target’s defences.
    And that is now the case: it really doesn’t matter if 60% of TV viewers in the UK believe that the Skrivals were poisoned by Russian arch villains in the employ of President Putin, so long as the Kremlin is defended not by sympathisers in British living rooms but by armed force.
    The era of False Flags was short lived. It lasted until Russia informed the US that, were Damascus to be bombed, its launching sites would be attacked. Mutually Assured Destruction is back.
    This is not to argue that vulgar propaganda campaigns, flagrant lies and completely unsubstantiated charges will not remain part of the political landscape, merely that between the damage they do to The Establishment’s credibility-particularly among the Empire’s supporters beyond the metropoli, nobody was embarrassed more by the Skrival hysteria than Putin opponents in Russia- and their ineffectiveness in changing the military balance, they can be seen as trivialities of interest only to stupid people who seek out every opportunity they can find to defer to power. And they don’t count.
    I have a constitutional aversion to optimism but it seems to me that, Israeli enthusiasm notwithstanding, chances of Iran being attacked are greatly reduced now. Indeed it strikes me as very likely that the phony “peace” plans that the US dreams of imposing on Palestine are likely to move into high gear now with the aim being to complete the Oslo process by adding the Arab League to the ranks of those who have agreed to recognise Israel. The problem is not that Palestinians are in a position to resist at the moment-they are effectively neutralised- but that the Israeli government, guided by its Jabotinskyite fascist beliefs, will find it hard to make the minimal concessions that will be required. It is a situation rather like that in South Africa when large numbers of the Nationalist Party’s supporters opposed the concessions implicit in the Apartheid system, refusing to go along with the establishment of Bantustans.
    The famous Abba Eban aphorism “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” was a classic piece of projection. Israel has had opportunity after opportunity to make peace on favourable terms it has refused to change its founding belief, however, that peace with the people it has treated so badly is impossible.

    • The Skripal false flag is in my opinion absolutely certain to be the work of Zionist Empire and it’s loyal lieutenants. This is the “price” Russia is being made to pay for Assads victory in East Ghouta.

    • Mikalina says

      It’s ‘Last Chance Saloon’, Bevin. The cabal of cannibals are about to loose control of the world monetary system. They have to do something to persuade/induce us to accept another form of monetary control (on line energy certificates, anyone?).

      The last time their back was so far up the wall, they killed hundreds of thousands – even millions (9/11). This time they need a big war. They need to instigate something which doesn’t have us ‘pondering’ or ‘discussing’ – something so outrageous that we will ‘allow’ action.

      I assume they will then rely on Russia to respond minimally – as THEY are not insane.

  16. Terry Washington says

    Does this mean that the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were all part of “a false flag operation”???

    • Given the almost complete lack of data that remains one possibility of many.

      • Terry Washington says

        The late George Orwell once quipped that there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could take them seriously- no working man or woman in their right senses would- when a Russian defector and his daughter are struck down with a nerve agent associated with Russia, then it seems only fair to suspect the Kremlin! Wake up and smell the borscht- the Cold War is long over!

        • Leaving the late George Orwell to his own devices for the moment, the difference between you and the majority of people here is simply this – you think we should implicitly believe the vague and unsourced statements of politicians just as we did in 2003. The rest of us think waiting for hard evidence is a better idea.

        • mark says

          “A nerve agent associated with Russia.”
          Like Sarin is a “nerve agent associated with Germany.”
          And VX is a “nerve agent associated with Britain.”

          • And Terry is someone associated with Washington. So Terry’s posts are Tweeted by Trump in person. Highly Likely because their names are ‘ls, Closely Related — both have a T and an R — same as all the Nerve Agents in this case are Closely Related because they all have an N and a P in their chemistry.
            Just kidding.

        • Tim Groves says

          But Skripal wasn’t actually “a defector” was he? Or if you think he was, perhaps you would oblige us with the date, place and details of his defection. He was a spy who became double agent, working against his own country while pretending to serve it—a lot like Bill Heydon in John le Carré’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and he is alleged to have blown the cover of 300 of his fellow Russian agents. That would make him in many people’s eyes a traitor, a turncoat, a Judas, a rat, and above all, someone who would have a lot of enemies. And for all we know, he might have been a triple agent, working for Putin’s Russia against the West while pretending to be on Putin’s naughty spy list.

        • Thomas Peterson says

          Invisible Russian ninjas applying novichok to Mr Skripal’s door seems kind of implausible to me.

    • False flagged simply means what it says. Assigned to another power falsely.
      It can also been a deliberately contrived event for the purpose of being so flagged.
      In a post truth politic, narrative control is believed to deliver results without any need for facts to get involved.

      The exact circumstances relating to Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia are by no means clear. The narrative assertions about it are not backed with substance. But they are backed by the power that gets politicians and Media to fall in line and dance to the tune they are told to sing. Putin’s crime is in not doing so, relative to international or globalist leverages.

      Who calls the tune? ‘Deep state’ is a convenient morass of shadows in which to hide. There are networks of corruption under a negative self-interest – that is of selling their people – if not life on earth – into toxicity, slavery and destruction, so as to save their own skins and line their own pockets.

      Whether any of this will start new wars or whether its the same old war in new forms? Trouble abroad is the diversion from the trouble at home. This is the basic ‘false flag’ that ensures trouble at home is more heavily denied or lidded over by demonising any rival perspectives at home and fixating on pseudo problems.
      Wars are not won – excepting those who profit from them come out stronger with those who engage in them weakened, indebted and guilt-conditioned.

      Holding for genuine communication and refusing to take the bait of deceits is the best way to refuse war by choosing something else. But communication is so much more than the framework of rules within which most are conditioned to react – and believe they are thinking their own thoughts.

      I could wonder if war isn’t also the way to deny any consciousness to grow in human beings for fear of the old device of ‘control’ being rendered unworkable and obsolete. It goes deeper than profits.

    • You really stink this place up, Mr Washington. Can’t you just piss off to CNN, or something?

      • Terry Washington says

        I would rather stink up this place of “Putin ass kissers” with common sense than listen to the BS peddled here. As for the mass expulsion of Russian “diplomats”(in reality SVR/GRU officers) “raising tensions”- did the expulsions of Soviet intelligence officers from the UK back in 1971-my guess is that the Kremlin will engage in some face saving reciprocal expulsions but do NOTHING of any consequence save vent some piss and wind( remember Putin knows fully well that he needs the West more than we need him- Russia’s GNP is little bigger than Italy’s!)!

        • To your last point – that’s only because we measure our economy through scale of debt, and Russia has virtually no debt. It has a far bigger manufacturing base than either the UK or US.

          But I have a couple of questions for you, which I hope you answer.

          1)However evil you believe Russia to be – are you willing to go to war with them rather than sustain minimum diplomacy as we were always careful to do in the old Cold War days?

          2)If the answer to 1 is “no”; are you afraid the level of bellicosity – however justified you may think it is – could accidentally trigger such a war?

          3)If the answer to 1 is “yes”, are you aware of the probability such a war would go nuclear and wipe out all life on earth?

        • mark says

          Yes, that’s right, just keep on parroting what the Jew Guardian and the Jew Economist tell you. Haven’t they always got it right before? What could possibly go wrong? Oh, what a lovely war!

          • Terry Washington says

            FYI I am a practising Roman Catholic!

              • Terry Washington says

                I’M the anti_Semite??? It wasn;t me whao started banging on about “the Jew Guardian” and the Jew Economist”(FYI NEITHER publication is owned or even edited by Jews)!

            • milosevic says

              I am a practising Roman Catholic!

              … in other words, a person skilled in believing in delusional fantasies unsupported by real world evidence, who assumes that the more counter-factual their opinions actually are, the more moral credit accrues to them.

              This explains much.

        • Russia has amply demonstrated that it doesn’t need the West, whereas European countries have suffered a great deal from the sanctions it imposed on Russia. Therefore, it is the West that needs Russia and not the other way round.

        • Tommy Hallem says

          Yes like the E,U needs us more than we need them, we were constantly being told,that turned out true didn’t it.

        • Seamus Padraig says

          Alas! Italy doesn’t have oil. Otherwise, the Germans would be building their pipeline from there.

    • Top French Intel Boss Reveals Operation Beluga: US-UK Plot to Discredit Putin and Destabilize Russia

      Published on 3 Aug 2017

      Renowned French security expert Paul Barril discloses the existence of Operation Beluga, a covert Western intelligence scheme intended to undermine Russia and its leaders.

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